Star Trek: The Next Generation 7 Seasons 1990

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Season 4
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8. Future Imperfect TV-PG CC

After an Away Team mission fails, Riker awakens in sickbay to discover sixteen years have passed and he now commands the Enterprise.

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
46 minutes
Original air date:
November 12, 1990

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Season 4

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241 of 265 people found the following review helpful By Ned on May 17, 2002
Format: DVD
This is the fourth season release of Star Trek The Next Generation on DVD. During the fourth season the Borg are defeated, Wesley leaves the show, Worf resigns from Starfleet, we see a Romulan officer that resembles Tasha Yar and the Cardassians & Trills are introduced.
All 26 episodes are contained on 7 disks.
1) The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2) - Riker is promoted to Captain, who then leads a fleet of starships to Wolf 359 to confront the Borg, but the fleet's efforts are in vain and almost every starship is annihilated.
2) Family - The Enterprise is undergoing extensive repairs while the crew recovers from the Borg invasion attempt. Picard returns home to see his brother.
3) Brothers - Data is "called" home to be given "an emotion chip" but his brother Lore arrives and put things in jeopardy.
4) Suddenly Human - Finding a Talarian training vessel in deep space, the crew discovers that one of the crew is actually a human teenager. Crusher's examinations reveal that his injuries may have been intentional.
5) Remember Me - Dr. Crusher finds herself inside a warp bubble, and the crew on the real Enterprise must enlist the help of a mysterious alien known as the Traveler to pull Dr. Crusher back into reality before her warp bubble shrinks to nothing.
6) Legacy - On Turkana III, the Enterprise is looking for an escape pod containing two men who left a damaged vessel. The Enterprise's liaison is the younger sister of the late Tasha Yar, and no one knows whether or not to trust her.
7) Reunion - The Enterprise is intercepted in deep space by a Klingon battle cruiser occupied by K'mpec, leader of the High Council of the Klingon Empire. Picard is the neutral arbiter to oversee the handover of the dying K'mpec's powerful to one of two contenders.
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29 of 31 people found the following review helpful By J. F. Cramer on November 3, 2002
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
After the splendid third season, which kept most people wanting more after the season finale, the fourth season rolled along smoothly with high expectations from viewers. The basis of "character-development over action" was greatly improved upon and put to more use here, even though there are some great action episodes.
The fourth season got to a tremendous start with many action-packed and essential episodes:
1) "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, PART II. Like the first part, that episode has great music, action, acting, plot, and suspense. Although the first part os just a tad bit better, the second part has all you expect from a borg episode: Spaceship fights, good special effects, stuff exploding, phaser fights, etc.
2) "REUNION." (The second episode out of four in the Worf saga) After Sins of the Father, what I consider to be the first part in the rough quadrilogy involving Worf, came "REUNION," which is even better than the first part. Worf's girlfriend comes back (along with his unexpected son) and so do many characters from the "SINS OF THE FATHER" as Worf must confront old enemies and try to gain back his honor. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, this episode has great special effects, good acting, and a great fight at the end. Bring on the third part!
3) "REMEMBER ME." A great episode which emphasizes on Dr. Crusher. Although this episode is not really known for its action, it does have cool concepts and great suspense.
After those ground-breaking episdoes, there were more character-based and humorous episodes.
1) "DATA'S DAY." I can't say enough about how great this episode is. All of the characters have funny lines, Chief O'Brien gets married, and of course anything with DATA in the title has to be good.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Randall F. Miller III on July 28, 2013
Format: Blu-ray
This is unquestionably one of the better seasons of TNG; in all honesty, most fans would probably have a hard time choosing between this and Season 3. Plenty of standout episodes, including "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II", "Family", "Reunion", "The Drumhead", "Redemption, Part I" and many more. The good episodes clearly outweigh anything resembling "below average", and there's nothing here that's as bad as some of the most offensive outings from TNG's first two years.

As expected, this Blu-ray is another winner. The A/V quality is again top notch, with all of the live action footage again being rescanned, cut and remastered by CBS Digital. The clarity on display here is simply astounding, as you probably already know if you've seen earlier seasons of TNG on Blu-ray. New CGI and effects shots were handled by Modern VideoFilm, who have done a very good job in ensuring that the quality is nearly as good as Seasons 1 and 3. Though a few shots stand out for the wrong reasons, it's still a quality effort considering the deadlines involved. I'd imagine that most fans, again, will be enormously pleased with the results. The audio is also fantastic, and it's available in 7.1 and the original 2.0 stereo.

As far as extras go, there are some good ones here, but overall it's a small step down from the ones we got with Season 3. These include a two-part documentary, a chat with the TNG art department, several deleted scenes, a gag reel, old Archive Mission Logs, the original episode promos and more. Though yes, these TNG seasons are priced very high, they're definitely worth the extra cash. A lot of love went into this release and it shows.

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