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ASUS ROG G750JZ 17-Inch Gaming Laptop [OLD VERSION)
Capacity: 24GB RAM, 1TB HD + 256GB SSDChange
Price:$2,117.00 + Free shipping
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on April 18, 2014
Ok, so your taking for ever looking for a laptop just like me. Asking yourself do I go with MSI, Alien, Clevo/Sager, Asus or any of the other major brands out there. Well let me attempt to save you some time as I've spent roughly 100hrs researching all of them before calming my nerves to hit the purchase button on this beast. So what do you get? Well for starters Asus is a well respected brand whom I here has great customer support, but I couldn't verify that first hand since none of my Asus products has ever failed me in any capacity. This G750-JZ is upgrading my G74SX which I bought years ago and since then Asus has updated the chassis to yet another visually striking iteration. Its equipped with a stealth fighter exterior and a elegant interior. Keyboard is still the Asus classic chicklet single color backlight (white) completely wrapped in brushed alluminum with probably the best responsiveness I've ever seen on the keys. Its loaded with standard USB, Audio, HDMI ports & Blu-ray equipped. The screen is 17.3 matte anti glare and its color performance is great, the only screen to out perform it was Alienware's (Dell still prices these things stupidly high though). But now to the meat and potatoes of this sexy beast. It runs on Windows 8, and I'll tell you after 10 minutes of using windows 8 I'm like what is everyone crying about? Windows 8 is great! Navigation to any part of my PC by simply hovering over a corner or bypassing having to use a desktop all together by pinning my most used apps to the home page is awesome. Plus its fast, I mean really fast and optimal for SSD's which this laptop has. Speaking of which I see people complaining about the 2x 128gb partitioning of the drives. But I love this as It allows me to have Windows only perform backup operation on the 128gb drive which runs windows and the other ssd drive houses my Steam programs which are backed up on a cloud. This maximizes my HDD space usage and I love that. Performance wise this beast, as I keep referring to it for good reason, destroys every expectation I had when I bought it. I've played all the following titles on Highest Settings (aax4 where available) and not a frame hiccup (+30fps all times) due to the 880m with GPU Tweak Overclocking. Battle Field 4 (gorgeous), Call of Duty Ghosts (wow), Mass Effect Trilogy (didn't know what I was missing), Hitman Absolution (sexy), Metro Last Light (omg, wtf, BBQ), Crysis Trilogy (thank god for NVidia), Tomb Raider (yummy), Far Cry 3 (a game can do that?!) and the list could go on and on. I mean its like playing games for the first time all over again, love it. Now, your going to need a power outlet no doubt about it cause battery technology has yet to evolve to a level that can keep up with mobile power requirements. But unless your lost in the woods every place I have been to has always had available power. Speaking of travel this thing is durable, feels very solid and weighs about 9lbs. It fits comfortably in my Asus bag from my last laptop which was a little bulkier. Heat is not an issue...I almost forgot I was using a laptop as it is super silent even when gaming long periods in AAA titles. It really felt like having a screen and keyboard sitting there and all the parts where in some other room. Ok, so that's pretty much the dirty on this sexy beast so I highly recommend it and as a side note Amazon delivered as promised (as always).
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on March 30, 2014
Plays my games flawlessly, (Guild Wars 2, Outlast, World of Warcraft, etc.) runs quietly, feels cool on the hands, light up keyboard is an essential. All in all, an excellent computer. Windows 8 is taking some getting used to but that doesn't reflect on the laptop. Fast as hell and packing a punch, this one is a keeper.
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on April 23, 2014
Screen: Very nice matted surface. Really cuts back on glare and reflections making it easy to concentrate on the game at hand. Has very nice colors and the high resolution is great. I also love that it is 17.3". When I have the thing on my lap it looks like a 40" TV would at 10' away.

Speakers: Above average sound but not amazing. The speaker placement is good (on the top so no muffling) with a subwoofer on the bottom for your bass. I usually use headphones but when I don't the sound is good and can get pretty loud if desired.

Keyboard: Has 3 backlight settings (differing brightness) but only one color available (white). Doesn't bother me, it does the job. The keys are responsive and very well spaced out for a laptop. The only problem I have is that the front edge of the laptop has a square edge on it so my wrist gets hurt when I rest them there. It would have been more comfortable with a rounded edge. A minor inconvenience as I can fix that by putting some fabric there or playing from a different angle.

Touchpad: Your typical touchpad. It has two buttons for left and right click but also has the multi-finger touchpad commands (2 fingers for scrolling, one finger tap for left click, etc.). I don't use it much unless I'm surfing the web. I use a mouse with it most of the time.

Cooling: I'm very pleased with the cooling system on this thing. It has two fans the blow out the back of the computer so it doesn't hit any of your peripherals or your body when it exhausts. There is a third fan on the bottom of the laptop so you need to keep the computer on a level surface when using it to insure that fan is working properly. Try to play on a table top or use a solid surface on your lap for it to rest on to insure max coolness. I've never had a single problem with the computer getting even semi-hot.

Peripherals/Supports: What you would expect plus some gaming extras. The disc drive is a Blu-Ray reader, cd, cdrw reader/burner. There are plenty of USB 3.0 ports plus one designed specifically for charging electronic devices at the same speed as a wall outlet would. HDMI, VGA, etc. all available. Headphones, microSD jacks work fine. Webcam works well. No complaints.

Design/Look/Feel: It's heavy (almost 10 lbs.) and bulky making it hard to call extremely mobile but that won't be a problem for most gamers since the extra size/weight is what makes the machine possible. It looks very sleek, starts out thin at the front end and gets bigger towards the back. Probably about 1.75" thick at the back. There are four rubber feet on the bottom that give grip and room for the bottom fan to operate. The screen's base is about an inch in from the back which makes the laptop seem smaller than it is when opened. Not a bad thing, keeps the screen closer to your face. The only problems I have are the square front edge which can hurt your wrist and the LEDs on the front lip of the laptop which can blind you if you are relaxing watching YouTube or a blu-ray in the dark. I've had to put sticky notes over them since I don't know how to turn them off.

Power: The supply brick is large but thin and the cord is a good length. Battery life lasts depending on what you are doing. A few hours for games on ultra settings. An hour or two more for Blu-rays. What you would expect from a gaming laptop.

Gaming Ability: Can run most anything on the market right now at top settings. The only thing it chugs a bit with is World of Tanks but even that gets good FPS at High settings. Even while gaming the laptop stays relatively cool. No complaints from me.

Bloatware: Comes with Windows 8 (updated), McAfee, Nvidia control panel, Asus overclocking/power/webstorage software but nothing more than that.

HDD/SSD: Comes with 250gb SSD partitioned in two (128gb for OS operations, 128gb for whatever you want). Also has 1tb of HDD space at 7200rpm partitioned in two again for whatever you want.

Guts/Specs: You've seen the specs. Intel i7 4700HQ, Nvidia GTX 880M, 24 GB RAM. Those specs should be current for a while.

WLAN: Has a Killer WLAN. Good, fast, you can read up on this separately.

ASUS customer support/warranty: I can't speak to either as I haven't dealt with them and I hope I never have to. If I do I'll update this review to share my experience.

Overall: A great rig, I'm happy with my purchase. Only a couple of small design imperfections that annoy me. I recommend this for anyone looking for a highly capable gaming rig on the go.
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on April 2, 2014
OK I had one of the G75s with the geforce 660m gpu and 16gb ram. This was my "upgrade" I am very pleased with the build quality and the slight changes to the design including the metallic keyboard area. The unit is very, very fast. I'm running Tomb Raider on ultra at 60fps. I can finally max out my older games too like Arkham city, which looks fantastic! I don't like that they partition both the ssd and HDD drives. First thing I did was launch the windows partition tool and delete the volumes with no data and extend the rest of the drives so that I just had the C and the D. Just don't delete the 24gb recovery partition, at least I wouldnt. There is minimal bloatware, which is nice. Keyboard is fantastic as is the trackpad. It's easy to disable windows 8 motions like swiping from the right to reveal the charms bar (which you can easily do accidentally). Be forewarned those of you coming from windows 7 that some games may not work right until you figure out the fixes (I'm looking at you Windows live gaming) but that's not an Asus problem. I highly recommend "start is back" as a start menu replacement if you want a more traditional windows experience, but 8 isn't so bad when you figure it out. If you use the Steam Big Picture view you may see annoying flickering, but you can go into the nvidia settings and force the notebook to use the on board gpu instead of the geforce 880m that gets rid of the flickering. As I mentioned the games look and play great! I'm very happy with the system so far and believe it to be a great value given that it plays games that look better than my PS4. I'll be happy to answer any questions I can.

Update: i've had it for about a week now and still love it, no problems. trackpad is awesome, keyboard still great. Honestly I think you probably would only get a faster machine if its custom built with a dual GPU setup which would be VERY expensive and big and hot. Is it worth the money to trade up from a 780 series geforce? probably not, but if you're coming from an older machine like I did then this may just be the ticket. In my opinion it's a 2500 dollar notebook that actually gives you 2500 dollars worth of notebook. If you travel a lot like I do, and spend a lot of time in airports like I do, and like games, it will be your new best friend. Just find somewhere to plug in.

update! One of the SSD's crapped out on me. Support was helpful and I got an RMA number quickly. Let's just hope the problem they had with people complaining of getting their machines back unrepaired has been addressed. I'll certainly post here if I get the unit back and it isn't working properly.
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on August 20, 2014
I'm you. I'm that guy ... not sure whether to pull the trigger on this rig. I'm 54, and I used to build my own computers, back in the day (by heck!). Now - I just want the thing to work. As the best man at my wedding used to say, "gimme some truth!!!".

Here's what I've got, after about a week:

(1) A ROCKING machine. Smokes anything I've ever owned (I got the full 32GB RAM version). And my former computer is a G73JW. Which also rocked. The unit feels like quality, the keyboard wants you to click it. I'm a lawyer, I type a ton for living. This thing, makes me want to edit & type.

But you didn't come here for typing. You came here for FPS, and video editing maybe. Or you're a manic gamer. In truth, I haven't tried video editing on it yet, but if past performance of my G73JW is any indication, my Corel Studio Pro is going to love this. And with 32 gigs of RAM (good grief, I remember being astounded at kb transmission rates using kermit), I am assured this will perform beautifully. I have played World of Warcraft on this machine, and the framerates are generally in the 140's without tweaking. It performs beautifully. This thing is a wonder of technological joy, and I'm really happy with my decision to stay with Asus.

(2) Windows 8.1. Like you, I'm a Windows 7 fan. I had a brief flirtation with Windows 8.0 on an old Dell I own, just to get it running again. What I noticed on that old pig is that it actually ran ok. Kind of nimble, actually. On this new machine - well, it's light and airy, and seriously, you can figure it out in a day or so. You're an old dog, but these aren't new tricks. You can get right back to the 7.0 features you've come to adore, with a little familiarization. And 8.1 comes with some additional cool stuff in the apps. Upshot - FEAR NOT the 8.1, embrace it, it's ok. Take it from me, I'm a hardened, crotchety old man I tell you!

(3) Asus tech support. I got nothing, never really used it. My old Asus started glitching up recently and I think it's owing to a hard drive failure. Lots of hasty backups and an Amazon order later, I can't weigh in here on tech support because I haven't had to use it (knock wood). But I've learned enough about Asus through personal experience and research, to know that it's a serious contender in the market. M wife and I are planning on buying one of their super-slim beauties that's coming out in Q4, 2014, I think. In so doing, we'll be drop-kicking her MacIntosh into a lake. We're persnickety. You should be too. Go with the Asus, they have something serious going on here.

That is all!

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on May 13, 2014
Multiple Charging USB Ports
Blu-ray Readable
GTX 880M (4GB)
Good Cooling Scheme
Sharp Screen
Few Hassles
An Xbox 360 Windows Game Controller and an HDMI cable nets you a very good console like experience.
Great Keyboard
Lighter than you would expect (A little over 10lbs is really nothing)
Plays games on High to Ultra settings
128GB x2 SSD and a 1 TB HD in RAID 0
24GB of RAM
Plays many demanding games at either high or ultra settings.
Rubberized Chassis (good build quality)
More bang for your buck.
Comes with Windows 8.1
Killer Networking Card
GPU Tweak OC
Benchmarks reveal that the G750 holds its own and then some against the 8GB 880m MSI Dominator Pro.
Accidental damage for one year.

I am utterly confused about the difference between the GTX 880M (4GB) and the (8GB) version.
Issues with on board GPU and GTX 880M especially with Steam's Big Picture mode
Finger print magnet
PCs have a huge learning curve for people that are just getting their first gaming system. (Generally not the computer but the OS's fault.).
Some tweaking issues.
Decent sound, not great.

So far so good, the system has given me no buyers remorse. I've had huge gaming rigs and my ROG seems to be more enjoyable to handle and it's portable. I know that batery life is important to a lot of people on the go but that's easily remedied by finding a charging source.

Overheating is easily a computer killer and the G750
JZ-DB71 is quiet as a mouse. The exhaust disperses out of vents in the back and the rest of the laptop stays remarkably cool.

If one buys the Microsoft 360 Controller and pairs the controller and an HDMI Cable with the ROG G750JZ-DS71. This creates a console killer. Combine the DS71 with a Roku and one gets a first rate multimedia unit too.

Benchmarks compare favorably to the MSI Dominator Pro even though the G750JZ-DS71 has a 4GB variant in the ROG and there's an 8GB 880m in the MSI. I can't seem to grasp the difference between the two variants but I've had zero issues. Games like Farcry 3, Skyrim and the Witcher 2 run without a bump on Ultra settings.

One huge complaint about the G750JZ-DS71 would be that Steam's Big Picture flickers uncontrollably and its impossible to tolerate. It's an issue with most laptops because of Steam's compatibility with the 880m and Intel's HD Integrated GPU.

The sound is OK. Though I would recommend a good pair of Bose Bluetooth speakers or a nice pair of ear phones.

The build quality is fantastic and sturdy. My old Clevo was shotty compared to my ROG. Though the chassis collects more fingerprints than a detective at a murder scene. However, this is a very minor complaint.

The 1 TB HD in conjunction with two128GB SSDs cut loading times to a short and insignificant intermission and the OS starts in a flash.

For those that complain about the unit's portability, I recommend the Everki Titan Backpack. The G750JZ-DS71 fits snuggly into its check point friendly sheath and it evenly distributes the weight of a huge gaming laptop with ease. I never get tired hauling my ROG around while travelling.

I plan to keep my laptop for about 3 to 4 years before upgrading. I'm pleased to announce that the G750JZ-DS71 has given me nothing but joy since I got it.

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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on July 22, 2014
Update: ASUS contacted me and offered to repair the computer. Turn around would have been about 14+ days. I understand that things happen but the issue isn't that they refused warranty repairs. The issue is that I bought a $2000+ laptop that had a defect out of the box. I use my computer to make my living - I can't be without it for 14+ days. I explained to the helpful gentleman but it is apparently impossible to expedite the repairs so I can continue to pay my bills. Oh well. don't expect to open the box and hope to have a fully functional computer.

Disappointing. I am always very fair in my reviews and this is my first bad review of a "large" purchase.

This could be a great computer but the build quality and/or QC is poor. Right out of the box the subwoofers only worked intermittently but that wasn't an immediate concern because I thought it was probably a setting or software issue. One day I was plugging a cable into the USB port near the subwoofer and the speaker came on! I found out I can turn the subwoofer on and off by tapping the chassis lightly near the speaker. The problem is almost certainly a poor solder or other mechanical connection.

Are you kidding me? Over two thousand dollars and the poor quality assembly makes one of the advertised features useless. I absolutely do not believe that this computer was tested before it left the factory.

My next computer will probably be purchased from a local store so I can carry it back to them if there is a problem.
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on May 12, 2014
This is an expensive piece of hardware, and it wouldn't have required too many unpleasant surprises to make me grumble. No buyer's remorse here though.

Solid, quality feel all around. Keyboard and trackpad are well designed, and the screen looks really good
whether I'm working, watching movies (Blu-ray with included movie software) or playing a graphically demanding game (on Ultra settings).

Perhaps an odd thing to notice, but the hinge mechanism for the screen feels especially well balanced.

This is a two-hander for sure, but doesn't seem clunky too me. I'm perfectly satisfied with the weight to power ratio.

Connectivity is excellent. A full array of ports.

What ASUS did to manage heat on this thing is some kind of magic that I marvel and gawk at.

RAM to spare. Seriously, I could cut the amount of RAM in half and never notice the difference probably.

Minimal junkware installed.


After using ASUS Backtracker software to make a restore USB , I used Windows Disk Management to consolidate the partitions on the built in SSD.

I also replaced the 7200 1 TB HD with a 500 GB SSD. The 7200 will be useful elsewhere.

Update: 5/26/2014

Still haven't run into any problems, and feel great about purchasing this.

Have gone on battery a couple of times and got pretty respectable performance of around 5 hours - working and browsing and the laptop was just using built-in Intel graphics probably.

I bought a jumbo lap desk and was amused to see that my daughter's i5 heated that plastic surface up quite a bit after just a few minutes, while this thing seems to be impossible to perturb, no matter what I'm doing.

Extremely useful being able to toggle the trackpad with a function key, when using a mouse and doing heavy typing, and after spending a fair amount of time working on it, still love the keyboard.
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on April 8, 2014
I'm a PC gamer and I had a 6-7 year old machine. I wanted the ability to play any current game flawlessly, and I cared more about power than trying to buy on the cheap, so I ended up with the Asus G750JZ. I'm extremely happy. Two SSDs in a Raid 0 striped format, one spinning hard drive, tons of memory, blazing processor, beautiful screen, surprisingly good keyboard and great overall looks.

My only negative feedbacks are the fact that the spinning hard drive was not locked down, due to missing screws, so when I turned it on for the first time there was no spinning drive detected. Since there were no screws it had completely slid out of the SATA socket and was loose inside the computer. However I loosened one screw, popped off the access panel, plugged it back in and used some screws I had laying around, and I was good to go.

I also wish I had a physical restore disk provided for me. There is a recovery partition, but that takes up hard drive space, plus if the drive is ever fully corrupted it could corrupt the restore partition as well. Speaking of partitions, both the Raid 0 SSDs and the spinning drive were partitioned to drives half their size instead of being one large drive.

Overall I'm pretty happy, and Amazon responded quickly with one question I had, plus Asus' customer support was quick when I had a question for them. This is the first computer I've bought from a company (I usually build desktops on my own) since the year 2000 when I owned a less-than-stellar Gateway. I'm pretty darn happy, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some good bang for their buck.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2014
This is one kick .... Laptop. Great speed, tons of space, easy on your eyes, great for both gaming and photo-video work. Never overheats. Hottest I was able to get it was 100' F. I knew it would weigh over 9lbs. Heck it's 17.3 inch screen. The charger that comes with it is high grade like every thing else on this machine. Wireless is excellent started up smooth and easy instructions for just about anyone. I have no cons on this laptop as yet
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