Customer Reviews: H&K G36C Gun (Black, Large)
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on June 28, 2012
I received this gun a couple days ago from this website. I've used it numerous times and it is a great gun.

FPS-Fairly decent for an AEG; about 300-350 fps
WEIGHT-Basically, it's not too light nor too heavy. The battery gives it some forward weight, but I don't really mind.
AESTHETICS-This gun is ALL plastic just like the real G36C. The only exterior metal parts on this gun are the front Picatinny rails and the charging handle. The stock feels a bit too flimsy with the plastic, but...oh well.
WHAT UMAREX TELLS YOU-Umarex says things about the gun that may be included in the $120 version of this gun, but not in this one; such as an ambidextrous fire selector switch (only on the left side of the gun), a blowback feature (nope), a quick change spring (not at all), and removable body pins (only 1 to remove the handguard to get access to the battery compartment.) So just watch out. This is the common $100 dollar version of this gun, so if you want the features listed above, cough up the extra $20, buddy, and go to Umarex's website to get it.
IN THE PACKAGE-The package (a tight thick plastic cover) includes a warranty card, an advertisement, an owners manual, 1 hi-cap mag, a sample bag of 100 BB's, a wall charger, and a 9.6-volt battery.
IN CONCLUSION-I will totally recommend this gun to beginners and maybe intermediate players who are looking for a low-cost, reliable AEG. This gun is a perfect choice to any backyard Airsoft war, but if you're a serious Airsofter, I would recommend getting something slightly higher quality. Don't get me wrong; this gun is awesome, but for the serious Airsofter who plays in tons of wars and skirmishes, buy a higher quality gun. If you have any questions or remarks, leave a comment and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible.
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on January 25, 2012
this gun impressed me before i even opened the box. it looked sturdy and felt heavy. if your reading this review youve probably seen others. every thing said about them in 5 star rating is true. and the best part is i got it 3 days early. my only suggestion to you, BUY IT NOW BEFORE ITS OUT OF STOCK. you wont be dissapointed.
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on April 19, 2012
My 11 year old son ordered this gun for his birthday. He charged the battery as required and when loading the battery the gun literally fell apart. He was devasted. He picked up all the pieces and put them in a plastic bag. As usual, Amazon is fantastic and we are sending this one back with prepaid shipping. My son wants to try this gun out again, because of all the good reviews. If something else happens, will keep y'all informed.
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on July 27, 2012
Okay, you guys already probably have this idea in your heads that all Low Priced Electric Airsoft Guns are bad. They have plastic gear boxes, they're not that powerful, and they're just not as nice as their full metal gearbox counterparts. This is true, there is no way an airsoft gun with a plastic gearbox could ever even come close to competing with a JG, Echo 1, or Tokyo Marui, or whatever else there is. However, a cheap lpeg can be great fun for people who aren't looking to do anything more than have small backyard skirmishes with a few of their friends, or just go plinking around the backyard at homemade targets and aluminium cans. Face it, you wouldn't buy a $150 full metal gearbox gun just to go in your backyard and shoot. It would be a total waste of money. But in the right hands, an lpeg can be just as fun, and you won't have to wait around for 5 hours while your battery fully charges. That's just the way I see it. I'm nineteen years old, I have both of these kinds of guns, as well as a few springers, total waste of money. (At this point, only the springers are a waste of money because this one shoots as an aeg and a springer) Now for the review:
The H&K licensed Umarex USA G36c dual powered aeg is a great replica of the real thing. The gun is made entirely of some thick, durable, ABS plastic. Since the gun, as mentioned before, is licensed by H&K, the manufacturer of the real steel G36, the outer body feels hard,sturdy and light weight,providing a powerful, yet easy to handle rifle, just like the real thing. Don't be fooled by it's relatively low weight, though. It has a very nice amount of heft to it, even for a plastic outer body and gearbox airsoft rifle. After shouldering the weapon compared with my full metal body (And full metal gearbox) colt licensed M4a1, the G36c actually felt more comfortable to hold, not as cumbersome as the m4. After handling the m4 and aiming down the sights for a prolonged amount of time, my arms would eventually grow tired and sore, thus making it harder for me to stay on target when aiming. However, with the G36c, the rifle had just the right amount of weight, so that it felt realistic, but not so cumbersome after a long time of holding it. The skelotonized stock works like the ones you'd find on pretty much every other G36 replica. There's a little spring loaded button you press in while simultaneously pushing the stock towards the body of the weapon, gently locking it in place with a little notch on the main body of the weapon. To remove it, just pull up on the stock and the hook connecting the stock to the gun will unlatch, allowing you to snap the stock into its fully extended position.
The performance of this rifle is like you would expect from an eighty dollar (ish) dual powered rifle. Due to the fact that the magazine is sort of a hybrid between a high-capacity and a springer magazine, there are some prevolent feeding issues that youd probably not care for. I found with my model, it would either shoot two rounds at once, or it would dry-fire. With some experimenting, (and desperately trying to stop myself from breaking it in half in frustration) I realized that to somewhat stop or prevent these feeding issues, the magazine must be wound for a fairly long amount of time. But fear not, because once you finally have it down, you'll be able to unload the magazine without much trouble at all, besides maybe a few instances of dryfiring, which can easily be remedied by winding the magazine just a few more times.
Like I said previously, LPEGs like this should only be bought by people who aren't serious about going out and competing in professional skirmishes (by that, I mean those kinds of arenas where you have to shell out 40 or 50 bucks just to get in)Instead, only get this gun, or any other lpeg you choose, if you only want to shoot it in your back yard at targets and what not, if you try to use this in a professional competition, like stated above, you may be disappointed.
Performance: When you finally master the winding mechanism on the gun's magazine, it will shoot like a dream. The mag it comes with holds about 400 rounds. I haven't counted them to make sure, I just didn't care. But the gun, as well as any, works best with .20s. I haven't used .12's, nor do I plan to. I tried using them in my 400 FPS M4, and I think they caused the semi-automatic fire selector to malfunction. The gun works great with .20s. Just stick with them and you'll be golden. I suggest buying TSD Competition Grade bbs from Amazon. You can get a bag of 5000 rounds for only 12 bucks, and they work great.
Final thoughts: Like I said. This is not a competition rifle. It's just one of those Plink-Around-In-Your-Back-Yard-And-Pray-Someone-Doesn't-Call-The-Cops gun. The rifle is very solidly built, with the seams on the stock really being the only indicator that it isn't really made out of high-impact fiber reinforced polymer, like the real thing. However, the plastic is very well constructed, and I wouldn't worry about it breaking unless you were like smacking it up against a tree like I thought of doing at one point. It's an all round great gun to shoot. It fires bbs at about 400 rounds per minute (NOT FEET PER SECOND) or so, which makes it very conservative on ammo for those other tightwads like me :p. Though if you're looking for a good competition grade G36c aeg, I recommend watching godsairsofters' video review of the JG G36c on youtube.
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on April 15, 2013
I was looking for a cheap machine gun and I found this one so I bought it and it is the best airsoft gun I have ever owned! The only bad thing is that the mag is pretty small.
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on October 20, 2011
this is an awesome gun:
accurate, mobile (folding stock), cool looking. the only thing is that i suggest buying a new battery for it because it dies quickly and after about a month stops working all together but luckily its dual power so you can switch from electric to spring when the battery dies
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on December 30, 2011
this is the best gun that i have ever bought and would recommend it to anyone who is a serious air softer because it is great. super large mag size 400 but the last 15 won't load so just turn it upside and the rest it will fire the rest. super accurate i can hit a target on auto ( normaly less accurate) form 25 also has a folding stock so i don't have to take it off every time i need it to be smaller. well this gun is all pros and no cons as of yet i will update after i use it in a war.
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on January 5, 2013
Crosman Under The Barrel Laser Sight fits 1? Weaver® rails.Okay, you should buy this Crosman laser, especially because has a switch to turn on, not a pressure switch, before buying this, as it will save you time and ammo.
Look: 5/5. Compared to my G36c, it is full scale, apart from muzzle and mag.
Feel: 4/5. Not as comfortable as a real steel one in folded position, and you should not attach a grip, unless you want to rip your arm off.
Accuracy: 5/5. With a tuned-in Crosman laser, you can hipfire and hit targets at 110' with 0.25 bbs.
Power: 4/5. 320 with 0.12, 280 with 0.20, but the best bbs to use with this gun are 0.25, with a manageable 220 fps.
Price: 5/5. Compared to a JG, this is a STEAL!!!
Battery: 3/5. Only 1 aftermarket battery, and this one will only give you 3 hours before you have to use the spring, which is not as accurate. However, this is the quietest AEG ever in my opinion. In spring there is no one in the world able to hear you from 20' away.
Overall: 5/5. This gun has withstood wear and tear for 3 years, and is great for Woodland fights or CQB.
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on June 21, 2011
This gun is amazing i can shoot it from my deck to the center of the pond in my backyard witch is well of four hundred feet away. The Clips are good because you can connect them for faster reloading and the folable stock is a nice touch.

Metal gear box
good fps
adustable hop up
ajustable sights
lots of rails for attachments
Cons {this migh just be me}
the gun is a little heavy in the front
Overall it is a great gun so dont listen to the guys who dont know how to take care of it and by it today
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on April 28, 2013
Well, basically it keeps up with my friends no doubt and they all liked the look of the gun. The rate of fire is satisfactory and it stings when you get shot with just a t-shirt on. Don't use .25g crosman bb's!!!!! I returned this gun for a full replacement and then a full refund and I had no issues whatsoever. Now that I have a new gun I tried the .25 crosman bb's and they didn't feed right on that rifle either. Then I used goldenball bb's, awwwhh just use those and you will never have a problem with bb feeding in your gun. Automatic on this beast would've been awesome if using goldenballs.

All in all it is a great gun. The selector switch is not ambidextrous only works on left side of the gun (so when you are holding it right-handed). Oh, and the battery goes underneath where you might think it goes. You can order this on amazon, but if you don`t want all of these problems then order it off of [...] Whoever reads my review and uses goldenballs and it shoot without a hitch, please msg me or comment. Also, this gun isn't legal in Canada!

I hope this review was helpful and as always, have a good one! :)
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