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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2012
I have read many books about rock stars and bands and I will never get tired of them! This book is another great addition to that category of books!!

Cheyenne writes for a music publication and lands the job of a lifetime- to fly to Europe and travel with the band Fury as they tour. She is to interview them and write an article on them. This is a big opportunity for her because the band usually stays away from interviews and press. Cheyenne's best friend and roommate, is also assigned to go to photograph the band. Once they fly to Europe and meet the band, things go a little crazy. There is adventure, love, drama, humor, drugs, heartache and craziness. And it is all written so well and in such detail!!!!

I loved every character in this book. I felt so bad for Cheyenne- she let her past affect her current relationships to the point that she couldn't recognize a good thing when it was in front of her. And Stephanie was great- she was so witty and had a smart mouth. She was also independent and a strong woman. Every band member of Fury (there are 5) was well written and given a lot of attention in the story- each one had a storyline. They were so funny and the banter between them was fantastic. I also loved that they used English terms- I could picture them goofing around with their accents. And they were all so HOT in their own way!!! I definitely had a crush or two on the band members but my favorite was Scot.

I don't know how Tammy and Michelle were able to co-write this book and do such a fantastic job. I have read quite a few books that were co-authored but they were written so that each author took a different character and they alternated writing paragraphs or chapters. I am not sure how Tammy and Michelle were able to write together and have the story be so seamless. The detail given to each scene and situation was also great. Fury is definitely a great debut novel for them. I would love to see a book 2 to see how some of the characters' lives continue!!

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25 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2012
This could have been a good book but it is not. It really needs to be edited. I was totally frustrated with it through out the whole book. Every paragraph it switched from one persons pov to another persons pov. There are sentences that make no sense. In my opinion it reads like a first draft. Something that they get the basic story line down but it really needs to be cleaned up. Sorry but it really was a frustrating read and I kept wanting every page to grab a red pen to make corrections. I would not recommend this book.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on December 16, 2012
I liked this book but it was a little slow to start for me. It took until around chapter 11 to start picking up. Please don't let that deter you from reading it. It's different from your normal rock n' roll story. It had mystery, intrigue, romance and less we not forget hot Rock Stars. Once it started taking off it kept on going and didn't miss a beat and kept on going until the very last page. It kept me guessing and the plot was completely different from what I was expecting which is a VERY good thing!

The two main females are Steph and Cheyenne, they are best friends that work at a music entertainment magazine. Steph is the photographer and Cheyenne is the writer. They get sent on a month long excursion with the band FURY. Here is what I liked about the characters...They were complete opposites from one another but complimented each other so well. They didn't tip toe around each other and I liked that. They said what was on their mind and got over it. That shows true friendship!

The men of FURY were equally different in their own right. Here is where the Author's truly rocked it...They can write for a man and you picture a man actually saying what they were saying. Make sense? It should. There is nothing worse then reading a book and you can no way shape or form see a guy saying something and it almost sounds more feminine or it can be the opposite and it's too domineering. So not the case. They did a spectacular job of writing for the men. Scot was by far my favorite of the FURY. He was sincere and grabbed me from page 1. Sometimes the characters are too cocky and too sure of themselves. That was definitely not Scot. Nathan took the cake with the cockiness. I wished there had been a few more scenes between Scot and Cheyenne though.

Phillip and Steph were the antagonistic couple that irritated each other from first sight. We know where antagonism almost always leads to though right? Sparks fly baby!

Overall I truly enjoyed it. The mystery was great and I liked the well thought out plot. It was well thought out, thoroughly. Definitely a book worth reading. Would love to see Nathan find a woman that knocks him on his ass and sends him down a peg or two. Book 2 of the Fury men? Hopefully!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 11, 2012
A very entertaining book. I could not put it down. The characters will hook you right in, and you can imagine yourself touring with the band, through Europe. I would reccommend this to anyone that's looking for a fun entertaining adventure! Would love to see more from these authors.
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14 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2012
Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll, murder, and mobsters. Drama, drama, and more drama. That's what I experienced with Fury. This wasn't the type of drama you want to steer clear of. This was the type of drama you want to jump right in the middle of. I kept waiting for the message, Stay tuned in tomorrow for more of As the Fury Turns. We first meet Cheyenne, the music journalist who is trying to jump start her career and is waiting on her big break. My heart was pouring out to Cheyenne as her story is told immediately, detailing her sordid background and hidden demons within the very first chapter. Although I understand why the authors told Cheyenne's story this way, and it didn't detract from the story, I would rather have seen a slow reveal of her past later in the book. I've never considered anyone an alpha-female before, but if there is such a thing, Steph is one. I loved her cocky take no s&%t attitude from anyone, including her father. These two best friends have enough going for them that you can't help but get sucked into the experience. Not to mention the hot antics of the mega band, Fury...David, Phillip, Scot, Bret, and Nathan. I love a good Brit character, and these Brit bad boys are just begging for me to become a permanent groupie on tour with them. I did enjoy their individuality, and the slow reveal of each one's background.

From the start of this book, I thought I was in for a seriously dramatic read, but I as pleasantly surprised at the humor that was infused to lighten the drama. At about 36% and again at 64%, I discovered there was a mystery element involved, but it wasn't until about 75% that I realized this was a really good suspense novel that infused itself with romance. To me, it seemed almost like a mockumentary. Through the interviews by Cheyenne, we get to know each band member up close and personal. With Cheyenne and Scot, things really got heated up close and personal. The anti-attraction between Steph and Phillip definitely had me wanting these two to hook up, and I knew if they ever did, the mounting tension between the two would explode in a mound of fiery passion. I was not disappointed in the fiery passion between Scot and Cheyenne or between Phillip and Steph, and the journey to get to that fire was just as engaging as the actual events themselves.

I was expecting a typical rock star meets music magazine writer, falls in love, blah blah blah, been there done that type of story. That is not what I got at all. Yes, there is romance. Yes, there is the rock star meets music magazine writer and falls in love. But, this book is so much more. Fury doesn't just center around one main character, nor does it center around one story line. All the characters are connected in such ways to create a climatic account of the rock and roll circuit behind the scenes as well as in the eye of the public. There are hidden demons, scars from the past, love of family, and self-redemption to feed the energy from reading this gripping story. I didn't connect with the characters as I would have liked; perhaps, that's why I gave it the rating I did. There was just something missing that kept it from hitting that extra star rating, but it is a good story that I liked, and I do recommend it as a good read. This is one of those books that you can see on the big screen, and that's exactly how it played out in my head.

Disclaimer: This arc was provided to me by the authors in exchange for an honest review.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 24, 2012
I literally just finished this book. I can't express enough what an AMAZING read this book was. I'm a sucker for Rock Star Romance & this book did not disappoint!! The characters in this book were fantastic and I connected with them right away! Scot & Cheyenne, Stephanie & Phillip were couples I was rooting for. This was a GREAT love story with a lot of drama! It was intense at times & hilarious at times, in which, I caught myself laughing out a lot ;). I definitely recommend this book!! It gets 5 STARS from me :D
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2012
How does one co-author a book? This is something that I can't wrap my mind around. However, it is done; Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons did it well with Fury.

Fury is the story of magazine writer Cheyenne as she takes on the assignment of her career writing the feature story for the publication she works for by touring with a rock group. But not just any group, her assignment is to interview Fury, who previously banned all interviews, as they work toward worldwide success. What an assignment! From the moment Cheyenne and, her co-worker/best friend, Stephanie arrived to meet the band the edge of your seat moments begin.

This book was filled with plenty of interesting twists and characters. There is plenty of drama unfolding with an overall mystery behind the band, the tour and the band's manager. Sound complicated? Well it was a bit, but it the writing made these subplots work smoothly with the main storyline of the book. This tale was provocative and kept me turning the (virtual) pages.

There is attraction, romance, some games are afoot, and plenty of emotion, confusion, sex, scandal, violence and mystery to fill the pages. I liked that there were, what seemed to be, several stories emerging within this book and I just didn't know where the next turn would take me. The writing was descriptive and I was emerged into the places where the band toured and felt like I was walking through these locations right alongside the characters. The only place I found the descriptiveness lacking was with the romance and `the sex'. I wanted more here, I'm greedy. Of course, this is my preference and these scenes were good, but I like more details when there is sheet clenching going on.

Fury is filled with complex members, who these authors bring to light. I liked that I was able to see the personalities of these characters developed throughout the book. The authors did a great job making the Brits believable. Cheyenne and Stephanie are intriguing and their troubles and their pasts made the story more appealing.

Tammy Coons and Michelle Pace did a great job with this collaboration, and being this is their first work that I have read, I look forward to seeing more. Give it a try!!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 20, 2012
This book is very ADDICTIVE! I definitely could not put the book down. Very descriptive -- which I loved. I hope there's a part two to this story! Great job, Ladies! I look forward to reading more of your work!
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2012
This is an incredible novel full of twists as interesting as the characters themselves. I can't begin to summarize the plot, but let's just say there are things you want to happen that unfold gloriously, and things you don't want to happen that occur just to leave you biting your nails. Coons and Pace light up the page with their prose and produce a provocative tale that just won't let you go from the very first page.
Perhaps, in a future collaboration they could work in a Star Wars reference or maybe a ninja or two ;)

This is going down as a favorite. Everyone should download this book. Trust me. The time spent in this world is time well spend.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 30, 2012
British rockers?! Heck Ya!!!! Fury sends you into a FRENZY!!!
There are some that might think this is just another rock star angst love story but Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons took Fury to another level. So yes, there is that whole love thing going on; let's face it we want HOT, SEXINESS with our rock boys. However, Michelle and Tammy added an element to the story that was unexpected and daunting- frightening. I loved the suspense of it all. The story had great fluidity from one situation to another. The timeline of the story made sense and did not have huge gaps where you were left to assume or fill in the blanks. There were also no breaks or disconnects that indicated this was a co-authored book. Pace and Coons meshed their styles extremely well.
There were lots of characters but it did not get confusing amongst the story lines nor was it distracting. The dynamics between the different characters moves through the entire emotional spectrum. I enjoyed the balance of emotions-- humour, love, sadness, anger, need, and so many more. The female characters in this book were not always pushover doormats. They had their moments but they were feisty, independent and cheeky. They were real. Something that often gets overlooked, or maybe not is the physical attributes of characters. Fury mixed it up and didn't have only your stereotypical hotties. There were traits that would appeal to a wide variety of tastes. I loved that about this book.
The British slang was cheeky and bang on.
And let's not forget about the cover-- HOT!!!!!!!
This was a fun and fabulous read. A for sure read!! Eagerly hoping there is another tour for Fury in a second instalment!!
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