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4.0 out of 5 stars THESE GIRLS STILL DON'T HAVE A CLUE, August 5, 2007
Sesho (Pasadena, TX USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Galaxy Angel AA, Vol. 1 (DVD)
First of all, for newcomers to this series, this is the fourth Galaxy Angels anime series. The order runs like this: Galaxy Angel, Galaxy Angel Z, Galaxy Angel A, and finally Galaxy Angel AA. You could probably watch the first dvd of the original series and after that it wouldn't really matter which order you watched the other episodes in. This is due to the highly stand alone nature of each mini-episode, which last about 10 minutes each. The five Galaxy Angels are pretty much static personalities or standard comic characters that don't really evolve over the course of each episode. But there's nothing wrong with that because this is primal slapstick comedy at its best, with an occasional wink at other anime and manga series. Because each character is so simple, you know them well, so part of the comedy is preordained like in Greek tragedies, but in this case, fate brings laughter, not tears. If you know nothing about the setup for this series, its pretty simple. The Galaxy Angel Brigade is an elite unit of girls that has been formed to find Lost Technology throughout the universe. But the technology can be in any form and anywhere so it's kinda hard to look for it if you don't know what you're looking for. Although there isn't really a leader of the troupe, Mint seems to be the brains behind the operation, mainly because she's manipulative but she has a weakness for cosplay in the most inopportune situations. Ranpha is the deadly femme fatale that spends most of her time trying to pick up guys. Forte is a big-breasted gun nut. Milfeulle is a ditzy cook that has an uncanny sense of luck. Lastly, there's Vanilla, a goth-loli girl that seems so cold you wonder if she's actually an android sometimes. Her fervent admirer, Normad, a piece of sentient Lost Technology housed in a stuffed animal, thinks she's the bee's knee's but often ends up being abused by most of the other Angels because of his sarcastic wit.

Galaxy Angel AA Volume 1 features episodes 27-34. If anyone is confused about these episode numbers, they are simply a continuation of Galaxy Angel A, which was released as a boxed set. I have no idea why Bandai went to that format after putting out both Galaxy Angel and Galaxy Angel Z as individual volumes. I know it confused ME. When I saw the Galaxy Angel A complete collection box in the stores I just assumed it was a boxed set compilation of the first two series. I didn't even realize I had missed an entire season of a show I really like. As for this first volume, it was very funny. It starts off with a bang when the girls are assigned to guard a Lost Technology artifact that looks suspiciously like the wand from Cardcaptor Sakura! When the Angels find out it can realize a person's wishes, they try all kinds of ridiculous techniques to activate its power. One of the funnier episodes when an escape pod is stopped by the onboard computer that tells the Angels they are too fat for the pod to jettison, which leads to an extreme desert trek to lose weight...dressed up in pig costumes! Then there's the totally surreal deadly volleyball game between the Galaxy Angels and some girl bullies that seem to have wandered off the lot of a shojo sports manga! Galaxy Angel is zany and bizarre, but what makes it special and funny is the simplicity of the characters, which make them instantly likeable.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Galaxy Angel Returns!, June 18, 2007
This review is from: Galaxy Angel AA, Vol. 1 (DVD)
After more than a year finally Galaxy Angel returns, with the loveable characters and unique humor we're in for a good dessert. I'm a fan of the dub version because they sure bring more laughs than the subtitled.

I was surprised when I read in an anime site that there wasn't going to be a dubbing for the AA season, like the upcoming Galaxy Angel-Rune DVD and other animes like Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl and Girls High. Here the cast remain the same as the other three series which is a plus because after more than a year I though that there was going to be a new voice cast.

This show as you may know is joke after joke, parodies of other anime shows and no sense of story line which is all good. This DVD has episodes 27 - 34 you're going to see:

27 - A Magical girl parody.
28 - A cruel destiny when Mint becomes a tree.
29 - The brigade decide to lose weight.
30 - Milfeulle needs to renew her pilot license.
31 - An Extreme volleyball game.
32 - Ranpha becomes the captain.
33 - The brigade need to protect a mystical stone from a robotic invasion.
34 - The girls have their day off, there is a hilarious parody of Saint Seiya in this one.

As always Vanilla brings a good laugh every time she talks.

Galaxy Angel is the anime that put me into the world of anime back in 2004, so if you're new in the field of anime give this one a try.
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Galaxy Angel AA, Vol. 1
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