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on January 16, 2013
I, like so many others, was horrified when my washer finally died after 22 years. After reading all the reviews, virtually no washer available got what I considered really good marks, even those that were well over a $1,000. Consumer reports is starting to get silly on this environmental stuff so they didn't even review washers with agitators. Geesh! Amazon is starting to be more and more reliable and is quoted quite often by reviewers with the advantage of being able to read each review. After balancing reviews, costs, and using a little common sense, I decided to go with this washer.

First thing everyone needs to understand, these new style washers do not fill with water. When the wash cycle starts, the wash basket spins slowly while water is sprayed onto the garments, thus soaking the garments. You need to place the detergent in the washer before the wash starts since there is not enough water to disperse the detergent in the same manner as the old washers. I think that is what is worrying so many's just different. There are also separate dispensers for bleach and fabric softener; I have used the one for bleach and it worked beautifully.

Reading the manual is a must because it really lays out what exactly the washer does and it's easy to manipulate the settings to do what you'd like. There's even a setting for just blue jeans. Or, you can override everything and just do long washes filled with as much water as the machine allows...but I doubt the wash would come out any better. Also a big plus, most regular loads have come out really, really dry. It's almost bizarre of how rung out they are and it has cut down on drying time. It is also very least compared to our old machine.

Of course, I have no idea how long this washer will last but it has really exceeded my expectations. I honestly am very surprised at how well this washer works. My only advice for reading reviews on these new washers is realize they use much, much less water and spin really fast so complaints that are the results of those two realities, like clothes being twisted due to the fast spin, you almost have to ignore.

This is a very, very good washer and the price makes this thing a best buy, in my opinion. I honestly couldn't be happier.

2.26.13: Just as a quick add-on as I've now had this washer for over 3 months. I live in the country and am on a well system for water. Due to our filtration system I can see how much water we use. We use so much less water now I am shocked. Now, for me, I'm not that big on the ecological stuff as I find most of it to be misleading. However, if you want to use less household water, this washer has made a significant difference. If water conservation is a concern, then this is a good washer for that reason alone.
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on December 18, 2012
This machine gets my clothes clean, uses less water, detergent, and electricity than my last machine and has a huge basket. The basket does not fill all the way but I have ran some pretty big loads and have not noticed any spotting or problems with my clothes. The power rinse option seems to compensate for not filling the basket all the way. My preferred setting is the manual fill Super Load, with cold water for colors and warm for whites and I always use the PowerRinse option. Only drawbacks I've noticed is that the machine is much louder than I expected it to be (especially when the agitator is running) and that it took forever to ship from the dealer I ordered it from. These are the reasons I only give it a four star. Owned it for a little over a month now though and no major complaints thus far. I called GE on the noise and they said this should decrease with time and is completely normal when breaking in a new wash machine. Time will tell.
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2012
We have been very happy with this machine since purchasing it roughly two years ago, after our last washer gave up the ghost. The tank in the old machine developed a serious leak, which would have cost as much as a new machine to fix.

This model uses less water and far less energy than the old one, as it is designed to handle the new extra-strength super soaps, which produce the same clean for about a third of the volume of soap.

The tank may look like it has very little water in it, but in fact it is quite wide and deep, which enables the machine to rotate at slower and more gentle speeds than older models, with less water.

The tank is stainless steel, as opposed to older style machines whose tanks with fragile ceramic coatings that often chipped and cracked.

Stainless steel can be expected to hold up without rusting or popping leaks.

We bought this unit on the advice of a parent who had recently bought a similar model and was very happy with it. So far, so good.
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on March 6, 2015
Thank goodness I didn't pay any where near this price for this piece of junk. I've had just about every brand of washer over the years and this one is the absolute worst. I had a choice between this model and the other GE non-hydrowave and I unfortunately chose this one. I've had it for a year and basically wash everything on Super Level and, even then, you can't put in a large load. It took forever to come up with the right combination and detergent so that my black dress pants weren't streaked with white. It you use Oxyclean powder, be prepared to mix it in with a big stick. Forget washing a queen comforter. I've learned to work around the ridiculous water levels by double rinsing on some loads and always running on super level. The one reviewer summed it up perfectly that GE lowered water levels in a machine to meet government regulations without proper engineering and testing. Very disappointed. Over the years I've bought GE Profile kitchen appliances and was very happy with them. Now they just remind me what a crappy washer I'm stuck with. I've had it for over a year now and will never buy another GE washer again. And I own 1000 shares of GE stock on top of it. As soon as I can break even on the stock price, I'm "unloading" that too. There really should be a recall on this washer.
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on January 30, 2013
I had to purchase a new washer when my old one finally gave up after having been repaired twice. This one is very quiet and after the spin cycle, the clothes are very dry so that drying time is cut in half. I have seen negative reviews complaining about the water level. I just turned it to super and didn't use the precise fill selection. Also, I saw a tip from another owner that if you select the fabric softener rinse, you will get more water in the rinse cycle. I used to have to close the laundry room door, which is right off the family room where we watch TV when using the old one. This one was so quiet I had to go check to see if it was running. I did find that I don't have to use as much detergent so that will save some money, there is a speed wash cycle if I need something in a hurry and shorter drying time. My best friend has a front loading HE washer and hates it. She saw this one and now wants to come try it out to see if she wants to sell hers and get one. Apparently mold and mildew buildup in hers is a problem. As far as how long this washer will last remains to be seen, but initially I am very pleased.

Update 2/12/2013 I have been using the washer for a few weeks now and I still love it. I have read reviews where people have complained that it doesn't use enough water. If you learn to use the settings, you can get as much water as you want. I have to wash a lot of dirty jeans and towels. I use the super load setting and the fabric softener rinse setting. Both give plenty of water and my clothes get as clean as I could expect. No, not every stain comes out, but some of them are just permanent and no washing machine on earth could get them out. Spin cycle gets clothes very dry so my dryer only needs to run about half the time.
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on July 12, 2014
We purchased this washer less then two years ago while washing a light load of sheets a horrible noise like a machine gun started and the washer was gyrating horribly. Got it off and discovered the agitator had flown off and cracked as did the under agitator motor cap while a sheet had wrapped itself under the casing.... Called GE and they said the best they could do to fix it was give me a 25% discount on parts and labor since the year was up but they agreed that should NOT have happened. Called our home insurance they sent a Sears repair person helooked at it and said there was an HIGH alert on this washer that the motor speed had an issue and was causing exactly what happened to us. So beware you are gambling with if yours is one or not. The washer is fine and worked great until this however we are extremely upset a washer less then two years old would do this , won't buy a GE again.
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on January 11, 2015
If you have a job where you actually get your clothes dirty.You will not be happy with this purchase
It's fine for linens .the thing just spins the clothes around for awhile and agitator doesn't do the job that you may expect
I gave it two stars because it will wash clothes that aren't dirty
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on December 3, 2013
Got this machine a few days ago via the Thanksgiving promo.

So far it seems alright, will keep my fingers crossed. It is more quiet than the previous very basic GE washer that we had. Also, the clothes are spun to a drier state, thus faster drying time.

A lot of people don't like that it never fully fills with water. While on Super the water seems to come up about 5 holes down from the rim. Now, this is not all it can do. While playing with the settings, I've figured out how to fool it to get as much water as it can, which is about 3 holes down from the rim.

The sequence is the following:
1) start some wash with the water temperature you desire, and wait for it to fill the drum a bit
2) cancel the wash by holding the button for 3 seconds
3) start the wash again by pressing the button
4) if it starts draining, press the button for 3 seconds immediately, to cancel the draining
5) start the wash, it should start filling, and this time it will fill up to how much the sensor can take

I've had the water setting on "Large", and it filled the drum to 3 holes down from the top by doing this sequence which it should not have had done for "Large".

Consider this a manual override for "special" occasions. For having to do this silliness I've taken 1 star off.
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on September 21, 2014
It seems to be probable that this washer will damage your clothing over time and 100% known that the fins on the agitator are designed so incredibly poorly that clothes get stuck in them. It can be extremely difficult to get the clothes out and there it seems inevitable that either the fin will break or your clothes will tear trying to extract them from the washer.

Do not even consider buying this washer without the extended warranty. It would be exceptionally bad judgment to skip this extended warranty with this machine. We have already had the repair service out 2 times for other problems in the 1st six months or so that we have owned the machine.

The next worse thing about this washer is that it is light enough that when it gets out of balance it seriously starts to walk. This model needs a sensor to spinning when it get far out of balance.

There is only one positive thing that can be said about this washer. I have a laundry room with slightly narrower than standard doorways. This is one of extremely few washers with a full size tub that will fit through the door.
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on January 5, 2015
Something is wrong with these the reviews at Lowes. by contrast. I'm used to plowing through as many reviews as I can, but I've never seen such a collection of bad reviews, for this and most other washers here. Perhaps it's the idea of the expenditure for a major appliance, but when buying a refrigerator, I didn't see this quantity of essentially negative comments. I do try and educate myself by means of others' experiences, but something is fishy here.
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