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on September 22, 2011
this game looks great its slightly hindered by wonky controls but its manageable. the opening series of cut scenes is egregiously long but you can skip it.

works very well on my tmob nexus s. 2.3.4

I like it personally its like maple story. but the text is rather smallsmall
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on September 22, 2011
most of the reviewers so far seem to have issues with the controls but to be perfectly honest I had no issues with the controls at all. the graphics and music is pretty good and the storyline isn't bad. Overall it looks like a solid and fun game.

I am a gamer so maybe i just adapted to the controls easier because of that but I've played games with far worse. It is definitely a game worth checking out.
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on September 24, 2012
FINALLY! This game is what I was wanting on my Kindle Fire: An actual game. I hate that you can't be both Male and a Mage but I'm ok with that enough that it doesn't bother me. The game plays very nicely and runs very smooth.The graphics are nice and the world seems fleshed out. You can tell that they modeled it after Maplestory, but it doesn't really matter because it distinguishes itself enough. And while I'm not far in the game, not even to my second town, it feels like you do not need to spend extra money to fully enjoy the game. This might change, but so far I'm having a blast without having to spend another dime, and that's a good thing.The game is a lot of fun, and I recommend that everyone give it a try. However, there are some problems that should be addressed.

The main one is controls. Many people complain about the controls, but don't explain what's wrong with them. I have found the biggest problem with the controls is LAG. Terrible, terrible input lag. If you hold down left or right for more than a few seconds, your character will never stop moving in that direction, which can make the platforming dangerous and irritating. Attempting to navigate a level by using the jump and move buttons is tricky because you have to wait about half a second for the game to realize what you've done. It's not so bad with attacks, but everything else is very laggy. THIS SHOULD BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY. It's the most pressing concern and the biggest problem. Gameplay is what your game is built upon, so it should be the first thing to be fixed. That said, the controls do have good ideas. The diagonal buttons for diagonal jumping are very intuitive and work better for me than a dedicated jump button. Without the lag, I could see some impressive feats being performed. It's nice that you can move them where you want, but it'd also be nice if they would appear where ever your thumb hits like certain other android games. All in all, the controls can be adjusted to, and won't spoil your enjoyment of the game once you get used to them. However, 99% of what's wrong with the game are the controls. If the developer reads these, he should definitely realize what's wrong with the controls and attempt to patch it. Still, I wouldn't let them deter you from this game.

The interface is something else that should be tweaked slightly, mostly to allow for touch. I like being able to use the control buttons to access the menu, but just tapping what I want would be good too. It's not a major concern but something that you'd simply expect from a game on touch devices. Still, it works well enough that I'm not even phased by it. However, some things ARE touch only (like refining) and the game doesn't tell you that. So my advice is, if you can't reach it with the controls, tap it just in case.

Other than those two problems, the game seems to run fairly well. Some lag here and there, but mostly a solid game that is easy to pick up and play (You can save anywhere but bosses) and then turn off when you need to. It's not a casual game, and yet isn't so difficult that only the hardcore can try it. As someone that is mainly a console gamer, it's nice to see a real game on the fire that isn't merely just an angry birds spin off. For a dollar, you can do a lot worse choosing a game.
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on July 15, 2011
It's a Role Playing Platformer with high qualty graphics, good music. So far it is fun!

Xperia Play controls work, although I wish there was a jump button instead of pressing up to jump.

The touchscreen controls on the other hand are laggy, they dont respond right away.
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on September 22, 2011
The cartoon graphics are nice but I cant get past the controls. Needs multi-touch especially when jumping. Stopped playing due to poor controls. (galaxy s 2)
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on September 23, 2011
If you love the mmorpg called MapleStory, then you'd love this game. Glad I got this game for free!

It's a mixture of Mario and an RPG, though I gotta say that there are unnecessarily tricky jumps in this game. If you play with the touch controls, you will hate the odd spacings between some platforms. For some reason when I'm running, and jump, when I double jump, i jump straight up instead of in the direction I'm running and this has sent me down to the lower floors, which is annoying to say the least.

Another annoyance are the repetitive quests, which are understandable in games like these but running back and forth to complete and turn in quests is annoying, and even though there are one way portals, running back 7 screens with these annoying controls gets old really quickly.

There are also two way portals, but they are both rare to find and extremely expensive (30k gold for one, when really high level gear can be bought for 5k)

Also, the refining feature confuses me. I combine 7 gloves and get a robe? On that note, it'd be nice if a percentage was given, like what percentage of success id have, or what chance I have to get rare as opposed to heroic gear. As of now it's just a way to get rid of gear because nothing is worth selling except for etc items.

Other than that quirk, the game is great. I'm playing as a magician now and i find a good > build to be x-x-3x meaning keep your int three times as high as your str and dex, worked well for me (lvl 30).

A great feature is the class change. Apparently you can advance your class at certain points in the game and there are branches, so there's a lot of customizability instead of having a cookie cutter character. Not that it matters though since its a single player game.

Overall, great game, great graphics, great gameplay, terrible controls (for touch screen) and interesting story thus far.

However, I must say that the oddly unresponsive controls deduct an entire star because they really do become an annoyance at times.
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on September 22, 2011
The graphics and the rpg type us perfect for me. I got really excited looking at the screen shots. unfortunately, the controls are a disaster. They are slow and unresponsive, jumping and moving lag compared to everything else. My fingers are not on the screen and yet the char still moves. My phone has a Dual core tegra proc. Dev if you are reading this I have a Tmobile G2x running 2.3.x stock.
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on June 1, 2013
On every phone and tablet I have tried it on, it initially appeared to be frame rate issues. Upon closer inspection however, it appears that the game is showing all the frames... it's just that the animation on the characters, etc are undeveloped or unfinished. Animations are jittery and the game just feels.... unpolished. In my desire to be fair, I have given plenty of time from when I played it to when I reviewed it for there to even be a chance for updates, but it is clear that this early android game will basically never see another update. Give it a pass, unless you are desperate for something to play.
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on September 22, 2011
I really want to give 5 stars but I really do not like the controls. I blame the controls to the touchscreen and not the developers. When you play the game you will notice that the inputs not more than one action can be performed simultaneously. When you hold forward and hit attack the highlight if the direction you are holding goes away. this indicates that while you are attacking moving is disabled. when you jump the direction you are holding blinks so if you hit jump you will do a dash with the direction you are going. This issue alone has caused me to die countless times.. The game is really fun I hope to see this on a ds or psp online shop because I would rather have physical buttons than an inaccurate and gimped touchscreen.
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on September 22, 2011
the things ppl are saying about the controls are correct. even worse, it seems like the buttons stick! for example, you hold a directional bbutton for a couple of seconds, it'll continue to be pressed when you let go and even for a few seconds after. it seems like this is a poor port over. the android buttons don't even function in game. no menu, no back. the only one that works is the scrolling ball or whatever you have, but even that sucks, it isn't sensitive enough, not even close enough to be usefully. I wouldn't pay for this game, I'd even request a refund if possible so that developers don't get paid anything because of me. note : free app of day still pays developer for each download, 20% I believe.
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