Customer Reviews: G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy +UltraViolet)
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Let's be clear that "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" is an action movie based on a comic book and a toy action figure. It features virtually non-stop action, some terrific special effects, and a comic book plot. This is not "Patton" or "The Ten Commandments" or even "Die Hard." It is a fun, no-brainer movie in which the good guys eventually win and the bad guys eventually lose, but some of the bad guys escape to set up the next movie.

As the movie opens, the GI Joes, an elite American special operations combat unit, are in action, securing some loose Pakistani nuclear weapons from insurgents in a superb action sequence inside a military facility. However, the Joes are framed by the President, who is really an impersonator planted by the terrorist organization Cobra. The fake President sends a military strike after the Joes, wiping out the unit. The Cobra organization liberates its imprisoned leader and executes its clever plan to take over the world.

Fortunately, three of the Joes survive the ambush in Pakistan. Led by Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock, they go underground, figure out the frame-up, and make contact with two key people: the ninja warrior Snake Eyes and a retired Joe, General Coulton. Together, they will put together a plan to ambush Cobra at a nuclear weapons summit at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, of all places.

The action sequences are quite good, including shoot-em-ups in Pakistan and at Fort Sumter, and a fantastic ninja sequence on a cliff in some remote and unnamed mountain range. Bruce Willis has an excellent extended cameo as General Coulton, while Jonathan Pryce enthusiastically chews the scenery as a real and fake president.

"G.I. Joe", underneath all the high tech weapons, martial arts, and special effects, is a good old-fashioned action movie. Park your brain and enjoy the ride.
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on June 27, 2013
This 3D review is intended for those with 3DTVs and/or fans of 3D.

GI Joe Retaliation was originally meant to be released during summer 2012, but was delayed till March 29, 2013 to be converted into 3D. So did they have enough time to make the 3D worth our time and frustration (of GI Joe fans) having to wait even longer to see the movie in theaters?

Absolutely. The 3D is very powerfully rendered in GI Joe Retaliation. This is not a half baked 3D effort as many of the earlier, hurried 3D conversions of films like Clash of the Titans' poor 3D. The 3D here offers unexpectedly outstanding dimension and depth in many of the cool action scenes, coupled with a generous amount of pop outs. It's been said the Snake Eyes scene was noteworthy (with Snake Eyes portrayed on the Blu Ray 3D cover), and indeed it is as the 3D gives that scene depth the likes of which are rarely seen in conversions. Thankfully the rest of the movie holds up well in 3D.

3D Overall: 9/10
3D Dimension: 9/10
3D Pop Out: 8/10
3D Depth: 9/10
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on August 2, 2013
If you are looking for a stirring plot and character development, this is not your movie. If you are looking for a fun movie, with good action and special effects then rent this one. I can't believe critics try to rate every movie based on skill of acting, plot, and character developmetn. C'mon folks, it's G.I. Joe.... what do you expect?
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on August 13, 2013
I think the cast of the first movie had better chemistry. While I think The Rock was a good addition, I did not like the character of Lady Jaye, Jinx or Flint as they were portrayed.

If you enjoyed the first movie and are expecting the same from this one, you will be disapointed.
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on July 26, 2013
I don't get the low reviews on this, people complaining about the story and the acting...? I saw the first one, so my expectations for this were low. I went into this expecting to see over-the-top action, corny lines, and explosions. The movie delivered. If you want deep storyline and meaningful conversations, then you should go see another flick. If you want to see people get blown up, then watch this.
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on August 16, 2013
I feel like there is a decent version of this if it was re-edited. All the right pieces are in play but it seemed more like a stroll through "what was shot" rather than a complete movie. The last half hour is the only time I cared what was happening and while the mountain climbing/descent was a cool scene, it could have easily been a promotion for "Ka" (Las Vegas). A lot could have been gained by revisiting the themes from Rise of Cobra; flashbacks to scenes from the first movie would have significantly helped emphasize Cobra's grasp and any indication that they actually have power. However, all of the buildup to Cobra Commander being a complex character get completely ignored because now, as long as we show that he walks cool (and slightly femininely), he can effortlessly ride off to a moon base or elsewhere. RZA was more intimidating than any of the bad guys.
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on April 25, 2013
In order to appreciate the constant action scenes and the cliché plot line, you've gotta be a fan of the G.I. Joe franchise, as I am, before watching.

To a casual movie-goer, this film seems like a boring toy-selling vehicle with a half-baked plot and bland characters.

To a fan of the franchise, it got every part right. Cobra comes up with an evil plan, G.I. Joe stops it, it even has the classic Commander Bailing Out Early In A Helicopter bit.

Basically, fans of G.I. Joe will love it, but anyone else should stay away.
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on July 19, 2015
If you want a case study on how to create the worst action movie, here's your movie. Put aside the bad acting for a moment, you're still left with phony looking production sets, unrealistic fighting scenes (x10!) far fetched unexplained "tech," zero character development, the old trick of thousand bullets flying and only the bad guys get shot garbage, no blood (!), and cheese ball one liners for the icing on the cake. This movie should be put under the comedy section. Just awful.
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on May 3, 2013
As someone who grew up with the cartoon & comics there is plenty to say about the film versions, 2009's "Rise of Cobra" did get some things right, casting Rachel Nichols as "Scarlett" & Sienna Miller as "Baroness" was right on target, as was Ray Park as "Snake Eyes", (see review from 2009) this new film is about the same but suffers some inconsistencies as well, things they got right...."Duke"(Channing Tatum) & "Roadblock's" (The Rock) freindship is on par with the comics, & The Rock definately looks the part no doubt, as with the first film, "Snake Eyes" & "Storm Shadow's" connection is explored once more, "Zartan" impersonating the President, & yes, this time they get Cobra Commander right!... "Firefly" is portrayed accurately,.... things they got wrong....killing off Duke (was pushed back 9 months so Tatum could get more screen time, what screen time???)...never happened in the comics, "Cobra Commander" & "Storm Shadow" leaving "Destro" to die,(what??) explanation as to what happened to "Baroness, Scarlett, Breaker, Ripcord, & Hawk" from the first film, Paramount was too cheap to bring back Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, Marlon Wayans, & Dennis Quaid, but not explaining their fates was even cheaper!!, a line of dialogue would have been nice, but noooooo!!!...we are left to wonder, Sienna Miller in 2009 said she was paid to appear in three "G.I.Joe" films as Baroness, I guess she got a free paycheck for not appearing here, this is what happens when you put idiots in charge of a franchise like this, there are however some high points to this one that I will point out, Adrianne Palecki as "Lady J", simply beautiful, so much so that I am willing to forgive Paramount for depriving me of Rachel Nichols as Scarlett, the mountain top fight sequence involving Snake Eyes & Jinx vs Storm Shadow's guards has to be seen to be believed, a simply breath taking action sequence, the action set pieces are more this time around, the world leader's summitt meeting is to close to a terrifying reality when the president (Zartan) launches all of the U.S. nukes, forcing the other world leaders to do the same, all in an attempt to disarm the world & take control, all orchestrated by Cobra Commander, this kind of thing was always hinted at in the comics & cartoon, Bruce Willis appearing as the original Joe from the 60's toy line was fun, talk about a guy packing heat, the hiding places in his home is a home invader's worst nightmare, & Willis hams it up no doubt, all in all this one is more of the same, like the first film it is hit & miss, as I stated in my review of that one, you shouldn't go in with high expectations, or expecting Paramount to have learned anything from the first film's mixed reaction, but if you want some cool action/fight scenes, then this is your film, & Adrianne Palecki will definately keep you watching no matter what.
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on April 1, 2013
Riddled with bad reactions from test audiences and plagued by re-shoots and 3D conversion during post, not many people believed that this film would ever be released. Alas, almost an entire year after it's original release date, G.I. Joe: Retaliation has finally seen the light of day. Compared to it's predecessor released four years ago, it's a stronger and better film, although it's still completely over-the-top and lacking in any meaningful plot. With that being said, it's a hell of a lot of fun!

The premise behind the film involves the G.I. Joes being framed for the theft of nuclear warheads by master-of-disguise Zartan, who is impersonating the Commander in Chief (Jonathan Pryce). The fake President gives the order to eliminate the team of Joes, culminating the annihilation of their leader Duke and the rest of the team, save for three members; Roadblock (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), Lady Jaye (Adrianne Palicki) and Flint (relative new-comer D.J. Cotrona). Together, along with the help of Snake Eyes and Jinx, the Joes go after Cobra Commander, Zartan, Storm Shadow, and the rest of the baddies to put a stop to their maniacal plans for world domination.

Johnson continues to prove he's one of Hollywood's most entertaining action stars, as he plays the part of the typical macho man with ease. His on-screen camaraderie with Channing Tatum is easy and believable, and he delivers his one-liners perfectly. It was also nice to see Palicki, of Friday Night Lights fame, in the female ass-kicker role, and Bruce Willis is very John McClane-ish in his cameo, which makes for some fun on-screen moments. One of the standouts for me was Pryce, who completely owns his role as the Zartan-impersonated President, and has some of the best lines of dialogue in the movie.

There's some great stunt work and special effect moments that make this movie a blast to watch. One in particular that comes to mind is a breathtaking sequence that involves a sheer cliff and ninjas...need I say more? The CGI looks better than in the preceding film as well. When it comes down to it, I think there was only one goal the filmmaking team was trying to achieve with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and that was to entertain. Do yourself a favor and grab some buddies, pop some popcorn, and enjoy this kick-ass action flick.
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