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5.0 out of 5 stars Best 90 day program!
I bought this on the Body Revolution website (cheaper). But I thought I would write a review here so that you have an idea of what you are getting. I lost 23 pounds, 32 inches, and 2 pant sizes on the program. I did not follow the meal plan, but restricted my calorie intake to 1200-1600 calories per day.

There are 15 dvds (12 strength, 3 cardio). Each workout...
Published on May 28, 2012 by Mira87

237 of 324 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Recycled
If you already have all of Jillian's other dvds stick with those. This program is more of the same, but not as difficult as 30DS, NMTZ and BFBM. Those dvds bring the pain!!! and you do not have to use heavy weights to feel it. Body Revolution uses some of the same moves she uses in her other dvds and this set is more toning than cardio. You get 15 dvds in all. I was...
Published 18 months ago by J. Goode

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441 of 465 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best 90 day program!, May 28, 2012
I bought this on the Body Revolution website (cheaper). But I thought I would write a review here so that you have an idea of what you are getting. I lost 23 pounds, 32 inches, and 2 pant sizes on the program. I did not follow the meal plan, but restricted my calorie intake to 1200-1600 calories per day.

There are 15 dvds (12 strength, 3 cardio). Each workout is 4 circuits and 25-35 minutes. The cardio dvds include a single circuit repeated 3 times. You change strength dvds every 2 weeks and cardio dvds each month. You workout 6 days per week (2 days of cardio and 4 days of strength). The cast on these dvds are great. Their form is usually really good (but it depends on who you are following). Jillian is really tough, but the results are there! I remember the first time she had us do push-up jacks, I could only do 1. After two weeks, I could do the entire 30 sec interval of push-up jacks.

If you have bad knees, this might not be for you (especially phase 3). However, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to modify some of the plyo moves in the strength dvds (it's the cardio 3 dvd that is mostly plyo). I admit, I got really sick of the cardio dvds. You are doing them twice per week for a month before you get a new dvd. I ended up substituting those workouts with other cardio dvds (like Kickbox Fastfix).

I would HIGHLY recommend this program. I will be doing another round soon!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic workout! Great DVDs! Jillian rocks! BUT not a beginner workout so beware., April 6, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
I've only had this set for about a week. I started with workout 1 and have been alternating in sets of 3 per the included guide so workout 1, workout 2, cardio, then back to workout 1. I am not following the enclosed diet plan as it just doesn't suit my needs but I do eat as healthy as possible since I have high cholesterol (lots of veggies, very low saturated fats, watching the carbs, eating lean meats, etc.) As far as the DVDs themselves go, I love Jillian's attitude. I love the way she likes to have fun with her workout group on the DVDs and isn't afraid to shout at and motivate her people. It's a very positive environment that Jillian's created but she's also honest and says flat out when one of the exercises is gonna suck.

Couple of points: 1) you will want a good set of dumb bells. I bought a set here on Amazon and they're very nice, 2lb to 5lb. Go heaver if you're used to using weights in your workouts. 2) you will need some kind of exercise stretch cord. Again, I bought one here at Amazon for about 7 bucks and it works great. I'd go with a medium weight cord unless you're used to using one in your workouts and feel you can use a heavier one.

First day, first workout kicked, my, butt! I was soooo sore! I sweated profusely, could barely breathe and felt weak for hours afterwards, nauseous and very wobbily. I hadn't realized just how out of shape I really was! I don't think I've ever done a real workout in my entire life until I started these DVDs! I was used to doing 1/2 hour on my exercise bike 6 out of 7 days a week. This helped me maintain my current weight (in the high 150's [I'm female, about 5'7" btw to give some perspective]) but it didn't offer me a full body workout and certainly didn't get me in shape. The bike got boring so I looked for something better. I think I've found it but we'll see if I can keep it up. I really want to do the full 90 days but read on about my concerns.

Second day, second workout, not as bad as day 1, surprisingly. I still felt sore but the muscles I'd worked the day before were given a rest as different muscle groups are worked in the second video. I felt, hey, I can do this, I can stick with it. Then, there's the cardio. Again, I felt like a DVD had kicked my a**! But it felt pretty good afterward and I still thought, hey I can stick with this and really tone and sculpt my body and get a good aerobic workout too.

I took a break on the 4th day simply because of my personal schedule. Started next day with workout 1 again. Whew! Still rather difficult and I was really feeling it after but the nausea and wobbly-ness weren't there so I was happy. Yesterday...OW! I don't know what I did but I have to say, be careful when doing these DVDs. They are NOT beginner DVDs. I ripped a muscle in my glut and hamstring yesterday doing one of the exercises from workout 2 that I had done only a few days before with perfect success. As I continued with the workout I ripped something in my right arm. Again, just following the DVD the same way I had done the first time. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT blaming the DVDs here. I still think this is an excellent program. I'm blaming myself for thinking my body could just jump into something totally new and very intense.

I'm worried now that I won't be able to do the cardio today because of my injured muscles. I may have to modify the workouts so this doesn't happen again, which, to me, defeats the purpose of the program. :( I feel like if I stop now to give my muscles time to heal I won't want to start again.

So, if you are out of shape (like me), I would probably NOT choose this set to begin with. Go with something a little lighter so you don't injure yourself. On the other hand, if you feel you are in shape but want something more intense than your regular workout, go for it! Jillian really packs a ton of energy into just 1/2 hour a day! We'll see how things go for me. I will try to remember update this review at a later time so my progress can help you decide if you want to purchase this set.

***UPDATE 4/13/13
Woot! I survived the first 2 weeks! I have some observations, tips, and cautions for y'all so you can make an even more informed purchase decision.

1. OW! This is a WORK-out. If you are not prepared to WORK your a** off for this, don't waste your money. Decide exactly what it is you want and why you are doing this to yourself. As Jillian says in one of the videos, "If you don't have a why, you will find the how almost impossible." I'm still red-faced, drenched in sweat, and out of breath after 2 weeks of doing just the first 2 workouts and first cardio disks. If you aren't willing to give 100% to each workout then don't waste your money.

2. I'm definitely seeing results! My muscles are getting toned up, my upper back chub (in the bra area) is gone, and I can look in the mirror and say hello to an actual waist because my upper abs are starting to look pretty good! Believe it or not my shoulders look and feel a lot better too. I am less tense there after doing one of these workouts because there is quite a bit of upper body work. My size 12 pants are looser. I have more energy. I no longer get out of breath going up a flight of stairs! On the other hand, it's only been two weeks. I haven't actually weighed myself but I still have "trouble zones" like flappy underarms and thick thighs which ticks me off! :( Maybe those will be "fixed" later. I feel like I'm not so much losing weight as I am toning my muscles. We'll see how it goes.

3. Watch each video FIRST before you do any of the workouts. You will not have time to study each move before Jillian moves into it. I even practice some of the moves a day or so before I do the actual workout for the first time just to make sure my body knows what to do. Remember you only have a half an hour to do this. Stopping the video to get into position defeats the purpose of the fast calorie-burning muscle toning workouts. Also this will prevent you from accidentally pulling something while doing the actual workout.

4. Drink water BEFORE and AFTER each workout to stay hydrated! This is very important. You will NOT have time to grab some water between exercises.

5. I watched workout three earlier this week because tomorrow is when I start week 3 and I thought "Oh my god!" Worried that I couldn't do it. Now I'm thinking to myself, self, "Stick with it. You never know what you can do until you try." So now I am actually looking forward to my exercise tomorrow. More in a few weeks when I may have other ideas, observations, etc.

UPDATE 4/26/13
I'm coming up on my last cardio tomorrow for weeks 3 and 4. Workouts 3 and 4 were awesome. There's a lot of plank in these two which kills my arms. I'd almost like to give them an extra week to see if I could improve on some of the moves butt I don't want to hit a plateau. There's one move in particular that requires quite a bit of balance (standing on one leg and bending forward with a flat back then standing straight up and doing a dumbbell row) that I just can't seem to balance on enough to keep my form. But hey, maybe it's something I can improve on in future workouts. Some of the exercises in these workouts include side crunches, "squirms," sumo squats with triceps extensions, lunges (backward and forward but not in the same workout), plank with crescent pose, plank ups, and plank with leg lifts. Did I mention there was plank? Good mornings, hot feet, punches, terri (sp?) pulls, etc.

Couple of notes: Order yourself the Jillian Michaels resistance cord from her website (not sure why they don't sell it here on Amazon). It's far superior to the short rubber stretchy one I bought first and has better pull. The handles are ergonomically designed too and you will need it. I tried a particular exercise and my cheap resistance band just wouldn't stretch far enough to let me do the exercise because you have to loop it around your foot and then step into a lunge and press the handles forward. The JM cord is also adjustable. I bought mine for 10 bucks plus about 5 shipping so you won't break the bank there.

As for my body, well... Still improving! Vastly better than one month ago. I'm kind of disappointed that my thighs seem to be the same darned circumference they've been all along. The difference is that the fat is being replaced by muscle which is fine but it's kind of hard to "drop a pants size" when your waist is getting smaller but your thighs are still like tree-trunks. Grrr! I wish there was as much focus on the lower body as on the upper body in these videos. BUT my waist IS looking much nicer! I don't have a beach body yet though :( still a little belly there, but hello feet without sucking in my gut! LOL!

I am sticking with this. Watched workout 5 today to see what's coming up and it looks harder but funner! Guess what? There's more PLANK!
More when I'm done sweating through weeks 5 and 6.
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5.0 out of 5 stars I've lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks!, July 28, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
I have about 40 lbs total to lose. I have always participated in sports, but I've also always been overweight. I attempted to start this program multiple times, then finally made it a priority and low and behold it's working. The weight did not just fall off immediately, and I didn't really lose a lot the first two weeks, but I kept at it because I could feel myself getting stronger with each workout. I'm so glad that I did!

I just completed the first workout in month 2, and couldn't finish all the moves. Jillian just keeps amping it up. I'm so excited to continue growing and improving with the program, and to be able to do all the moves perfectly in workouts 5 and 6 at the end of 2 weeks.

Something that I was curious about when I bought this program was how I would feel having to repeat workouts multiple times before moving on, particularly in repeating the cardio workout for the whole month. I have to say that it hasn't been bad at all. In fact, I've enjoyed getting to know the routines as it's been a great way to see how I'm improving. There is truly nothing that's been more satisfying than not being able to complete a move at the beginning of the two week segment, then being able to do it perfectly at the end of the two weeks.

The workout length has also been perfect for me. Half an hour is so doable for me mentally. Even when I've had incredibly long days at work (and my job is very stressful and tiring, part of why I started out 40 lbs overweight), half an hour isn't over the top mentally. I also have to say that I am able to deal with the stress at work so much better right now, and I think it's due to the discipline I've been teaching myself through eating better and doing these workouts.

Update post weeks 5/6:
Just completed the final cardio for week 6. Hands shaking slightly while writing this. As of this morning, I'm down a total of 14 pounds since starting this. Honestly, I'm somewhat shocked by the number, as it feels like a lot. I was legitimately concerned during weeks 1 and 2 that I wasn't losing much, and now I am just that much more grateful that I've been sticking with this. This week I had some extra nervous energy from work, and did a second kickboxing cardio workout after the noon hour cardio with this. I was definitely more tired the next day, but what really amazed me was how much easier the kickboxing cardio workout was than I'd expected. Jillian really is getting me into great shape with truly manageable workouts of 30 minutes.

The other thing that I took comfort in while attempting to get through my final round of burpees in the cardio today was just what incredible shape Jillian's other participants are in these workouts. At first I thought they were all just their for their ridiculous bodies, but now that I've been hanging out with them for 6 weeks, they are becoming more and more inspiring to me, and they are truly in phenomenal shape, which Jillian displays by "picking on" each of them and having them show their best efforts at exercises. It's inspiring for me to see how much more room there is for me to progress and keep improving.

I still have 24 pounds that I plan to lose before being down with this getting in shape & weight loss journey, and I know I'm going to be incredibly proud when I get through week 12 of this, and I'll be that much closer to my goal weight. I will also have shown myself that I have all the discipline I need to finish this and stick with a 12 week program.

Update post weeks 7-8
I had to travel for work for over a week during this time, so these weeks took a bit longer to get through. I did Jillian Michaels Banish fat boost metabolism as well as an Amy Dixon DVD while I was traveling as both don't require weights. I'm now down 18 pounds as of this morning. I have a pear shaped body, and I'm almost more excited that I've lost 4.5 inches from my hips since starting 2 months ago. I'm incredibly happy with the results and how my body is getting stronger, but I also know that my weight loss is having a lot to do with what I'm eating. I did workout 9 yesterday and am about to start workout 10. I really like workout 9. For me, it had a lot more quad work than workout 7, but was actually slightly more doable than 7, as the arm work didn't feel quite as impossible (two rounds of pushups in workout 7. ugh.). I still love that with each workout Jillian introduces moves that I've seen before but never thought I'd be capable of. Then suddenly I'm doing them, and it's so incredibly satisfying. Workout 9 includes jumping jacks pushups? Who me? Ya, that's right. I did jumping jacks pushups yesterday. Sweet!

Update post weeks 9-10
I am now down a total of 5.5 inches from my hips. Really impressive in my opinion down a total of 23.6 pounds as well. I'm really happy. I get excited to workout now, and it feels like so many other things in my life are better, and there's more balance because I've made working out an important part of my life again. I feel like an athlete again, which I haven't felt like since college. Thanks Jillian for developing this series. Excited for weeks 11 and 12.

Update end of program:
As of the end, I lost a total of about 27 pounds doing this workout. I have actually been done with it for about a month now, and was struggling with what to do to keep the momentum going. I'm now running a lot more and doing the two Amy Dixon Breathless Body workout DVDs. I LOVE THEM. I also love going back and doing these Jillian workouts again. For some reason, I keep gravitating back to workouts 7 and 8. I think those were my favorite two. I have not only kept the weight off, but I've now lost a total of almost 32 lbs. I have 8 pound left to lose, and I have never felt so good in my own body. I visited my parents for the first time since losing weight last week, and my mom let out an expletive (which she NEVER does) she was so surprised by how different I looked. I truly crave exercising now, and I really credit this program for jump starting everything. I also am not at all depressed any more. I was never clinicly depressed, but I definitely used to feel down. I feel happy almost all the time now, even when dealing with large amounts of stress at work. 30 minute Jillian workouts are AWESOME.

I'm trying to get into some Cathe DVDs next to add variety. So far, they feel much more dancey and require A LOT more equipment than Jillian. These 12 workouts really did tone my whole body. Now that I'm running more and not doing as much with weights, I think I've lost some upper body muscle and ab definition (my least favorite things to work on previously...) although I'm in great cardio shape. The one minute sections in workouts 7 and 8 are quite easy for me now. The pushups, not so much.

I've recommended this program to a couple of people who felt the price was too high for them. I think the price is high, and it's a bit gimmicky that there are separate DVDs for each workout (you could easily combine each month's onto 1 DVD, but then, it wouldn't feel like you were getting as much would it). However, I would gladly pay the $100 again to do this program. So many times I have just said to myself, "if only I could lose this extra weight, I would feel so much better about myself." This program actually made that a reality and I don't think I could ever put a price on that.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Perfect Mix!, June 17, 2013
S. Spivak (Newark, DE United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
I am absolutely in love with this program! I just wrapped up week 5 of 12 and felt compelled to give my review (to be updated after 90 days). However, to appreciate the program you must 1) know how to use it, 2) use it correctly, and 3) understand what results are. This program requires you to set aside 25-35 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Each week you use 3 DVDs: 2 strength and 1 cardio. The first strength is the front of the body muscle groups and the second is the back of the body muscle groups. The program is divided into 3 phases (each 1 month long) that gets progressively harder. Because you go through all 15 DVDs over the course of 3 months - I found that I never got bored of what I was doing and neither did my body.

You HAVE to be serious about getting in shape if you expect anything out of this program. This is not some poor excuse for you to say you're doing the bare minimum of exercise. This program is meant to burn fat and build muscle (ladies don't fear - you will NOT get bulky). Nutrition in addition to the workouts is an absolute MUST.

The program includes a nutrition plan. Since I am already a clean eater and using My Fitness Pal to track my calories I didn't bother with this. However, taking a look at the materials it would be challenging to put together but not impossible if you are truly motivated to get the results you want.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that minimal equipment is required. You need a set of weights (3lb, 5lb, 8lb), resistance band, and a yoga mat (optional). I would suggest for those more physically fit you may want to look into 10lb weights as well if you're looking for a challenge or repeating the program.

As with many of Jillian's workouts, she works in circuits. I love this concept because I always know where I am in the grand scheme of everything (for better or for worse). All the strength workouts incorporate a cardio interval to keep your heart rate going strong so you burn even more calories. In the strength DVDs there are 4 circuits with 2 intervals each. The cardio DVDs have 3 circuits that you do all the exercises once through.

Definitely reasonable for all that you get! Whether you buy it on Amazon or through Jillian's site, the cost of $100-120 is still far cheaper than a personal trainer or gym membership for 3 months of workouts and nutritional guidance.

Perfect length at 25-35 minutes each! Everybody can make that much time in their schedule to work out. Don't be fooled by the short amount of time - Jillian pushes you to your max during each and every second.

For anybody who thinks this is "too hard" or "too easy" you don't know what you're talking about. First, if it's too easy for you then you're clearly not doing the modifications and pushing yourself to your max (either by adding more body resistence or heavier weights). If it's too hard for you (depending on your fitness level) you should do what you can. It will get easier as you get stronger. Getting in shape is not easy, do NOT give up on yourself. I found that it was the ideal mixture of intense workouts that had more sweat pouring off of me than I've seen in my life. If I get too good at an exercise I do it faster, harder, stronger. Jillian has done a great job in easing you into the more crazy moves as you get further along. As an example, weeks 1-2 I was going "girly" pushups, weeks 3-4 I was doing normal pushups, weeks 5-6 I'm doing normal pushups with a side plank, etc. These sorts of things should help you see how much stronger you are getting.

People have mixed feelings on Jillian in this program. Anybody familiar with any of Jillian's workouts or even seen her on The Biggest Loser would know that she's very much an in your face person. My husband finds her to be really obnoxious, but I don't mind her one bit because it keeps me going when I just want to stop. As for the rest of the people in the program, the diversity of personalities I found was nice. Yes, some do the exercises more intensely than others but across the board I like all of them.

What can you expect? Depends on your fitness level. My suggestion is to ignore your scale (no matter how hard that is). I had already lost most of my weight when I started this program and in 5 weeks I am at the weight I started at (with having lost 1 lb at the end of the first month). HOWEVER--I lost 10.25 inches after the first month which tells me this program is working. I am seeing more definition in my body which is making me jump for joy because it is something I have never had! Do people lose weight on this program? Absolutely! Just don't measure your success by the scale alone. As long as you eat clean and track what you're taking in and what you're burning off this program WILL work to turn your body around.

If you try this program, follow it properly, and stick to it for 90 days and I promise you can not go wrong!
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5.0 out of 5 stars 1 yr later, June 11, 2014
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This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
I have been doing this program for a little over a year now and have lost 85 lbs. I went from a straining size 18 to a size 8. I haven't been a size 8 since I skipped it on my way up in sizes when I was growing up. I have always been a yo yo dieter but usually didn't incorportate exercise with the diets. I started this program by doing it after I came home from work but it gave me so much energy I switched to getting up earlier and doing it before work.

I believe i saw in an earlier review that you have to work the workout for it to work for you, and that is so true. I did a disc a day with one day rest through two cycles of the program. Some of the phases I did have to go 3 weeks on instead of the two to feel like I could really master them. There were some higher impact cardio moves that were a little hard on my 40 yr old knees, such as rockstars, but I would just modify them and keep moving.

I absolutely love Jillian. She always says it is not her that did the hard work to get us to our goals, but it was her that made this great workout that I was able to stick with and make work for me. I would recommend the program to anyone that is serious about losing weight this time and is ready to stick with a program.

Jillian, please make a body revolution #2, I am anxiously awaiting it! I loved Omar, Natalie, Mimi and the whole crew so please bring them back!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Recycled, March 2, 2013
This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
If you already have all of Jillian's other dvds stick with those. This program is more of the same, but not as difficult as 30DS, NMTZ and BFBM. Those dvds bring the pain!!! and you do not have to use heavy weights to feel it. Body Revolution uses some of the same moves she uses in her other dvds and this set is more toning than cardio. You get 15 dvds in all. I was disappointed to only get 1 cardio dvd for each month. Boring. You will do four days of toning and two days of cardio. The set is wide open with many people, but it sounds like she is yelling the whole time and I am not sure why. The music is too loud or she doesn't have a mic on. It starts out easy and increases in intensity over time. This is not one you can redo after the 90 days are completed because it will be too easy. If you have all of her other dvds then don't waste $100+ buying this one as it is not worth it. She has a new dvd coming out soon so I would wait for it rather than get this set. If you can buy body revolution used or under $50 then go for it otherwise keep your money and continue to use her other dvds. I highly recommend 30DS, NMTZ, BFBM and Ripped in 30 just for the calorie burn alone. I believe if you use her other dvds for 90 days you will lose the same amount of weight if not more judging from all of the reviews of 30DS, NMTZ, BFBM and Ripped in 30. You can make your own 90 day program and not have to spend $100!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't say enough good things about this workout program!, March 15, 2013
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This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
I'm a skeptic. I'm also lazy- I didn't like to exercise outside of walking. I love food....healthy whole foods but still I love it and I ate lots of it. I convinced myself that people who exercised daily were just vain control freaks. I just had my 4th baby and was stuck at an unhealthy weight (about 10 pounds over the unhealthy weight I was already at going into the pregnancy). I tried some other easier programs over the years but nothing really made a difference. I would lose a pound and then gain it back. None of those programs really impacted my mindset. For some reason, Jillian hit the jackpot. Maybe I was just ready to do this for myself! I don't know. I think there is something about this program that makes it easier to start and keep up with. Little did I know that...

A) I really would lose almost a dress size in the first week! My sz 10 pants were loosening up. Baggy in the bum and sliding down my hips! Yeah!

B) the benefits of exercising would impact my emotional and mental health drastically. I started Jillian's program just over 2 weeks ago and I feel amazing inside! I'm less stressed and sleep better. I'm taking control of my life and make positive changes that I had been unwilling to make in the past (mostly because I had given up on ever feeling on top of things in my life). I fell under the weight of many burdens. I'm noticing as I lose inches of fat, I'm losing negative patterns in my life that were effecting my wellbeing! Could it be that we store our feelings in our fat cells? Has to be!

C) It's not that hard! The first day was hard, the second a little less hard and by the third, I had it! The intensity is picking up now in week two but I feel so good when I'm exercising that I'm kinda hooked! Jillian makes it fun. She's got a great sense of humor but she also has that gym teacher "push it!" streak that I need to hear to get through some of the circuits. I like her! She does have a bit of a "potty" mouth but my kids know not to repeat those words.

D) I can still eat pasta, pizza, casseroles, baked appropriate portion sizes! That's the key! I don't want to do any diet that makes me give up things that I like to eat because I will never stick to it. So, it's not exactly how Jillian proposes I lose the weight but I'm still losing inches and 1-2lbs a week (lost 6 in the first one). I am noticing how my body responds to certain foods so I'm considering eating gluten-free and minimal beef. Both these foods make me bloated and constipated. I never noticed before because I wasn't paying attention to my body!

I highly recommend this program. Part of me doesn't want to share my secret but I know I won't be able to keep quiet when people ask how I lost the weight! I combine this program with tracking my food intake using an Iphone APP called MyFitnessPal. It takes a total of 8-10 minutes out of every day to log my food. There is a huge database plus you can scan the UPC code on the foods you eats. It's fast and simple! It has been very mind-blowing to see how much I had been overeating in the past! Now food no longer controls my life. I eat to nourish myself and I enjoy every bite more now because I know I'm taking care of myself!
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5.0 out of 5 stars So happy!, June 12, 2012
M. Snyder "meldisny" (Milford, MI United States) - See all my reviews
I love Jillian and I loved this workout. 30 minutes per day is PERFECT. Unlike soooo many other plans I've tried (TurboFire, Insanity, P90X) which operate on the theory that since you are getting stronger over the course of the plan you can work out longer...which may be true, but just because I'm stronger I don't magically get more hours in the day! Those plans didn't work for me for that reason alone. I would cut the workouts short or just skip when it seemed too daunting time-wise.

Not this one. This one I looked forward to every morning. Because I knew it was only a 1/2 hour and I can do pretty much anything for a half hour.

I lost 15 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. I didn't have a lot to lose and I DIDN'T follow the diet plan, just stuck to around 1300 cals a day....and not every day, either. I did have some cheats over the 90 days. I ate clean, no sugar. Fruits, veggies and protein. My cheats involved alcohol, not cake ;-)

I am wicked happy and would buy another new 90 day set right this minute if it were available. It was challenging and perfect. Thanks, Jillian!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Just Heading Into Week 2 Now, But Really Enjoying It, January 11, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (DVD)
I am 29 years old and fairly fit. I workout often, but I always have those last few pounds I'm trying to get rid of. I'm hoping this program will help me get there! I'm following the meal plan (which takes a lot of planning and effort) and doing the workouts daily. I'm a week in, so I thought I'd tell you what I think so far...

The program begins with the 7-Day Kickstart. Essentially, the first week of the program you're doing two-a-days with a workout in the morning and the Cardio 1 DVD in the evening. Even though these workouts are fairly basic, it does get exhausting to work out twice a day while only consuming 1200-1400 calories daily. During this week, your diet is heavily restricted to vegetables and lean meat. No carbs or sugars (except non-fat dairy once daily), and no sweets whatsoever, including fruit. Did I have a little dark chocolate during this week? Yes I did.

The rest of the program moves forward in two-week segments during which you will do one, thirty minute workout every day. For example, Workout 1 is for the "pull" muscles and the front of the body, specifically quads, shoulders, and triceps. Those muscles then get a three day rest because Workout 2 is back, biceps, hamstrings and glutes. On the third day, you'll do Cardio 1, which is the 26 minute cardio program you'll stick with the entire first month of the program. Then, it's back to Workout 1. After the first two weeks are completed, you move on to Workout 3, Workout 4, and you stick with Cardio 1.

For the rest of the program (meaning everything after the 7-Day Kickstart) you're on Jillian's Fat Burning Meal Plan. Some of the recipes seem fairly complex and a little unreasonable (pancakes for breakfast on a Wednesday morning before work?). But many can be made in advance and refrigerated or frozen (including the pancakes...). For this first week I've really had to work hard to make sure that I cooked all the chicken breasts, hard boiled eggs, and salmon filets I would need for the week. That has helped me in the evenings as I get my food ready for the next day. Even though it's time consuming, I think the results will be well worth it!

The program also includes a journal, in which Jillian sites a study showing that people trying to lose weight lost 2X more weight when they were journaled everything they ate. I was really surprised by this (100% more weight just by writing down my meals?!), so I've been doing it. I have to say that being accountable to myself has made a huge difference. Even in just a few days I noticed that I was no longer just absent-mindedly putting things in my mouth. I made a conscious decision every time I ate, and then I wrote it down. Even on the days I went a little overboard, it was never by a ton. So I can still feel good about myself and know I'm making progress.

The workouts are fun (so far) and easy to follow. I like Jillian's workouts a lot in general, and these are no exception. She cues well, gives great instruction on form, and does little motivating pep talks that I enjoy. Unlike her other programs, she's not in a small room with two other girls. In Body Revolution, she's in a huge studio with about 15 men and women, and she interacts with them in fun ways that keep the program entertaining.

If I had to have one complaint (and this is typical of her workouts) it's that she doesn't do a long enough stretching session at the end of the workout. I sometimes end up stretching for a few minutes after the DVD has stopped because I don't want to be too sore the next day.

If I had to have a favorite thing about this program, it's that the workouts are really 30 minutes long. They're over before I know it, and yet I feel like I got a complete workout. As a wife and a woman in the workplace, my schedule doesn't accommodate 60-90 minute workouts, so this is absolutely perfect. I hope those of you reading this enjoy it as much as I have!
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5.0 out of 5 stars You have to buy this program! It will change your body!, October 22, 2012
I completed the 90 day Body Revolution on October 9th and cannot say enough about how fantastic this program is!
I have purchased many programs (P90x, Insanity, Zumba) and either have challenges with the long amount of time needed (60 mins) or
that they start out so difficult at first that I become frustrated.
JM Body revolution will not do that to you! First, it is 30 mins a day/6 days a week and it is progressive. So even though it is tough right from the start
she has progressional steps for you. In the beginning of weeks one and 2 I could do regular pushups but maybe 5 max. By the end of 90 days I could do everything she threw at me ! But, the truth is in the results. I started weighing in at 158lb and I am 5'8. I was not "over weight" but pushing the upper limits. At the end of 90 days I now weigh 138 lbs and fit back in my size 2s! I have never been this tones before and it is astonishing how your body changes.
I did follow her jump start week of the diet (1200 calories a day) then followed her diet a few more weeks until I felt sure about my eating clean habits. I ate really healthy and only cheated with wine 2 times a week. So if you want a program that will change your entire body, then this is it! You will be so happy you spent the money!
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