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VINE VOICEon September 26, 2008
If you like unadulterated, non-stop violence, this novel is for you. It is the latest in the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels series, and begins with three vigilantes conducting simultaneous sniping murders of three sex offenders. Jack is on the scene and one of the shooters thinks she saw him so he gets his confederates to join him in following her home to eliminate her as a witness.

At the same time, Jack's old nemesis Alex Kork escapes from the facility where she is incarcerated and invades Jack's home with the intent of torturing and killing Jack and others responsible for her capture. She begins a game of Russian roulette, asking Jack all sorts of questions. If an answer is incorrect, Alex pulls the trigger, giving the selected victims---Jack's mom and fiancé--a one-in-six chance of survival. Then the snipers show up and all kinds of mayhem occurs.

The story is a continuous series of gruesome murders, maiming, fighting, wounds and other misfortunes. If that's your cup of tea, fine, but it might not appeal to everyone.
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on October 1, 2008
I love the Jack Daniels series, but the reasons are so odd its tough to put to words. Jack is intelligent and tough without being manish and unemotional. Her friends and partners are unique and different and sometimes annoying. Still, what really drags you in to a Jack Daniels mystery is the violence surrounded by crazy laughter. "Fuzzy Navel" the latest entry started out with such harsh violence that it almost turned me away...almost. Just when you can't take anymore I found myself sputtering with giggles at the dialogue. The plot is solid and the action is nonstop. Start with Whiskey Sour and read them all.
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on December 31, 2008
If you've ever seen the Evil Dead, Part 2, the title of this review has probably told you much of what you need to know. If not, I'll spell it out. In the Evil Dead Part 2, somewhere around halfway into the movie, things degenerate into "how often can Ash be hit in the head by things without dying". Seriously. He has more (I lost count) than 20 plates broken over his head by his demonically possessed hand.

The violence is so frequent, pointless, and extreme that it loses all meaning and becomes slapstick.

That is what happens with Fuzzy Navel. Constant streams of bullets, punches and martial arts flying left and right, chainsaws, knives, a killer cat. People getting free of one obstacle only to find themselves in deeper trouble than they started out in.
No character development, no real plot.
Funny, in an over the top kind of way, but not particularly interesting.
This one won't be added to my bookshelf next to the previous three books in the series.
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on April 16, 2012
I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Konrath's Jack Daniels series until this one and the one previous. They have gotten progressively more graphically violent and "Fuzzy Navel" was just too ludicrous, ridiculous and "Ramboish". Although it was only 271 pages, it dragged like 600. OMG!!! It was bad enough that Alex wasn't killed in the previous book when she was the main protagonist but now that she's still alive after 2 books it's just plain crazy!!! And the way, each short chapter switched to another character talking was extremely annoying and made the reading very choppy. Then insult was added to injury when you FINALLY make it to the final page and you're left hanging as to which of Jackie's loved ones is killed; what a cheap shot!!! I will give the sequel "Cherry Bomb" a try and then if Konrath doesn't "clean up his act" and go back to his original ways, I am totally done with him.
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on September 30, 2012
Ok, judging from the title, I shouldn't have expected much, but with a description that said something about people who liked a little humor thrown in with the suspense, I decided to try it. What I found was gratuitous violence with little character development or much of a plot and not much humor. Expansive descriptions of hand to hand combat, apparently designed to make you feel like you were there, served only to fill pages with details not necessary to further the story. I have to wonder if there was any research done for the details in the book, after reading the totally mistaken section about blood transfusions, head lacerations and more. The book is populated with idiotic characters with no redeeming features, not enough depth to any of them to make you cheer for them. It made me think about just not finishing the book at all. I might as well have put it down, unfinished, because the ending was vague and a cop out. Based on some of the other reviews, I guess not having an ending is seen as a cliff hanger. It seems more like the author didn't care enough to finish the book, any more than I did. I won't be reading any more books by this author.
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on June 24, 2014
I read every one of these Jack Daniels Mysteries, and I did not like any of them. I love a good mystery, but these were not what I would call mysteries. They were just books full of awful gruesome details one after another, after another, after another. I would not call these mysteries, but sick stories with non stop torture. I would have stopped with one, but unfortunately I had al 5 books, so read every one of them.
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on June 5, 2013
This is my 6th Jack Daniels Mystery and this is jam packed with action, unlike most of the others. This is not to say the others were not any good, just that this one is non-stop action. Do I like this book over the others, no I do not. I like some breathing space for Jack so we can see how she is and what is going on with her.

Now I have read some of the reviews, and I can agree with many of them. This book was mostly action and no character development. Some may say there is no time because Jack is busy fighting the Amazon from hell and her crew. Okay, then make the book a tad shorter on the fighting and more on the people involved.

And, the thing that got me right from the start is why does Jack move with her mother out in the boonies when she is still working as a cop? It makes no sense what so ever. Jack is not a stupid cop. She knows the people who come after her are mostly wackos and out for blood. Why not stay in the city as help could have come there sooner and much bloodshed would have been avoided. Okay, so the author moved her to the boonies to be able to do an action packed novel? What to heck for? The books were great the way they have been.

Towards the end of this story Jack starts thinking it is time to retire. Okay, if she is think this she has got to be in the 45-55 bracket. So she is physically able to go through this much action, head injury and all that and still come out kicking? Adrenaline be darned. You would need the adrenaline of an elephant to go through what this novel has Jack going through.

Jacks mother is a cop. So why to heck didn't Mary say something about moving to the boonies is not such a hot idea to Jack? Not smart on either of their parts.

Then we get to the blood transfusion from adopted out son to Jack. Give me a break!! So this guy looks like her long ago lover who she got pregnant by and gave the kid up for adoption. At her age she still remembers what he looks like? She doesn't want proof, and yes I do know these are emergency circumstances, but if they never left the city the emergency would not exist. Some cop!

Then lastly, the cliff hanger is the pits, so you had better come out with the next book really FAST! I like Latham and would HATE to see him die.

I have written much about the story, and some about the characters, but I don't feel it is enough. If Latham has not been written off the story, please beef up his backbone. If he loves Jack, now would be the time to get her to marry him and retire. The guy has been through the tortures of the damned and deserved to have the wedding he wants. Then again, after all that happened to him in this book, he may be having second thoughts it he is still alive.

I don't know what to say here.

If you have liked the previous Jack Daniels books, be prepared for something totally different. It is all action and little story other than people shooting at each other. You might not like this one.

If you thought the previous books were too little action, than this is the book for you.
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on July 7, 2013
I decided to read this continuation of the Jack Daniels series despite my reservations about the last one I read named "Rusty Nail". This one didn't disappoint and was able to convey the unmitigated horror of the character Alex without most of the horrid descriptions of her tortuous ways. This book brought the "good guys" together for most of the read while introducing three new bad guys as well as re-introducing the infamous Alex. She is one really, really bad psychopathic murderer who remains from a family of purely evil characters which have been hounding Jack for years.

Yes, you will find a plethora of violence and nonstop mayhem in this one, but there is also humor to be found in just the right places and degree.

There are some editing issues to contend with and the ending leaves you hanging, which is in keeping with the series concept, so you won't find closure here, but I'll bet you'll go in search of it.

I'm giving it 4 1/2 stars and suggest that if you have read and enjoyed the predecessors to this one, you'll most likely enjoy "Fuzzy Navel" as well.
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on November 9, 2015
The Jack Daniels series is intense and fast-paced, filled with psychotic killers, and a hodgepodge of flawed characters with redeeming qualities. Throughout the intensely stressful situations Konrath inserts witty and stress-relieving, wise cracking dialogue that also serves to provide insight into the characters. This is written in first person for the protagonist (Jack) and antagonist (Alex), but in third person for the other characters. It can be a little confusing if you don't pay attention to the chapter title, but I gather this transitioning assists the author in fleshing out the main characters, especially psychos like Alex. Reading can be a crapshoot like traveling, fun and exciting experiences, or plodding, problematic and cheesy. I very much enjoy this series and consider these books reliable entertainment if I'm in mood for an author and book I can depend upon to provide just that.
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"Fuzzy Navel" is the fifth book in the Lieutenant Jack Daniels' series, after Whiskey Sour;Bloody Mary;Rusty Nail; and Dirty Martini.

What a rollicking, fun adventure this series has turned out to be. I love protagonist Jack Daniels and she got to show a side of herself in this offering that wasn't quite as stoic as in some of the other books. I also love the other main characters in the series - her partner, her fiance, her mother, her cat, her friend and pool partner, her past police partner (surprises there).

Antagonist Alex Kork is back in this book and she is one nasty psycho of a woman.

And, after the blood, guts, humor and more humor, author Konrath leaves us with one helluva cliffhanger. Not nice at all. I'm starting to read Cherry Bomb immediately so I can find out what happened.
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