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on August 28, 2012
I've been waiting a long time to find a gamepad that would work with my phone for classic game emulation. The Gametel pad is exactly what I wanted, and it works great. The setup guides on the company website are easier to follow than the instruction sheet in the package. The only hitch I noticed during setup was that my phone couldn't find the pad during the blutooth scan if the pad was attached to my PC with a USB cord (I was charging it). It found it just fine after I unplugged the USB.

So, how's it like to use? Overall, the Gametel is about the size of a 4 or 4.2-inch smartphone. Slightly larger than an iphone, and just a touch smaller than my Galaxy S-2. The control is obviously designed to replicate the SNES controller, and the button layout closely matches the size of on-screen touch controls in SNES emulators. I have very little experience with the Nintendo DS, but I'm guessing it's close to that in how it feels in the hands. It is definately more comfortable to hold than the tiny Game Boy Advance SP. Build quality is acceptible... nowhere near the quality of an original SNES controller, but it is very lightweight. The buttons and D-pad all feel solid and the unit does not rattle when shaken. The L and R trigger buttons feel a bit chincey compared to the others, but they work fine and tend not to be used much, anyway.

In-game response has, so far, been great. I have not noticed any lag, stuck buttons, or other errors. I imagine there will be some issues with all the different combinations of software and hardware people are using, but SuperGNES on my Galaxy S-2 running Android v4 has been excellent. It's such a great feeling to be playing classic games again with real buttons! I have played games on phones with physical keyboards, and the Gametel pad is a drastic improvement over those as well.
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on May 16, 2013
the controller is a bit bulky, and the clip is really annoying, however what absolutely kills this product is the D-pad. it is nearly impossible to press just left right up or down. because the d-pad is one large circle it constantly presses left/up or right/down and so on. don't expect to actually control any game you are playing. it is easier to control games with the on screen controller than to fight their D-pad.
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on November 26, 2012
I've actually been interested in this thing since last year when it was announced at an E3 or something. I looked everywhere for it and finally found it for $100. That was a bit high so I was excited when I found it for only $50 on this very website. You can imagine my glee when the price was lowered a whole $20!($30)
First off, start up was not hard but not too easy either. You have to download the app for Gametel available on the Play Store and App Store. Once the app is downloaded, you can pair the devices together over Bluetooth.
I highly recommend buying this ONLY for emulation. There are not very many good games for the Play Store that are compatible with the controller. After you pair the devices, you will have to map out the buttons for A B and others.
There is absolutely no lag in the gameplay so no problem with the wireless there. The clip to hold the phone is nice, but be cautious in making sure your phone is small enough to fit. The buttons are nice and soft, not hard and noisy. It's not overall 5 star comfortable but its comfortable enough.

After a couple of months with my controller, I've decided to knock off 2 stars for a couple of reasons. First, I've realized over time just how terrible the D pad really is. It has started to creak, and using it can be troublesome when playing games. Battery life is still solid, though. Around 3 weeks with heavy usage. All the other buttons are still fine, but the R and L buttons are uncomfortable to ergonomically
control. Also, after some time, the green light to pair stayed solid and refused to pair with my device. Fortunately Gametel has wonderful customer service and was quickly able to fix my problem. The biggest thing I still love about it is its portability. I might have to sacrifice that though for comfort, because I'm thinking about trying out the MOGA Pro, which resembles a true console control.
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on July 18, 2013
Controllers for the iPhone basically only work when they are emulating the iCade, or the dodgy blutrol touchscreen emulator. The iCade has one digital joystick and 8 buttons. I got the iPega, which inexplicably only emulates 6 buttons in spite of the iPega having a d-pad, two joysticks and 8 buttons.
The Gametel supports all 8 buttons, making it a step above the iPega in that regard. However, the iPega is more comfortable to hold. On the iPega, you can use either the d-pad or the left joystick, and they are both fairly comfortable. The Gametel's d-pad is very flat and resistant to motion. The shoulder buttons are also tricky to press when the phone is mounted. It's still infinitely better than a touchscreen.
I tried both the Gametel and the iPega with a Gameboy Advance emulator. Either the emulator or the controllers have a problem with protecting against rapid button presses. When pressing a button on the iCade, the emulator would detect it as though I had rapidly pressed the button two or three times in the millisecond that I pushed it even though the button was not a turbo button. This problem was not nearly as bad on the Gametel, though it did exist.
Speaking of phone mounts, the Gametel and iPega have the exact same phone mount mechanism. The Gametel uses a smoother, squishier material, unlike the iPega which uses plastic. The phone mount is great. You lift up the top part and then push the phone up against it. The bottom clamp then opens automatically, letting you slide the phone in without any fumbling. Then the top part closes back down once you let it go and the phone stays in place firmly. To take the phone out you just push up on the phone and slide it out from the bottom once it's away from the clamp, so getting it in and out is a quick and easy process.
The controller and mount are also shaped to support the phone from the back for both the Gametel and iPega so it is not uncomfortable to hold the phone up. The iControlPad has the issue of requiring you to hold the bottom part of the phone because the iCP doesn't support the phone from the back at all and the shoulder buttons are on the lower back, making it really unpleasant to hold up when the phone is attached.
Suffice to say both the iPega and Gametel are good options for different reasons. The iPega is the better option if you have an Android phone because it has two joysticks and is more comfortable. I have an iPhone, which means the controllers only work in iCade mode. The Gametel does that better due to using all 8 buttons instead of 6.
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on August 18, 2013
I was getting tired of using the touch screen buttons, so I decided to see if there was perhaps such a thing as a controller to use with smart phones. Thankfully there are people out there that are already thinking for me.

I'm glad there were different choices to go with and based on reviews from others, I decided to go with the Gametel device because I read that it was the easiest and most simple one out there. I also chose this one because it works with many emulators and games that I would play with.

The product was delivered quickly and the packaging was clean. The directions to set up the device was easy to understand and the set up alone went smoothly. Every time I turn the controller on, I have no problems. The buttons are firm and made well. I expect the controller to last a long time with proper care. I even use the plastic covering it came with as a case.

I thought I was going to have a problem with the phone fitting in the clip because I have a case on it, but it fits in real snug, no problem. I do wish the clip would lock in place when pulling it up all the way because it can be sort of a struggle at first to get it in, but once you figure out a good method, you'll be fine then and get use to it. Also, I'm not sure how many other phones are set up, but my Droid Razr HD has it's volume buttons in the middle, so I have to have the phone sitting on either side a bit, otherwise it would be covering up the volume buttons. It may look a little funny, but the phone is still sitting in the clip nice and firm, so it's not that bad. Also,it doesn't come with a charger which was a bummer because of the price and I'd rather charge my phone and controller at the same time.

So to break it down, here are my pros and cons -


- easy set up
- easy to use
- can hold phone in clip with phone case on
- delivery was fast and packaging was clean


- clip doesn't lock for easy placement
- covers volume buttons in the middle, have to set to the side a bit
- does not come with charger

Over this is still a great product and I do recommend purchasing one.
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on December 26, 2012
Not only had I been looking far and wide for a controller for my Samsung Galaxy S3 - but was always hopeful of a bluetooth controller for my laptop/pc.
This IS IT.
Glad I put it on my wishlist - and glad "Santa" thought I was good enough this year :)
Although worried at first, it works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S3. The retractable "cradle" needs to stretch to the max - the phone fits if you slide it from the side. After pairing with the Samsung, it says it needs a firmware update via your pc, but it is easy enough to do. Not sure if it was meant to improve usage with the phone, but I think it was meant to improve functionality with pc usage.
I must admit, pairing it with the PC was a bit tricky. After a few failed attempts, I checked their website for Q/A's or FAQS. Good thing they have a great website (yes - the same one you visit for the firmware update). After some browsing through it, I learned the controller has 4 modes that you can set it to before you turn it on:
1. Android
2. iOS
3. HID Gamepad
4. HID Keyboard
I think the 1st time I tried pairing it with my pc, it was in Android mode (default?) - and therefore was not working. However, once I tried it on HID Keyboard mode - bingo.
The feel reminds me of a classic Nintendo controller (plus 2) - with the added buttons you'd expect for the trigger fingers - for a total of 6 buttons for playing. The "select" and "start" are intuitively placed where you would expect them. The pad feels and responds as you would expect as well.
Haven't tried it in HID Gamepad mode or iOS yet (can try it on my wife's iphone someday). If it works, I'll ask Amazon to add a 6th star just for this product.
I can't recommend it enough for any Android smartphone user that has MAME4Droid and may also want to use it on their "classic" MAME on pc.
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on November 9, 2013
I have an LG optimus p509 phone.version 2.2.i play super gnes games on it.i ordered this because its the only compact blutooth controller that will work with my was a pain to get this thing paired absolutely must download the app or it wont work.after a long time of getting everything right it works unpairs after you leave it idle for too long.also I had to configure the buttons which was normal.this thing is kewl.its small but thats what I need for gaming on the go Shoryukens are a little tricky.
UPDATE: this thing broke.i fixed it. I dont know how i got it to work by just trying after awhile. Now its broken again and I have a new phone. The only reason you should ever buy this is because it is the only one that works with outdated droids. There are better ones out there.just not for the old phone I use for games.
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on July 10, 2014
It works, and they even have an Android app to help you configure it. Battery life is good too, I don't feel like I constantly have to recharge it. It's not super comfortable to hold for extended periods, but that's because it's a tiny little thing that acts as an extension of your phone, and not a proper-sized controller.

It's just..the Dpad is about as bad as you'd expect it to be. It's a round disc, like the Xbox 360 controller's D-pad. Absolutely no good if you're thinking of doing a lot of retro emulation, i.e. GBA or SNES games. Forget trying to play an action game with this thing, it's only usable in turn-based games like Fire Emblem.
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on May 29, 2014
I was actually able to fit this onto my Galaxy S4 just fine. The problem is two fold: the software is terrible, and the gamepad is even worse. It often won't recognize pushes on the control pad due to the way the pad is shaped (it's dipped in the middle, so you kind of end up just sliding your thumb around instead of actually doing anything) and feels just overall like a cheap chinese knockoff product.

In addition, the software was hard to use, it was hard to get it synced properly with my phone, and is overall just junk. Stay away.
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on March 18, 2013
The idea behind this little controller is great. It holds your phone, no matter the size, perfectly. The problem lies within the D pad and the other buttons. The triggers are nearly impossible to hit if you need them. The "D" Pad is completely useless. Luckily I had purchased some of those rubber sticky D-Pads that stick to your phone screen... so I glued that D-Pad right onto the stock D-Pad and I can throw Uppercuts in Street Fighter now. The 4 buttons on the right side are ok. They start to hurt your finger after a while of playing since they are hard plastic.

On top of the button problems, the device has a little trouble syncing with bluetooth and you often have to tell your device to "forget" that it paired with the controller, then re-pair it. You also have to install a custom Keyboard application that tells your device what the controller is doing. You must switch to this "keyboard" whenever you want apps to use the controller.

Even though there are so many down-sides to this controller, I still use it daily. After gluing a rubber D-Pad onto it, it's quite enjoyable and FAR better than using On-Screen controls. If this device is the only one in your budget, I'd still suggest it over playing with On-Screen controls.

Note: you can pick up some sticky rubber nubs that are meant to go on photograph frames and stick them on the D-Pad as well. You can get them at hobby shops. That will also help alleviate the terrible D-Pad.
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