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on April 26, 2012
[Strategy tips below and in comments]

As a life-long Garfield fan, and someone who enjoys tower defense games, I was excited to see this available in the Appstore, but apprehensive because Garfield games usually suck. So I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of polish shown in this game. It is addictive, especially since I want to earn my cookies and not buy them. The gameplay, animation, and sound are all solid.

I have the following complaints, in order of severity:
1. The game crashed one time during gameplay (when I plugged my phone into my computer) and got jacked up. The icon disappeared from my app drawer, and when I tried to open it via other means, the system told me it was not installed (even though the Appstore said otherwise). Fortunately, when I ran Titanium Backup (my phone is rooted) to try to backup the app's data before uninstalling, that process magically restored the app to working order.
2. The touchscreen occasionally "sticks" and causes Garfield to continue running long after taking my finger off the screen, as noted in other reviews.
3. There is very little instruction provided regarding the gameplay, powerups, friends, etc.
4. There is no way to downgrade after upgrading.
5. The audio gets repetitive.
6. Starting around level 19 (for me) the difficulty jumps, and the game's push to sell cookies for $$$ becomes apparent. Obviously (although many reviewers don't grasp this point), the game needs a revenue stream, so I'm fine with that. But the cookies are surprisingly expensive and I don't see myself purchasing them anytime soon.


Here are my strategy tips, which have allowed me to reach level 22 as I'm writing this review. Not sure if that's good or not. :D Share your own strategy tips in the comments for this review (not visible via Appstore -- you need to be on to view/post comments).

- Nermal's health vs. cost is so much better than the other friends that he is the only one I upgrade and use when playing.
- I fight solo until I save up 30 popcorn, then I upgrade the popcorn machine once before starting to deploy friends (Nermals).
- My main upgrades are to Garfield (level 6 currently), Nermal (level 7), and the Boxing Glove (level 5). I have also upgraded the Fridge (level 2) and Toy Plane (level 3), and bought the Rolling Pin and Squeak.
- I upgraded the Trumpet (level 4) but was disappointed with it. A) It does not seem to heal Garfield - only friends. B) It summons other friends, but most of them are useless because I have only upgraded Nermal. I'm not saying it couldn't be a useful Special Attach; it's just not useful to me because of my strategy with Nermal.
- It took me 15-20 attempts to get through level 21. I finally broke through when... actually I'll save this tip for the comments, to see if we can get a discussion going first... :)


Happy lasagna-defending!
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on April 26, 2012
This game is very fun, and very addicting. Like many free apps it is supported by the ability to buy in-game currency with real money. Unlike most games of this nature, however, this game is not so stingy with said currency that you are FORCED to buy it to stand a chance. My only two problems with this app are that: 1) the desciptions for abilities, characters, etc are minimal so it can be confusing to decide what to upgrade; and 2) some upgrades scale poorly compared to others, so late in the game certain units are far more useful than others.
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on April 29, 2012
This is an addicting little game. Working on level 47 currently without any in app purchases. A tip for others, moving garfield resets his attack, so tiny steps backward actually increase his attack speed. For this reason maxing out his level is critical (and frying pan). Orson is also a linchpin once you unlock him. I was big on nemal prior to unlocking him. Dino odie and arlene are also critical. On yeah upgrade your popcorn machine asap as well. Grinding out 5k for the 2nd upgrade to the popcorn machine was tedius but its the only way in later levels.

Honestly I've ignored garfields specials. Garfield's pause kills me when i try and use one (as noted earlier I'm usually moving constantly to reset the attack). I use the horn when im low health just following orson and dino odie hoping for it to heal them. I'm plannimg to use jon as my 2nd once its unlocked in 2 levels.

I've had to alter my strategy every couple levels, but in general orson first with a dino odie as close as possible has become the best option. Sometimes i try and get in the last popcorn upgrade before orson, sometimes after dino odie. Arlene hits the field after the popcorn upgrade and orson and dino odie.

In the later levels use garfield to stategically hit the ranged attackers. They are low hp high damage. Orson and dino odie can take on the tank types decently if you thin out the high dmg mobs. Oh and watch out for the spider... its evil.
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on July 11, 2012
This is basically a side-scrolling attack/defend game (NOT TOWER DEFENSE STYLE!). Defend the fridge from enemy forces using various weapons and helpers. The graphics are some of the best I've seen on a cartoon based app like this. All in all, the app is a lot of fun. However, the weapons and helpers are upgraded using "cookies". You get cookies for playing each level, but can also buy extra cookies with real money. This is fine at first. But once you get to level ~25, it gets impossible without some serious upgrades. FAR more than you'll be able to do by playing and failing the level 200 times to collect cookies bit by bit. And quite honestly, once you hit that point, there's no real reason to keep playing. Consider this a trial app.

EDIT: Well I've been playing over a week now and have managed to make it all the way to level 49 without spending any real money. But now I think that's it. I think I've honed my strategy very well (Orson and friends as a wall to prevent further advance, but Garfield has to run forward and help slow the delay of additional troops as well. You can't just let them stack up.). In addition, I've played and failed levels hundreds of times to gather cookies 150-250 at a time to upgrade your arsenal. Now some items are maxed out and the others cost 3,4,5000 cookies per upgrade. And I can tell it's going to take several character upgrades PLUS many heath recovery items (1,000 a piece) to even have a remote chance at beating level 49. And if I still fail the first time, I have to start all over collecting enough cookies to purchase the health items again. That's way more than, even I'm, willing to collect piecemeal. So though I was able to slowly inch my way forward through the game without spending real money, I stand by my statement. It takes far more playing and losing than any normal human being would be willing to do.

EDIT: I've made it clear up to level 59 and have stopped playing. Been nearly a month since I've played it even once. But someone liked my review and it sent me an email regarding that. So figured I'd update my review. Yes. It takes failing some levels literally a hundred times before collecting enough cookies to buy enough health power-ups to pass the level. All my equipment upgrades are maxed (friends, special attacks, popcorn machine, cool down time, etc).

Here's my tips:

1)Orson is probably the number 1 friend in the game. Upgrade him all you can. Don't waste cookies upgrading the other friends you don't use. I find nermal, regular odie, the duck, etc to be too weak to be helpful at all in later levels. One hit from an enemy kills them instantly. So don't even waste cookies upgrading them too much.

2)As I said above, use Orson as a wall to stop the forward advance. But Garfield must run past this and slow the advance from stacking up greatly on top of Orson. Once piled on top of each other, your attacks don't always hit the same enemy. So it take 5X as long to kill one particular enemy once they're all piled together. Meanwhile 5X the amount of enemies are doing full damage to you and your pals.

3) Here's a huge tip. Garfield starts his attack the very second he stops running. You can increase his rate of fire by tapping the screen to make him move a TINY TINY bit every 3/4 of a second. It's a certain rhythm that you can get pretty used to. The second his attack leaves him, tap the screen. With practice, you can increase his attack a solid 50%. ON TOP OF THIS, you only need to move back the tiniest amount to dodge an enemy's attack. So once there's an enemy on top of you and you see them start to swing at Garfield, tap the screen quickly to make Garfield inch backwards. He'll instantly throw another weapon AND dodge the attack and take zero damage. It takes some practice to work the system, but it's easy to catch on.

4) John dominates. Upgrading him is a must. I also put him on the "quick cool down" special upgraded slot. He was my key to beating the middle-50's levels.

5) Upgrading the popcorn maker from the store is a must. It keeps you from having to waste popcorn on upgrading it during a fight. Key in later levels.

6) Using health power-ups. Don't buy and use one or two at a time. If a level is tough to beat, save up enough to buy 5-6-7 power-ups and have one huge go at the level. If you don't use them all, they'll still be there for next time you're stuck. But wasting cookies by only buying one or two over and over and over again isn't going to get you anywhere quickly. Save up a bunch, then buy a bunch, then make one huge push at the level.

7) Upgrading the fridge's hit points is worthless. Usually the enemies are stacked up so deep and they've forced you and your friends back so far, no amount of fridge hit points is going to save you. An extra 3 seconds of damage on the fridge is not going to be enough time for you to suddenly kill the entire mob of enemies attacking it.

8)The three special attacks I use are the boxing glove, the books, and John. The boxing glove cools down super fast and does enough damage that I can run through the stacked up mob, attack the long range attack enemies (hotdog shooters, etc) and do sufficient damage to take them out quickly. The books are just powerful and Garfield can direct them a bit better than the toy cars or the planes. For example, if I try to run past the mob and attack the long-range enemies, the toy cars and planes come from behind Garfield and tend to damage the mob randomly versus the books attacking enemies specifically in front of Garfield. Once you try them out, you'll see what I mean. And John is just a beast. You can't win without him doing an insane 21,600 damage (literally).

9) Enemy attacks are not like yours. Once an enemy starts attacking one friend, it seems to focus on him until one or the other dies. So use this to your advantage. I summon Orson first. Once he's stacked up against a bunch of enemies, I summon Dino Odie. Odie quickly runs up and does a lot of damage. But since the enemies were already attacking Orson first, they really don't attack Dino Odie all that much. So Odie stays alive longer doing heavy damage. But keep in mind that if new enemies are allowed to join the mob, they haven't attacked anyone yet and may target Odie. So I run forward and let another mob form on top of Garfield, while slowly inching backward (using the method I described above). This seems to give Odie and Orson maximum time to work on their mob and do the most damage.

Once you get good at the game, all my tips will become obvious to you and easily executable. Good luck!
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on May 12, 2012
Its a really fun game for the first few levels. Then the difficulty gets too extreme. To the point where you are forced to play and lose the same level 20-30 times to get enough cookies so you can level up some characters in hopes to beat the level. In which you do it all over again next level. It drives you to have to spend real $$ in order to enjoy it, and even so it'll only be for a few levels then the difficulty will catch up and leave you in the dust again. It would be a LOT better if you could go back and replay levels so you can build characters up but you can't. Your forced on the highest / hardest level at all times. Felt good once I uninstall it.
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on March 21, 2013
This game rocks! Once you unlock Booker and Nermal try to get as many of them as possible. They make a great team for the first 24 levels. The best thing to do after that level is try to get Orson and then get an Odie. They make up the best team until you level up your popcorn box. Then your best team is Dino Odie, Orson and maybe Roy if he's been levelled him up enough. After Garfield attacks try backing up a little, it makes him immediately attack again. If you keep doing that over and over, sometimes coming up some so the enemies stay in range, Garfield automatically attack faster
This strategy has gotten me to level 32 with Garfield at level 10, Orson at level 7 and Fido Odie at level 6. The worst foot soldier I've ever faced was a lasagne ( not sure is I spelled that right so I just trusted my kindle fire. ) looking guy with a big pitch fork. They do a lot of damage to you and have a lot of health.
Good luck fighting off steak and protecting the fridge!
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on September 30, 2013
A game in which Garfield fights meat ball aliens, instead of Jon, or anyone else who likes food.

The Alien Invaders are all meat balls, and as Garfield, it's up to you to defeat them, and protect the cat's, and our, most favorite Italian meal, lasagna.

Downside? Well, like other games, and their apps, sometimes you gotta' pay money to get cookies as money, not to mention the fact that you might have to repeat later levels over, and over in order to level up Garfield, his friends, his weapons, and even get some helpful upgrades.

All in all, this cat has eaten his way into what I think is the most fun app I've played. My idol, Lorenzo Music, the man who voiced Garfield to begin with, I bet he'd be proud.

5 stars out of 5, and 7 out of 10 for Garfield' s Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders.

Pasta La Vista, Baby. ;)
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on November 14, 2012
takes too long to load and also freezes my droid charge sometimes causing me to need to restart. Sticks some times so that you lose control of the game. Glad it was free so I didn't lose anything but time!
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on November 20, 2012
This is a great game with good clean fun. It's cartoony violence but not blood and gore. It's more like cartoon food attacking Garfield. Who ever created this was really into making sure the game is fun and challanging.
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on August 29, 2013
Solid graphics but that's about it. Game play is rather generic, Your typical defense game. I do agree that it gets harder then it should be during later levels and you are pressured into buying in-game purchases unless you want to constantly grind out the same level over and over in order to get enough cookies to upgrade your stuff. The biggest flaw of it is that it fails to keep you interested. I deleted the game like 20-30 minutes because it just fails to keep you entertained.
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