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Game play:
You have to sign in with a player name.

There are extensive instructions under help to guide you to learn how to buy vehicles, start buildings into production and buy supplies and how to make upgrades. You also have to build roads and watch out for disease outbreaks. You have to build hospitals and they will take care of ill people. Buildings can also catch on fire and you have to put it out before the people leave the area.

Like most G5 games the graphics are very outstanding. Your car breaks down and you are picked up by your new executive assistant who tells you that you have just inherited your uncle's wealth and business's. Sarah is the assistant's name and she introduces you to your first city. You get a list of goals to improve the town. The app takes you through a tutorial. The project/goals menu is very helpful to have and use.

The game action and play is easy and fun. You start with a small town and begin developing businesses and creating commerce and watch the town start to thrive before your eyes. It is actually fun. The graphics are very good and the sound is fitting for the game. The instructions and tutorials are well done.

You have to plan the city and layout and also develop different industries to create industry and businesses to earn money.

Home screen:
* Hall of Fame - a list of top players of the game and their scores
* Help - extensive help instructions
* Options adjust volumes of the game
* Credits
* Tell a friend - allows you to email a friend information about the game
* Facebook - log into Facebook to see Virtual Cities Facebook account
* More G5 games - a long list of games developed by G5, it includes G5 news and featured apps.
* Change player

What I Like:
This game features excellent graphics and game play. The tutorials and instructions are very good and it guides you through the game and city development in a clear and understandable way. The app is fun to play and it has worked perfectly with the Kindle Fire.

What I don't like:
At the start of the day I was surprised to see a game with such high ratings. Then I began looking at them and found that 78 out of 128 ratings that were four and five star look suspicious. Many are first time reviewers who have never posted another review and some review multiple G5 games. My suggestion is to get this game and try it and I believe you will enjoy it. It is just sad to see so many one or two line reviews that don't look real. This game is good enough to stand on its own merits.

After restarting the game for about the third time the screen opened with a play now key surrounded by a list of game icons for you to touch to take you to the Amazon Appstore or to the Amazon Browser. There are also tabs for more games, most recent, most popular, adventure and strategy. There is a trailer bar on the bottom of the screen that keeps changing to a new game. Turn off your WIFI and put your smart phone into airplane mode or your children will have a buying frenzy. The games on the top line are all the free versions but some contain more permissions and the games are quite large in size and may overload your smart device. I don't like being forced to go through their shopping mall to play the game.

Once you achieve certain awards you are asked if you want to post it on Facebook.

This is an outstanding game and its action and game play are quite fun. I don't like all of the high game rankings that appear to be self-promotion. I also don't like going through their shopping mall every time I start the game.

This is probably the best simulation of building a city I have ever played and I recommend it to you but make sure that you turn off your WIFI and phone transmitter if your children play the game. It contains a lot of links to the web in the game and start up menus.

I am not sure that it is worth $4.99 for an app as that seems more expensive than other similar games. It certainly is a well-designed app.

* Game play is a 5 star rating
* Graphics 5 star
* Sound and special effects 5 star
* Over marketing of their products within the game 2 stars (excessive)
* Unnecessary reviews that look to be self-promotion 1 star
* Price 4 star
* Overall rating is a 4 star app.

Size: the uncompressed size is 81.11 MB on my Kindle Fire.

* Network communication - full internet access
* System tools - prevent Kindle from sleeping
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on February 16, 2013
Great game even free app was good so we bought the whole app cheep n it is such great fun if u like strategy games this is a good fun game to get!!
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on February 26, 2012
I enjoy playing with this game but it has a little trouble responding when you tap on stuff to get to the next goal. Also you need better spacing for placeing buildings in each town. I also had a hard time figureing out how to get new buildings in the investing part and where they were while playing. Even so this game worked better on my kindle fire than it does on ipod touch 4th generation. I couldn't even get it started on it. I would have liked if it hadn't cost so much. I would have even liked it even better if it had been free.
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on June 9, 2013
A fun little city simulator where you start by hiring trucks to run products back and forth. Eventually you're able to to buy production facilities, entertainment centers, and houses. Theres objective based missions with scores and a freeplay mode that allows for anything to go.

I had this on pc and recently seen it for cheap on amazon so I decided to purchase it. the new touch controls for everything play very smooth and it works great. Haven't had any issues with it.
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on November 2, 2012
I am enjoying this. The game works hard to expain levels and I figured it out quickly. These simulation games can be a lot of fun, and I am taking a break from fighting and adventuring with this. I sometimes wish I could let the levels go on more...the game tells me I have finished a level and I want to stay there and sell things and accumulate money. But it is a fun game. Get it!
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on November 2, 2012
I like most G5 games and this one is no different - so far it has been fun to play with no major glitches. I wish the tutorial was a little more clear at times... I have sat there trying to figure out what it wanted me to do exactly and my taps don't always register so it gets more frustrating (happens a lot when trying to clear land) overall though it's a different type of game then I usually play and it has kept me amused. I would not spend 4.99 for it - it is WAY overpriced and not worth that much. definately worth a download.
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on March 11, 2013
Having grown up on SimCity, I downloaded this game with high expectations. While they weren't all met, I was greated with surprise at how fun this game can be. The game is almost as emphatic on city development as SimCity is, but feels as though it is more personal. You control how many public vehicles you have and where they go or what they do. People will also tell you what they need from you which helps you in making your decisions about routes and what to build next in the city. SimCity didn't offer too much of that except for the occassional newspaper articles (assuming you read those). It is pretty easy for the game to get into routine. If you have all the basic needs met and people aren't getting upset, the game can be monotonous and just go through the motions without anything updating. You'll get money, people will go to work, and life will be good. This can get annoying and not very fun. I prefer a little something extra with my games, especially mobile games since they have so much to live up to compared to traditional games. If you're looking for a fun city simulator, I would give this one a short. It's not groundbreaking, incredible, or a step towards a new direction, but it's a fun time killer and will provide enjoyment.
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on January 30, 2013
When I originally looked at this game I thought it was going to be something more like SimCity but instead what I got was an oversimplified game that was nothing like it. You basically start out and they just give you missions. You complete it and move on to the next starting your city over again with a different set of circumstances and starting buildings. You complete that mission and you start over again. As far as I could tell there was never any continuous game play and even if you decided not to complete a particular scenario right away they gave you very little room to continue play and you would quickly be out of room.

Over all I was dissapointed because I thought it was going to be one thing but it was really something else. I have since quit playing and removed the game from my device. If you want a city based game that gives you a single mission and then you start over on the next one then this game is for you.
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2012
You can play this game for hours and hours and still be trying to figure out how you can do better and make things better for your citizens. This reminds me a lot of Sim-City, but this is no clone. But the basics are there... build cities in a way that will attract citizens and an income. You have several maps to play from and different objectives/goals to achieve in order to advance. I like how this also adds a little bit of role playing in that, as you progress, you can do some research in some A&D to make life easier on yourself and upgrade your playing capabilities.

Worth $5? This is probably one of the rare games that is because it looks nice and and pretty epic in scope. This isn't a simple game and a lot of thought has obviously gone into making this game. I see myself playing this game for a very, very long time. Keep in mind, I am one of those who LOVED Sim City. So this one seems right up my ally.
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The graphics and the game-play reminds me of SimCity  The game works beautifully on my Kindle fire and love it. There is very good instructions included in the game for you know how to buy items, vehicles and supplies. It is a virtual world, you build it, you take care of it and you reap the benefits. Games from this producer G5 is generally superb, the Virtual city app for Kindle fire is no exception. The graphics is very good. The only reason it loses one star is due to excessive marketing and links to make additional purchases via Amazon appstore, it also begs you to post your scores on Facebook and host of other extras. The annoying thing on startup is the shopping mall. Nevertheless an outstanding virtual city game.
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