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on February 19, 2011
I've had a Garmin for several years now, just the no bells and whistles model. It has been a life saver and I love the product. I just ordered the 1350LMT in lieu of paying for updated maps and because the car plug in quit working properly and the unit kept shutting off while trying to reach my destination. So far the 1350 model proves to do be a very reliable product. I haven't used the traffic feature yet, but I have read that it isn't that great, perhaps after use I will post again. The touchscreen works great, the sound is good and I was happy with it's overall performance. Here's a huge warning!!! Make sure you read the instructions with your unit and follow them. DO NOT REGISTER OVER THE PHONE!!!! There is a note that if you Register over the phone and/or if you DO NOT Register within 60 days of your first use, then you will lose your lifetime map updates!!!!! I personally thought that was sneaky and underhanded, if I wasn't so anal as to read the instruction booklet I could've screwed myself out of the lifetime map feature and that was one element that was very important to me since I use the Garmin for my job every day. I love the fact that this unit speaks the street names, it's a very helpful feature.
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on March 14, 2011
I just got this item, and am glad I didn't get any additional stands or charging cables. On the site, there is no information about what it comes with. Just thought I'd inform everyone that it comes with the suction cup mount, usb cable, and car charger. I was actually considering buying these things, but decided to wait until I got the box.
Turns out, I saved over $25 by waiting. :)
Thought someone might like this info.
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on October 23, 2010
For just over $200, free lifetime maps and traffic (Heck, if you added that to an existing unit it would cost $150)this unit rocks. It navigates fine, the display is clearer,the speaker is clearer, the display can be configured to display what you want. All are improvements over my Nuvi 760, which still works fine.
The real reason I am writing this is in response to the previous reviewer who said he couldn't contact Garmin service. I called, wanting to see if there was a way to transfer my saved locations from old to new Nuvi. (I've always wanted to say new Nuvi). I was speaking to a service rep in under 3 minutes, with no thick accent, and a solution in hand in no time. I had also e-mailed them the question previously, but didn't want to wait, new Nuvi fever. I received the email response in several hours. So in answer to your question, your experience is not normal for Garmin support.
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VINE VOICEon January 28, 2011
First of all I want to make it clear that I'm very happy with this 1350 GPS. I have a few negative comments in this review but I'm still happy with my purchase. I haven't used it in the car yet. It just arrived today and I've been going over it with a critical eye.

We have a boat and three cars but only three Garmin GPS units so we kept having to move one of the GPS units between two of the cars. We wanted one more GPS. Also the maps haven't been updated on our older units so it was time to consider getting another GPS.

I was determined never to buy another GPS without lifetime maps. I checked out other brands and read user comments here on Based on user comments and my own very good experience using Garmins, and the great Garmin customer service, I started hunting for features and price when I found this 1350LMT.

The things that attracted me were:
1) Garmin quality and service
2) Price
3) Lifetime maps
4) Screen size
5) QWERTY virtual keyboard. What a relief after using the ABC keyboards of our other Garmins.
6) Lane assist
7) Speed limit display

This 1350 has a different user interface than the others we have. I don't think it is better, just different. That in itself is a disappointment because we will have to deal with two different interfaces depending on which car we take. But it is the missing features that are the real disappointment; that is compared to our older units.

Missing and missed features include:
1) The connector on the back that mates with the mount in the car. Our older units were designed so the car power plugged into the mount, not the GPS itself. That way we can quickly and easily pop the GPS out of the mount without bothering with the power cable. The 1350 doesn't have such a connector and we will have to remove the GPS from the mount, AND disconnect the power cord. Then attach the power and remount when we put it back in the car. We take the GPS out often for two reasons. One is to deter thieves breaking a window to grab the GPS. The other is to use the GPS while walking or to find our car in a large parking lot.

2) I thought it was great to push the power button quickly which pops up a screen to adjust the screen brightness and the volume. On the 1350 those two functions are separated on the user interface. Pushing the power button quickly only allows one to adjust the brightness. To adjust the volume one must use a completely different approach.

3) All of our other units have a satellite display showing the position in the sky of the satellites, and a bar graph of the signal strength. I know this isn't necessary but it is kind of geeky and I like it. The 1350 doesn't have this feature as far as I could see. The on screen help of the 1350 actually says you can touch the satellite bar graph to see the screen I'm talking about but it doesn't work. At least it doesn't work sitting here in the house where I'm getting good satellite reception. Perhaps it will work in the car?

4) The speaker on the 1350 doesn't sound as good as the other units. I suppose that is one result of a slimmer design. I never thought the older units were too thick and the new thin design means nothing to me. I'd rather have the better sound of a larger speaker. It distorts even at low volume but the voice is understandable.

5) When plugged in the battery icon is hidden. I don't know why it is designed this way. I like to see the battery charge status when it is plugged in. That way I know if it is ready for battery only use, when it is fully charged. The older units didn't hide the battery display.

6) No Truck mode. One of our cars is an SUV that we use mostly to tow our boat. In California our speed is restricted to 55MPH when towing and I'd like the GPS to calculate our arrival time based on that restriction. The older units have a truck selection. The 1350 only has car, pedestrian, and Bicycle. Bummer.

7) No 3.5mm headphone jack. My other Garmin units have this feature. This allows me to feed the spoken street names into my car head unit. Bummer.

I'm sure some of these changes were made by Garmin to cut costs in this competitive environment. But some of these things are software features, and features that already existed so they should be cheap to include. If you don't have any older Garmin units you won't miss these things.

I didn't see a 1350LM available, a unit without traffic. I haven't found traffic to be very useful on other GPS units I have and I generally turn it off. I guess I'll turn it off on this one too to get rid of the dreaded advertising.

Things I won't use:
1) Traffic
2) ECO mode (even though one of our cars is a Prius)
3) Screen shot?
4) Picture viewer - too grainy to be of any use.
5) Language Guide
6) Other purchased features

As others have said all I want is a good basic GPS so I don't care about all the other stuff. Traffic data is too unreliable to be useful most of the time, and we are soon moving to a small city that won't broadcast traffic data anyway.

This device has the great quality features I want in a GPS. Spoken street names, easy to use, fast calculations, nationwide maps, a good set of POIs, lifetime maps, and fast satellite sync. I'm looking forward to using the lane assist. It looks like there is some trip information stored with the ECO mode. I'll be interested to see what that is all about. I like having the on screen help. Lifetime maps are the only way to go. I can't wait to see the Speed Limit displayed. I've always been curious what the GPS unit thinks the speed limit is.

For the price I highly recommend the 1350LMT. Just the lifetime maps alone are worth quite a bit of money.
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on December 8, 2010
The unexpected on-screen advertising really ruins the experience (pic uploaded). It's unexpected since it's not mentioned anywhere on the packaging. The tiny manual mentions it as a possible cost of "free" traffic info -- maybe it's only in certain regions. In scanning the small-print on the packaging, I noticed that the "lifetime" updates can end at any time depending on their suppliers. Adding insult, after registering my purchase on the Garmin web site, it says I only have 90 days of updates included.

Except for the massively deceptive packaging, the GPS is OK. The maps have been perfect so far. Finding shortest route works well. Finding quickest route is not so good -- it seem's to be biased toward certain classes of roads (maybe state roads over county roads?) even though they're not necessarily faster. The "eco" features seem useless. The turn-by-turn directions are very good. Haven't figured out what "lane assist" is.

After about five weeks of freeway commuting, the traffic feature hasn't really been tested; however, it's flunked the minor tests. So far it's warned of "traffic ahead" 8 times and was correct only once. In addition, there were 3 other times I did encounter traffic delays without getting any warning from the device. With that kind of track record, I can hardly imagine ever acting on its warnings. I can only hope it would do better in a serious traffic jam. Almost comically, it once warned of traffic ahead just as a delay was clearing up.

The device is lightweight and a good size. It should be noted that the connector is in the back (not along the side or bottom), which prevents it from sitting flush against a surface.
review image
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on October 18, 2010
I am very impressed with the Nuvi 1350 LMT. It is very reliable and the maps are very accurate. I'm able to find places of interest quickly and easily. I've purchased 4 Garmin units in the past 8-10 years and very happy with this one.
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on December 22, 2010
Our 4yr old Garmin died so my husband and myself were in need of a new one, we shopped for some features like lifetime maps but mostly for price. So we decided on a TomTom purchased locally after failing to speak street names and interstate directions we called customer service; their own tech employees admitted there were problems with some models. After returning and re-purchasing another TomTom we were disappointed again by it's performance. Garmin served us great for 4 yrs so we purchased the 1350LMT and there is no comparsion between Garmin and TomTom. What I like mostly about the 1350LMT, it's (LM) Lifetime Maps updates for free, and (T) real traffic info; which means in the upper left hand of the touch screen it will show either a green, yellow, or red traffic slow downs and how much time it will delay you. Another great feature is for seniors like us you can turn up the volume to your liking, in fact it's too loud at the maximum. Thirdly if this GPS will be used by additional members in the household, you can create your own titles under the Favorites: Mom's Shopping, Dad's Fishing Sites, Garage Sales etc.
Ok now here's is the dollar savings info, we didn't purchase our Garmin GPS 1350LMT through Amazon we bought it locally for $180 plus tax; I have been watching this model for the lowest price and this is it Folks $159.97 you can't beat that anywhere this Christmas Season ! Go for it you won't be disappointed !
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on February 1, 2012
I am returning, advertisements pop-up all the time. Did not know it was this bad when ordered. Very sneaky of Garmin, they have lost me as a customer. Also, the routing is terrible compared to the old one, crazy routes even from work to home.

Please avoid.
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on November 13, 2012
Without question, this product is a disaster. After purchasing this GPS unit, we took a 1200 mile trip, mostly on interstate highways. There were times that this GPS took 30 to 45 minutes to locate a satellite; lost satellite connectivity repeatably; and even got lost while traveling main interstate highways. I called Garmin and the technician upgraded the software and stated this should stop the problem. I went for a test drive and had the same problems. I called Garmin the 2nd time and the technician requested the unit to be sent back and reconditioned. Upon return, I went for another test drive and had the same problems. I called Garmin a 3rd time and they wanted to replace this unit. I received the new unit and left on another trip only to have the same problems. At one point, this unit could not make satellite connection for over 150 miles. This sure makes for an issue when traveling or trying to find a local address. I have an old Garmin nuvi that never had these problems but did not have lifetime maps. The cost for lifetime maps was high enough to justify buying a new unit with lifetime maps. However, this model has been a disaster and I would not recommend someone to waste their money on it.
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on August 20, 2012
So right out of the Amazon box, I immediately updated my new nuvi software and maps. The software update went OK but the map update failed with an "out of memory" error. I was able to continue and get them loaded by selecting the "backup and clean out trash" option. (What trash? This is a brand new nuvi!)

Anyway, I later discovered that as a side effect of the "trash clean-up" that it had deleted the "Jack voice" which I find cleaner to hear than the default "Jill voice". I tried to reinstall Jack only to discover the dreaded "out of memory" error again.

So even though I bought a Lifetime Maps Update option, it was clear that it was worthless. The nuvi is max'ed out in memory. As roads grow and expand each year, each succeeding map update will be larger. The next time, or the time after that, inevitably some future map update will fail. It will be free, but it will fail.

So I called Garmin tech support. They confirmed that some time back they changed the format of their softcopy maps, which are now larger than they were before. Older devices, designed prior to this format change, are now suffering to fit the new maps into the overall unit physical capacity.

So what to do? With Garmin's help I was able to manually delete multiple unused files and free up a lot of space. Here's how:

Plug your unit into your computer via the USB cable and look in the Garmin folders. In the Voice folder delete all of the languages that you don't need. The .sum files are checksum files and don't matter. The .vpm files are the large voice files, and unneeded ones can be deleted (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.) Next, *everything* in the Text folder can be deleted. The American English text files are built into the OS, so blow everything away. In the help folder, you can safely delete almost everything, but preserve the American_English subfolder. In the JPG folder, delete everything. In the keyboards folder, you can delete almost all files, but retain the en_US.kbd file. In the Vehicle folder, you need to save only that vehicle image that you selected for use; the others can be deleted off the device.

That was enough for me. I got in the latest software, map, and restored Jack's voice. In the future, if the maps grow even larger, two options remain. First Garmin said I could install a 4GB memory card. And finally as a last resort, regional maps can be left out, e.g. Canada.

Between all of that, everything should fit.

I hope others find this of value.

3 stars - great device, but obviously anytime someone has to do something like this manually to get a brand new device to work - you have to take off a couple of stars.

Edit supplemental comments: This is still a good buy (if you're willing to do the steps above) because it is heavily discounted in price now by Amazon/Garmin (because a newer model is out - presumably with more memory). No fix would = 1 star, no need to fix would = 5 stars, but since you can manually fix it AND it is now much cheaper than normal, you should still consider it among your other options for purchase. Just know in advance what you're getting into.

Second edit: In the last maps update despite my best efforts (above) it wouldn't all fit. As new roads grow there is no getting around that each map update requires more & more memory. Fortunately the maps updater program allows you to specify map areas that you don't want to load. I elected to drop Alaska and Canada because I never drive there. Then the rest of the maps loaded into the available memory. Other keep/drop map options exist depending on what works for you. So again there is a way around the memory limitations, less than ideal, but workable if the price is right.
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