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VINE VOICEon November 9, 2011
Most of the reviews here are for the 2595, not the 2555 that I purchased. I didn't need voice activation or bluetooth so the 2555 is just fine for me.

I have to disagree with the reviewer that says it is slow to find where you are. I am a long-time Garmin user and I think it is light years faster than my old Nuvi model. Although some of the new features are a little difficult to get used to I still think this unit deserves the highest marks. The larger screen alone makes it worth an upgrade from an older unit.

It's also great to have lifetime maps and traffic upgrades. Again, that gives this model high marks. My favorite feature on the 2555 is the categorization of places you would like to go. For example, on my old unit I used to have search for and then type in "REST A" to find the next rest area on my route. With the 2555 "Rest Area" is a category and therefore only a couple of button presses away.

In summary, I am a happy consumer who is enjoying the new features that Garmin has added to it's new 2012 line of GPSs. Well worth the upgrade!
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on April 21, 2012
I bought The 2555LMT from Staples, as I needed it the next day, and they matched Amazon's price.

First thing, the map update was maddeningly frustrating. I first used the simple Garmin map updater that only downloaded and installed the map. After running this for 30 minutes and seeing no progress, I aborted this. I installed the Garmin Lifetime Updater, which automatically downloads maps. It took more than an hour to download the new map from the web site. I then tried to update the map. I started at 4PM, and at Midnight, it was still running, with no indication of any progress. Usually there is a progress bar, but this software just has a bar with a green light moving back and forth. This is just terrible as a user interface. I was worried about cancelling the update. I send email to product support, which promised to get back to me within 3 business days. I cancelled anyway. The tool warned that I needed to update the system software first (which I thought I had done).

Luckily, I didn't brick the device. It worked even after the abort. I needed the device for a trip, and started using the Garmin. I'm an engineer, and I found the user interface frustrating to use. I wanted to change a route to avoid certain locations. First of all, the default route showed a time of 2H 40m, while Google says it would take a more realistic 3h 15m. I used the "Detour" option, but that found another route without giving me any choices in the route. So I then tried to add a second location in a route, so I could control the route. I was unable to do this. When I wanted to add a second location, it forgot the first stop.

The Garmin site also had a software package called Basecamp for Windows. I installed this, and gloriously it also allowed you to update your device using this tool. I used this, and it updated the map, the voices, help files, etc and all in 15 minutes! Hurray!
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on May 25, 2012
What prompted my purchase of the Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT specifically was one, my familiarity with Garmin, and two, the lifetime map and traffic updates. I have two older Garmin units on which I have not updated the maps for a number of years due to the cost of $80/ year.

This unit has easy to navigate screens and provides information which is easy to absorb with a quick glance. The "Lane Navigator" is one of my favorite features. It lets me know if the exit is a right or left exit and how many lanes are used for the exit. The photo realistic view actually looks very similar to the exit lanes themselves!

The traffic feature is also a great feature, but has a minor bug or two. I found myself approaching a very recent accident and an alert appeared on the GPS, which I thought was rather impressive. In other cases, the traffic alert has indicated slow traffic ahead, which has typically been the case, but other times has already cleared up. Yesterday, the traffic alert called out a traffic jam with a one minute delay: the jam may well have been longer than that by the time I got to it. There was enough warning that I was able to re-route without any issues. I recently found myself in a very long line of traffic jam. I chose not to re-route, but it was nice to know about how many miles the jam was.
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on April 6, 2012
A little background about how I use this GPS. I am a Service Technician with a van, and I work all over New England but mostly in the Boston area. I have been using this GPS for about 5 months around 10-20 times a week.
My old GPS was a Garmin 350 which was stolen out of my van. My review is based on comparing the old Garmin 350 with the new Gamin 2555LMT.

The pros:
1. Lifetime maps - Can't go wrong there, it saves you money in the long run.
2. Lifetime traffic - All I can say is that it has it, see below.
3. Large Screen
4. Lane Assist - cool feature, helps me a lot.
5. The GPS shows the speed Limit and shows your speed in red when you travel over the limit.
6. The estimated time to arrival is very accurate.

1. Traffic updates are extremely inaccurate. I have been in a highway traffic jam because of a closed highway and the GPS showed it as no traffic. You also NEED to have the cord plugged in the GPS and charging to get the updates. This feature is useless to me because of the inaccuracy. I use my Iphone app instead.
2. I saw the Trip Log feature and thought it was interesting to see where I have been. Unfortunately it records over itself after around 100 miles.
3. Another big problem is sometimes when you enter the town/city when looking up an address the GPS will not find the town unless you add "Twn" after the town name. This was very annoying until I figured it out.
4. Even with map updates, there are a lot of errors in the back roads.
5. For the price of this GPS, I feel like it should calculate the tolls for you and tell you when your route is on a toll road.
6. When you enter an address, select routes, then click "GO". It will not save your address in the recent list.

overall I gave a 3/5 because this 2555 can do everything my 10 year old 350 could, and only a couple things more. It also has many bugs which surprisingly are not fixed yet.
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on April 12, 2014
So far, the unit gets five stars and Amazon customer service gets 5-plus stars!

I bought this unit to replace my Garmin nuvi 205W. The Garmin 25555LMT arrived in good order a day sooner than Amazon had originally said it would. After updating the maps I took the unit out for a drive and discovered that traffic wasn't available on the unit as advertised because I didn't have the proper receiver cable (the unit told me so). The unit had the standard power cable (TA20) included in the box. I was dismayed because both the Garmin and Amazon sites stated that the necessary receiver cable was "in the box." I checked online and discovered the correct cable ( Garmin GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver) would cost me an additional $63.99!

I contacted Amazon and a very friendly and helpful customer service representative worked through the situation with me. After looking into it she refunded $63.99 to me. I was able to use the refund to purchase the correct cable which will arrive early next week.

As for the unit itself, so far, it works as advertised. It will take a little time for me to get used to the different interface, but it isn't too steep of a learning curve. I will report back in a few weeks to update this review.

Update April 23, 2014: The replacement cable arrived in good order on yesterday, April 22nd. I connected the GTM60 to the unit and took a test drive. The traffic feature works like advertised. I suspect they got confused at the factory and packed the wrong cable. Amazon made good by refunding to me the $63.99 the cable cost so I could order the right one. Bravo.
review image review image review image
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on January 19, 2012
I purchased this item as a new driver to Colorado who had to learn streets and lanes and wasn't familiar with the map at all.

It is good for one thing: finding streets themselves and helping you get there, showing your speed and the speed limit on some streets, as well as what direction the next turn will be in. Good luck trying to find where a specific store is, or what side of the road it's on, even if you search for the specific store and you by chance happen to find it despite most locations, even long-term well-known buildings, not being in the database.

If you can afford it, a smart phone is 10x better than this item because it can actually tell you where the place you're looking for is. Google Maps trumps this system by far. This GPS is good if you have an exact address, and even then I've sometimes not been able to find the address in the search. The fact that even correct streets cannot be found is unacceptable. The search feature is definitely lacking.

On top of this, even with paying $200+ for this item, you see annoying Best Western advertisements that pop up and block the top half or the side of the screen. You cannot close these, and there is no obvious way to turn them off. The only way to get rid of these is if you both disable traffic and disable the traffic layer on your map. "Free Lifetime Traffic" should include a warning that it isn't free, that you will see advertisements in order to pay for it.

Lastly, if this item was still covered under the return policy, I would be returning it due to the fact that this GPS has an alarm that has numerous times terrified me half to death while driving by going off when I had never even set it. Both times it has gone off at 12:26pm. I am assuming that this is a bug and it is extremely dangerous. As far as I know, there is no way to disable the alarm, you can only uncheck it and hope it doesn't surprise you that day.
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on April 27, 2012
I bought this on a Saturday. I was looking to upgrade from the 350 I owned and loved but I wanted the Lifetime Maps and traffic. I went home and immediately plugged it into my computer. Apparently it needed a COMPLETE map update from the time it was manufactured though to the time I bought it (2011 to 2012). 6 HOURS later and it told me it couldn't download my maps because there wasn't enough room on the GPS unit because I needed a Micro SD card. The box didn't say this and since the manual is so miniscule it didn't even mention this fact or show where the SD slot was! So I tried just downloading part of them on Sunday. This was another 5 hour effort to no avail. I also e-mailed customer support at Garmin but of course they were closed because it was Sunday. Tried again on Monday evening for 3 hours, Tuesday evening for 3 hours and on Wednesday installed an 8GB SD card. Another 5 HOURS on Wednesday and 5 HOURS on Thursday and still no maps update. Not only that, it had wiped out the maps that were already on the unit so I essentially had a $200 paperweight. I was still e-mailing back and forth with customer service at Garmin but since I have no idea where they are it was 4:30 Cali time when I would receive the e-mails which meant I had to do what they suggested after work and then e-mail them the results at 10 PM at night and anxiously await their results. After another 4 hours on Friday night trying in vain to get the maps loaded, this time without loading the files on my computer first, going directly to the GPS unit and using my husband's laptop...6 HOURS later and 8 minutes from finishing they told me to clean out the temporary cache before they could continue the process. That was it! I was done. I returned it to the store and told them to send it back. Worst experience of my life. I now want to buy the SD card to upgrade my nuvi 350 Garmin is pushing me to buy the cheaper way and get the download! There is now way I am plugging my garmin back in to upgrade a map! From what I have been reading about the 2555LMT I am not the only one having problems though. I would not purchase this unit again!
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on July 21, 2012
I just moved to Seattle. Last week I took it to road. It showed me 2 restaurant addresses which were there no more.

Also on small streets, the voice speaks with you only when you have almost made a decision to turn etc. So relying on voice to tell you about turns etc is not possible.

Still so far it was not too bad. But today I went on apartment hunt, with 5 addresses in my notebook. It hung up for 4 hours saying "Acquiring Satellites". I had to go back to my cell phone's static and poor internet service to find the addresses.

At the end of the day, it died. It is just showing white screen, nothing else.
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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2011
Actually, it's not likely with this piece of technology that reminds me how it leaps ahead of my mind's ability to process.

We used it yesterday afternoon to go to a grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner in upstate New York. Bear in mind that anything north of the Bronx is upstate, but traffic is fierce and furious, dangerous to anyone who has to think and drive at the same time. You don't get that opportunity in the Greater New York area. That's where this little gem comes in.

First thing you will notice is that the voice of the woman with an American accent is loud and clear. The path you are supposed to take is in a clear pink and purple--fuscia? But this is often not enough with as many as three-pronged junctions arrayed in front of the windshield to confuse the disoriented driver. This is where the screen splits. The route in symbols is on the left, and a picture of the road and actual sign is on the right. (The only thing that can confuse you here is if you are driving a station wagon full of hungry kiddies high on espresso with a kitten or puppy).

The screen tells you the distance you have to travel to the next change in direction, the speed your car is traveling, and your estimated time of arrival based on your current speed. There are also choices of routes.

All these things are good if you know where you want to go, but what if you need to get someplace and you don't know where it is? Symbols display nearby restaurants, banks, gas stations, police and hospitals. There is also a lifetime update of maps.

It comes with a charger that can be hooked up to the USB port in your car (what used to be known as the lighter). It can also be charged from your laptop or computer. It comes with the required clasp to your windshied and sleeve that attaches to your Garmin and fits the ball of the windshield clasp. Garmin will also make avaiable a dashboard holder for your GPS for states that do not allow it to be on the windshield.

I have used this twice, yesterday and one other time to get to an obscure address in Brooklyn for training. While I look wistfully at even newer devices that show topographical maps, I will be happy to make due with this one for several years, as long as I remember to secure it properly. The only down side is that I cannot figure out how to get it in different accents or languages.

This is a perfect gift for the woman who can't find west if she is driving toward the setting sun, or for the man who refuses to stop and ask for directions. I highly recommend it.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and were able to find your way to Grandma's house and back home.
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on September 15, 2012
I purchased the Nuvi 2555 LMT despite the one and two star ratings. The disparity between the high and low comments just seemed too much.

Having used it for 4 weeks, I am very pleased with it.

Yes, some directions took me a block or two out of the way occasionally; however, they are the same directions I get with my 2 other Garmin's (255 and 265). In looking at the features, it seems those who provided the low ratings may have really liked the features of their older GPS and did not adapt well to the nuances of the new approach to do things. If you are set in your ways, any upgrade might be difficult.

I had absolutely no problems with reboots or satellite acquisition. Mine normally acquires the satellite within 5 - 10 seconds of starting the car and I have not lost it - unless going through a very long tunnel.

I am happy not to hear the lady say `recalculating' when I do not follow directions. When I miss the turn it repeats the command I missed and then takes a couple of seconds to redirect. The map display, however, almost immediately adapts to the new route.

I have seen reviews that the 2555 does not give enough advanced warning. I did not find this to be an issue. From the display and from the voice, I always have plenty of time to get in the proper lane and make the turn. I am not super fond of the dashboard and wish they would have left elevation off. I am not sure why it is there, but enough users must have wanted it. I do not use that option but would have liked to see some of the things that are included on the elevation dashboards.

The speed turning red when I go too fast is not really appreciated because I normally know when I am going too fast.

The size of the display is great. I have no difficulties seeing it - although the street names are a little small. The issue is with my old eyes and NOT the 2555. I do not know how they could have made the size better.

I did have problems registering and getting the map update. I tried a couple of times using Internet Explorer 9 and was unsuccessful. I called their support, and although I did have to wait awhile, they talked me through the problem and all works great. When I don't pay for support, I don't mine waiting a bit as long as the issue gets resolves. What I had to do was to use Fire Fox. It worked fine. I am using windows 7 with IE 9.

Would I recommend it? Definitely. In fact, I just purchased a second unit to replace the Nuvi 265 that I currently have. The new one also worksw great.
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