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on December 9, 2011
I had been using an Android with Google Navigation, but there was not enough volume control to compensate for the road noise in my work truck. Additionally, Google Navigation is sometimes slow to lock on to satellites.

I've been using my Nuvi for about a week now and I like it's display, it's volume, and how fast it locks on to satellites. The Nuvi does not pinpoint an address as well as GN (Nuvi always says you are there when you may still be 3-4 houses away). GN continues to show the destination address even after you have arrived, and Nuvi does not even show the destination flag once you pass the address. I prefer the GNs voice guidance over the Nuvi (Nuvi seems like it has too fast a cadence). Nuvi's lane assist is handy, but misleading until you get used to it. It shows the number of lanes and which lane(s) to be in AT THE EXIT. It would be more helpful if it showed the lanes 1/2 mile or so BEFORE THE EXIT so you could jockey into position better.

All in all, I like the Nuvi but I prefer the functionality of GN.
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on July 20, 2013
This is a quick partial review that I will edit later. The reason for this is mainly custom routing with a few tips.
I use a stylus.

I have the 4.5 40LM.

FIRST THING TO DO: When you enter your home address, pick an address close by like an intersection or a business close by. Should you leave your GPS in your vehicle or in a purse & someone breaks in or takes your purse & takes your GPS, when they press the home button, they will be taken there instead of your home address & potentially break in to your home. (Want to really scare them, enter the local police station then when your report it missing...).

I have seen several posts that say they can't customize their routes. Bare with me. It is almost like points of interest.

I have my final destination & click go.
I want to take I-25 to I-70 to Airport Road.
So, I press on the screen which shows me a larger map. I scroll to Airport Road.
I zoom, re-center, zoom, re-center until I am pretty zoomed in close a little past the off ramp on that road. For me that would be a little South, so I would zoom a little South of the exit ramp (this is why I use a stylus) & select the road.
It shows me a point / address then click go. It asks me if I want to add it to my route or make it my new final destination. I press add it to route.
(It will not let you add multiple addresses.)

So far I like mine, it offers a simulation so you can play with it & see how it works, pick a major interstate interchange with lots of ramps & check it out & change settings & rerun the simulation until you get the set up the way you want. Then turn off the simulation & you are good to go.

One other thing to do, put in local businesses that you know how to get to around town. Allow the GPS to take you there. Change your route & see how it performs for you & see if it reroutes you, play with it, if you encounter any issues, you can return it now for a refund rather than later & dealing with warranty issues with Garmin which I read in other reviews of being a big headache.

I hope this helps with some of the operation of this unit.

P.S. I bought a screen protector. I am not installing it until after my return date with Amazon. If I have to return it, they have the right to refuse the return because it has been put on & taken off (if you can).

08-2013 Update
I actually really like it & I lost satellite once, I believe it had lost the signal due to a bad thunderstorm was overhead. It is simple to use...I really like a feature, as I am driving, should I take a wrong road, I simply go to the main screen & press detour & it recalculates from where I am at. It really does help you & the GPS if you do not do this while moving. I did do this once & it told me I was 4 blocks away from where I actually was. I have not encountered that problem since.

I have been asked, does not have Bluetooth.

One last tip, I bought the "Garmin Portable Friction Mount" for 3 main reasons, 1. I can place it anywhere on the dash & when the sun is in my eyes or something, I can move it. 2. Should I borrow a car or a rental car, I can transfer my unit to any vehicle. 3. If a thief sees my windshield mount that came with the unit, what is stopping them from saying, "I wonder if they left the GPS in the car?" Tell you what, don't break in find won't be seeing my windshield mount in the window!! I also bought "Gizmo Dorks Neoprene Zipper Sleeve (Black) with Carabiner Key Chain for the Garmin Nuvi 40 and 40 LM" which is a nice soft case that has a zipper side pocket, great for my stylus. It is a good fit, a little cushioning but I mainly have it for protection from scratches or an occasional bump to the floor.

I average 3-4 hours on one charge. As it states in the manual, which didn't come with it, it depends on your settings. Me, I have the display down to where I can see it, not blinded by it, I have the volume low & I generally don't use the radio when I get close or should be paying more attention to where I am at towards the end of my journey.

I have been asked & yes it is for all of the US. When entering in an address, there is a button you press as you begin to enter that address that allows you to change what state. Also, yes you can download maps from other countries. Visit Garmin's website & it will tell you which countries you can download; you have to "buy" the download.
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on June 21, 2012
I was so excited about my new Garmin and it very quickly let me down. I recently moved to DC, and it always gets me where I need go, but almost always takes a "weird" route (regardless of the settings that I have it set on, fastest/shorter route, etc.)

Great interface, easy to read
Charges quickly
Many options on the display, such as your speed, the speed limit, direction you're driving, time or miles to destination, ETA, etc. I use the speedometer more than the one in my car.

No "alternate route" option
Very slow to recalculate (in an area with lots of highways constantly crisscrossing, fast recalculation is a must)
Slow to start up
Short battery life
doesn't have traffic on it (though I understand that at this price, it's not going to have that...)
Also, my suction might just be defection or maybe it's the humidity in DC, but almost every day I get back to my car and the suction has fallen off of the windshield. This has even happened a couple of times while driving, which is extremely dangerous!!! I was forced to buy one of the dashboard friction mounts.

The biggest thing for me is that it has no alternate route option. It eventually recalculates if you start driving a different route, but when you are new to an area or are just passing through, you aren't going to know an alternate route. Extremely frustrating!
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on December 9, 2011
I got this GPS on Black Friday due to the sale price and the lifetime maps. I installed an updated map immediately, which was an easy install. From the start of registering the device to completed map download took approx 45 minutes. Garmin offers a desktop Lifetime Map Indicator which will alert you whenever a map update is available. This unit picks up satellites much faster than my other Garmin, and I really like the speed limit turns red when you exceed the speed limit. The only complaint I have is the limited choice of voices. There are only 2 which are English speaking (both female). One is a very "computerized" voice which speaks the street names. This voice sounds muffled and is not clear. The other voice is more "conversational" and clear, but does not speak street names. This was very disappointing. Other than that, I have been very happy with the unit so far.
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on December 4, 2011
This is my third GPS unit ... and it finally appears as if I won't need another. The first was a gift (as basic as they come ... no street names, no updates); the second (my first Garmin) was a huge step up, although they gotcha with the cost of the map upgrades (one free, $90 after that ... just about what the new unit costs). This one seems to have all I need ... most expedient routes, excellent graphics (including actual images of freeway exit signs), lane preferences ... enough to get me from Point A to Point B. With the addition of lifetime map upgrades (including automatic notification), it's a nicely refined version of my last GPS. Houston is probably the most difficult city to navigate (most of my "native" friends wouldn't be without a GPS system) and this unit seems really accurate ... much better maps and routes. I did play around with the other features (POI, etc.) and found them functioning nicely. Of course, this unit is not loaded with all those ancillary (and to me, unnecessary) features found on systems costing twice as much (and more) ... but for its intended purpose (i.e. simply getting me there) it works very well. It appears as if this item will likely be discontinued shortly ... the price has gone down about $25 recently ... so if you're shopping for a gift in the $100 range (or if you're in the market for a system yourself) this one will do fine for you.
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on June 28, 2014
This Garmin is the worst of four I have. It did not recognize locations that have been in my area for many decades.
It made up streets that do not exist and never have been here. If you want to get lost and waste your money at the same time this is for you.
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on December 20, 2011
I received this GPS for Thanksgiving last month. We drove from IL to GA to visit family, and were surprised with this gift for our return trip home. We've never had a GPS, or even seen one being used before. However, it was very user friendly, and we figured it out within hours. On our trip back home, we not only used it for route directions but also found gas stations, restaurants, and hotels quite easily. It even included the phone numbers, which made it easy to call ahead for hotel room availability. Once home, we had fun downloading free voices and car images that made our kids smile and laugh (We are currently using the tank picture to represent our vehicle). The free lifetime map update is cool too. Someone else wrote a review saying how hard it was to use, but our totally inexperienced selves had no problems at all. However, it did take about 6 hours for my slow internet connection to completely download. I still think it's worth the wait to get all the updated business names, addresses, and phone numbers, as these came in handy on our trip home. I love this GPS, and even use it locally in our town sometimes when we are going somewhere new/ unfamiliar. It sure beats guessing with paper maps, and searching for street name signs while trying to drive.
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on May 31, 2014
Overall, I love the GPS. I am directionally dumb, so this is perfect for me. Simple to use, and gets me where I need to be. The only downfall is not with the GPS, but with the Garmin Express. I needed to download that to register my product, and as of now, I still can't get it registered. It just keeps telling me that there is something wrong with the Garmin servers and I need to try again later... for the last three days. After some searching online, I finally managed to figure out a way to get it updated and get the maps updated without registering, but I'm not overly thrilled with having to take the "scenic route".
**ok, so I've had this for at least a year, and it keeps on going! !! Garmin and I finally get along, and the maps are simple to update. It's still in great shape, but I also know that eventually it will die. I can promise you I will be getting pretty much the same thing. Love it!
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on November 30, 2011
Bought this GPS for some trips planned this winter.Only previous experience I've had with GPS units was a trip with a TomTom 335 ( I think?) Quick shipping from Amazon a plus,able to register and update easy, not having to rely on my wife's directions,Priceless! I am by no means a teckno-geek!(don't even own a cell phone!) Found this GPS very easy to operate and accuracy seemed very good compared to my previous use of the TomTom. Having a database for points of interest in a strange city proved extremely useful for finding restaurants,auto parts,shopping centers, fuel,etc.. I love this unit and look forward to traveling in the future. Would recommend to a friend for sure!
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on February 26, 2014
got this gps to replace an old garmin gps. this gps comes with lifetime map for $80. not a bad price at all. if this gps lasts 4-5 years, then its worth the investment. the only bad thing with his gps is the time it takes to recalculate the route if one goes off route. it took almost half a minute to recalculate. the old garmin took seconds. other then that, this gps is great.
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