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on August 30, 2010
We got the Gaggia Baby Class 12300 over the weekend. I must confess that I purchased it not here at amazon (although I am an amazon shopper for life, I think). Firstly, the built of this machine is by far superior than my first esp machine, breville cafe roma which I had to dispatch with a heavy heart, because it was a good (cremaaaaa!!!) espresso machine. I also have a Delonghi 702, which got great reviews, but I cannot get good crema from it, so it's going back. Stainless steel casing, the cash basin is cast iron, and the filter weighs about a pound.

After carefully reading the manual,(I rarely do with other new "toys"), using this machine is easy to use. I always "prime" the machine as instructed by running it without the filter attached until the cup is filled with just water.
I usually use a clear mug/cup to see the beautiful crema that comes out.

The frother: one of the reviewers that I read was mildly complaining about it falling off. If you read the section on how to clean it and put it back it should not happen anymore. Tip: youtube has videos from casualfilm that shows you how to prime, make capuccino, clean, the machine.

Cappuccino: Wow! that's all I can say... first you make your espresso, and by the time you put your milk (stright from the fridge) the machine has warmed up already that it only takes a few seconds to heat up the milk and create a great frothing.

I have nothing but praises for this machine!!! I will try to update in about a month....
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on March 29, 2010
You pay for what you get. The Gaggia is pricey BUT it is worth the price for a great cup of espresso. We have previously owned two much cheaper models by other manufactures and they never produced a great cup of espresso. The Baby Gaggia is extremely easy to operate and contains all quality parts, most importantly it produces a world class cup of espresso or cappuccino. It is a great reminder of vacations to Italy.
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on November 16, 2015
I have owned this model for over 6 months and it is operating flawlessly ! I don't understand what others who give it a low rating are doing to their units... some I guess are just ignorant of knowing how an espresso unit works or are careless in their cleaning of it. It produces excellent shots, better than many espresso shops I have been to. Here are a few tips I would make to any user: 1. If you only use the unit once or so a day, dump the water out of the clear tank as any unit left on will sour the water due to heat migrating to the tank. Good espresso needs fresh water! That means if you have clorinated city water get some distilled water for use with the machine as it will lengthen the life of the unity.2. Clean the unit after each use! Remove the filter head with the coffee grounds immediately after use. Never allow it to set as coffee grounds will migrate upward into the unit, clog the screen and your espresso machine will die sooner than later. 3. Rinse the tray after every use so that mold and any corrosive coffee acids do not adhere to your unit. 4. Keep everything clean! Yeah, you might say that is a bother... but then if you have more money than sense you can always find yourself buying another unit before you need to. This is a great machine!
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on September 21, 2015
We've had the machine for some weeks now, not long enough to have opinions about its durability, but we're ecstatic about the espresso it produces. We felt the need--after 53 years of marriage!--of such a machine after traveling in Budapest and Slovakia this summer, enjoying superb espresso time and again. The instructions are fairly opaque, but actually once you boil it all down, pulling a shot is extremely simple. Measure and grind the beans (I have a Capresso grinder), pop the grounds in the filter, tamp lightly just to level the contents (if you're using the one-hole filter basket and the crema pressure insert), insert the portafilter in the machine, hit the coffee brew button, and then of course hit it again when you want to stop the flow. I've made espresso twice with the two-cup mesh filter, leaving aside the pressure gizmo and tamping much harder, and, well, I'm still learning: I've gotten no crema this way. But really there isn't much incentive to keep pursuing this, because the espresso made the easy way is reliably divine. I've made excellent frothed milk on the machine but so far I prefer plain espresso, with its beautiful head of crema, and a soupçon of cold milk. By the way, at first I measured out 14 grams of coffee for each shot, bean by bean, but I soon found that the scoop that comes with the machine saves me the trouble. Perfectly level, it holds exactly 14 grams, at least of the coffees I've been using. I don't find it hard to imagine that the removable tray the cup sits on will rust, as people have complained. But the stainless finish on the rest of the machine seems solid, not painted on. Brushed stainless can indeed get smudgy, but it's perfectly washable. A reviewer complained that there isn't clearance to place a mug under the spouts. I have two types of 14-oz cups, sort of blocky in shape, that can be placed there with a bit of care, and my 8-oz cups slide in and out with ease. Water accumulates in the well beneath the cup tray, but the well slides out so that one can dump the water in the sink: it's no biggie. I've learned to slide a saucer in as I remove the filled cup, and that catches any dripping coffee. Thus I don't often need to rinse the well. All in all, I'm pretty much over the moon at being able to make such delicious espresso in my own home--much more to my taste, by the way, than any I've had at restaurants or coffee houses in town.
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on July 13, 2011
I had a Gaggia Classic for years, which gave one consistently great shot after another. I upgraded to the Gaggia Baby Class, and after 7 months I have given up. It has gone back for service twice, and each time came back not working properly. When I complained, I was told the problem was a "new" problem, and even though it was still under warranty, I would have to pay shipping ($50.00).

My new Baby Class is inconsistent and pours great shots alternating with shots I have to throw away. Service from Whole Latte Love/Importika has deteriorated since I had my first Gaggia machine. I have finally given up and gotten rid of this machine and purchased a new one, a different brand from a different vendor.

Very disappointing.
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on June 20, 2015
Wow they have made the machine much more streamlined sine my original machine maybe 10 years old.

I learned my lesson and will use the tamper and run lean water through much more frequently. When reading the troubleshooting gude i realized what had gone wrong with my old machine. The coffee grounds had worked their way up under the plate that sends the water down. Sure enough it was easy to unscrew the plate and i found a crust of old coffee. Sadly if i had checked sooner I probably would have gotten another 10 years out of the old machine.

My only suggested improvement would be to lower the cup tray so that i can brew directly into a mug when i make my latte and get all the crema. I remove the drip tray and brew directly in the mug but it does make it more trouble to clean the drips.

I am not a fan of unnecessary garbage so i dont use pods but it is nice that you can use pods with this machine.

Shout out to the previous reviewer who recommended reading the instructions, which i never do...
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on November 28, 2015
Extremely unhappy with this coffee machine. Very hard to get good coffee from it consistently. After hours of fiddling, I finally got decent espresso from it, mostly, day to day. But after a few months, it started leaking water in and around the coffee ground holder. Also, not a fault of this machine, but a reason to buy a different one - the hassle of it being one burner ... basically you have to wait for it to heat up extra for steam, and then you have to wait for it to cool down before you pull your shot. So its a challenge, and hassle, to sequence your coffee and foam. But thats not specific to this machine, more an issue with all single burner machines. Pay more and get one without that issue. But, no matter what, don't buy this machine. Cheaply made, sorta ugly frankly, and tempremental
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on June 7, 2011
I've had similar problems with Gaggia & Whole Latte Love / IMPORTIKA.

Whole Latte Love advertised a 2yr warranty on their website + 1yr extended warranty = 3yrs. I had a problem, so they claimed the 1yr extended warranty is inclusive of the 2yr = 2yr. Also labor is not included in the extended period.

They then a guy, Andrew, referred me to the importer, "Importika", telling me it's a completely different business. I call Importika and...surprise.... Adam picks up the call. Go to their website and they only offer a 1yr warranty. I then found that it's the same business and location as Whole Latte Love. The owners manual states a 2yr warranty, but only for items purchased in the European Union. The manufacturer warranty is not valid. Whole Latte Love does not disclose this information when you buy it.

Btw, you also have to pay an arm & leg to send the machine to them to fix, then to send it back.

Then if they give you instructions to fix it yourself to save on shipping, and it doesn't work, they next guy will tell you it was opened and the 'warranty' is void.

As for the exact problems I've had:
1. the buttons / switches will break and don't lock in place. I've had to open it up and epoxy the broken metal pieces each time it breaks.
2. the burner constantly corrodes even with regular maintenance and distilled water. I have to pre-rinse the corrosion and calcium out before each use.
3. the group head leaks
4. the insides and upper base plate are plastic. The bolts screw into them and they will break, leaving you with loose pieces.
5. stainless steel sounds great but I have permanent stains everywhere.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 11, 2010
This is a great looking machine and functions very well. It takes some time to get the crema right but it when it works properly, it's excellent.

However, after using it regularly for four weeks, it seems the filter becomes very clogged very quickly and has to be cleaned often. The holes seem quite small and the water accumulates in the awkward catch tray quite often. It's frustrating because water also accumulates under the machine. Lots of cleaning involved. Didn't happen on our old Saeco. Suppose it could be the grind but its been the same used from day one. At this point, I would not rank it over 4 stars.
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on March 2, 2015
I've had for 2 months now and I am very happy with the machine. Replaced a Saeco that I wore out after 6 years. Like the form of this machine. As would be expected, there are a couple things I think could be improved. Plug sticks out back of machine which is kind of awkward, wish I had order the model next up that automatically turns off and has ability to program shots. Other than that, I really like this one. Great espresso.
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