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on November 8, 2002
"G.I. Blues" was #2 on the top grossing films at the box office when it was released. The storyline is Elvis plays Tulsa MacLean. Him and his Army buddies are about to get out of the army and look forward to opening up their own nightclub back in Oklahoma. Along the way, Tulsa is caught up in a bet that sees if he can date the enticing and cold-as-ice Cafe Europa dancer Lili (Juliet Prowse). Tulsa and Lili go further than that: they take a modest cruise to across the river to a puppet show where Tulsa sings "Wooden Heart". They both ride above a vineyard in a cablecar where again he breaks into "Pocketful of Rainbows." Then Tulsa is asked to baby-sit for a buddy who ran away to get married, and he's caught in a tight situation. Him and Lili reunite and spend the night with each other baby-sitting "Tiger". The bet is easily won. When Lili finds out, she's steamed! Little does she know that Tulsa really was Marla and Rick's baby-sitter. Tulsa and Lili come back together after an unexpected proposal, and following is an all-American Armed Forces Show finale where Tulsa and the rest of the memebers of the armed forces sing "Did'ja Ever?".
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on December 4, 2002
G.I. Blues has to be the only Elvis Presley film that his name appears more than the opening and end credits (if there are any). And that happens when a man who during Elvis Presley's 2nd song in the movie decides to play an Elvis Presley song on the jukebox. Tulsa McCauley (Elvis Presley) dreams of opening his own nightclub in America with his two army buddies Cookey (Robert Ivers) and Rick (James Douglas). The songs that Elvis Presley sings include G.I. Blues, Tonight is So Right For Love, Wooden Heart, and Blue Suede Shoes. Even though, he got out of the army, a few months before filming this movie. And he had to get back into an army uniform. This was the first of 9 movies that Elvis was directed by
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on June 20, 2016
Loved GI Blues!
Elvis was real cool in his Army clothes.His songs were wonderful.My wife and I sing Karaoke,I also play my guitar while singing "Pocketful of Rainbows" Elvis sang with Julie Prowse on the Ski Lift.Looking forward to seeing GI Blues again and again.If you love Elvis then I recommend you purchase GI Blues you won't be sorry.
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on March 17, 2013
I rated this movie a 5 because it is another Elvis #1 hit. A beautiful scene in this movie is where Elvis and a girl puppet perform a show for the children. The show has comedy in it and the children love it and sing the song, "Wooden Heart". This movie shows the love that Elvis had for children and it is an unforgettable scene. This movie is a very special feast for the viewer and it is one that you will want to see over and over again.
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on September 13, 2002
This is my second favorite Elvis movie. He looks, acts and sings alot of popular songs. Juliet Prowse is a stunning beauty and i think she should have been a Radio City Rockette. Her legs go on for days.This is a light hearted, romantic and musical comedy. It's fun from beginning to end with some really great show-stopper production numbers. Elvis fans will not be disappointed in this and the 5.1 stereo sound is not a bad remaster. It really does sound pretty great.In case you are curious, "Blue Hawaii" is my favorite Elvis movie and why not buy them both and run yourself a double feature.
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on September 11, 2000
This is one of Elvis's earlier films and it was filmed just right after his honorable discharge from the Army and believe's one of his best work in Hollywood! The soundtrack is equally special as Elvis and the rest of the cast deliver excellent performances. Sure it's another love story of how Elvis's character falls for Juliet Prowse's character but having the story involve the U.S.Army and Germany as the backdrops add a special touch to this "Elvis Flick". It's a great ensemble cast as other characters are well written in the plot. The music is of Elvis at his best in Hollywood and the songs flow perfectly with the story (not cheesy or korny as in many musicals!). Note a special moment in the movie is when Elvis sings "Wooden Heart" to a puppet at a puppet show. Anyways, I've watched G.I.Blues many many times and it definately is an entertaining movie for the whole family. I'm in the military and this is a top 10 favorite movie of all time in my list!!!
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on April 17, 2012
Movie looks and sounds great on DVD. For those fans who got tired of Elvis "Light Hollywood Musicals" and just waited for something to happen...and happen it did on December 3rd, 1968..can look back at even the weakest of these vehicles and say, it's really not bad and there are 3-4 good songs and Elvis!

This 1960 effort had to be a "down" experience for Elvis, whose previous movie was the exceptionally strong King Creole, filmed on location and featuring a dynamite cast, nice black and white cinematography, mostly terrific songs (albeit 3 too many); here, too, we have "location" shots..but Elvis was not there.

He was probably happy about that, as he had expressed around 1958 that he would not accept a post in Entertainment Services but a post any soldier would be assigned to.

This reviewer assumes that the furthest thing from Elvis' mind in '58 would be making a tired, obvious "Service Comedy" upon his return.

This movie has alot going for it, production numbers professional (though curiously rsique on the Prowse numbers) - plus the songs actually fit the flow of the picture > but the script is almost devoid of humour, and any chance to challenge the 25 year old star goes right out the window. Problem: the writers, powers-that-be, had to make "Tulsa" so likeable that the romantic interest, juliet Prowse, was never REALLY mad at him for using their date as leverage in a bet. No dramatic tension...just, shucks, isn't he the most!

Along these lines, and as in many of Presley's flicks, the viewer does not need a Degree in Cinema to see that certain scenes that should have been done over. Elvis is great in one scene...almost amateurish in the next. All that matters is that Elvis is handsome and has a good beat.

But since it all comes down to Elvis, he looks great, is engaged, and sings his brains out. On one beat ballad, an operatic rewrite, "Tonight is So Right For Love", his range is astonishing. This one, and several others, would have souned just fine on the King Creole soundtrack!

Overall, recommended for Elvis across the board - that new "family" demographic for the superstar; for those '50s only fans, note that Sun Records associate Scotty Moore is heard throughout on the soundtrack.

Finally, the military theme works well and has traveled nicely through the many decades.
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on February 20, 2011
Not only am I a history nut but I like old movies too. Back in 1966 I was drafted into the Army. After basic and a.i.t. training I was sent to Germany for 17 months. I enjoyed being there very much and I got the chance to visit some of the places that Elvis was at. So this movie means a little more to me because of that. Besides all of that I did grow up with Elvis, the Beatles and more of the 50's and 60's singers. I enjoyed almost all of his movies but think this one is one of his best. My favorite part is when he sings with the puppets. I have a large collection of classic movies and about 10 of Elvis Presley.
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on March 14, 2011
I have seen it 100 times but it has been so many years since the last time. The movie does not have a great or interesting story to it and my wife says they could have picked a prettier leading lady, but i thought she was okay, BUT!!!! the greatest parts are the wooden heart song and the best part of all is when he sings pocket full of rainbows, that song alone is worth the purchase of this CD but if your an Elvis fan you have to have all 33 movies in your collection.

I just finished watching jailhouse rock this evening and it was awesome too. and i just ordered viva las vegas a few minutes ago.
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on August 7, 2014
I always enjoyed this movie because it kinda' reminds me of my own army days. It reflects Elvis' stint in the Army, for which he put his career on hold for the entire two years he served -- then he went back to Germany as a civilian to film his story with the blessing of the Army. I always respected him for accepting his draft notice and serving his time; unlike some celebrities who refused to go when they were drafted -- which I feel is despicable.

There are great scenes of the German countryside, and small insights into army life of the day. If you like army tanks, there are scenes in the motor pool and on the gunnery range you will fine interesting -- especially the views of the tank interior.
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