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VINE VOICEon December 27, 2010
O.M.G!! This is by far my favorite book of the series! I could not put it down. I absolutely love Gabriel! He came off as kind of a hard-ass in Amaury's Hellion so when I saw that his book was next, I didn't think I was going to like it. Boy was I wrong! Gabriel is not your typical vampire. In most vamp books, the vampire is sexy, suave, extraordinarily handsome and knows all the right moves to seduce a woman into his bed. Gabriel has none of this and that's why I love him so! Thanks to a disfiguring scar on the side of his face and a physical abnormality, Gabriel does not have women falling at his feet. Instead they are running away from him in horror. So when he needs sexual gratification, he has to pay someone to sleep with him. It's embarrassing and demoralizing so Gabriel doesn't do this often.

Maya is attacked in front of her home by a vampire. The vampire left before fully turning Maya. Two Scanguards Vampires find her and takes her to Samson's house. When Gabriel spies unconscious Maya, he is immediately drawn to her. He doesn't know why but he knows that he must do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means finishing the process of turning her into a vamp and dealing with the fall out when Maya realizes what was done to her. Maya wakes up to a world she didn't knew existed. A world where there are vampires living among humans. And now she's one of them. She doesn't have a big freak out but she knows that her life will never be the same.

I love Gabriel and Maya as a couple. Their attraction is hot and we learn later in the book why the physical attraction was so immediate and intense. Maya slowly adjusts to her new life with minimal whining which I liked! I hate whiny characters. Maya is smart, strong and resilient. Gabriel is supremely over-protective of her and she doesn't hesitate to go toe-to-toe with him regarding his obsessive protectiveness.

Gabriel may not be smooth with the ladies but when he's with Maya, he is one sexy vampire. Whatever awkwardness he feels around females washes away when he's around her. Gabriel's inexperience makes their encounters even more steamy. He wants to please her and is willing to try and do whatever it takes to make that happen. But he's also afraid that she'll be turned off by his deformity like every other woman he has been with. This makes Gabriel determined to find a cure so that he can be the man that Maya deserves. Her rejection of him will be a blow that he will not be able to recover from.

Despite his fear of Maya's rejection, Gabriel and Maya do give in to their attraction. They can't seem to stay away from each other. My favorite part is when Maya and Gabriel kiss for the first time. Because his sexual encounters are with prostitutes, he's an inexperienced kisser. He wasn't sure what to do or how to kiss Maya so that she enjoyed it. It broke my heart and I loved it!

We learn more about Maya and her background and why she can not drink human blood. We also find out there's more than meets the eye with Gabriel. This aspect took away from the plot a bit for me only because I'm the type of person who like things to be simple. But this new aspect also explains Gabriel's abnormality which I'd guessed what it was early on in the book.

There is more to the book than just Gabriel and Maya's relationship. The Scanguards Vampires need to find out which vampire went rogue and attacked Maya. The mystery wasn't too hard to figure out as the plot thickened. There was a twist in the plot that was shocking and unexpected. It took me a moment to recover from it. I can't believe the author went there! But it made sense.

The side characters added depth to the story. Yvette and Zane, both vampires, really stood out in this one and I am really looking forward to their books. They are both messed up and flawed in such interesting ways. I'd love to see what kind of person will be the one to lead them to redemption. I also love Thomas, the gay vampire, and hope he finds love soon.

Gabriel's Mate is my favorite of the series thus far. It is SO steamy and during most of the book, Maya and Gabriel don't even have sex! Tina Folsom can write some hot and sexy scenes and she doesn't disappoint in this book. The characters are engaging and the plot never slows down or lags. Gabriel's Mate is a great addition to the series and a must read!
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on December 5, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed the other 2 Scanguard Vampire series, and couldn't wait to read this one, about Gabriel, who we have gotten to know in those books. I definitely wasn't disappointed!!

This book is suspenseful, a little bit scary :), a mystery, and of course very well written romantically erotic. Just simply amazing that so many aspects tied together so well in this story. The love and connection between Gabriel and Maya is undeniable from the first moment, and plays out so naturally, as if they truly were meant for each other. She accepts Gabriel's unique situation ;), and if anything, it's what she always wanted and needed, but did not realize until she met Gabriel. His "situation" is sort of a mystery at first, and I was eagerly curious as to what his problem was, not wanting to stop turning the pages to finally find out! I have to admit, that I can relate to Maya's feelings about it, and I can't say that I wouldn't accept him as he is as well. ;)

As always, the love scenes were written beautifully. There was a strong emotional connection between Gabriel and Maya, which made the passionate scenes that more enjoyable for readers.

This Scanguards book will not disappoint you. There are so many different aspects of this book, surprises, and amazing passion between Gabriel and Maya, that I'm sure you'll be up all night turning the pages, just as I was! Highly recommended read!!
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on February 5, 2011

Ok I have been sitting here trying to figure out just exactly how to review this book for one I knew going in I was going to love it or at least I hoped I would, after reading one of Tina's other works in another series I became a fan almost immediately. Let me say this one didn't disappoint and even though I hadn't read the first two books in this series, I didn't feel lost at all.

Let me just start by saying I adore Gabriel. I could be wrong but this is the first I have read a vampire with insecurities and still be her knight in shining armor so to speak and that was a refreshing change for me. Don't get me wrong I love my broody vampires but I think I almost love the vulnerable vampire more.

I know you wondering what I thought about the issues he had, to say I was totally floored would be an understatement. My mind was racing the whole time I read this trying to figure out what they were and what could be that bad to make him feel like he was a monster to women and you don't wanna know what I had been thinking it might have been(I was at one point tempted to skim ahead to find out but I didn't). I felt like a detective trying to figure out what was up with Gabriel and Maya who had her own issues that no one could figure out either and I loved every minute of it.

Maya was easy to connect to as well, I liked the fact though she was scared she did so without being whiny. The twist Tina took regarding her turning surprised me and I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to spoil it for who hasn't read it yet.

Now on to the good stuff, we all know we love these scenes admit it! I want so badly to be able to mention one my favorite scenes but I can't, lets just say I wish I had a man who would do what he did just because it needed done. The build up was almost as hot as the actual acts.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I say run don't walk and get this book. This is the third in the Scanguard series but it can be read as a stand alone with no problems though after you do read it , I can almost guarantee you will want the first two, I know I do.

My Rating for this book is a 5 out of 5 stars

I recieved a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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on June 10, 2014
The writing is good, the characters are three-dimensional, and the dialogue is pithy. Having said that, I'll talk about why I only gave this book 3 Stars.

I really loved Tina Folsom's first book and ignored the constant misunderstandings that occurred between Samson and Delilah because it made sense for those two characters to have all that inside angst.

Then, in the second book, I swallowed hard to keep back my growing annoyance with the same issue between Amaury and Nina, problems that could be fixed at the end of a five-minute conversation.

Now, the third book and I can no longer stand it. TALK TO EACH OTHER! It was driving me absolutely insane each time Gabriel wondered something about Maya while she was standing right there. ASK HER.

The same of Maya with Gabriel.

It's tiresome. I really want to see how all the other secondary characters find their HEAs, so I'll try book four, but if this author is using the same old routine, then I'm done.

This Strategy cannot be the only one in Ms. Folsom' s arsenal or she won't keep many discerning readers.
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on December 13, 2011
What can I say about this book except I recommend it to everyone. I am going to be 66 years old next week and have been an avid reader all my life. Now that I am retired I am having a wonderful time reading books like this to my heart's content.
Of the books that I have read since my retirement this series is my favorite.
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on January 22, 2011
Like the first two books in the series, this book features a dysfunctional male vampire who seeks help from the vampire psychiatrist.

In the vampire romance genre, the Scanguards Vampires series is so uniquely fun in its premise and in the way it doesn't take itself too seriously. This third installment keeps that fun and energy holding strong!
This is definitely one of my favorite series!

I would recommend reading this series in order, or at least reading book one before book three. The author does not completely reintroduce the characters and mythos. So I think a new reader might feel they were missing some explanations if they just read book three.
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on January 22, 2012
This book is #3 in the Scanguard Vampire books, and one of my favorites in the series. I loved this story because it shows that there really is such a thing as true love. Gabriel (the vampire) is drawn to Maya (the doctor) right from the beginning. At first you think it's just a physical attraction, but as you read about Gabriel's "special problem" and Maya's situation, you can tell that they are actually soulmates. Since Gabriel is one of the head guys of Scanguards (a security firm that supplies bodyguards) it becomes a conflict for him when he has to watch over Maya. Being her bodyguard means he has to protect her, not fall in love. But their attraction for each other is undeniable. I could not put this book down. Between the love scenes and wanting to know more about them, I could not stop turning the pages. There really are so many suprises in this book. Out of all the Scanguard series books, you can really see that Gabriel and Maya are really made for each other. This book is a must read! Vampire fights, hot sex, and true love, who could ask for anything more. Also you might want to start with the first Scanguard book in the series Samson's Lovely Mortal, to really get a good picture of all the characters in the book. This is the best series by far and the best books I've ever read. Each one has it's own special situation, but all are packed with love. And let's not forget the steamy scenes. Otherwise what's the point right!. Read any of Tina Folsom's books. Guaranteed you won't be disappointed!
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on August 25, 2012
Completely original combining vampire and folklore making it incredibly hot!

The third book in the Scanguard definitely delivers and stands up to the measurements of the books that have come before. Chopped full of suspense with a rouge vampire on the loose and the pull of victim and bodyguard that have never been quiet comfortable with themselves opens the door to a romantically hot, as well as equally suspenseful journey of two soul mates.

The characters are once again characters you know feel as though you relate in not only their fears, their desires, but in every aspect of their lives.

Tina has written another incredibly hot book with original spin adding in a touch of mystic and folklore as the two characters try to deal with personal discovery about their lives while also traversing a new world for one of them becoming and being a vampire yet not completely a normal run of the mill vampire. What most vampires find second nature she struggles with.

How are you a vampire if you can't drink human blood? You will need too read the book to find out how!

A must read for anyone who loves vampires, hot sex scenes, mystic folklore, witches, and just a really great book that you can't put down. Highly recommended for every reason listed above.

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on February 17, 2012
Awesome! This is the third book in the Scanguards Vampires series for adults. You do not have to read them in order unless you want to know how the previous couples met. Tina's imagination is amazing, I have read other books she's written and I was still wowed over this story. You can definitely expect the unexpected.

Maya is a doctor who was turned into a vampire against her will. She is found being attacked by two of Scanguards bodyguards and taken to the home of their boss to protect during the changing process.

Gabriel is the head of Scanguards security team and is put in charge of protecting Maya and finding the rogue vampire who turned her.

Garbriel has never had to protect someone he is so attracted to. Knowing he must resist any relationship with her because she is not safe until they find the rogue just might destroy him. As the rogue vampire closes in on her the sexual desires between them rise to extremes along with his feelings that once Maya finds out how much of a freak he his that he will lose her forever.

Will they find the rogue who is so obsessed with her that he is willing to do anything to capture her before it's too late?
Could Gabriel have found the one woman who can accept him for who and what he is?

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on January 22, 2012
Gabriel's Mate is not a book for the faint of heart. Various scenes in this book are so HOT your fantasies limits are tested. Gabriel is not like the other vampires, as you can see by his talents, he has spent centuries reigning in his passions. Maya just happens to be a victim to a rogue vampire, she is found by the recently turned Eddie and another vampire of Scanguards. Maya, however, is not doing well in her transformation when through some circumstances Gabriel ends up watching over her and somehow, which I'm not fully sharing, becomes Maya's donor. While Maya is turning Gabriel becomes overly protective of her and doesn't understand why he is having these feelings, which is cleared up throughout the book. Gabriel and Maya become drawn to each other through various means, including blood, passion, and protection.

Gabriel's Mate answers a lot of questions you may have about what happened to Gabriel. How he got the scar is answered in this book along with many other questions about his abilities, etc. I'd say more but I don't want to give too much away. As per Tina's writing style we also look into the original characters as well and take a look into their lives and relationships.

This book is worth the read:)
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