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532 of 546 people found the following review helpful
on July 28, 2011
REVIEW: My last two digital cameras have been point & shoot Kodak's and it took so long for the camera to reset in between pictures I was missing shot after shot. Plus, the Kodak's didn't have any kind of picture stabilization so half the pictures came out blurry. With that said, I was in the market for a different brand of camera.

I was considering the Nikon L120 but really didn't want to shell out that kind of money so I kept putting the purchase off. Then I came across this GE x500 with its list of equally good features, great reviews and incredible price. I didn't even know GE made cameras so I have to say I was a bit leery about how good it would be compared to SLR style cameras with name recognition but I went for it and it has ended up being the perfect camera for my picture taking needs (vacations, special occasions, holidays, parties, pets, occasional on line classified ad or auction).

TIPS: I haven't had the camera that long and with all the features, figuring it out can be a little intimidating but I've played around with it enough to discover the setting I found easiest for starting out and I wanted to pass it on. When you turn the camera on for the first time it will lead you through the language and date set. (Super easy to do.) Once that's set up if you turn the wheel on the top of the camera to SCN, 20 little icons will show up along the bottom of the LCD screen. As you scroll through the icons it gives you a description of what each one is for. Some of the icon modes include: Sport (for fast moving objects), Beach (for strong sunlight), Fireworks (bright images against night sky), Glass (for shooting images behind glass), Sunset, Snow, Indoor, Portraits, Landscape, plus several more including a few special affect modes. When you choose the icon/mode for your situation the camera automatically sets itself to take the best picture in that circumstance. Last night I took pictures in the house with the flash on and using the Indoor mode and I couldn't believe how crystal clear they came out. (See puppy pictures. These were the first 5 photos I took.) I was also able to take one picture right after the other (unlike my Kodak)! I'm very pleased and can't wait to discover what else can be done with this camera.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: You should also know you will need an SDHC Card since the camera only has internal room for 3 images. I bought the Transcend 8GB, Class 10 for $13.00 here on Amazon and it works perfectly even without formatting. The Class 6 would probably work as well if you want to save a few bucks although they are currently the same price...go figure. (The Class determines the speed in between shots, the higher the class the faster.) I also recommend the SMALL Zeikos Camera Bag available on Amazon for $5.00. (The Medium would be too big.) It's padded and the perfect size for this camera plus a few essentials like extra batteries, cleaning cloth, cables, etc. I actually put my Flip Video Camera in the bag too.) Next, I recommend the Duracell Value Charger if you don't already have one. It comes with 4 pre charged Nimh batteries for around $13 on Amazon. You'll have all the accessories you need after these purchases. On a side note, I went ahead and paid the $10 extra to get this camera in white and it was worth it. Love the look over basic black.

CONS: I was super disappointed that it came with a CD instead of a paper Users Manual but I printed out the pages I thought I'd refer to most (but that doesn't help if I need instructions on another feature and I don't have a computer and the CD on me. I would have preferred a small instruction book that fit in my case. It creates a .thm file (thumbnail) for every picture you download to your computer. The only purpose for this file is for viewing your pictures while IN YOUR CAMERA. It is not needed once you transfer pics to your computer so it can be deleted once transferred but it's a bit of a pain. It's a small file and barely takes up any computer memory but I don't like computer clutter so it bugs me. I think it should have come with a screen/lens cleaning cloth (no biggie, just sayin).

SUMMARY: Well, that's it. If you're in the market for an SLR style camera I really don't think you can go wrong with this one if you're an amateur photographer who wants to take better than average pictures (and as long as keep in mind that although it does have some point and shoot features it is an SLR which means you'll have some figuring out to do to take full advantage of those professional photography shots) You should also keep in mind that this is a nice camera for the money not a $500 - $800 camera that a professional photographer would use for his business.

UPDATE: Even though the Duracell battery's charge is *impressively long* while in the camera, you might want to consider purchasing an extra set of (4) Nimh batteries so you always have a set of freshly charged batteries in the charger. That way you can just switch them out without having to wait 6 hours to recharge each time. Lastly, I found another handy feature using the camera wheel on top of the camera. If you set it on ASCN the picture taking conditions are detected and the most suitable settings will automatically be selected without any manual adjustments. This feature is similar to the other one I mentioned (SCN) but with this one the camera automatically selects for you. It's also similar to the "auto" setting (the camera symbol on the wheel) but it makes more adjustments for you than just one preset "auto" mode. (For instance, when on the ASCN setting it knows when you're taking a close up and adjusts itself accordingly.) I know the look of the camera probably isn't a very big determining factor when purchasing but I have yet to pull this camera out without someone saying, wow, nice camera.
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425 of 441 people found the following review helpful
on April 27, 2011
Like many other reviewers I am not a professional photographer, and this is my first digital camera. I do like taking pictures though and I've dealt with a few nice film cameras and some nice Fujifilm cameras (a P&S, 'bridge camera' and a DSLR) and I feel like this camera is most definitely worth the price. The X500 is a bridge camera, almost a SLR and almost a point and shoot. But it boasts some great specs and features that you cannot find anywhere in this price range.

Pros. The 16 megapixel sensor is great. Most entry level cameras of any type and brand start off at about 12 MP right now. GE has this model at 16. I think the other 16 MP cameras are over twice the price of this one. You can see the difference when you zoom in on your computer, the clarity is apparent.
The zoom on the X500 is awesome. This camera has 15X optical zoom and along with digital zoom (digital zoom takes away image quality as you zoom in so just keep that in mind when using it) it has a total of 60X zoom.
The X500 has a panoramic mode which I love because I wanted a panoramic film camera and now I don't have to buy one. This camera also has a setting for everything from fireworks to snow to fisheye. More than just night and outdoors.. there are 20 different presets and thats not including the different modes the camera has for shooting (it has manual, very important!)
So far I've taken 100+ pictures and the battery is still full on the display. The manual says it'll shoot 300+ pictures on a set of 4 batteries... thats pretty good.
Not a pro for some, but this camera is a bit hefty. I like it because its like you are actually holding onto something. But it is heavier than I thought it would be.
Viewfinders are sometimes left out of cameras now because they all have screens, but this one has an electronic viewfinder (for those sunny days) I think thats a nice perk.
The video quality is better than I expected, though its not HD. The sound is so-so but thats the case on everything with a recorder.

Cons. The screen resolution and quality isn't the greatest (I have a 3 year old Creative mp3 player that has a much nicer screen and it's smaller.) Like most cameras though you look at the screen and its grainy and the color doesn't look quite right but you snap the picture/ upload and it looks like it should when its on the computer screen (or printed out.) I think they had to cut corners somewhere.
The lens pops out when you turn it on and the lens cap pops off, even if you just want to look at the pictures on your SD. And I also do not like the lens cap. It just slides on. No clips.
The sound effects were annoying, but theres a setting to turn it off (saves your battery anyway.)
Not a biggie but the SD slot is in the battery compartment. Just out of the way I guess.
The camera is a bit noisy, you can hear the processor working and the internal stuff moving around at times. More of a side note than a con though.

Bottom line is I'm not sure how long the X500 will last (because I got it in the mail two days ago) but so far I'm very glad that I bought this camera. It's a lot like Fuji's bridge camera and if you know the menus and buttons from their cameras then this thing will be a snap because its pretty much a carbon copy. The layout is simple enough for a beginner or teen who's looking into photography and it wont break the bank like a nikon or canon with the same specs.
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322 of 339 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2011
Like most people who are purchasing this camera, I have little or no experience in photography. Although I've dabbled in the arts of Skype and quick pics using my phone, this GE bridge camera is hardly in the same tier. So many features.. so little time..
> Superb picture quality for the price
> Myriad of features packed in one
> Super ZOOM to the rescue!
> Build quality feels legit (ergo, a real, solid camera rather than a cheap toy)

I'll go more in depth with the features. My favorite feature is the HDR conversion of photos. After you take a photo, you go to the photo you just took by hitting the > (play) button. Then hit menu and go all the way down. There's an option called "HDR" which converts your photo to "High Dynamic Range" quality. Simply put, it enhances the colors of the photo, making it brighter and more vivid. Another great feature is smile detection. Press the little smiling button right next to the "waving hand" (that's image stabilization which I always have on =]). If you press it once, it will be in face detection mode. Press it twice and you'll see a smiling face on your digital screen instead. Now, press the shutter button and you'll notice it won't actually take any pictures.. until someone smiles! =D My other favorite feature is the panorama mode, of course! I honestly imagined taking panorama photos to be much more arduous but it's quite simple. You start your photo from the left then you just move your camera to the right while lining up the crosses on the screen! Those are my favorite features so far but there are much, much more I personally haven't played with such as manual mode (more for experts where they set aperture and shutter priority).

> Probably the worst problem this camera has are the picture quality of photos taken inside. (Don't worry, the pros outweigh this problem by far)
> "HD" quality videos don't really seem very "HD"
> Wish it came with a camera bag (not really a big deal since I bought one separately but it would've been nice?/ kinda looking for more cons since it's a bit hard xD)
> Not really a con, but more of an improvement suggestion.. Maybe for smile detection, instead of having the need to press the shutter button THEN the camera will take the picture, it could be set up so that when smile detection is enabled, the camera automatically takes pictures when they smile. Also, it could be done so endlessly (meaning it takes pictures of people that smile multiple times, over and over).

All in all, I am extremely pleased with this purchase. An excellent bridge camera (an in-between point and shoot and DSLR camera) for $140 (which I believe is the most inexpensive bridge camera of this quality out there) is a great buy!

Oh on a side note, if you're thinking of purchasing the white version, you won't be disappointed. I personally like the white on this camera. I didn't want it to look just like EVERY other camera out there so I got the white so it could kind of "pop-out." Definitely pops out and is pretty noticeable! =]

Also, I uploaded some photos for you folks interested in purchasing this product. I demonstrated a little preview of the Panorama mode and HDR setting for you =D
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311 of 330 people found the following review helpful
on June 11, 2011
I had purchased this specifically because I was doing a lot of hiking during an extended trip, and I wanted more than the 4x zoom on my cheap Nikon Coolpix S4000. Since at home my wife has a very nice DSLR with multiple lenses, I didn't want to buy a another DSLR or spend a lot of money on a nicer bridge camera. The previous version of this camera got good reviews, so bought this one just after it had came out.

Out of the box, the camera seems pretty solid, although the compact (but FAT) build is a little weird and takes some getting used to. I initially did a comparison to my $130 12MP Coolpix point-and-shoot, and immediately saw some issues with the photo quality. Like other reviews have stated, indoor pictures are not great, but actually not as bad as some. My Coolpix (like most point and shoot cameras) had some problems as well, but the quality was still noticeably better than the GE. When using the indoor program mode, the shots were acceptable. The outdoor shots were better, but not super great, either. Comparing the same shots with my Coolpix, the Nikon had consistently better pictures.

While for most this wouldn't be too much of a problem, when viewing the photos and zooming in past 100%, there is significant pixel noise on the GE. Again, comparing to my 12MP Coolpix, the same shot at the same zoom had significantly less noise on my Nikon than the GE. Overall, the biggest problem was the inconsistency of the photos. Even using the same settings only a few seconds apart, there were often differences in the exposure, balance, etc. My hundreds of outdoor shots were all over the place in terms of quality. The shots often had a washed-out appearance (which could be fixed in post-processing if necessary).

I took the GE on several hiking trips, and took hundreds of photos, using different program modes and settings, which improved the quality overall, but did not eliminate the inconsistency issue. The zoom was quick and the image stabilization worked very well. The battery life was excellent (although I did not use the flash too much). The focus is moderately quick compared to most point and shoot cameras, although slower than my Nikon. The video mode was poor, but that was expected. I also used the GE in a couple of museums, and using the Museum program mode, it took surprisingly good shots. I also toured an indoor wildlife museum, and using the flash it took some very fine pictures.

Unfortunately, after viewing all of the pictures, I decided to return the camera. I don't necessarily want to talk anyone out of buying this...for most casual users, this camera can take good shots, and the 15x zoom is awesome at this price. For still pictures, outdoor and lit indoor shots, the photo quality is fine (especially using the program modes or manual controls). To get this level of control and zoom, you're going to be paying over $200 for something else, and probably over $300 for anything really significantly better. However, as I often print my photos for framing, the inconsistent quality and extreme noise, even compared to my cheap Nikon, left me wanting a bit more.

- 15x zoom works very well
- Many different program modes and manual controls, which work well
- Great battery life and uses easy-to-get AA batteries
- Photo quality can be fairly good under right conditions, and most issues could be fixed with post-processing (i.e. Photoshop, etc.)
- Inexpensive for a good zoom and feature packed camera

- Lots of noise when zoomed in (pixel peeking)
- Inconsistent picture quality
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57 of 58 people found the following review helpful
on July 29, 2011
The built-in cameras in cell phones and ipads are getting better and better so I thought getting a point and shoot camera may be redundant. An entry level SLR camera will cost $400 or more so I took a chance on this "bridge" camera which is a step up from a point and shoot but a step down from an SLR camera.

The more I use this bridge camera, the more I like it. I always preferred Canon cameras but this GE camera is even better. The photos and movies are sharp in bright light. In low light, the Canon still has a edge but only in the automatic mode. Here are my top ten favorite features:

1. 15X optical plus 4X digital for 60X total zoom. There is an indicator which let you know that you have gone past the 15X optical zoom and into the digital zoom since digital zoom will compromise quality. I only use the 60X zoom for my movies and my movies are impressive when you can zoom 60X.
2. The menus are extremely intuitive and very easy to use. For example: There is an SLR-like top dial to switch from automatic to the following settings: program AE, shutter priority, aperture priority, manual, portrait, panoramic, movie, 20 scene mode, automatic scene mode. Turning the top dial is superior to scrolling thru a menu maze on the camera screen. One turn and you are done!
3. The flash pops up and away from the lens which minimizes red eye. The flash also has a red eye reduction mode. If you forget to use the red eye reduction mode flash, the camera can even remove the red eye after the photo is taken.
4. There is a dedicated button to switch from the LCD screen to the viewfinder. A viewfinder is a must-have for taking photos in bright sunlight which can render the LCD screen useless. The viewfinder displays all of the menus as the LCD screen so you are in full control.
5. There are dedicated buttons for anti-shake (stabilization) mode and smile and face detection mode. The anti blink mode is also great which prevent a photo from being taken when someone blinks. The smile mode to release the shutter automatically is nice. The timer is also very user friendly.
6. I took an indoor macro photo of a full page magazine article and a newpaper and the photo clarity was so good that I can easily read the text on my PC. You should take 1 full second to hold the camera steady while "slowly" depressing the camera shutter. This allows the camera sufficient time to focus and setup correctly.
7. I love the panoramic option which allows you to stitch three photos into one panoramic photo. The camera automatic release the shutter when the scene is aligned with the previous photo and the results are perfect. I can't wait to take panoramic photos of whereever I go now since it is so easy to do and the resulting panoramic photos are seamless.
8. Other features include: (1) 7 settings for white balance; (2) Exposure compensation settings from +2.0 to -2.0; (3) Four color modes of auto, vivid, black&white, sepia; (4) Two auto focus modes of single and multi; (5) Three auto exposure modes of spot, center, AiAE; (6) Automatic scene mode or you can manually set the scene mode with 20 scenes, such as fireworks, sports, sunset, beach, snow, etc, etc.
9. Since changing the settings are so easy to do quickly...this camera allows me to use the advance settings whenever I can. It is so easy that I can't help thinking whether Steve Jobs may have designed how a user will access the advance settings on this camera. My former canon had some advance features but it was so difficult to set up the camera that I ended up not using them.
10. Uses 4 AA batteries which I prefer. My last point and shoot camera was a Canon which uses only 2 AA batteries but my Canon drain down the two AA batteries very quickly. This camera has an auto shutdown feature which you can set the time to shutdown.

The negatives are:

1. Bigger and heavier that a point and shoot camera. However, it is slightly lighter than a SLR camera...especially with the zoom lens which is quite heavy on a SLR camera.
2. No camera case. There is a lens cap to protect the lens but there is no protection for the LCD screen.
3. The strap looks cheap. It works but I will probably replace it.
4. Some sections of the manual are poorly written. I figured it out the instructions after playing with it for a day with no thanks to the manual.
5. Automatic mode in low light does not measure up to my Canon. However, I can set the camera to the indoor scene mode or using the AE program setting and then adjusting the exposure compensate feature. These extra steps will result in a low light photo that is better than my Cannon. The negative is that you do have to set it up properly.
6. There is no flash adjustment (to lessen or strengthen the flash output) and no hotshoe for a flash add-on. This is expected for a camera in this price range but I really wish I had this feature.

My photos are much improved because I spend the few extra seconds to switch to the right mode to compensate for the scene, lighting and focus. If I don't have the time, the camera has the automatic mode which works well in bright light. I still can't believe that I only paid $130 for a 16.0 megapixel camera from GE with this many features.

I highly recommend it since the quality and features blows away any point and shoot camera in this price range. If you do not have the 3 to 6 seconds to set it up properly, which you will need for a typical SLR camera, then you need a simple point and shoot camera which means you are compromising some quality for convenience. The extra 3 to 6 seconds will make a big difference in the quality of the photo and this bridge camera allows you to do this very easily.

Dec 2011 Update: I found out that this camera will take underexposed photos in certain low light conditions but I have since learned to make the adjustment for this weakness. For example: I discovered that "Program AE" mode works well for an indoor low light after you adjust the exposure compensation and making sure the white balance is correct. I then take 2 shots with the flash and without the flash and then compare the two photos. The main point is that this is a great camera for a beginner to learn how the advance settings work. Potential buyers must take the time to experiment and learn the strengths and weaknesses. You should not expect this camera to compenstate for beginners and a point and shoot camera is designed to do just that. Now that I have increased my photographic knowledge with this bridge camera, my next camera will be an expensive SLR camera after enjoying this bridge camera for a few years. At this price point I don't see how anyone can complain except when the user take the disappointing photos in certain low light conditions and user did not progress to learn how to compenstate. I suspect some of the negative reviews involved people who did not experiment with the different settings and then took photos in the wrong settings and prematurely concluded this is a bad camera.
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32 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on June 27, 2011
I am simply amazed at all the features of this camera. For $155 I got the camera, 8GB SDHC Memory Card(SanDisk is the recommended brand)and a small Zeikos Case which is waterproof/shock resistant. This is the perfect size for travel.

Background on why I selected this camera:

I am going to be living abroad for a few months on an internship and I wanted a compact camera with powerful Optical Zoom and Megapixles. I read reviews and countless buying guides. I originally bought the Vivtar T328 but as soon as I got it the touch screen stopped working so I returned it.

Just by chance I came upon this GE X500 model. It is built on a Fuji S series camera(it really looks and feels like a Fuji) for a fraction of the cost. Don't let the GE/General Imaging brand name fool you. The founders of General Imagining retired from Minolta(which is now Sony) and Fuji. This goes to show you that they mean business for this price point.

Professional Features:

I like to be able to take photos in automatic modes for when I don't have time to plan my photo shoot. But when I have a day to film the big airplanes landing at San Francisco International Airport then I like to be able to set the manual modes.

This camera allows me to set aperture and Shutter Priority as well as manual White Balance. I also like being able to set the ISO Settings.

Furthermore I love the 27mm wide angle zoom with 15x Optical Zoom. Having only 5x of Digital Zoom says a lot of how professional this camera is. The more optical zoom you can get the better. I tried taking photos and let me tell you they turn out to be so professional just like the expensive Canons.

I also like the different scene modes, portrait, panorama, Optical Image Stabilization and both an electronic viewfinder and an LCD screen with automatic brightness control. I like that you can see the menu functions in the Electronic View Finder.

The ArcSoft looks like a good software and I will test that out. I recommend that you try it out before going on to the more advanced Adobe Photoshop. Be creative.

In addition I like that I can record movies while I don't need an HD recorder as I have a camcorder its a nice way to record short films of the photos I took. This does not replace your separate camcorder. For avid videographers stick to a movie camera. A lot of the time people want high quality video from an all in one camera. As long as I can use the optical zoom for shooting video that is enough.

I also like that the camera comes with a decent strap/lens cap. I highly recommend that you buy an 8GB SDHC San Disk Class 4+ Memory Card, Zeikos small carrying case as well as 4 AA rechargeable batters with a charger.

I would much rather have AA Batteries over a rechargeable Lion battery as after that goes you have to spend $50+ for a new one.


Setup was easy. I first turned on the camera and set the date and time. Having the World Time feature with a home and travel setting was another important feature that I want.

After setting up the date please don't forget to format the SD Card and do this everytime you download the photos to your computer or get a new SD Card as it will optimize the saving to the card.

If you need more space on the card lower the resolution to 10 Megapixles.

Overall I cannot believe the quality and the price of this camera. When I saw the Fuji S camera today and tested it out I was amazed at how the GE Camera is so similar for the fraction of the cost. The Fuji Camera was $270 vs $155 for everything.

Who is this camera good for:

This Bridge Camera is good for those who don't want the extra weight of the DSLR and its interchangeable lenses. With airlines charging a lot for extra baggage this camera can be the 2nd included carry on item as you are allowed one backpack and one personal item.

If you want the professional features of a DSLR with the ease of a Point and Shoot Camera this is your best choice.

For a novice who wants the manual functions this camera is good for you too. Don't spend the $100 now for a basic point and shoot buy this bridge camera and you will be happy for years to come. Its light and durable.

Happy Shooting(:
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58 of 62 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2011
I got to know about this camera by chance. I have a 7.2 MP Casio camera which is very good but since my cousin would be visiting me I wanted a new, high MP and Zoom camera for summer. I first looked at a Casio Model. It was good but not what I wanted. After checking many cameras Fuji, Nikon, Sony etc...I just lost hope. I saw a 16 MP Canon SLR camera and was amazed that there are 16 MP cameras now. So I typed 16 MP in the Amazon search box just to check out the newer models. And bingo !! This camera showed up first in the search. And when I looked at the price , it almost blew me away. I had never heard of GE making cameras before and was very very hesitant. Then I read the REVIEWS, saw videos on YOUTUBE, sent MESSAGES to the owners of this camera, read scores of other reviews and ALMOST ALL OF THEM GAVE THIS CAMERA 5 STARS. I was pretty impressed and then decided to buy it. And let me tell you it took absolutely STUNNING pictures.

I also showed this camera to one of my friends who knows a lot about cameras and stuff and he was surprised and said that its actually a good camera, and so many features for lesser price. I am still learning how to use it and so far I like it.....Manual settings give you more advanced controls.

1. Took a shot at full 15X zoom, came crystal clear.
2. Image stabilization is good.
3. Lots of scenic modes
4. Very easy and accessible features.

PS: WHITE COLOUR is freakin' awesome on this camera. Go for it. Plenty of look-alike black cameras out there.
TIP: If you want batteries to last longer, then after using the camera just take them out.
Check out the pictures I put on the page. They are awesome !!

Check these reviews on

review image review image review image review image review image review image
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33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on July 8, 2011
I have had this camera for six months. Photography has been my hobby for 30 years. I have had many, many cameras both film and digital and this GE camera is by far the best. Most importantly it has a superior zoom lens that gives crystal clear pictures at any focal length. Second it has a digital view finder that that takes away any guess work when taking a picture in a bright light. The features are outstanding - too many to detail each one - but the ones I use frequently and have exceeded by far my expectations are the museum, sunset, and face recognition features. The only negative is that because the camera takes four AA batteries it is a little heavy. I have found that the camera uses its power source no greater than other cameras and uses rechargeable batteries so there iareabsolutely no power issues.
Buy it - you won't be sorry.
GE Power Pro X500-BK 16 MP with 15 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera, Black
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on July 22, 2011
I was in the same predicament as some others who have reviewed this camera prior to my entry--I spend a lot of time outdoors and wanted a camera that was small but that had a much better zoom lens than my current compact point-and-shoot. I have a small Leica C-Lux 2 that does a great job when photographing scenery up close, but not so good at getting longer distance shots. I found what I was looking for in the GE Power Pro!!

First off...the obvious. This camera is not a Canon or a Leica or a Nikon or anything fancy-schmancy and high-end. And, some of you may be saying to yourself, "Okay self...why would GE want to enter the camera game and is this going to be some low quality piece of garbage that I'll throw away in 2 weeks?" a nurse, I can tell you that most of the imaging equipment in my hospital's radiology department is made by GE, and the image quality on our equipment is fantastic. My thought was, if they can do a good job with the big stuff like CAT scanners and ultrasonography equipment, then they should probably be able to do a good job with the small stuff like a camera, and they most certainly did!

I must say that I was very pleased with the image quality of this camera!! I like the fact that the camera produces clean, high quality images with vibrant color and no annoying 'shake' that can oftentimes happen with a smaller point-and-shoot. It's lightweight but very sturdy, and can easily slip into a backpack or travel bag (unlike some of the digital SLR's that require an entourage to carry the body and telephoto lenses). I posted a few pictures that I took while on a hiking trip as part of the photo mosaic for this review (above) and must say that I was so very pleased at the picture quality and clarity.

And the cost! Full disclosure, I bought mine at a "brick and mortar" store (in my case, Sears) for a cheaper price than offered here on But for under $150.00 this camera is a bargain!! Another thing that I love about this camera is that it takes four AA batteries, but if you want to save some money on your batteries you can easily use rechargeables!! For some odd reason I found that Energizer's rechargeables work much better in this camera than Rayovac's, but you may find your experience to be different.

This camera is probably not going to satisfy those who insist on Canon or Leica or Nikon performance (and at $150 I don't think you can honestly expect that)...but for those of us that simply want a good camera with a powerful optical zoom at a great price, this is a wonderful option!! You won't be disappointed!!
review image review image
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on May 19, 2011
I've had this camera for more than a year now - it has some oddities folks should know about - I purchased this for photography in open landscapes - specifically, a Death Valley trip and discovered it has sensitivities to heat - it's VERY slow to process and perhaps for landscapes I thought this would be adequate - I must have lost more than a couple of hundred images - I have no idea what the problem was - it was not the SD card, it's something in the camera system - yes, it was hot - but even my smartphone caught better images than this device -- I'd pay more in future - this camera's only redeeming feature is the zoom - and on VERY, VERY STATIC images - at night it is really VERY bad - Buyer Beware :)

I NOTICE WHEN YOU POST CHANGES IN A REVIEW - based on more experience with a product -- it seems to annoy some people - like everyone else - I spent my money on this product - initially, it appeared promising - after more than a year of poor results - it does not meet my needs - it's my opinion - posting abusive contradicting opinions won't change my's your money and if you are happy - I'm really pleased for you.

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