Garmin "Lane Assist" vs. PhotoReal Junction w/ Lane Assist What si your opinion about PhotoReal Junction compared with just Lane Assist.
I would like to upgrade my 4-year old 265WT to the 1450LMT which just has "Lane Assist". The newer ones have PhotoReal JUnction (split screen).
PhotoReal could be useful in very special circumstances like Wash DC which has many traffic circles with 4-6 turns -- when is PhotoReal available - just for busy highways ??
I've spent quite a bit for original purchases, smart phones and map upgrades, etc. that dropping more money w/o any benefits is tiring & expensive.
asked by Sui Lin Chee on June 8, 2012
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Funny you should ask; I don't even like the split screen. I have both the 1450LMT and the 50LM and prefer the full-screen viewing vs. the split screen. The 1450 actually does show you a "photo junction", but it takes up the WHOLE screen and stays on for only a few seconds and then reverts back to the main screen with "lane assist."
I find this much clearer and more useful than the split screen. In fact, I find the split screen too small, cluttered, and confusing. But it is really a matter of taste, and my eyeballs are aging. YMMV.
Quality Obsessor answered on October 17, 2012
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