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on May 18, 2014
Thanks to Mill Creek for releasing these films on Bluray, but seriously guys, who did the transfer and encoding?
As mentioned by John Field and others in their reviews, the first film "Gammera The Giant Monster", has a series of light, yet noticeable lines throughout the film and add to that a few sound dropouts in the first few minutes. I found you could deminish the "lines" on the screen by watching in "cinema" mode, but that's really not the point. They shouldn't be there. And to top it off at 0:04-22 when an unknown bomber explodes there's a frame that's completely pixelated. It's a very poor job. I checked it on two bluray players and the computer and got the same pixelated frame each time. So I went to slow-mo and there it was. Ok, it's only one frame, but it should not have happened. The other 3 films are in colour and "OK" for the most part although "Gamera vs. Barugon" has an odd "jump" at 0:09-07. I was so looking forward to this release, and honestly I've been left feeling a little disappointed by it. 3 stars, it's "JUST OK".
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on April 29, 2014
Now if your familiar with the kaiju genre you should know who Gamera is. A giant turtle who released upon mankind thanks to a nuke waking him up. What followed are a series of films where he fights completely crazy looking monsters that Earth (or some kids). This is no Godfather or Citizen Kane in terms of quality but it gets the job done and can give you some good laughs. For the price of 15 bucks I recommend this to any fellow kaiju film lover, these films looking amazing in this bluray. Now if your new to Gamera I suggest the Trilogy which a far more serious take on the monster. ALSO I must warn you this is a bargain pack, each fil come in Japanese with English SUBS and no English DUB. Also this bluray contains no extras.
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on June 5, 2014
These are the first four Gamera films in their original Japanese releases, subtitled, no dubs and uncut. I am a fan of the Heisei trilogy of the late 1990's. Now I watched those movies first so I was already a Gamera fan before buying this set. I was well aware of their campiness, well more than campy, these films are absolute bonkers. The idea of Gamera is absurd. Think about it, giant turtle with tusks, breathes fire, and in the old films, he can fly through space. Not just fly, but fly IN SPACE! Not everyone can wrap their heads around that and it is one of the reasons why Gamera has enjoyed nothing more than cult status in the West compared to his more familiar rival from Toho. Supposedly Gamera is right up there in popularity in Japan second only to Godzilla. I will write a brief review for each of the four films

Gamera: Comparisons to the Godzilla films are inevitable in the first two Gamera films. The first film itself is not the best quality. The acting seemed phoned in. The black and white made Gamera look scarier, but he will look goofy soon enough and honestly, there isn't anything wrong with that. He is so much more lovable that way. The sets are amazing. Amazing. Like whatever money they did not spend on the suits and quality actors, they spent on the sets. Besides the FX scenes, the film would have been forgettable if not for it being the first Gamera film.

Gamera vs. Barugon: The main monster of this film is not to be confused with Baragon who first appeared in Toho's Frankenstien vs. Baragon, then Destroy All Monsters and finally Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant All-Out Monsters Attack. Basically they took the concept of Baragon, gave him a longer horn, shorter ears and changed the "o" to a "u" and they have another monster. Sure his look and name may appear to be a rip off, but his powers aren't. He has this freezing spray that ends up to be Gamera's weakness. He also shoots rainbows out of his back. Rainbows. So not only Gamera is absured, his foes are even crazier. Plot-wise the film is better. The main human villain is a complete a-hole. Sometimes more entertaining than the actual monster fight. Check it out

Gamera vs. Gyaos: Now these were these films start to come into their own. It is like the filmmakers realize that Gamera is an insane concept so they decided to make the films more insane. This one centers around a road construction by this volcano. It is very boring. Some guys are pissed because they are not getting their money, but who cares. The real deal is the fights. Oh my god this film has three monster fights. Gyaos is so B.A. The King Ghidorah of the Gamera series. The fights were brutal. Just brutal. I can't decide which of these four films I like better, this one or the next one I am about to review

Gamera vs. Viras: This is the first Gamera film to have children as the lead cast. The first and third film had a kid in it but they were never the lead. Just some annoying little punk shouting "Gamera!" all the time. You just want to slap them. I think it is better to watch these films in the mindset of children, you can enjoy them more. This one takes place mostly in space. Two kids get kidnapped by aliens because they realized that Gamera has a fondness for children, he is after all "Friend to all children" so they hold them hostage to control Gamera and have him destroy earth so they can take over. The final fight was crazy, I mean these were directed towards kids but they can get graphic. I guess it is okay if the monsters bleed in any color but red. There's a nice touching scene where two children have a race with Gamera. You will see what I mean about Gamera being lovable.

Overall, the picture and sound quality was as expected for a HD transfer. The best it can be. I just wish they had better subtitles. They looked like they were typed in a hurry and the font was hard to read. As much as I prefer watching these films in the original language, I wish they would have a dub audio option. I don't mind reading them but the dub can't be any more ridiculous than what I am reading. Anyway if you love Gamera or into those giant monster movies, check it out. They are fun, will make you laugh. Just turn your brain off, pretend to be a kid again and enjoy.
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on January 13, 2015
This blu-ray edition is good, great to see all these Gamera movies in their Japanese release form except for one thing - NO ENGLISH DUBBING! English subtitles yes, dubbing no. Everything else is as expected. The problem I believe is that the film company never released these in America completely so the English dubbing is only for those edited releases. So you have to watch the screen from beginning to end to understand the dialogue (unless you speak Japanese). But the clarity and sound quality is refreshing after seeing these movies in less worthy condition.
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on July 24, 2014
I finally purchased this after seeing the new Godzilla movie. And these are CLASSIC Japanese giant monster movies!!! They really cleared up the pictures of these films. And I really enjoy how these are!
So wheather you are new to the genre or a die hard fan, this is a great product to have!
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on April 30, 2014
I just viewed the first film which is in black and white. The image has a distinct problem that cannot be ignored. Spread throughout the image is a series of light, yet noticeable lines. These lines run horizontal and appear as what looks like some kind of video noise. These do not go away. The other three movies which are in color, are fine. Anyone else notice these? If this was caused in the mastering process, it needs to be corrected.
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on August 29, 2014
Some good transfers of the earlier films, the colors were bright and really clear.As for the movies themselves, the first one is in black and white and is your standard Monster emerges in modern day flick. The rest are in color but the second one Gamera vs Bargon has a slightly more serious tone than the rest of the series. It's also the only one without a child as the lead or part of the main cast. The other two goes into the more familiar "friend of all children" stick these early films are known for.
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on July 4, 2014
The original movies are fun and show the spirit of early Kaiju movies extremely well.

This 4-in-1 vol. 1 pack is the ideal introduction to Gamera for new fans or to the people who only watched the great new trilogy also on Blu-Ray, though I would recommend a newcomer to start by the three newest movies and them watch the originals.
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on August 5, 2014
Surprisingly great picture restoration. These are the full length restored Japanese versions of the films. If your into these types of B movies, I believe you will enjoy them. NOTE: There are no English Audio Tracks on these movies. The English dialog is captioned in Japanese, and the Japanese dialog is captioned in English. If your a student of learning Japanese, you might have fun trying to follow the language.
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on September 29, 2014
Don't expect too much & you wont be quite soft ( 4 films on 1 disc at 1080i...not 1080p ) with no major artifacts to speak of. Audio via DD stereo......Jap language with English subtitles.....Mills did much better with their triology release earlier ( not counting the issue regarding the Iris disc, which is now sorted )...Still, its cheesy B/S fun......if you want it .....this is it. ( sorry bugs ). Chow Chow for Now Now.
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