Customer Reviews: Game Party 2 - Nintendo Wii
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on November 12, 2008
I'll be honest: I liked Game Party 1, even though the controls were awful (Ping Cup was completely unplayable and Darts was frustrating at best). I liked the variety of games which were perfect choices for a motion-controled console, but it just wasn't developed well and wasn't my top choice for parties.

Enter Game Party 2. I felt a bit silly buying a game that I already had the majority of (GP2 contains all of the games from GP1 plus some extras) but I read a preliminary review from a gaming website and decided to give it a try. The controls are greatly improved. Still not perfect, but at least I feel like where I aim is where I'm (generally) going to land. Aim in GP1, and you'll probably hit somewhere else entirely.

GP1 had many, many pages of characters to choose from. GP2 doesn't have as much of a variety, but you can create your own custom player and save your stats. I'll actually pick up GP2 and play by myself, which I never did with GP1. Too frustrating. By obtaining tickets, you can purchase new things for your characters to wear; I haven't gotten that far yet since the games I played the most didn't offer tickets. It's nice that you can obtain tickets even while playing with friends, something that most games do not offer.

There is also a tournament mode in GP2 which is great if you have more than 4 people who want to play (up to 16, depending on the game). There are a lot of ways to conduct the tournament, such as loser goes home, an actual brackets advancement, and so on. Depending on which one you pick (we did a winner takes all), you can choose how many rounds (3, 5, or I believe 9) before the winner is declared.

The thing I disliked the most about GP2 gameplay was how it was arranged. Perhaps we didn't have the right settings (we cancelled out of a tournament to play individual games, so maybe it was still stuck on tournament mode), but there were just 3 of us and it was forcing 2 of us to be on a team and the other person to play solo. I would have preferred for each of us to have our own scores. Another bummer was the number of games that required you to throw underhand; we switched between games just to give our arms a rest!

Now for the games. There are 11 total, all of the ones from GP1 plus some new additions.

- Darts: Again, thanks to the improved aiming function, this game is playable. I really enjoy it. The venue where you are playing changes, so it's nice to be somewhere other than the pub in GP1.
- Skillball: Venue is a little sharper, and again the aiming helps, but it's still pretty straightforward. (I am a fan of the version on Carnival Games, so I'm used to a different style.) However, you can roll more than one ball at once, so long as the other one is on its way to falling in a hole, you can toss another ball. Since this is timed, it's however many points you can get before the buzzer sounds, rather than having 6 balls and seeing how many you can score. In that regard, I wasn't actually trying to get in the 100 slot and was just trying to throw as many balls as I could.
- Shuffleboard: It's quite a bit better than GP1, again because of the improved engine. We had a lot of fun playing this, and there are other options (first to 15, first to 21, and same for a version called curling which is arrange like a bullseye). I like it in real life, and this is a great substitute.
- Ping Cup: Wow, this is probably the most improved game. In GP1, this was virtually unplayable. It was so hard, I never played it. So when we decided to try it out in GP2, I warned everyone how frustrating it was. To my surprise, it was easy and pretty fun.
- Hoop Shoot: Again, my view of this is colored by Carnival Games, but it was okay. I landed only two baskets, so I was apparently doing something wrong. With a little practice, it can be fun, just tiring for your arm!
- Trivia: As with GP1, I just don't get this game, and the instructions are still not helpful. I tend to skip over it.
- Quarterback Challenge: The onscreen instructions helped me understand what was going on, and once I figured it out, it was enjoyable. Basically, you're trying to throw to your (yellow) team mates to advance and score a touch down. Throw to the wrong player, and you lose points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. It takes some practice.
- Puck Bowling: This was amusing. It's similar to shuffleboard, except you are hitting the bowling pins at the end. Picking up a split is virtually impossible, so you have to be spot on with your aiming (and again, it's easier than if this game was on GP1). Very straightforward.
- Lawn Darts: Try to land inside the circles to score points. It's hard to tell where your dart will land based on the camera angle, so you just have to get used to the motion of throwing underhand.
- Horseshoes: This was frustrating at first. We couldn't score any points. Of course, a refresher on how horseshoes is actually scored helped us, and we were doing much better by game's end. Underhand throwing again.
- Bean Bags: I was really looking forward to this one, and it wasn't as great as I had hoped. First, it's played indoors, which was strange to me. But the board you're throwing to has different designs. Also, your throws don't seem to upset the bean bags that have already landed which makes it a bit less realistic. It's hard to knock your opponent's bags off. On the other hand, points don't cancel out so I guess there's less of a reason to do so.

Game Party 2 is a good addition to your Wii party game collection. It's not perfect, but it provides enough games that people are familiar with to be enjoyable, and the changes over GP1 make it a much more worthy purchase.
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on October 26, 2008
I was going to buy the original game after playing it at a friend's, but then saw the sequel for almost the same price and picked it up. First of all, for around $20 you aren't going to get Halo 3, but this is a quality party game to play with friends. It's nice to see that Midway heard the fan complaints and added more games and custom profiles to the mix.

My favorite games are darts and "Ping Cup," which is otherwise known as Beer Pong/Beirut. On the virtual console these games would run you upwards of $15, so they almost make the package worth it by themselves. Both are fun to play and not difficult to pick up. These are the type of games the Wii was made for.

My biggest complaint is that horseshoes, lawn darts, and bean-bag toss are all the same game using the same motion controls. None of them are very entertaining and can take forever to complete. Hoopshoot, puck bowling, QB challenge, trivia, skillball (Skeeball), and shuffleboard are all OK party games to break up the gameplay, but the real attraction is in darts and pong. These are two games you can play continuously and not get bored with.

Overall, it's a bargain title with some gems in it. Buy it cheap and enjoy the value.
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on December 28, 2008
This game is so much fun! Its actually several games and up to 16 people can play if leagues are formed,four people for casual play.My whole family from ages 61 to 3 played over christmas and we all had a ball! Its a must have if youre looking for good clean fun the whole family can enjoy!
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on February 21, 2011
This game was cheap, promised lots of party games and was recommended by a number of people I know. So I bought it. Unfortunately it just doesn't measure up to my expectations (which weren't very high to begin with). The graphics are obviously nothing phenomenal and I expected this. There are lots of good games out there that don't look great, so I try to let this slide. But these are entirely too choppy and poorly colored to be excused. I had heard that most of these games controlled really well, but this too doesn't appear to hold up. The controls are clunky, sometimes non-responsive. Almost nothing works the way you expect it to. Then there are times when you're not sure what exactly went wrong (such as when you throw a dart and it magics its way off of the dart board, as though someone karate chopped it away at the last second). Even the game mechanics are not clear. If you're playing cricket, it looks like you're just trying to close all of your numbers, because it doesn't show you a score anywhere on the screen through the entire game. It's only after someone wins that it shows everyone's score. All in all, while this game would be fantastic if it were done properly, the fact is that it wasn't done properly. It feels like the rough draft of something that could be great. Sadly, it just isn't.
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on December 29, 2008
After reading the reviews, I thought this would be good for family fun. However, I have to say the game play flat out sucks. My daughters (9 & 7) tried shuffleboard, hoops and ski-ball and just couldn't get the actions to work consistently. Neither could I, for that matter. It seemed hit or miss on shuffleboard if your motions with the controller were going to move the puck. Ski-ball and hoops were a little bit better, with the tossing motion working about half the time. I also tried darts and the 'beer pong' game. Darts was ok as far as the throwing motion. Forget the pong cup game, that was as difficult or more so than shuffleboard. This one will be going to the used games store.
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on July 20, 2013
The rating is 3+1 = 4 stars: the game itself is just ok. Its fun, but not anything special. It gets an extra star for the ridiculous low price. All of the mini games are fairly pedestrian, but this is not a bad thing. Sometimes at a party you get that stick in the mud type that hates games like Warioware or Rayman's. This is the game to bust out when that person comes to town. Easy to play, simple games that pretty much anyone can enjoy.
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Have you ever played a video game that you thought was such a terrible experience that you wished it hadn't ever existed or hoped that not many people have caught onto it? Unfortunately, Game Party is the shovelware series that millions of Wii owners fell victim to in the first place, allowing it to leech onto our beloved console even more for clueless, innocent buyers to purchase for family-friendly fun only to fall to their knees in frustration from the near-brokenness of what they just purchased.

Game Party 2 continues the trainwreck-of-a-minigame-collection idea that Game Party gladly used to scam victims out of their wallets. There are eleven activities this time, but considering that around nine of those eleven share almost literally the same exact control scheme on paper ("Press A in this stance to prepare tossing the object, then go over to THIS OTHER stance and RELEASE A to toss the object!"), it's pretty much all just a bunch of filler.

Development on Game Party 2 was obviously as lazy as ever; as if the reused idea of throwing games wasn't enough, the motion controls are slightly improved, but are still just about nonfunctional at times, and while I'd like to say the graphics still look like as if they were from the Playstation 1-era, I think that would be insulting that gem of a console, as I've seen it do better in terms of graphic capabilities. The sound is....well, it's sound, but much of it at least was reused from the last game.

Honestly, who keeps thinking it's a good idea to shell out these wretched "party" games that aren't even accessible to their target audience thanks to their horrendous controls and lousy presentation? The most confusing aspect of this is that FarSight Studios is a development team with talent, if their amazing pinball video games are of any consideration. If anything, you should buy Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for your Wii instead of any one of these Game Party travesties.
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on October 17, 2013
After reading reviews, I figured this would be great with a living room full of people; was I ever wrong. First off, all of the Mii's we so carefully create are not carried into this game! Very limited choices on character (male/female, Etc.) And then there's the controls, or lack there of. Controller Calibration is pretty much no existent. Game play is more of a frustration because controlling the games is practically impossible. Overall VERY disappointed!
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VINE VOICEon June 27, 2009
This game should be banned by the AMA due to causing the proliferation of carpal tunnel. Although fun, every single one of the games has almost the identical hand movement - whether underhand or overhand, you are always moving the Wii remote with the same motion. After playing with my son for about 30 min, I had to take a break and my wrist still aches tonight.

The games are pretty good - although some of them are pretty finicky with a fine line between throwing too hard and too soft. Lawn darts (and I assume horse shoes, which we haven't tried yet) is hard to judge as the dart goes up off the screen and then hits - you just have to guess how hard to throw until you get it right. Skiball seems almost too easy - I just threw the ball as often as I could with a nice, straight motion and I could regularly score above 1000 (which I can't do in real life). The football, toss on the other hand, was almost impossible - at least the first time around.

So for $20, this is probably a good value. Lots of different games, multi-player tournament mode, and the ability to play for tickets to buy more characterization tools are all bonuses. Just be careful how much you play. In my opinion, no matter how touchey the controls or how difficult the game at the onset, it isn't anything that you can't improve on to the point that the game can be quite enjoyable. Just know going into it that you aren't getting some polished $49.99 game and you won't be disappointed.
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Set up to be a college student weekend party recreation, you get a good mix of bean bags, lawn darts, shuffleboard, ping pong ball bounce into cup, and other traditional games. You can actually get an arm work-out playing this!

It's important to keep in mind this is MEANT to be casual. This is the kind of game you have some friends over hanging out, toss remotes to each person and get in to play. There aren't complicated rules. You fling horseshoes just like horseshoes. You fling beanbags just like beanbags. Skee ball is just like the real game, rolling balls as quickly as you can. So is the shoot-the-basketballs-into-the-hoop. Yes, there's a Trivia game, but most of these are quick, easy skill games.

Some of these games are VERY frustrating at first. Both of us are dart players and darts in particular seems really hard to control. It takes a while to get the hang of "launching" the dart straight with their controller. Still, most of the games are intuitive and fun. Skee ball for example can be picked up by anyone and can be great fun right away. I especially like that both players are rolling side by side quickly, no waiting around for turns.

The graphics are traditional cartooney Wii graphics, which is fine for this party game. I wish they let you use your regular Miis here instead of having to create yet more profiles with more characters, but I'm sure they had their reasons. You can earn new hairstyles and such as you play th egame.

The jazzy "bar music" in the background is actually kind of fun, and I like how the outdoor games have random suburban back yard items. You really get the sense of casual back-yard America. I thought it was funny that they even included Jarts (lawn darts) since they're illegal now in the US! Too many infants had their heads speared by these dangerous things.

My only real complaint is that there are too many "delay for disappointment" things built into it. If I am having problems in darts I don't need a scowling player after every throw. In the real game of darts I accept my miss, focus on doing better and throw again. I don't throw a tantrum after each miss!

If you're looking for a high-stress head to head game of Halo, you're probably not going to have fun with this. However, if you've got some friends over for the evening, drinking a beer or two, laughing while you knock each other off the board in shuffleboard, it really can be quite fun. And it does get you some exercise while you're at it too!

Plus it's a game you can play with all ages - kids can challenge grandparents to beanbags and everyone can enjoy it.

Well recommended.
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