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on September 5, 2012
I was looking at a product to allow me to stream music in my car but keep the car's functionality for phone calls via bluetooth. I needed a receiver with a 3.5mm output that could be used with the stock radio input. I found a few products (some much more expensive or no longer made) but wasn't sure any would work for this specific need. Many reviews I read said you could be connected via bluetooth to either the car or the receiver, but not both at the same time - meaning if I got a phone call while driving I would need to either use the speakerphone, or disconnect from one device and switch to the car's bluetooth system. Not exactly hands free or convenient. Even if it did work, I was hesitant because many reviewers noted problems with the batteries in the units not lasting long or that they didn't work while charging.

I took a leap of faith for $30 and bought the Go Groove. It is a very small device and does not feel very durable. I am not too worried as it won't be moving often, but the thinness of the wire between the device and the 3.5 mm output has me concerned - I am worried it would pull off without much force. I will try to reinforce it somehow without looking ridiculous (some reviewers have suggested heat shrink tubing). If you plan to use this daily with a pair of headphones or earbuds, I would be concerned about the wear and tear of everyday use.

As far as functionality, it has one button, one small light and one input for charging. You press and/or hold the button to initially turn it on or pair it with a new device. Once on, it should pair automatically with a known device. When I get in the car, I just need to press the button for a few seconds and it is on and working instantly.

The quality of the music seems to be equivalent to the sound using 3.5 mm cable as before and the Logitech receiver I use with my home stereo - so good enough for me. Audiophiles wouldn't use bluetooth for music anyway right? Also, most importantly for my specific situation, it DOES pair with my phone and the car at the same time (see screen shot in user images above). Phone calls are seamless, music is interrupted by a ring or me placing a call via the car's bluetooth, and when I hang up, the music comes back. Really cool. It does not randomly disconnect or cut in and out. For what it's worth, I am using a galaxy note. Your mileage may vary.

Battery life has been a non-issue in the first 2 weeks. I drove a little over a thousand miles and only recharged once at home, and even then it was working fine but I didn't want to run out while on the road. I can't comment if it works while charging from the cigarette lighter as I have not tried yet. I will update my review when I do. I can say the charger being proprietary is a worry as well(the end that plugs into the unit is a small circle - not mini or micro usb), if you lose that wire, good luck finding a replacement.

All in all it is a great deal for the price if you want to add bluetooth music streaming capability in your car, even more so if you already have factory bluetooth for phone calls and don't want to choose between one or the other. I would have given it 5 stars if it felt a little more durable, the wire was thicker and the charger was a standard size.

*edit 9-30-12*

I have had the chance to try it and the unit does indeed work while charging in the car. No worries there.

It has developed an issue with the sound popping and hissing, but I think it is related to my phone and not the unit. It only happens when I am connected to the car's phone audio and the GG receiver for music. When I disconnect from the car phone bluetooth it goes away, so I can't fault the unit, but I am disappointed.
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on March 1, 2012
I mainly wanted to stream music in my car from my android smartphone. This works perfectly as described, easy setup, clear response. Drawbacks are you have to turn it on each time you get in your car(it times itself off) and I charge it about once a week. The alternative would be paying 2 to 3 times as much and play trial and error to find one that would not give you the ground loop interference most of the powered ones give you. For the price I'm happy with my purchase.
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on May 2, 2012
The item works flawlessly. I thought there would be a lot of distortion. I am using it with a 4000w DJ system at my home and so far I have not noticed anything the untrained ear could pick up. I am ecstatic and might order another one to have in my vehicle. This would prevent me from having to connect the Aux cable to my phone every time I get into the car.

The A2DP makes all the difference in significantly reducing any distortion from the transmission. I couldn't pick up any obvious ones with the system turned up @ 70%.

A2DP devices offer a one-way stream of high-quality mono or stereo sound, unlike the more familiar Bluetooth headsets, designed for phone calls, that use a two-way connection.
Unlike older technology for wireless headphones, A2DB is digital; the headset is "paired" with the device sending, so you can have multiple headsets in range of each other without cross-talk.
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on July 2, 2013
I am using this on my SkullCandy Crusher headphones. So far it is exactally what i wanted. If you plan on using this for headphones I highly recommend it. For me I just use headphones for working out and stuff like that so im no audiophile. Their has been no noticable sound distoration or lowered quality. I link it with my IPhone and keep my phone in my pocket. Product is very light and has no problem being attached to headphones. (I used 2 small strips of velcro) All said and done this product is exactly what i wanted to make wireless headhones. 5 stars, unless it stops working, which i doubt, lol.

Update: It is January 2014 And this product still works perfect. Great investment. I wont even be mad if it breaks Ive got more that my moneys worth.
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on May 3, 2012
I got this adapter to make my Bose headset work wirelessly with my ipad. I was not disappointed. I have had this for a week so far and from the moment I paired with ipad, it has been working as good as I had hoped. It is not as good as a hardwire connection directly to the ipad due to the sound generating noise at high volume levels. No BT adapter will. But at mid level ranges it is a very good adapter. It has a very good range also, staying connected even when I was walking from room to room. It also has a good battery charge. I haven't had to recharge it yet so far since the first time I charged it when took it out of the box. the simple pairing was quick and easy, with the ipad seeing it on the first attempt. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
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on October 6, 2012
This bluetooth music receiver worked well for me, but it has one basic flaw which may make it unsuitable for your application. Unfortunately, all of the similar receivers I have used have the same flaw.

Pros: Set up and pair with no problems
Good sound quality - slightly less "boomy" bass than other models I have tested

Cons: After it turns off, will not automatically re-pair when it comes back on.

I installed this in a Camry to use as an aux audio input. My installation has it plugged in to 12V power all of the time, with the device hidden behind a door. This is the basic problem - when you turn the car on from being off, the unit does not automatically re-pair (tested with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5). Defeats the whole purpose of the device in a hidden location if you have to open where you've installed it and press the button on the side of the device. As a comparison, nearly every car Bluetooth OEM and aftermarket radio will automatically re-pair.

So this product is 5 stars if you install it where you can always have access to the button, but not worth it if you want a hidden installation.
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on January 20, 2013
I bought this because my cars bluetooth does not play media and needed a cheap add on. This product works in conjunction with my car's bluetooth which auto connects to phone when I start the engine.

I mounted the device to the side of the shifter housing next to my leg and ran the audio line with an extension to the AUX port which is inside the arm rest. I also have it plugged in to the charger in the back of the arm rest all the time. I can easily reach the tiny button and press it to connect to the phone.

I have to push and hold the button wait 5 secs for it to flash red/blue (you also hear a beep) and then on the phone enable the bluetooth media only (but not the phone) for this device.

What would've been nice is when the power to the charger comes on for the device to begin seeking to connect to the phone's bluetooth. This would save the extra annoying step of push and hold the button.

Works in conjunction with built in bluetooth for phone.
Music sounds as good as if I had a wire from phone to AUX car port.
Inexpensive alternative to adding a complete bluetooth device in your car.


Does not autoconnect when powered up with charger. Push and hold the button on the device for 5 secs and then drill down on the phones blue tooth settings to enable media so it can connect.
When a call comes in it will switch to the phones bluetooth but sometimes I have to press the Speaker button so the caller can hear me.
Once in a while the music playing will pause and start for 1/2 sec as if the buffer is too small and has to catch up.
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on March 8, 2014
I was excited to get this device. I plugged into into my living room stereo (both audio-in and USB for charging) and it paired with my iPhone quickly. The sound quality was pretty good when playing music from the iphone's music app. But a few days later things went downhill.

I tried to pair it with my PC, and it could not be detected no matter how many settings I tried. The PC was pairing fine with other devices, including a bluetooth speaker in another room. I thought that having it paired with the phone was interfering (maybe it can only pair with one device?), so I told the phone to "forget this device". But the PC still could not detect it. And when I tried to pair it with the phone again, the phone could not detect it either. Just in case it was an issue with my PC, I tried to pair the device with another laptop. Still nothing. The laptop detected other bluetooth devices, but not this one. So that's two out of two PCs that it won't pair with.

All the while the blue light was blinking like it's supposed to, and the device was plugged into USB power the whole time, so I know it was fully charged. I even restarted it, but it didn't help. Returning to Amazon and ordering a different device.
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on December 18, 2012
If I had really paid attention to the product description I never would have bought this but I'm glad my mistake turned out good.

I have had pairing problems with a couple of other bluetooth transmitters I have, and I got this to pair up with my GoGroove headphones, thinking products of the same brand would pair up, and work better. I was very frustrated when, after multiple attempts, they never would pair and finally realized my stupidity: This is a bluetooth RECEIVER and NOT A TRANSMITTER !! duh

It just looked almost exactly like the other bluetooth transmitters I had I just ordered it in haste, not carefully reading the description.

However, once I realized my mistake and realized what this is I am so glad I got it. As this is a bluetooth receiver, this means that you can listen to any bluetooth device (iPhone, iPad, computer, etc.) on your good earphones, and not have to rely on bluetooth headsets which I have found do not sound that great (granted, I have not purchased a multi-hundred pair of bluetooth headphones). I have a fairly good set of regular headphones and this device allows me to use my good pair of non-bluetooth headphones and I will just say that the sound quality is amazing and I really cannot tell the difference between using this thing versus using a plugged connection. Obviously the use can be extended to other things such as cars, speakers, etc. Finally, a mistake that turned out good.
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on November 7, 2012
This little device is Brilliant! The streaming quality is actually better than my previous auxiliary cable (Although that could be because the phone's headphone jack still has lint stuck inside it). Apparently a full charge will give you 12 hours of streaming but lets face it... unless you're on a road trip, an hour everyday is all you would use it for. Plus it switches off automatically when the phone goes out of its connection range. And I found out that my phone supports 2 separate bluetooth connections at the same time, so you can use your hands free headset and the adapter together. The phone actually detects which device to stream to, so if there is a call mid music, it transfers voice audio to the headset and when you hang up, it automatically starts streaming your music back to the adapter! (Just be sure to connect your headset first, otherwise you would need to go to bluetooth devices on the phone and manually select the headset, which isn't a good idea while driving). The only drawback is that it doesn't work while charging... but that's too minor a detail compared to the advantages. More people should know about this clever little device.
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