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Format: DVD|Change
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on December 10, 2012
As of now, Amazon is not listing the many bonus features in this set. So here they are!
(1) Crazy commentary on all episodes (as usual)
(2) FUTURAMA KARAOKE: Sing along with numerous classic Futurama musical numbers, with or without the original vocals.
(3) ALTERNATE ENDING: View episode 7ACV05, "Zapp Dingbat", with either the as-broadcast ending, or the original, never-before-seen ending that was changed before broadcast.
(4) Christopher Tyng's Big Score: Meet Futurama's brilliant composer Chris Tyng in his Studio
(5) FUTURAMA INFINITE LOOPS - Turn your TV into a Futurama Aquarium or Terrarium with Futurama-inspired wildlife.
(6) "TOO GOOD FOR TV" - A Treasury of Deleted Scenes
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on December 11, 2012
I've been anticipating this set for a long time and it's great to finally have these episodes to watch over and over again. Each volume has been stronger than the last and this is arguably my favorite of the new seasons. This time around we get to see Bender become a father (with surprising results), Leela get involved in the political process, Bender exploring free will, Hermes replacing his body with robot parts, and the entire crew as wild animals. Like any season, some episodes are stronger than others but there are laughs to be found in every one. We really get to see Fry and Leela's relationship on a deeper level and we learn more about the Professor's upbringing, as well as Zoidberg's affection for Hermes, who hates him in return. It's sweet, it's hilarious, and it's creative, all trademarks of the show we've known and loved for years.

The set itself is designed just the like the others, with the fold-out design and colorful images of the characters. I prefer to have plastic cases to keep the discs more secure but that's a minor quibble. The Blu-ray edition looks fantastic with its vibrant colors, stunning detail, and impressive digital animations. I've long believed that Futurama is the best looking animated series on television and this season continues that winning tradition. The extras and commentaries are sure to keep you entertained for hours and will tide any fan over until the next episodes air in the summer.

If you're a fan of the show then this set is a no-brainer. I hope these continue to sell well and send a message to Comedy Central to keep renewing the show. It's still as sharp and enjoyable as it always was and will hopefully continue for years to come.
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on April 24, 2014
The star rating of this concerns the DVD release itself, not the quality of the episodes. This volume features 13 episodes making up the first half of season 7. The episodes themselves are listed below. In terms of the DVD release it's much like the previous 2 volumes released under Comedy Central. The case is made up of a cardboard box type of material and the 2 DVDs slide into pockets made out of the case itself, there is no plastic holder per se. It's honestly incredibly cheap packaging and I'm not certain that the pockets don't damage or scratch the discs when they are taken out or put back. The box feels flimsy, I keep thinking I'm going to rip it or damage it when it's out on my coffee table. Is it enough to prevent you from purchasing the volume? For me it wasn't, but for some it may be.

Episode List:
1. The Bots and the Bees
2. A Farewell to Arms
3. Decision 3012
4. The Thief of Baghead
5. Zapp Dingbat
6. The Butterjunk Effect
7. The Six Million Dollar Mon
8. Fun on a Bun
9. Free Will Hunting
10. Near-Death Wish
11. 31st Century Fox
12. Viva Mars Vegas
13. Naturama
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on March 28, 2013
For some reason I really enjoy Futurama, I have always been a Simpsons Fan but to me Futurama just has that little extra in it. I don't know why FOX ever dropped it but their bad. At least we can still get new ones even if most are just on dvd. Keep Futurama Coming.
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on July 4, 2014
I've been a fan of Matt Groening's since "Life In Hell" appeared in the Village Voice. Futurama has had it's ups and downs, and this box set is one of the downs. The episodes are just OK. I thought that maybe I didn't enjoy them when they first aired because I didn't pay enough attention to them. Nope. Although the final episode "Naturama" was better than I remembered.
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on May 7, 2013
Futurama is my favorite show of all time, so it would take a total bomb for me to give it a negative review. With that said, there were only a few episodes to this season that I really enjoyed. There was too much grossness in a few of the episodes and some of the others just really didn't have anything all that funny in them. It's still Futurama though and the animation is as always brilliant and the really good episodes like A Clockwork Origin sum up life's imponderables in a hilarious and entertaining way.
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on May 1, 2014
I am a Big Fan of Futurama and now that is off the air I got to build up my collection. This was shipped well and delivered on time to me! I will order season 8 very soon! Thanks again and what a GREAT SHOW IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED IT YET!!
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on April 4, 2016
Each Futurama season is amazing, and so is this one, with all of its insanity. Unfortunately, it's only 13 episodes, making this sort of a half-season.

The episodes are great, with Bender Jr, the 3012 destruction of the Earth (echoing all that 2012 stuff) that is a bunch of moral silliness (and human arms), Richard Nixon's "free beer" re-election campaign with a funky Terminator vs The Dead Zone twist to it, "The Thief of Baghead" that is chock full of nutty film references (and maybe a bit of Ren & Stimpy grodiness) and the strangely temporary deaths of many of the show's characters, a nutty episode with Leela's parents (mom starts datting Zapp Brannigan!!), "The Butterjunk Effect" has Leela and Amy becoming aggressive sports fighters with some strange threesome action happening, "The Six Million Dollar Mon" is silliness with Hermes Conrad and is not as good as the Octoberfest-themed "Fun On A Bun", with its insane neanderthal men and barbarian battles (not to mention poking fun at Oktoberfest culture, and chicken dancing!!), while "Free Will Hunting" shows Bender on a crazy spiritual quest. "Near Death Wish" is unhinged Farnsworth as Fry re-unites him with his parents, who are still alive, and all sorts of nuttiness ensues. The "31st Century Fox" is almost like a must-do episode, but it doesn't even make fun of 20th Century Fox, while it criques... fox hunting? Nice costumes, though. "Viva Mars Vegas" is a great episode, that starts off with a cheap-looking live-action re-make of the opening sequence with puppets, then gets into some sort of nutty Zoidberg the gambler, Mars lands, heist story. Nice. The final episode is a piece of brillians, "Naturama", showing the "Mutual of Omicron's Wild Universe" depiction of the Futurama crew as Disney-like talking animals - first a squad of salmon mating upstream, then some Easter Island turtle diversity, and eventually mating seals. Total insanity (and some very brutal animated violence!). "Pants Full Of Shame"! Fry glowing with Slurm!! Soylent Majority!! "Trespassers will be deathsecuted"!! Farnsworth's birthday suit!! Binks Armored Express (Jar Jar reference, heh heh...).

There are ten deleted scenes on Disc 1. "Decisions I Made" video without credits, and a transition to Girl Guide Cookies. "Möbius Trip" from "Naturama" - a loop of the crew as fish in an aquarium scene, and a terrarium scene (with Hypnotoad). A Futurama Karaoke version of "Welcome to Robot Hell" (2:05) with the Olde Fortran logo mark, "This Toy Shop's Going To War" (1:45), "That Was Then And This Is Too" (1:20), Into The Wild Green Yonder's "Even If IT's Not A Good Idea." (1:40). Disc 2 has 12 deleted scenes, going on for 7:00. Then there's "Christopher Tyng's Big Score" where you see how Tyng makes music for Futurama in his screwy home studio with its moving island that rotates him around the room. Strange.
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I'm truly happy and glad that this hilarious series found a new home and now continues with its comedic hijinx for people to enjoy. This set episodes are just as hilarious as the previous one s and hopefully they'll keep on making this series for a while to come, I mean if the Simpsons can stay on the air for almost 25 years why not the gang from Futurama? Anyway for fans of the series or fans of any comedy series here's a great set to add to your dvd library...
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on October 4, 2013
After years in cancellation hell, followed by 4 made-for-(Comedy Central)-TV movies that had less than stellar reviews - it's nice to see a season of good ol fashioned 1/2 hour episodes again.

It will take the writing staff another season or two - to regain the same plot perfection as the pre-cancelled seasons for Fox - but this is a smart & witty collection, to announce Futurama's "rebirth" to loyal fans.
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