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on November 18, 2012
This is my first experience with GE products. My parents only bought Sears products during my childhood and for 23 years I have owned Sears Kenmore models, Samsung, and Whirlpool appliances.

This is my second GE washing machine in the past 6 months, and it is definitely another huge dud.

Can you say never again! I originally purchased the GE 3.6 DOE CU. FT. Model GTWN4250MWS (White) stainless interior no agitator bar with matching dryer for $1520.00.

It simply did not wash even a small load (see my review on this model). I washed one t-shirt in the machine and it came out dirtier than when I put it in--I kid you not.

I showed it to the GE tech who serviced the machine, and of course he could not say anything even when he saw it with his own eyes.

To appease me, GE offered me choices. Replace the machines with new machines within a similar price range, or upgrade and pay hundreds of dollars more for their top of the line models.

I chose the match and they replaced the other machines with the GE Washer Model #GTWN2800DOWW, and a matching dryer.

Well folks, apparently GE knows very well they're selling a mechanical mess. The load switch on this particular model gets stuck in position and floods your house--ask me how I know.

I have new construction and it is good I was paranoid and bought flood insurance, and I have a home warantee.

The reset switch is suppose to automatically switch back by itself, but as the tech stated, "Sometimes it gets struck in position and overfills and over flows."

He also found that I needed a replacement part in the machine so we made an appointment for him to return on the Tuesday, and he never showed.

As soon as I get my tax return, I am selling these two buckets to a second hand appliance shop with full disclosure, and upgrading to Samsung or Kenmore.
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on February 16, 2013
GE exchanged our HE(High Efficiency) washer GTWN4250DOWS we had recently bought for this model, GTWN2800DWW. The so called High Efficiency model was anything but as it refused to fill the tub more than 7 inches even for extra large loads and even after 4 separate service GE calls. This is because of the UNIVERSALLY hated "Precise Fill" feature apparently imposed on most manufacturers in an effort to save water. But instead, in many cases it WASTES water as the poor housewife/househusband must wash twice or ADD SEVERAL PALES OF WATER BY HAND. So, GE assured us that the model they suggested for an exchange doesn't have the "Precise Fill" feature but otherwise it is identical with the HE model we couldn't use. Little did we know that this Model GTWN2800DWW DOES NOT HAVE A DELICATE CYCLE and thus now my wife has to wash our delicates by hand or risk ruining them with the high velocity speed this machine has. Additionally, it goes out of balance with large loads REGARDLESS of how carefully you distribute the load inside the tub in a round/uniform way. BUYER BEWARE! No delicate cycle and prone to unbalancing with an unbelievable noise, as if someone took a sledge hammer to the floor and walls of your laundry room with intent to demolish it.
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on February 10, 2013
The way to appreciate this machine is to use a High Efficiency top loader for a year like we did. Unless you wash in an area with water rationing do NOT buy an HE machine. After struggling with ridiculous low water levels I put a 12 lb weight in the tub of our new Kenmore top loading HE machine to test the "auto adjusting" water level for a really large load and we only got 8" of water. There is no soak capability because there is not enough water. A NORMAL load only gets 3" of water and that won't even cover the clothing. If you complain about stains, the sales men say you aren't using the right soap and if you tell them you are using the right soap they say there is a lawsuit with your brand. We bought this GE model and gave that machine away.
If you have heavily soiled clothes like a mechanic, wash children's clothing, are interested in washing diapers or work with any body fluid contact this is the machine for you. You have control of the water level, wash time, you can soak with bleach. If the laundry doesn't come out to your liking it is probably YOUR fault with the settings. It is quiet, reasonably priced and the laundry looks and smells clean.
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on November 23, 2014
Looks just like the GTwP1000fwWW i'm replacing after 18 months. They change model numbers so quickly! Its hard to get reviews out before the model number changes!
I HATE this washer! It tears holes in the sheets and rips the sides of the towels. It does something with the clothes so that they are really tightly bunched up when the cycle is done, which makes them deeply wrinkled. The wrinkles do not come out in the dryer. Often t shirts need a touch up with an iron. That really makes me mad! I don't need an appliance adding to my work load! We bought this at Home Depot along with a dish washer that needed a $325 control panel after 14 months of light service. No more appliances from Home Depot!
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on January 29, 2014
I bought this machine through Home Depot back in August. At first we loved it. It did a great job cleaning clothes (and I say this with a family of 4 boys!!). However, over the last few months the machine started "eating" our clothes. It literally looks like there was a mouse in the machine eating little holes in the clothes. It has destroyed 3/4 of our underwear and socks, many dress and polo-shirts and even some pants. GE sent out a technician. The first one blamed on the government regulatory requirements for water efficiency but wrote in the report that nothing was wrong with the machine. I insisted on a second technician who thought that the issue was with sharp edges on the agitator. They sent us a new agitator this weekend and I will see whether that resolves the problem.
I am giving this 2 stars because to GEs credit they had a technician at our house within 48 hours of the call. They also have an outside insurance company. I called the insurance company over the phone and they were willing to offer me $300 w/o any questions.
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on September 12, 2014
I purchased this model through HomeDepot. If I had read all the reviews here, I probably would have purchased another... That said, I've been delighted with it and have put it through its paces for the last 2 months. I'm a survivor of 8 years and two HE models (Sears Cabrio and Maytag Neptune). I hated them both—poor cleaning that required double washing for most loads. I chose this GE model because 1) it had an agitator 2) I could set my own water levels 3) the wash cycle time went from 90min to 35 min.
I have washed 3 comforters (king size, one at a time), and not experienced any issues with it becoming unbalanced. Nor have I found any clothes damaged with holes. SO...I hope this model will continue to serve as well. Be assured, I'll post here if I have any issues. I'm rating this a 5 because I couldn't be happier with my unit. Washing is now a much less disagreeable chore. My comforters/spreads are finally clean without having to send them to the cleaners, and the family jeans and t-shirts all are washed well in a reasonable amount of time. We are extremely energy-conscious family— our water comes from a well and our electricity from solar panels. But our experience with H-E WASHERS has been horrible. NEVER AGAIN.
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on November 29, 2014
This washer does not rinse or spin correctly, and now the agitator has broken, bit by bit, one fin at a time, after 18 months. Seriously, even before the agitator started to break apart, the clothes are more often than not, dripping wet and sitting in wet soap suds after the complete cycle.
Then to remedy the situation, I select a rinse and spin, and then just a spin to get my clothes ready for the washer. That is 2 1/2 hours to do what a good washer would do in under an hour.
If you like to run up and down stairs for exercise, and have loads of free time, I recommend this dud for you.
I also have 2 GE washers at my Myrtle Beach vacation home. One is full of water and will not cycle through. That machine is only 15 months old and would cost more than I am willing to spend on a brand that I will NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN! GE service is over priced and my private repair shop there says that the new GE washers are junk. They do not repair them
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on October 31, 2013
Bought this washer the other day to replace a Whirlpool. Got a great price at $470 delivered.

Couldn't be more happy with it so far. Hot water is very hot, it's super quiet and this non-Energy Saver model seems to fill the tub to 80%-90%. So far I've been washing blankets and towels all day with one load of clothes and have yet to hear any sort of off-balance behavior.

I'm very happy with it so far.
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on November 29, 2014
The one-star reviews are right on.

- It is white, just like it is described

- The clothes will grow mildew and smell in less than 24 hours, and often in less than 8 hours
- Do not start a load, go to work for the day and then come home expecting to put it in the dryer without it needing another rinse and/or smelling like mildew
- At least 50% of the loads come out dripping, sopping wet and need another spin
- 100% of the loads on "whites" come out dripping, sopping wet
- Any item in any size load that is considered "big" causes it to go off balance. (Examples of "big" items: any bath towel of any size, a pair of pants, any sheets or blankets, any rugs of any size, waffle-weave fabric shirts)
- Any big load causes it to go off balance
- It is very loud when it goes off balance
- The rinse cycle uses very little water and the clothes are kneaded like dough
- the clothes are frequently twisted and knotted around each other
- frequently a shirt sleeve will get stretched out to 2-3 times its normal length
- You cannot leave your house when this machine is running
- You may have to divide a large load into 2-3 separate dryer loads
- Drying takes a long time because the clothes are very wet and the loads are large
- Any items that require line dry or laying flat to dry will smell like mildew.
- You will need to buy gallons of white vinegar and bleach to add a splash to the load to try to combat the mildew

**By the way, this is my fourth washer in 11 years. This and the prior were GEs and the worst of the lousy lot.
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on February 17, 2014
This is a basic washing machine. For my family this is a good unit. I had a front loader and had nothing but problems. This machine does it's job, drum is very large and gets the clothes clean.
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