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on August 25, 2010
This is a great faucet and I was fortunate to get a great deal on it through one of Amazon's partners. As another reviewer wrote, the instructions that come with this faucet are not very helpful. The problem that I encountered was the retractable hose was binding in the faucet housing and it would not retract correctly. I had a plumber come out to attempt to install this faucet twice and, after emails and phone calls to the retailer where I got it, the local Grohe rep and Grohe's main support line, we were no closer to being able to achieve a correct install than before. The tips that we received for the installation basically amounted to the assurance that the faucet will work, we just need to find exactly the right position that will allow for the supply hoses to have space for the retractable hose to freely move through the housing. As the other reviewer wrote, the plastic collar (gray on our model) does not appear to help for deck-mounting the faucet (although mine was installed on a self-rimming cast iron sink atop a 1.5 inch butcher's block countertop) and, unless absolutely in the correct position, will bind the movement of the retractable hose and deform under the pressure of tightening the faucet in place.

After struggling with the collar for a while, I figured I would try the install without it and found it worked much easier on our sink/countertop type. With the help of a 17 mm wrench rather than an unwieldy basin wrench or adjustable wrench and with my wife holding the faucet in the right position, I got the faucet satisfactorily installed. I hate to say it, but the comments from Grohe and their reps were correct albeit infuriatingly vague; as I was tightening the faucet I could tell even before I tested it that the installation was right on. The action on the hose is now excellent. My advice for people struggling with the installation is to avoid using the plastic collar unless absolutely necessary on a stainless steel sink or similar installation that would require it, use a 17mm wrench (ratcheting ideally) so that you can get a good purchase on the tightening lug and have a second person hold the faucet in the desired position as far back in the hole as you can. As you are tightening the lug, the ridges on the brass horseshoe looking thing (this is a technical term, obviously) that is part of assembly 46 346 will line up quite well with the outline of the mounting hole. If this is maintained during the tightening, the action on the faucet will be great. In conclusion: faucet: 5 stars, instructions: 2 stars, rounding down to 3 stars because of the hassle.
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on June 6, 2011
Several people have pointed out in reviews of this faucet that the hose does not move freely out and back in. This same problem occurs with my installation, which was by a professional plumber. The plumber could not make it work properly. Close examination reveals that there is simply not enough room within the specified access hole to accommodate the hot and cold feed lines PLUS the hose. It's just too tight a fit! The quality of the components is not the problem - it seems that there is insufficient tolerance to allow the hose to slide back and forth easily in all installations.

[Update after several months of use] I would not buy this again - apart from the hose problem, which continues to bug me each time I want to pull out the hose, it is a pain to adjust the faucet's flow smoothly to reduce the flow to a slower rate. A previous faucet had a much smoother action.
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on May 23, 2009
Bought this online and saved $400 over the MSRP! Wonderful faucet. The handle is very smooth to operate: no catching or hesitation. This is due to the patent on "silk glide" technology. Two buttons on top of the "arm" allow for aeration flow and spray, without having to turn the water off first (like the Moen faucet this replaced). Ceramic discs allow for better control of water temperature. The hose is metal, not plastic, so there is some scraping noise whenever the spray head is taken out of its seat for spraying. The spray head clicks into the arm, so there is no dangling spray head. This is a German manufacturer, and the installation instructions left much to be desired. Installed in a granite countertop. Although the countertop depth met the manufacturer specifications, we found the plastic cream-colored collar which fits under the countertop and holds all the pipes and hose to be too thick for the installation (the water hose clicks into place on the piping, like an outdoor hose connector--with the collar at its full depth, the connector cannot make the solid click-in connection). We had to hacksaw off about 1/3 the depth of the collar in order to allow the connector to sit fully so there would be no leaking. After a week with no faucet (waiting for it to arrive), 3 trips to Sears for the proper size of socket for the wrench, and one trip to the hardware store for the proper compression connections for the water pipes, this finally was installed and works beautifully.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 20, 2010
We had this Grohe Faucet for almost 10 years, and paid an arm and leg (for a number of reasons including the nonexistence of Amazon). It worked extremely well for five years, and then began to bind when swiveling from side to side. BUT it was the ever popular "intermittent" binding. It would bind for a month, and then it would be smooth as silk. Then it would bind for four or five months.

We finally called Grohe (in Indiana, I believe), and they sent out a rep from 80 miles away. Quote: "I've never seen anything like this before, and I've been with Grohe for 21 years." Oh, great. We're unique again, and we spent [...] bucks for this.

Never fear, Grohe will send out a new faucet and, just in case, new couplings so that you have a second set. If you call a plumber, we'll pay for installation.

We called a plumber. He replaced the old with the new (nothing had changed style or parts-wise), and it was once again smooth as glass.

We recently put in a new counter top, and had the same faucet reinstalled (since the same model still exists), but we used the extra couplings and a new sprayer, and all is well. It's beautiful (well, for a faucet, and primarily in my wife's opinion), but better still, it swivels the complete range of a double-wide single sink without a hitch. We rarely use the spray or the extension, but when we need it, it's got a fantastic range.

At $[...], I'd highly recommend THIS faucet. If you've won the lottery or can believe that the recession has been over for 15 months, then go for it even if it's $[...]. But in any event, I don't think you can go wrong with Grohe.
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on November 1, 2009
I purchased this item from Amazon several days ago to replace a dead kitchen faucet of another well known brand. Amazon had the best price and quick delivery. The Grohe has the smoothest control lever for controlling water flow of any kitchen faucet we have had throughout 40+ years and several houses. The swivel action from left to right is also exceptionally smooth. It took a professional plumber experienced with Grohe about 30 minutes to remove the old faucet and put in the Grohe. The plumber thought highly of the Grohe as being a quality fixture. Having installed faucets myself in past years, I think a handy homeowner would have no problems installing the Grohe themselves, though it would probably take a little longer. The supplied water connection hoses are about 16-18" long and make installation easier.
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on August 20, 2011
Bought 2 of GROHE Alira Faucets for my customers just remodeled home. Received the faucets in two days, that was great. I opened the boxes and looked over the product and found to my amazement the faucets were not all "Made from RealSteel - a professional grade, 18/10 stainless steel with inherent antibacterial properties" as stated in the product info. The pull out sprayer was all plastic with stainless plating that didn't even match the real stainless exactly. I was lucky that my customer had picked this faucet or I would of had do some explaining to them why it wasn't all stainless steel like I described. I probably would have had to return it and caused the kitchen not to be completed on time.
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on June 5, 2011
We remodeled our kitchen the summer of 2007 and had this faucet installed. It looked great and worked well. After a couple of years the rubber membrane covering the spray/stream buttons cracked due to wear. The "innards" were visible but we still were able to get it to work for a while. Ours had a lifetime warranty, but beware, read the fine print! This warranty is only valid as long as YOU own the house.

Summer of 2010 we were selling the house, and I needed the faucet to look better. We didn't have the original purchase order since our contractor had handled this. Called Grohe but they refused to honor the warranty without proof of purchase. Fortunately I kept all the paperwork related to our remodeling contract. Sent them a photocopy of the page that specified the Alira faucet model which fortunately was good enough for Grohe. They sent me a new sprayer head, was easy for me to install, and saved me (or the new homeowner) about $180 for a replacement.

Score: 3 stars for the long-term integrity of the product (rubber membrane is the weak link in my opinion); 4 stars for customer service sending me the replacement spray head (after I chased down the paperwork).
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on March 7, 2011
This heavy duty and quality manufactured faucet arrived very quickly and was quite easily installed (my husband did it... I found that VERY easy!).
It functions beautifully. The photos on the web make the rubber/plastic button and sprayer look blue, but they are actually grey and blend with the stainless steel. The spray head is of a lighter weight material than the rest of the faucet, but the finish is the same and matches perfectly. The pullout mechanism functions smoothly, and a click when you push it back in assures that the spray head stays in place. The hot/cold symbols on the top are just a very simple indentation with blue and red coloration with no inserts or buttons to collect dirt. The sleek, minimal design makes the whole thing easy to keep clean. It has a fairly low profile compared with some we looked at. Since our faucet is behind a bar, we didn't want something sticking up and visible from the other room and this is perfect.
Would definitely recommend and will purchase Grohe again.
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on January 3, 2011
GROHE 32999SD0 Alira Low Profile Centerset Pullout Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel
Superb construction and the installation was simple (I did the installation myself). I did RTFM (read The Fine Manual) before installation and fit the parts together before going under the sink.
I replaced an earlier Grohe faucet which was a bear to install and remove. The water pullout tube is metal, not plastic, and the return spring is strong but permits easy pullout. There is an indent making it easy to return the pullout to its fixed position.
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on February 23, 2014
We remodeled the kitchen and liked the design and features of the Grohe Alira faucet. All functions worked as described until hot water is needed. The faucet spigot binds from internal expansion of the hot water and its very hard to turn side-to-side. Grohe Customer Service suggested we return the faucet to determine the problem and repair it. So, that means no water in our new kitchen without buying and installing a cheap replacement. Not a viable suggestion.

I disassembled the faucet to see where the interference was and what could be done short of Grohe's suggestion. The brass base is too high where it meets the main drop-in faucet head. I filed that surface down and re-installed the plastic (delrin?) washer and related parts. The hot water now had no effect on the movement of the spigot. I wonder for how long? I will not buy Grohe products from this experience and lack of customer support.
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