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on September 15, 2012
FUTURES AND FROSTING!!!! I laughed so hard I snorted and almost peed myself!!! This is the BEST sequel I have ever read!!!! I think the word vagina was used even more in this one, if that is even possible!!! Claire and Carter are as hilarious as ever, and once again Gavin steals the show!!!! I want a kid like Gavin!!!! I think the thing that I like about these characters, is that we all know someone exactly like all of them!!! (or in my case, we ARE exactly like one of them)

One of my favorite parts, that made me laugh because this has happened to almost all of us:

"I have a dream.
And in this dream I'm under the covers in bed, just a few scant inches away from Carter's body. I stare at his prone form lying next to me, the greenish-blue glow from the alarm clock on the bedside table providing just enough illumination for me to see the shallow rise and fall of his chest. The sheet is draped low over his hips as he sleeps peacefully with one arm flung over his eyes and the other resting on his taut, naked stomach. I slide my body ever so slowly across the bed, careful not to disturb him, until I'm so close I can feel the heat from his skin warming me from head to toe. I pull my arms out from under the sheet and my hands reach out towards him. I connect with his smooth, muscular chest, slide my fingers up his body, and...choke the ever living shit out of him."

Come on girls...y'all know that you have had this dream at least once!!!
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on May 6, 2013
A combined review of Book 1 & Book 2
Seduction & Snacks was one of the funniest and sexiest books that I have ever read! I frequently tried to read it in quiet places like waiting rooms, but was unable to because I was laughing so hard that tears were forming. People began to stare. I paid 99 cents for it and enjoyed all of the characters. Yeah, even Drew and his t-shirts. Book 1 gets five stars.

Frostings and Futures
Ehhh... Not so much. I really looked forward to this installment. I gleefully paid the $3.99 to read it. Well, I really don't know what happened in the writing of this book. It was about 25% (225 vs. 302 pages) shorter and the author added and editor. About 15% of those fewer pages were used to explain situations that happened in Book 1. Although it was cute, it was not the tear filled, shaking laughter that Book 1 was. Both books suffered a little from the changing of point-of-view thoughts or words, but Book 2 was worse at it. Book 2 also took the occasional pot-shot into the political that was really pointless and unnecessary.
Book 2 gets two stars.
I really don't know if I will spend the $3.99 for Book 3
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on September 30, 2012
I loved Tara's first book, Seduction & Snacks. I laughed out loude so many times. I was a bit disappointed with Futures and Frosting. It was funny but was missing something. It just didn't have the wow factor that the first book had. I read the first book in one afternoon. It took me almost a week to read the 2nd book. I'm a big fan of Tara and plan to read the 3rd book.
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on July 27, 2013
The first book was ok, this book was ehhhh. I won't be buying the third. I didn't take the time to check when all these were published but to me it seems like the author just threw these together to make a quick buck after the whole "50 shades phenomenon" Once again in this book just like the last, she uses the same words over and over,(deadpan). She needs to take some of her earnings and buy herself a thesaurus. This book also again goes nowhere, I feel like every chapter is the same, The kid cusses, she makes chocolate, he almost proposes and every now and then they have sex. The storyline was so slow and boring that again, like the first, everything is jammed into the last chapter and epilogue. I've already read reviews for the 3 and they aren't so great, and based on my opinion on the first 2 I won't be paying for the third.
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on September 25, 2012
Ok...Tara Sivec did it again. This book was just as good as the first book. I laughed just as much. The dynamic between Claire, Carter and Gavin was great. Claire and Carter prove you can fall in love and stay in love after playing beer I thought all of the supporting characters were just as great. Liz and Drew had some of the best one liners. I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard this book was going to be about all the same characters as the first book, but was not disappointed at all. It was another great love story without all the drama and it is book that will have you laughing your a$$ off. Can't go wrong with that combination. This series is definitely a MUST READ!!!!!! Definitely one for my favorites shelf.
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on September 18, 2012
Tara Sivec please do not ever stop writing books!! Especially with this crew - there is so much more that can happen and you are just the person to write it!

I guarantee you will feel the same way after you read this wonderfully funny book. Sometimes you just need a book like this that will take you away to a magnificent place! Oh who am I kidding! It is ALWAYS NEEDED!!
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on January 31, 2016
Another great installment to the Chocolate Lovers series. Just like the first, Futures and Frosting contained the right amount of humor, inappropriateness, and moments that tugged at your heartstrings.

To conclude, I would like to quote from my favorite scene of this book, because it meant so much to me.

"Say it," he whispers. "I missed out on this the first time. I want to hear you say it."
My throat is so tight I'm positive I won't even be able to take another breath, and he wants me to talk?
"Please?" he pleads softly.
He smiles at me and I can see his eyes start to fill with tears. I want to tell him so many things, but I'm too overcome with emotion and frankly, a little bit of puke. Two words are all I can muster.
"I'm pregnant," I whisper back with a sniffle.
"You're pregnant?" he asks with a huge smile.

I just love it when characters offer a moment of tender vulnerability and you can do nothing but smile.
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on September 22, 2012
I loved Seduction and Snacks pretty hardcore, so I was thrilled that I didn't have to wait long for Futures and Frosting. F&F was just as funny as I had expected. This book continues on with Claire and Carter living life, for real.

Claire and Carter are now settled in the real world of a relationship. The hearts and flowers are still there, but the day to day routine of what life is like as a couple sets in. Of course, they are still wildly in love, but it takes some adjusting. Then, they each start thinking about the "next" steps in their relationship. In true Claire and Carter fashion, neither one of them can actually tell the other what they're thinking. Communication failure.

So, the fun begins! From adventures with the bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinners, meeting the parents, and balancing a new business, Carter and Claire just can't seem to get their timing right. Once everything begins to fall in place though, it's perfection.

All the cast is back and I loved them even more than I did in S&S. Gavin is still providing hours of entertainment for all. Jenny still says the craziest things and Drew. I'd love to see a story about Jenny and Drew. Can you imagine???? I think I'd definitely have to slap on a Depends for that one.

I'm so happy that I heard about these books. They helped to remind why I love reading so much. Not only are they funny, but the love story is romantic, sweet, and realistic. I can not recommend this book enough!

If you are over 18 and have a good sense of humor and like a great love story....this is the PERFECT book for you!
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on September 17, 2012
If you have a husband/boyfriend/significant other, or have ever had one that snores, the first chapter of this book alone is worth the price! And I can tell you from experience now that laughing so hard that you are shaking the entire bed does not help the sleeping person in said bed stop snoring either!

Okay, so once again I freakin' love Tara Sivec!!! I loved this book! SOOOO freakin' funny! Honestly, I want to move her into my house and make her tell my funny stories all the time because I have never laughed so hard as when I read these two books.

I still love Claire, and I still wish she was real because I still wish she was my friend. I still love Gavin...I am sure I would be completely mortified if he were my child, but since he's not - he's just f'ing hilarious! "My mom's not afraid to punch a kid"

Of course Liz and Jenny and Drew and Jim are still awesome! Jenny and her wrong words and Drew and his t-shirts are instrumental to the funniness.

The one thing I think I loved even more about this book was Carter. I liked him in the last book, but I loved him in this one!

So she upped the awesomeness with Carter, kept the funny, sex toys and finally let Claire have a lot of sex!!! She even threw in some more 80's movie references... - The quotes that I wanted to put in here got me denied by amazon, but that should show you have GENIUS she is! FIVE STARS AGAIN!!!

I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!!!
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on January 28, 2014
What is not to love about this story? A great follow book that takes us further down the road into the lives of Claire, Carter, and Gavin. While Gavin is good for non-stop laughs, I am so happy he is not my child!! I can't get enough of Carter! There is just something about him. While some scenes get a little over the top, this story is full of life, and not those fake --all of the romance with none of the gory-- truly fiction ones. While crazy, it is so easy to connect with all of the characters and want to be hanging out with them at Claire's shop! When you need a "tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard" can't miss with this series!
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