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36 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2011
After doing extensive research, this is one of the few new washing machines I found that has both automatic and manually adjustable water levels. With almost all new washing machines (top and front loaders), automatic water levels can cause problems getting clothes clean since the automatic settings use very little water that barely covers the clothes (and sometimes doesn't cover them). However, on this machine the water level can be manually selected the way old top loaders can be, so I don't understand how anyone can complain about water levels on this unit. I have found that by manually selecting the water level, and using HE detergent (as recommended by Owners Guide), clothes come out extremely clean. If clothes get twisted, then one can use the EASY CARE (GENTLE WASH/FAST SPIN) cycle and that problem is solved (I found that clothes get just as clean in this cycle as REGULAR WASH/FAST SPIN cycle if you extend the wash time a bit).

As some people have noted, it does make a slight "squeaky" noise during agitation. This is caused by the direct drive motor and is normal. I have a door on my laundry room so it doesn't bother me at all, and I think some people are exaggerating a bit.

I am completely satisfied with this machine so far. But I have not owned it long enough to comment on reliability. My understanding is that upcoming government regulation may not allow this machine to be sold much longer due to the amount of water it uses if water level is adjusted manually, so if you like getting your clothes really clean and are not overly concerned about water usage, I would suggest you get this one fairly soon. The GTWN4450MWS is identical to this machine, but has a glass lid for $50 more.
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on February 26, 2011
This model seems very sensitive to the balance of clothes for it to spin properly. I got rid of a 17 year old washer that seldom had to have the clothes moved around but this one is a constant pain. Even when you shuffle clothes around there is no guarantee that it will spin at top speed so you wait around and then rebalance again or take out clothes. Sorry I got rid of old washer that was still working. Look around for something better.

update: Jan 3,2013
After repositioning the washer and being careful of not putting one overly heavy piece of clothing in with normal clothing I have had few problems with the washer. I now can say I like it and it spins the clothes so dry that I reduced my dryer setting and am actually saving on gas. I like that I can determine the water level, that it has an extra spin cycle, and many temp settings. Hopefully it will last.
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on May 22, 2012
I have high expectations for a washer because I use cloth diapers on my children. I was extremely happy with my previous traditional Kenmore Elite which did a fabulous job of getting diapers and clothes clean. When the agitator quit working the repair job was going to be a few hundred dollars less than new, so we thought we'd go with new. I wish I had spent the money on the repair.

I did lots of research and felt the GE was the best of old school and new. I wanted a top loader to be able to soak, but I did not want a locking lid. I wanted an agitator and I also wanted to be able to control the water level and the temperature. Despite the HE components like auto sense load and auto temp, this machine still lets you choose the water level so I thought I made the best choice. I also thought it was a great price compared to the new fancy machines with all the bells and whistles that I don't need in order to do a simple task like laundry.

When it was installed and I washed my first load, I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was. After a few loads however, it started making a bad squeaking sound that I knew was not normal. The big blue home improvment store that we bought it from was excellent about coming to replace it quickly. I could have chosen another machine, but I still felt this one had all the features that I wanted so I just got another one.

After a few more loads I had to figure out how to make the machine do what I really wanted it to do. Because of new government restrictions, hot is barely tepid. To get the machine to fill with all hot water from the water heater without getting diluted by cold water, I have to leave the lid up. The downside to this is if I forget to put the lid down, the load never starts. I've gotten use to it, but everyone once in awhile I forget long enough that the water cools down and I have to start all over. It's ridiculous to me. Hot should mean hot. I HAVE to wash diapers on hot and their version of hot is completely unacceptable.

To get the water level I want, I have to set the dial one to two loads above what I think it is. Large is really more like medium so if I fill the tub up with clothes, I have to select super to get as much water as I want. Don't change the dial while it's filling up because then the tub empties all the water and starts all over. Sort of defeats the water saving feature if you ask me.

So all of this was inconvenient and maybe annoying, but if it was cleaning clothes then I figured I could live with it. Wrong again. I was use to basic food or playground stains coming out with a little pre-treatment or something. Not with this machine. I have to put something through at least twice and I'm still not sure that the stain will come out. I've also had items like gym clothes that come out still smelling like sweat or a mixture of detergent and sweat. Yeah, gross.

It also cannot handle delicates. With my previous machine I could put in items that said hand wash and they would came out clean and in good shape. This machine leaves holes at the seam line in clothes that say to wash on gentle despite chosing the delicate cycle. I've also noticed that many of my kitchen towels and bath towels are starting to shred at the ends. Granted I've had some of these towels for years but I find it odd they ALL starting fraying after we got this machine.

The final straw with this machine is that it does not rinse well. My kids are not overly sensitive to detergents, but I've noticed that they have been scratching or are otherwise irriated after we've had this machine. I've noticed a difference for myself too. The biggest tell-tell sign is with diapers. It is very important that diapers are rinsed well so that leftover detergent doesn't irritate baby's skin potentially leading to a rash. Even when using the second rinse feature, or the fabric softener option, diapers are NEVER rinsed well. I can smell the detergent when I pull them out. And yes, I am using HE detergent. I've tried powders and liquids and the results are the same. I can run a load of diapers without new detergent and suds will float to the top of the water. To get my diapers as clean as they should be I have to run at least 3 hot loads while manually scooping out the suds. Consequently, I have grown to loathe this machine.

Now that we are expecting a third child I MUST have a machine that can handle cloth diapers. With three little ones, I will not have time to babysit this machine and scoop out suds. My wish list is still the same so the search continues. If you need a machine to do some heavy duty cleaning, keep looking. This machine can only handle ligth weight laundry and even then I'm not sure I would recommend it.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on August 27, 2011
We bought this machine 2 months ago. You should know that it is noisy. The noise gets your attention right away. I thought something was wrong. The loud squeaking noise happens while it is running. (Although, nothing is wrong.) Our washer is in the basement so the noise is not an issue for us. I have heard from two other people who own the same machine. They have a similar issue. I also notice a posting on a website about the same problem.

One a good note, the cost of the H.E. detergent is about the same. I have notice the towels are softer and the clothes are cleaner.

I would reccomend this washer; only if its location is in a place that you won't hear the annoying squeaking sound.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on January 6, 2012
We bought this washer and the accompanying dryer about six months ago, after a disastrous set of Maytags started having problems within a week of purchase. It works well enough, but no matter how carefully you load it, it seems to bang its way through the spin cycle - when it actually bothers to get to the spin cycle. About 1 time in 5, it seems to skip the spin altogether. It's easy enough to turn it straight to the spin and hit start when that happens, but still.

Others have mentioned issues with the auto-fill not providing enough water to get the clothes clean - I noticed this at first and now always use the manual water level selection and usually the 2nd rinse option. Not very water-saving at that point, but at least the clothes are clean!

Also, it does make a slight repetitive squeaking noise when agitating that is apparently just a normal part of operation. Not a big deal for us, and the eventual banging of the unbalanced spin cycle is much louder anyway, hahaha!

In retrospect, I miss the Kenmore stack we left behind when we relocated and rented out our old house. Didn't know it would be so difficult these days to find a washer that worked simply and well!
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on May 17, 2012
Purchased this washing machine last month and will be taking it back this week-end.
Keep having to repeat the rinse spin cycle. 4-5 towels soaking wet with suds.
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2011
GE should be ashamed of bringing this washer to production. It doesn't clean very well and twists clothes into knots so that even permanent press items are badly wrinkled. Very little water is utilized in the wash cycle, so clothes have undissolved detergent particles on them after the rinse cycle. My wife and I have to run two rinse cycles on every load we wash.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2011
Do Not find this washer to be all that noisy. Sure makes noise as do all washers. Replaced a 2 month old Whirlpool WITHOUT agitator. Vibration so bad would rattle the walls. Previous had another Whirlpool impellor type machine 8 years. (Don't know why we bought another one, but thougt they might have improved). People are going to have to learn that the new type impellor machines (no agitator) do not get clothes clean or completely wet. Love this machine, price, has agitator, and water selector (manual or automatic). Wife loves this machine, plus excellent price. Clothes are cleaner than they have been in years.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2012
This is the second GE product to fall apart on us in the same month! Needless to say we will not be going back to GE anytime soon! The machine was as moody as Real Housewife. We have had it for just over a year and it was giving us problems months after having it. It was a constant guessing game as to whether or not this product was going to start or not. The switches were touchy often times you would sit there for ten minutes moving switches, pressing buttons, nothing would happen and the voila! it would start. Later you would come back to your load to find it had stopped between cycles. This machine was ridiculous. So happy to get rid of it. After going to Lowes and telling them our sorrowful story, the salesman said "You can't buy any washer these days and expect them to last long. They aren't made like they were back in the day. But you can buy a 100 dollar 5 year warranty." Nice. Went to a place where a man fixes old washers and bought an old school one. Confident this one will work better.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 12, 2012
Though not surprised, this GE HE washer exceeded my expectations. All clothes are clean, the spin dry is excellent, and the
"bang for the buck" is incredible. I never could understand why someone would want to pay over 1000.00 for a washer that is only expected to clean and rinse clothes. We only have two adults, so there is no unexpected special cleaning needed, just basic cleaning, and there are a host of HE cleaning agents that are rated by several consumer magazines, at a low cost per load. If you want a good, reliable washer that won't break the bank, but also won't let you down, check this one out, which is already rated #1 by several top rating guides.
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