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Size: 2.1cm Screen|Color: Green/White|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
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on January 15, 2014
I like the simplicity and ease of using this watch for running. I have always been happy with my nike sports band but the ability to map ones run was something I was ready to monitor. Battery life is acceptable for a couple hours of running but anything beyond 3 hours with a full charge would be cutting it close.

My primary problem with this watch is that the color band is a magnet for stains. My running clothing has been washed numerous times and I have never had an issue with dyes bleeding. However after wearing this watch only a few times with a long sleeve nike compression shirt black, staining became quite visible on the band. As I wear this watch to work before my evening runs I did not feel comfortable with anyone seeing the watch as it looked down right dirty. I ended up spending additional money and purchasing a black band to replace the orange (although I really would have liked t have the bright orange). I would urge anyone who is considering the colored versions that they may encounter the same issue I had. I have tried bleach and other cleaners with no success.
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on February 3, 2015
It stopped charging after the batter died. While it's charging it always appears as if it is fully charged but once unplugged the battery goes back to zero.
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on August 7, 2015
I could not be happier with this watch. As a cross country athlete, I am always carefully monitoring my training and this watch has replaced all of the hard work - the miles, the pace, the courses. I especially love the Garmin Connect feature. It does take a while to set up, but once set up, you just plug this watch into the computer and it instantly syncs your past runs and is updated with the Garmin Connect website (through a personal account). Once synced, I can go online or download the app anywhere to see specific information on each saved run - the elevation, calories, pace, splits, and a detailed map of the course as well as my present PRs. It also features a timeline of the elevation and pace as a visual guide as well as the local weather at the time of the run. It keeps track with how many miles you run per week/month/lifetime through tables which are very useful for keeping track on how many miles you're running.

As far as the physical aspects of this watch go, many other people have already detailed every detail, but I'll just say a few things that stand out. The size of this (pink) watch is immediately noticeable as smaller than standard, women-targeted watches, it can defiantly be used on a women's hand as small as a child's to about the size of a medium-large hand with a small hand being the average. One of the biggest standouts is the modern sleek style with bulky watches being the enemy. It is also obvious that this watch was created with careful design and thought. It's very easy to navigate and straight-forward. The virtual pace feature is probably my favorite. I love how it keeps you on track with specific paces.

Overall, this watch has everything you need for your every run. Although it is advertised as a lower-end watch for newbies, it really does cover everything you need for a GPS watch as a runner and can be used as an amazing tool for any runner.
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on December 4, 2013
I bought this to replace a lost (oops!!) Garmin 610 that my wife had given me. The 610 is quite expensive, and I determined my preferences pointed me toward the 10: I prefer buttons to a touchscreen, don't use a heart rate monitor, and don't need any fancy features. The 10 seemed like a good option.

As it turns out, the 10 is everything I expected, with one point of dissatisfaction.

Happy: Pace, distance, time & average vs. instant pace
I knew I wouldn't be able to see distance, pace, and time, but I just calculate time in my head given the distance and instant pace. Yup, I use instant pace--it seems accurate, doesn't jump around much, and is more useful to me than the average pace that may include a much faster or slower prior section of running.

Happy: GPS signal
The GPS acquires a signal acceptably quickly, which is more than I could say about my 610. though by all accounts signal acquisition seems to vary widely among users, conditions, and even among watches of the same model.

Happy: form factor
The 610 is undoubtedly sleeker, but the 10 works for me. In a running watch, I prefer function over form, and the 10 delivers. Buttons are very usable and the screen is easy to see and understand at a glance. I have small wrists and the larger (men's) version is a good size, with ~1/3 of the band remaining. I would caution men to steer clear of the smaller version because you may find the band too small.

Was nice about 610 vs. 10:
Turns out the wireless data upload the 610 offered was something I took for granted. It still required the little USB interface, though, and I prefer only having one accessory for the 10--the power cord that also uploads. But wireless is always better.

Not happy: watch storage space
My 10 tells me that it doesn't have enough memory/storage space to accept the two updates that the Garmin software update tool says are available for the watch. That's poor form on Garmin's part, especially when I have no runs saved, so the watch is as empty as I can make it. This knocks off a star.
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on April 16, 2014
I've had this watch for a little over a week and am very pleased with it so far. I do notice it takes a few minutes to acquire a signal when it's cloudy out, but it's pretty quick if the sky is clear. The distance tracking is accurate, and the screen is easy to read. I would like the "beep" for each mile to be a little louder, but that's not a huge issue for me. The watch is comfortable & doesn't slip around. It was easy to set up (didn't need the instruction manual) and took a couple hours to fully charge right out of the box. After the initial charge, it only takes about a half hour to an hour to fully charge when it's low. Garmin Connect was very easy to set up as well - just download the program, plug in the watch to the USB, & it will register easily. After every couple runs, just plug the watch in & hit the upload button - maps, times, distances, etc... all there in an easy format. I run about 20 to 30 miles per week on average, and this is a great, simple gadget to help with training.
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on May 1, 2013
I am a new runner, started in February of this yr. I have ran 3 5ks and have started 10k training and will be going to 1/2 over the summer. I was using my galaxy s3 with 3 different apps running everytime we ran, as a new runner I was using a c25k app, pandora and then mapmyrun. It didn't kill my battery as I thought it would but it was VERY inconvient having to start so many apps. By the time I got to all of them while my cell was in my arm band in place they were all off on time and such. Mapmyrun is not very accurate on the Marine Corps base we live on and I just wasn't fond of the program itself. So finally after researching a lot I ordered the Pink forerunner 10 as a mothers day present to myself. Even better was that the site I ordered from had a discount code for it and free shipping.

I received it quickly and had to force myself to let it charge before playing with it, it had a charge but everything always says complete charge first. It came with a USB cord that can be plugged into any computer to charge it or if you have a wall adapter as I do from an old iphone you can plug it straight into the wall. Anywho, after it was fully charged I was able to set it up with no problems, didnt' even look at the small book they send with it. I have small wrist, even for a female and the pink fits me perfectly, I actually barely notice it while running. I was able to find my location while standing in my livingroom in about 20 secs. Although I did not run that day.

The next day I was able to run with it for the first time. It found me very quickly on a semi-cloudy day. I was amazed at all of the info that this little watch packs when you plug into garmin connect. It's wonderful! As for during the run, it does everything I could need it for, I don't even foresee me changing the face that often to look at my pace/cal. I was able to hear the beep for the mile mark with no problems, even over my 3 yr old that wasn't happy to be in the stroller.

Today I ran a mile with my 13 yr old after dinner. We wanted to run in the rain and I knew the watch could handle it. It wouldn't locate me in the house this time, but it was very overcast and raining, once I stepped outside it took about 45 secs. Again it worked wonderfully for the run and I enjoyed checking out my stats and seeing when I got my fastest mile time on the watch!

I would definitely buy this watch again! I can't wait to put it to even more use. Running just got a whole lot more interesting for me.
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on February 28, 2014
I was concern about buying this watch because of what people had written about the watch erasing data, being inaccurate on distance and taking a long time to find satellites. First, I do not see any problems with erasing data. The top right button stops and starts the run. When the run is over, press the top right button to pause the run, push the bottom right button one time and the watch cursor moves over "save" and then you press the top right button again. The top right button is the "enter" and the bottom right button is the "tab" or "down arrow" button to equate it to a computer key board. The watch has been exactly accurate during my runs (distance and time) so I do not understand the inaccuracy comments. Finally, I do turn on my watch and find the satellites the morning before my race an hour or so before the race to "cue" the satellites and it does take a minute or two. However, when I turn the watch back on and re-find the satellites, it finds them in less than 30 seconds. So, I use that technique to over come the slow satellite pick up time.

Because of many people's review that say the watch band broke, I am very gentle with the watch band to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

I am a beginning type runner who runs mostly trails and this watch is perfect for me.

James Schols
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on March 26, 2013
This watch is perfect for intermediate runners like me! It does everything I need- Time, Distance, Pace and Calories. When I plugged it into my computer and logged into Garmin Connect I was amazed at what all this watch could do. It has all these awesome graphs and maps about your run. It even tracks your elevation level! It fits my tiny wrist perfectly. It was very easy to set up. I just turned it on and ran. I know a lot of reviews complained about not having all the info on the screen at the same time, but all you have to do is push the bottom right button on the side of the watch! Oh, and it beeps to let you know when you have completed each mile. It also has a cool feature where it will alarm you if you are going to slow or fast and you can even set it to do Run/Walk intervals.
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on September 8, 2013
I purchased the first forerunner 10 about three weeks ago. It worked great for about ten days but then began to freeze up after a fifteen mile workout (even though it was fully charged). It was completely unresponsive and all I could do was hold the upper left button down until it rebooted. But this caused my workout to be lost. At first it found the satellite right away, but took longer and longer upwards of five to ten minutes before it was ready. After it froze up again, I exchanged it.

The second one worked great at first too. It located the satellite right away and did not freeze up. However, the second one I was only able to upload three workouts. I'm getting an error message on the fourth and fifth workout: the upload failed. What the heck? I then tried a manual upload without success. I restarted my computer and the garmin. Nothing has worked. I am currently unable to upload any workouts.

UPDATE: I kept the watch for another week. I have continued to have problems with it. I guess it loses the satellite. The timer continues but the mileage stops. I discovered that the upload problem is not with the unit but with the garmin website. All I can say is that this thing is awesome when it works, unfortunately it doesn't work all the time.

The one plus is that the problems began right away not three or six months down the road. I am still able to return or exchange.
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on December 28, 2012
Edited review- my comments below still stand, but I must also comment on the very fragile, poorly designed band. Mine lifted off one of the retaining pins and is now pulling away from the watch body. Garmin is sending me a replacement, but there really is very little holding the band onto the watch, so I believe this will be a repetitive issue. Very disappointed that the design is not more robust. I am a 61 year old scientist, and VERY careful with items. If the band is pulling loose for me, I'm sure others will experience the same problem.


This watch is great, light and easy to use, with most features that a moderately serious runner would like. Mine does often take 3-5 minutes to acquire a signal, however, and on one run lost the connection after about a mile and could not reconnect until the run was almost over. I do worry that the GPS will stop functioning altogether, worrisome in a product I've had for under a month.

The only other gripe is one I've seen from the more serious competitive spirits- no way to set specific interval training distances/times, but that is relatively minor for those of us who are more interested in overall distance and time.
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