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on February 15, 2011
Hats off to the author and the publishing team. GIMP 2.6 for Photographers is well-crafted and there is much to like here:

1) The book content sticks to its mission of introducing the software to photographers and serious image editing beginners. Necessary preparatory and background information has not been skipped. The tutorials are paced to move you quickly to comfortably handle the most common editing challenges.

2) The physical book itself is large-format, lying flat for self-study. It is crammed with color illustrations and screen images that complement tutorial text appropriately. This book is actually nice to look at!

3) The included DVD contains enough extras to make this book a complete package. You get the GIMP software in its multiple OS versions and all the sample images used in the tutorials. There is also a bunch of related software goodies on the disc that I have not yet had a chance to explore.

This book is my own intro to GIMP and I'm glad I got a nice one.
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on October 25, 2011
I've purchased a three books on Gimp, even though I have learned it mostly from watching YouTube video's (GimpKnowHow and GimpTricks have very good videos to learn from). This is the only book of the three that is worth the money. The main title is somewhat misleading however as the book includes discussions on other open source photo editing software (eg - UFRaw which works with Gimp for editing Raw photos). This book is very clearly written, and includes a DVD with practice files and a pdf version of the book (which I use more often the hardcopy). I highly recommend it.
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on November 22, 2011
I've always been a "dive in and ask questions later" learner with new software. But I know nothing about color theory, graphics, photos, or computer graphics, and that ignorance made the "dive in" approach to learning GIMP very frustrating. I could see how the parts worked, but I didn't understand what they did or why or how to fit them together so I could do what I wanted, and the online help, while great, still assumed I knew more than I do. The GIMP Bible is superb and will definitely be my next purchase, but it is still too daunting, so that drove me to my last-choice option, to take a chance on ordering a book online.

I opted for Klaus Goelker's GIMP 2.6 for Photographers, and I am REALLY glad I did. With the included CD offering sample photos to use as you follow the step-by-step instructions, I've been able to fill in some of the gaps in my base knowledge while learning how to get started with GIMP. The presentation is clear and covers some of the basics in ways that I found very helpful. Text is well-written and well laid out, illustrations are clear and chosen to be truly instructive. Each step leads logically to the next, and along the way Goelker offers some hints and outside resources that are also proving helpful. And with each step, the excellent help for GIMP on-line is finally beginning to make sense, too.

I highly recommend this book to both beginning GIMP users, photographers or not, and to intermediate users who want an easy-to-use guide for clarification, assistance, and good ideas on how to use GIMP effectively in their work. Definitely five stars!
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on April 20, 2013
I picked this book as a Kindle ebook for nine bucks. Well worth the investment if you like to tinker with photos. There is nothing I can comment here to critique this book lower than the five starsthat I gave it.

However, here is what I will say:

Be warned. Gimp is a very intuitive and complex photo suite. It is an Open-Source Software which is a good thing, because that simply means, it is free for the download. It installs itself easily and seems to run well with no problems on my Windows 7 operating systems; however, I believe there are multiple operating system downloads available.

Be advised Gimp is always being upgraded, so you have to make sure you are running Gimp 2.6 or this book will be difficult to follow as many menu selections are either moved somewhere else or has many attached features rendering that selection very confusing.

I felt I needed to send out this review with this 'heads-up' so that you select the right version of Gimp if you intend to make this purchase.

Other than that, you will enjoy this book, and the software will match to boot!
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on October 15, 2011
This book is the complete package. It contains a DVD that provides all three versions (Windows, MAC, and Unix) for GIMP. In addition there is an introduction to GIMP 2.8 which is currently under development. And last, but hardly least, the images used in the book's tutorials are included.

The book progresses in an A to Z fashion in teaching one about GIMP. In addition to the "how to" instruction, there is sufficient, but not overwhelming, information on theory, the "why" part of processing.

GIMP is the "high end" of free photo processing software and approaches Adobe CS 5 in its capabilities. Even if you are not on a budget, consider GIMP. And if you do, or if you are currently using GIMP, add this book to your library. You'll be glad you did.

Charles Heisterkamp, III, M.D.
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on June 16, 2012
I am relatively new to image processing, having only spent time mainly using Google's Picasa software as it has evolved over the last 3 or 4 years. That tool is fairly basic though, and I recently learned that GIMP was a suitable free alternative to the "industry standard" Adobe PhotoShop.
So, after searching through Amazon I opted to give this book a try. And I am glad I did!

I will admit that I found the book difficult to start with, but I put that down to not focusing my efforts initially. After coming back to it and dedicating a few hours of quiet time each time I opened a chapter, I have found the format and style very good. The author tries to blend several themes through the book from basic principles of image manipulation through to the technical aspects of GIMP 2.6 itself.

The book has many color pictures to illustrate the authors point and follows a series of tutorials. There is a good index to allow you to refer back to the relevant sections too.

Although at the time I write this the current version of GIMP is version 2.8 I made a point of using all the version 2.6 software provided by the author on the accompanying DVD. I figured that using a prior version would be no problem and would allow me to learn the tools before deciding whether or not to start on GIMP 2.8.

GIMP is a truly amazing tool, with too many options and possibilities for this small book to cover in depth. What the author does though is successfully allow the reader to pick up some significant tools techniques and learn how to use them to get a successful result.
Having this basic grounding in the use of GIMP enables the reader to then expand their knowledge from other resources such as specialist web sites etc.

The worked examples are very good, and having all the image files available on the DVD is excellent, but personally I would have preferred the tutorials to have been laid out in a more step wise fashion rather than the prose style used throughout the book, just a personal thing I guess!

Overall a great book for those starting out with GIMP!
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on October 3, 2011
Very good book. Lots of tips on how to use a fairly difficult program. Also, lots of useful software to allow you to process RAW images. And, very good step-by-step procedures. You need to be sitting at your computer to do the examples as you read about them. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to process digital pictures using GIMP.
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on April 16, 2014
What with the end of XP, many people are switching to Linux for a better alternative operating system for their computers. I've heard quite a few tell me they would, except that Linux won't run Photoshop and they tried GIMP and thought it to be to steep of a learning curve. This book takes a whole lot of the pain out of the change to GIMP. My wife and I both do a lot of photo manipulation work and we have both switched and now prefer GIMP. The hardest part of the transition is to learn the few different names for various processes and the locations of various options within their menus. For example, to save a photo in JPG, instead of "save," you select "export." This is because a simple "save" saves the graphic in GIMP's native format instead of in JPG. Not a big deal.

Another thing I discovered (In Ubuntu Forums) and that is not covered in this book because it was not avaialble at the time of publication is to download the GIMP 2.8 add-on. This wonderful little tweak removes the rest of most people's resistance to using GIMP, the main view and the way your work is presented. In 2.8, you now have the option of switching to "single window view, which makes GIMP handle way more like Photoshop.

This book covers just about anything you might ever want to do in GIMP, and then some. It is well written, supported by lots of photos and other graphics, and is written in language that anyone familiar with photo processing will understand.

Oh yeah, GIMP is free. Photoshop is definitely not. This book is well worth the price.
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on December 25, 2012
I'm a beginner with gimp and this book was helpful. Some lessons sort of leave you hanging to figure out some ot the details. It doesn't explain why things are done a certain way, but just tells you how to do it. Some of the lessons had me going about it the long way, where I had already learned a shorter method from youtube, etc. However, it did help to open up a few things about gimp that I didn't know about. I think is was worth the money and has a cd included that saves you from hunting down a lot of the plug-ins. It also has a couple of raw programs on it and the book starts out with a good lesson on using ufraw. The cd also includes a lot of sample photos to work with.
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on July 20, 2012
I am not a photographer but I've used various image editing software for website development including Adobe Photoshop and several other retail packages. I used GIMP occasionally when I wasn't in a crunch for time but could never quite fully master it until now. I knew everything I needed was there, but finding and using the various tools just used too much time.

Whether you are a photographer or not, you can work your way through this book or use the table of contents to skip to the functionality you need.

Using this text you will learn enough about image formats to truly understand what you are doing. I have finally found a reference which makes GIMP sufficient for all my needs. It's a masterpiece of just enough theory followed by the nuts and bolts of how to accomplish any image editing task. What was really a pleasant surprise was that I am able to fix a variety of problems with my own family and vacation photos that I never could fix before; I am truly an amateur at photo touchup. This book is long overdue and DEFINITELY Recommended!
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