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on August 28, 2008
I have used many, many different detox/cleansing products. Supreme Cleanse is one of the very best. It is a fiber and herb based cleanse with enough product to nearly make it 3 weeks, though they say it is a two week supply. I suggest doing two of these kits back to back for optimal results.

It's simple enough: drink fiber in the morning and again at night, with a wee bit of liquid six times a day. Modify your diet to healthy during the cleanse, and that's it.

Hint: the fiber is tough to get down so I split it into two batches and mix each FAST with organic, unfiltered apple juice instead of water. Drink it QUICKLY.
Hint: I premix my six sets of liquid drops a day by using shot glasses with a little water in each. I make them up in the morning and then just take them at the appropriate time of day.

After this cleanse, I have had my depth perception improve, colors seem more vibrant, mental clarity by far improves, my energy level is better, and I feel cleaner inside me.

I have done 22 cleanses to date, and I assure you your money will be well spent on this product. Do follow their guidelines for best results. And expect some cleansing side effects when gunk is cleaning out of your body. It happens. Headaches, grouchiness, feeling "off." It will pass, just keep cleansing and DO drink at least 10 cups or more of water daily. The cleanse won't work without water to flush out the toxins that are released.

If at any point the cleansing side effects get to be too much, just eat a baked potato with the skin to slow down the detoxing. And drink even more water to flush out the impurities.
Good luck.
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on August 11, 2008
...I don't mind the taste of any of it. It's herbal. You might even say dirt-like. I don't mind. The bitters are quite bitter and I add a dash of organic lime juice, which combines nicely.

I'm just starting my third cleanse with this product. The first was just over a year ago. I had a different experience with the first two times. Energy, mental clarity, and emotional outlook were off the charts the first time and I felt great the entire time. Second time I did get some headaches and nausea the first few days--I think I was detoxing more--but still ended up feeling amazing. Both times the healthy eating that goes along with it, combined with daily exercise, caused me to lose a few pounds. And I definitely wasn't fasting, just following the suggested diet to the letter (NO: alcohol, meat, bread, wheat, dairy, nuts, sweets, processed/fatty foods--YES: beans, fresh fruits, veggies, tofu, whole grains)

Best part of the cleanse: coffee is allowed!
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on February 26, 2011
I wanted to do a cleanse, from the point of view of cleaning out.. but i didn't want to do anything that would hurt my body (recent articles on research about the extreme juice cleanses popularized by the hollywood set and the effects on your organs and systems don't sound good at all.)

So I picked this up because the whole idea is that you eat "normally" as in.. you eat meals and snacks. However, they recommend, and I followed this mostly, that you cut out wheat, dairy products, red meat, saturated fats, alcohol, sugar, etc. in favor of veggies and fruits, small portions of chicken and fish, veggie soups, legumes and beans, whole grains like amaranth or whole oats or quinoa, and a lot of lemon water. I was already 3/4 of the way there with diet, so i just had to cut out wheat, milk and cheese, and red meat which I don't eat a lot of, and then i really minimized wheat and still did eat 0% plain greek yogurt. They don't say anything about eggs but i kept that to a minimum.

I worried that I might feel hungry on this regime, but actually, I rarely felt hungry, which was surprising to me. Also surprising: it was very easy to do for 14 days, and now i think i may continue to minimize wheat and cheese and red meat, and maintain the food regime.

I followed the twice a day regime: 2 pills and fiber in the am 1/2 hour before breakfast, and 2 pills a hour after dinner, which felt very easy to maintain. I have a crazy work schedule but didn't find that the beginning and end of day expectations were a problem.

I feel fantastic. I think part of that is getting off wheat (mostly.. i did put some bread crumbs into a cauliflower hash made with 1T olive oil, a large onion, a whole head of cauliflower chopped fine, and fresh sage, S&P.. sauteed and then sprinkled about 2T of bread crumbs.. makes about 4 servings and everyone else not on the cleanse really liked it!) So.. the lack of wheat caused my blood sugar to stabilize. I'm not allergic as some are.. but i notice that i'm often crashing a few hours after a meal with some wheat (even when balanced with protein, a lot of veggies etc), and then sometimes over doing the correction for the crash. Also, not eating cheese has caused me to feel much lighter. I don't eat a lot, maybe 1-2oz a day, but i'm really noticing the effects of not eating cheese as well.

And part of the great feeling is just concentrating more on veggies and fruits. I already eat 5 and 3 servings of veggies and fruit a day.. but adding in the soups i made (broccoli, leek and potato, carrot ginger, chard and spinach.. all made with homemade stock, some onion, herbs, S&P and pureed) and keeping in the fridge for when I get hungry, has really made this very very doable and delicious. And I still eat about 4 oz of protein via fish or chicken, lots of fruits, and whole grains. And i've cheated and had a glass of wine when out to dinner, and had coconut macaroons (a little sugar with the coconut and egg whites) when at a party. But also things like sauteed chard with lemon and garlic, sauteed spinach with ginger and lemon, etc all with minimal olive oil are great warm delicious additions to meals and feel great.

Gaia also recommends working out daily which I've mostly done, though I've not on one or two days as I had too many work obligations going.

But overall it feels great to have the herbs and fiber, as well as follow the dietary recommendations. The liver and detox pills and fiber are all very comfortable, though i have felt a little tired at times, going to bed an hour earlier than usual on some nights.

My recommendation is to follow their diet, sleep and workout recommendations as closely as you can, make things you can keep in the fridge to just warm up if you feel cold and hungry (I did this in winter.. soups are great for that) so you don't reach for the wrong things.

The cleanse feels really good, and not extreme. It feels like your body is getting a very gentle washing on the inside, due to the herbs and fiber, without putting you in danger as the juice cleanses apparently do to your body.
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on September 7, 2014
I don't feel any difference to my body after the cleanse. The cleanse said you can take it up to 1 month which I did but still doesn't feel any difference to my body. The fiber suppose to help you with the elimination of the body but it doesn't work for me, I have constipation throughout the whole time even after I finish two bottle of it.
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on January 19, 2015
I bought this product in the past and loved it; I felt the herbs were high-quality and worked gently. It used to include a bottle of Gaia’s Deep Detox formula (same UPC code). Regrettably, they no longer include it in this package offered through Amazon. I preferred these capsules to the soluble fiber, which isn’t easy to swallow all at once in 8-10oz. of water. Very disappointed; I won’t buy it again.
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on February 6, 2014
so easy to take. 2 items, one in am, in in pm. no yucky taste. the morning one fills you up so you dont crave to overeat and makes for easy, sorry, 'poop' in am and can be used year round.
eve pill makes it so when you wake up in morning your breath is normal and teeth shiny and you're in balanced normal peaceful mood.
whole world needs to take this product daily.
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on August 15, 2014
Shocked that this actually worked. I'm converted. Other reviews were really helpful in my decision and experience with this product. I followed the diet restrictions pretty well with a few cheat meals and this product worked very well for me. I'm 23 years old 5'9 and 130lbs if that helps. I didn't lose weight on this product, I think the intention is not weight loss but you will lose weight if you eat lots of cupcakes and then suddenly switch to the prescribed diet of this cleanse. I'm planning on doing this every year.
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on April 15, 2014
The fiber taste like dirt literally. I had to mix it with Metamucil to give it some flavor. The liver cleanse gave me bad headaches I had to reduce it to 2 times daily. Not so pleased with the product, I ate more than I use to.
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on March 8, 2014
It didn't do for me what it was supposed to do, I had the adverse effects,
It made me constipated. I still take the pills at PM for the Liver Cleanse
I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a good cleansing to remove the toxins in their bod.
Unfortunately, I had the adverse effects, many do not.
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on December 15, 2013
I bought this cleanse on the recommendation of a friend who has used it many times with great success. I had headache the first couple of days and tiredness almost the entire duration of the cleanse. I took that to mean it was working, but I didn't feel any different after it was complete. My friend said she always felt amazing following the completion of the cleanse. I was really disappointed to not have the same experience. I followed the recommended diet the first week. The second week I followed the recommended diet approximately 90%. Since the diet is just recommended to enhance the cleanse, I don't feel the fact that I didn't stick 100% with the diet suggestion was the cause for my lack of results.
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