Customer Reviews: Gamera Vs. Guiron / Gamera Vs. Jiger [Double Feature]
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on September 30, 2010
Okay folks, Neither one of these movies are worthy of any awards or critical praise. Not even by monster standards. But I do like what they did with this dvd. This is a one sided disc not a flipper. That's the first good thing. Another good thing is IT HAS ENGLISH DUBS! YES, THAT IS A GOOD THING! NOT A BAD THING! But you purists don't have to worry. Both movies are presented with Japanese language tracks in vibrant color in the 2:35.1 widescreen aspect ratio. Back to the English dubs. Unless you go to set-up and specifically select the English dub the movie automatically plays the Japanese version. So I don't see the validity of giving this dvd a bad review because of the available options to hear the movies in english. Gamera vs Jiger aka Gamera vs Monster X the second of the two has only one English dub. Take it or leave it. Gamera vs Guiron has two. I forget which number choice is which, but if you select a dub and the voice acting is absolutely dreadful you'll know you got the Sandy Frank version. Here's probably the biggest reason I like this dvd so much. Before this dvd came out you had the choice of either getting the AIP version (the superior dub) of this on dvd with the Space Gyaos getting sliced up edited out, under the alternate title ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS, not to be confused with WAR OF THE MONSTERS, the alternate title for GAMERA vs BARUGON (pronounced barooo-gon) not to be confused with Toho's Baragon (pronounced..well, baragon) ORRRRR, the unedited yet so horrible to listen to Sandy Frank version. This is what the makers of this dvd did to correct that problem. You can select the AIP voice track. When that Gyaos slice scene comes up you'll just briefly hear the Sandy Frank dub. Then it reverts back to the AIP. In closing, a quick assessment of both movies. Gamera vs Guiron, by far has got to be the worst Gamera movie ever made. It makes Gamera vs Viras aka Destroy all Planets look like a respectable effort. Gamera vs Jiger aka Gamera vs Monster X (oops, I mentioned that already, didn't I) tries to recapture the flavor of the first three Gamera films, but doesn't want to lose the bankable "Gamera friend to children" nitch. So what we wind up with is a fun to watch once in a while weak effort, that doesn't take itself too seriously, but somehow you wish it did. Oh... how you wish... it did. I have an UPDATE 1/29/2013 which no one will probably read, but I'll write it anyway. English Dub 1 is the AIP version and English Dub 2 is the Sandy Frank dub. The only drawback is you can not change the audio directly with your dvd audio button on your remote. You have to go to the main menu and select set-up to choose an audio.
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on August 13, 2010
This set will be a terrific double feature. "Vs Guiron" is a classic and "vs Jiger" is a great film and Jiger is one EVIL effin' monster, much more so than Gyaos or Guiron, don't let his dull brutish appearance fool you. It features one of the most horrific scenes in the Gamera films - where Gamera lays dying, bled white on the shore.

That used to utterly freak me out as a kid. If he was flame blasted or had his arms lasered off that was one thing, but to see him comatose and helpless really unnerved me as a little guy. Still does, too.

The trouble in paradise regarding these excellent Gamera releases is that SHOUT! Factory have combined two great films in one package and left the rather weak "vs Zigra" and "Supermonster" for the third double feature. SHOUT! Factory can count on my $17.49 for the last release, whenever that will be, I hope the fans won't penalize them for their poor choice and leave it unbought.
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on December 21, 2013
Gorgeous-looking copies of both movies include not only the beloved AIP English dubs we grew up with as kids, but the notoriously silly Sandy Frank dubs as well, which were created for the films when they made their first go-round on home video in the glory days of VHS. Film Purists can also watch 'em both in their native Japanese language with English subtitles if they so choose. Both features are finally available here in their proper aspect ration and neither has been tampered with. These flicks are a real treat to watch in these wonderful new releases, and it is long overdue. For decades, Gamera fans have had to suffer with heavily-edited, faded, grainy-looking, garbly-sounding Public Domain copies of these terrific old giant monster movies. Well, no more! Bless you Shout!Factory for a wonderful job restoring these neat films to their original format, and in beautiful, brightly colored & clean sounding, razor sharp editions! These DVDs have been available for some time now, so picking them up used means you can afford to collect the entire Showa-era Gamera film collection for cheap! If you've been waiting, then wait no longer! If you've never had the surreal pleasure of watching an old school Gamera movie then you're in for a trippy treat, times two!!

Gamera vs. Guiron is a goofy space adventure wherein 2 kids (one American & one Japanese) discover a spaceship en route to Earth while searching the stars with their telescope. It lands nearby (of course) and the kids climb on board to investigate. Before you can say "Holy Hijacking!" they're whisked away through galactic space, to a barren, icy planetoid called 'Terra' which we are told sits directly on the opposite side of the sun from Earth. On all of Terra, only two female inhabitants remain. The planet has been overrun by deep-space cousins of the batty Gyaos monsters, so the Terrans created 'Guiron,' a giant fish/dog guardian creature, with a huge knife-shaped head and built in ninja throwing stars. Whoa! Watch out, Gamera!! Guiron may seem to have Gamera beaten by a nose, but we all know that nothing can keep our gymnastic turtle hero down for the count! And as for those gorgeous gals... be careful boys! Sure, those Terran tarts seem warm & friendly - AT FIRST! - but watch out, because those supposedly groovy space babes are actually brain-hungry cannibals! Yikes!

Gamera vs. Jiger is my personal all-time favorite entry in the entire series. Scientists intent on delivering a mysterious statue discovered on exotic Wester Island to the specially-constructed display at the newly-opened World Expo in Japan. When they remove the stone totem from it's rocky perch atop a massive burial mound, they unwittingly unleash an ancient curse in the form of the deadly monster Jiger (aka Monster X). She (that's right, SHE) is one mean bee-yotch, lemma tell ya! When Gamera tries to intercede on mankind's behalf, his reward is to be injected with one of Jiger's embryos, which immediately hatches and begins feeding on our hero's blood, quickly rendering him unconscious! Zoinks! Will Jiger destroy Expo '70 or can Gamera recover from his coma, stop the fiendish fanged female and Save The Day? It's goofy, grand adventure all the way, as our two brave young heroes do a cool reverse-take on the Fantastic Voyage concept, boldly piloting a homemade mini-sub INSIDE Gamera to combat the vampiric Jiger infant at the source! Inner Space was never so Far Out! (Oh, and brace yourself for the unforgettable, gross-out, "elephant trunk surgery" scene! It'll stick with you looong after the movie's over! LOL.) They truly do not make them like this anymore. 5 STARS for this superb double feature DVD of Gamera.
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on July 17, 2010
Shout Factory continues the Gamera series with 2 more in this double feature DVD
At this point in the Gamera series, the movies began to decline and rely heavily on the use of children as the main focus. With lots of kids, children singing the Gamera song, goofy music Gamera doing some weird tricks against his foes,the movies got odder and odder...
This set is of no exception - 2 more 'way out there' Gamera movies coming up !
Gamera vs. Guiron aka Guillon aka Attack of the Monsters has Gamera fighting off a giant knife monster on the Planet Terra. 2 kids accidentally fly out into space & land on this planet where 2 alien ladies want to eat their brains. On this planet is also a species of Space Gyaos (one of which gets hacked by Guiron which is cut in several prints)
There are many transfers to this title such as the AIP version was used by Alpha and was a cut crummy transfer while on VHS The Celebrity Video version (Sandy Frank version) was uncut and used by Mystery Science Theater 3000. The dubbing is atrocious in my opinion. So was the hammy music. Listen for the kid (Akio) going on throughout the film about traffic accidents. And he gets his head shaved in this too. And of course there is the character "KornChan" (office Kondo) which on the MST version he's Cornjob by Joel & the Bots. He's in Gamera vs. Jiger too.
Recently, various websites are reporting that the DVD for Gamera vs Guiron will contain 2 English language versions (Sandy Frank & The AIP version) + A Japanese version will be included.
After watching it - the Sandy Frank dub can be heard during the AIP cut of the film where Guiron is chopping Space Gyaos into pieces. This was originally cut from the AIP due to its content.
Neptune Video had a great English language widescreen VHS version which this reviewer hopes was hoping that it be used for this DVD release. It isnt, so keep your tapes :)
Gamera vs. Jiger aka Monster X has a monster coming to life to destroy Expo 70 when a statue is taken off sacred ground releasing this monster. This monster is a quadruped that can fly, float , spit spears..its like something from a Johnny Sokko movie. Retromedia released the AIP version on DVD and it was just OK - some of us were thankful that someone finally released it to home video. I expect (& we do get) a MUCH better transfer from Shout on this title. This DVD will have the AIP English language version along with the Japanese version.
Thanks again Shout for getting the rights to genre titles that many Gamera and Kaiju fans have waited a long time for
Not only do we get Japanese and English language versions but we also get some very sharp clean transfers for all the titles..the widescreen transfers are excellent. You wont find a cleaner transfer on any DVD anywhere, anytime except of course the Japanese DVDs.
Also the titles for both English dubs are the Japanese title of the movie..
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on June 12, 2011
"Messages from outer space?"
That's the premise behind Gamera VS. Guiron, an unabashed children's movie about a space ship landing on Earth. Two boys hijack this space ship and take off with Gamera in hot pursuit (apparently, besides being a friend to children, Gamera is also psychic and knows when they're in trouble). They land on a planet just in time to witness a knife-headed monster hack another monster into pieces, literally. The planet is called Terra and is a twin to Earth, occupying the exact opposite orbital position as Earth, which explains why it's never been seen (an idea that's been used before). The last remaining inhabitants are two women, desperate to get to Earth; will the two boys help them?
Wonderfully absurd, inconsequential fluff, the two greatest revelations in this film is that Gamera knows gymnastics and the villains of this piece aren't the monsters but the two women (with gruesome appetites)!
Not bad, as Gamera films go, but I could have done without the "stop wars" message tacked onto the end.

The second feature has Gamera battling a different monster: Jiger. Jiger is particularly vicious, able to shoot quills, an energy beam; she also has a special suction feature and a secret weapon: the ability of injecting her victim with an egg. This plot device allows 2 boys to enter Gamera and kill the baby Jiger inside....while Gamera lies comatose on a beach, quietly turning a whiter shade of pale. It's a tossup as to which scene is the creepiest; this one or the sight of Gamera shoving telephone poles into his ears!
I can do without the weird theme song, but that aside, two enjoyable entries in this series. A keeper.
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on August 17, 2013
The picture looks great, the sound quality is great considering the time period these films were made in, and yes the Sandy Frank English dubbed version is included in this double feature so we finally get to see the deleted scene within the film in which Guiron decapitates and dismembers Space Gyaos!
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on February 14, 2013
Go Gamera!!! As far as monsters go, he's not the strongest, or the fastest, or the most coordinated, and he sometimes crash lands, and can be a bit of a cry baby when he gets hurt. But, he's a giant flying turtle with jet packs for legs with great theme music and a huge heart! Loved him as a kid, love him still. This double set of Gamera vs. Guiron/Jiger are classic little boys adventures, including flying saucers, beautiful space women, a miniature submarine, a mysterious statue with secret powers, and so much more. Gamera rules!
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on December 1, 2011
Shout Factory is to be commended for its treatment of what many consider to be, second rate Godzilla movies. These are the ultimate versions of these films for western monster fans.

The prints are beautiful and the options to watch original Japanese or one of two dubbed versions (Sandy Frank) makes this a must have for any Kaiju (Giant Monster) fan.

Now if only they would go back and do this with the first two films in the series then I would be content.

Bless you Shout Factory!
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on October 16, 2014
they did a great job on these movies. uncut japanese with english subs & both english dubs for these movies! too bad as a special feature they could include the english opening to these films
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on February 7, 2013
Very well put together. Brought back good memories from when I was a kid watching giant monster movies like Gamera and Godzilla. Hokey shows but fun!
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