Customer Reviews: Garmin Rino 650 US GPS
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Edition: 650 - US map|Change
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on October 21, 2011
Wanted to give a quick list of thoughts on the new Rino 655t vs the 530hcx. I was an avid 530hcx user, I probably have 4000 hours using the device on river trips, Burning Man, hunting, sailing, snowboarding, and traveling. The ability to locate another person without them having to make any action is an invaluable feature of a 2-way radio. Although the radio was not as powerful as some consumer radios (like the Motorola distance DPS) the polling feature and the ability to leave my old GPS at home was well worth it. The 530hcx however did have its problems. Plenty of issues like antenna rubber separating from the unit and complicated menus/software were drawbacks.

When I caught wind of the 655t being released I picked up one up just in time for Burning Man in August. I used it 16 hours a day trying to learn the unit inside and out. I then took it camping in September and used it biking and hiking other days. After that I did an hour long test of functions with other 530hcx radios about 2 miles away. Here are some of my observations:

I did my comparison talking 655t to 530hcx and then 530hcx to 530hcx.
Despite the new labeling, the radio can transmit about the same distance. Sometimes the 530x was better, sometimes the 655t as it had more had to do with the position of the radio in the users hand than the unit itself. This was the same while receiving and transmitting. Not in either way was the 655t superior when talking and when it came to polling another 530hcx I found the 530hcx to be superior by a wide margin. I could have 10 minutes of testing go by with the 530 updating at every possible opportunity and the 655t never getting a single hit. I am not sure if similar units talk better with each other or whether the 530 is just far superior. I am a little scared to spend the money on another 655 to see if that was the issue.

I love having built in maps on the new unit. They are all the detail I need for hunting as I still carry a paper map for detail and large area viewing. The 655t offer the ability to see the topo maps with shading but I found that option made the maps dark and harder to read
I found the ability to overlay personal maps over the built in topo maps to be fairly straightforward. Using a Fish and Game website I overlaid all the private property maps onto an area I hunted a while back. This is a great feature for those that hunt in and out of private land. This process is done through Google Earth and take about 30 - 40 minutes on your first attempt.

Housing is much better. I do not yet see a part or seam that might fail unlike the 530 which had issues. If you are not sure what those were give them to a 7 year old for 30 minutes and you will figure it out (antenna separation).
Screen: Larger screen is a plus and seems a bit more scratch resistant. It is a touch screen and not as good as the one on my iphone but still works well. It is however not as crisp as the 530hcx and when compared to the 530hcx I found it to have a bit less resolution in almost all lighting conditions and not as bright. It almost reminds me of a smart phone with a cheap screen protector on it. When looking at photos on the radio it is pretty pathetic but it is a radio/gps, not a photo viewer.
The radio feels good in the hand and the manual buttons on the size require looking at to find but are not accidentally pressed.
I was also happy that Garmin got rid of the poorly designed 2 part charger. Thank you.

The ease of use cannot be overstated. This is much easier to navigate and important functions are much easier to find. On the 530 there is a screen telling you time since last contact with all your friends but it was impossible for most to find. On the new unit it is just 1 or 2 logical screen presses away. I can teach someone to use the 655 in 5 minutes.
The 3 axis compass works much better in the new 655t and was not available on the 530hcx.
When sending notes the new radio saves the last note sent. Much nicer than the 530hcx but why cant you save conversation? Please? What about return receipt saying your note was received? That would be so awesome. Also, put a notifier up letting receiver a note is in the inbox. That would be next level and I think we have the technology.
The camera takes decent pictures once viewed on the computer. Not SLR quality but it will work to remember a place you have been or give you that in field photo of game you would have missed otherwise.

Downfalls in Software/Wish List:
I think they got rid of the scramble feature in the radio. If not I at least can't find that option.
When polling another person, FCC only allows one poll per 30 -60 seconds. The 530 would tell you it had to wait, the new radio doesn't say a thing. You don't know if the poll went out with no reply or if it was blocked by the FCC requirement. Garmin..BIG fail. Can you change this just for me in the next software update? Funny thing is is that this feature is present when sharing waypoints, it even does a countdown letting you know when the next piece of data can be sent. Really confused why polling is not done the same way.
The alarm clock did not work for me on one occasion. It has worked the other 10 times I tried it but, one failure makes it so I can leave my old alarm at home. I will continue to test it.
Only 2000 waypoint capacity. Garmin, some of us are heavy users and have lots of waypoints. Can you give us less space for photos and more space for waypoints. How hard can it be to make a radio for 10,000? Would like to hear thoughts on this.
There are some weather alert features that I am still exploring but found out that it is easy to kill your battery if you leave it on while the radio appears off. I will spend some more time on that function and report back. Garmin, can you put more in the manual as to how the weather alert works?
Tweak - On sun and moon put how long until sunset/sunrise please.
I am glad to see that a person can see their GPS altitude as well as barometric altitude on this GPS (530 was barometric only). It can be found on the satellite display page. I only wish it could be used as a regular field on other screens.

I would say that if you are really competent with your 530hcx and have taken care of it you probably don't need upgrade unless you really like the camera, screen size, and topo map function of the 655t. If you have never used any Rino radio save yourself the learning curve of the 530hcx and just move to the 655t. You will be happy and won't notice that the polling distance is less. If I find that a 655t - 655t polling operation is better than a 530 - 530 operation I will start switching over more rapidly. The 655t is still a great piece of technology for outdoor communication.

Additional Review: I just got back from 4 days of Elk Hunting in the mountains and have more observations and Garmin "wish list" items:

Belt Clip - The belt clip is horrible. There was definitely a break down between the design team and the end user. The belt clip only opens enough to fit a playing card about 3/4 of an inch. This unit will not fit on a belt, maybe that is why the included the carabiner this time. I also found that changing the clip from the standard battery pack to the alkaline batter pack is a bit tricky. Not hard once you get the hang of it but yes it does transfer, it just requires you to have to open the clip as much as possible and then slide the clip down.

GPS Accuracy - Amazing. I consistently had 9 foot accuracy and it was actually better than that. When following trails and track logs in the dark through brush I found the GPS to be better than my headlamp. I could see quicker on the display where the actual trail was quicker than I could by looking around. I was in and out of trees and it did great.

With a standard day of use, 12 ours on and x-mit about every 15 minutes I got 2 days of life out of the battery. I used battery saver mode which actually shuts off the screen saving power. Startup is instant as soon as one touches the screen or controls. With the AA battery pack I found that I got about one day of use and the unit defaults to 2W power. One thing Garmin needs to update is the notification schedule the radio gives you as the battery gets low. Currently it send multiple messages multiple times reminding me that the battery is low and transmit power is reduced. It seemed to do this every couple of minutes. I would like it more if the messages were sent only once when the battery got low or no more than every 30 minutes.

Charging - Forgot to mention this but you can not charge the batteries unless they are in the radio. The 530hcx let you charge a spare battery while you were using the radio somewhere else. Bummed that the new unit does not allow that. Maybe the off radio charger will be an accessory that is offered in the future It really makes no sense to buy 2 batteries and expect to cycle through them back and forth.

Wish item (Project waypoint function) - Project waypoint allows one to create a waypoint some distance from the actual location of the radio. I wish that one could set a bearing line and then view the map touching the map where they want to the new point. It is a bit of a more complicated feature but imagine you see a person on a ridge some distance away and you want to mark their location. Currently you need to take a bearing and then enter a distance. I don't know the distance, only that it is on the next ridge. I currently have to project a line to a very long point away, create a "go to" to that point, then review map to see where the line crosses the ridge, then make a waypoint, then cancel the waypoint far away, and start a new go to. Even better, allow me to draw a bearing line on the map screen that doesn't move once created. Imagine this scenario.... You just shot your elk an unknown distance away but a huge field of brush is between you and your animal. Why not be able to instantly create a bearing line and walk that line through the brush to find the animal? Take a round about trail for the first 100 yds then know where to pick back up. I just think it would be cool. Many other uses, that is just one.

Clock or time displays - Why can you only check the time by going into the alarm clock? Why not on the satellite page or sunrise/sunset page? Can you find a couple more places to jam it in. It is really good information. I know I can add it to my map screen but i like to leave that uncluttered.

Range of radio - I was hunting on some ridges that descended at a quick pace to a river below me. Ridges were 300 -500 feet taller than average slope of the land. The mountain peaks I hunted were 7500 feet tall. That being said I found that on average I could only get about .4 - .5 miles of range with the standard battery in place if there was earth between us. On another note if I had line of sight with other radios I could get up to 80 miles range when on a mountain peak. Yes Eight-zero miles. I was picking up Rinos regularly in the 12-15 mile range and carries on conversations and polling with no problem. Expect that only with line of sight. When a tree or brush got in the way the range dropped off dramatically.

Screen - I would consider it near scratch proof. I beat the heck out of it in the brush for several days. Case is beat up, screen is the same as it was when it came out of the box.

Camera - After reviewing 20 pictures of hunting area I would give the camera 2 out of 5 stars. focusing on the correct object was tough, color was off at sunset, camera is slow to use, and it did poorly in low light. It works in a pinch but take your point and shoot with you.

Polling - Still hit or miss. I noticed that periodically while polling there was some deep sounding static on the radio and I am not sure of the cause. When I heard this the poll did not go off successfully. Some type of garbling between the units. I don't think it was an outside source as channel was relatively clear of other users. Polling still only about 70% when within radio range.

Compass recalibration - Expect to have to do this 2-3 times a day. Not sure what causes it to go out but it happens regularly. As soon as you see the map not turned the way you expect or a lack of smoothness in the compass rose recalibrate. Big bonus is that even though it is a 3 axis compass, it only takes about 45 seconds to recalibrate.

Map load time - When moving maps onto the 655t, the time for transfer is about 1/10 the time of the 530hcx. The maps that use to take 45 minutes to load now take 3 - 4 minutes to transfer. Very nice.

I will add more as I take the radio sailing for 4 weeks starting in mid November.
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on December 1, 2014
I bought this unit through Cabella's and used it on a recent hunt with three other users. We had been debating the purchase all fall time - because its expensive, and we wanted to make sure the new features really met our needs. It did not, and we are all returning them.

Pro's - the pro on this is that the Garmin GPS feature works like any Garmin, and is nice and reliable. But that's the only Pro.....

Con's. Here is the down low after using the item for an off the grid weekend, with 3 other users.

1) The unit comes loaded with TOPO 100k maps - which suck for outdoor stuff. They are great for city hiking. You will need to buy a chip with the 24k maps - that cost $99 everywhere.....

2) What Garmin calls the "polling feature" is unreliable. This is where you can find your friends on the same GPS map. We quickly found out that it only seems to work within 1/2 mile of another user. And, that it doesn't always work. There are several ways to access the feature:

a) A button on the side - when you push this, everyone hears a tone, and in theory it updates your position on their map. When someone would press this, it would update to some Rino's, and not others, even though we all heard the tone. This occurred maybe 50% of every press. It's not two way though, it just show your friend the update of where you are, it doesn't update where they are.

b) To update a friends position without their hitting the polling button, you must go to Contacts, Select the User, then touch a button that says "Poll Contact". When you do this, only if you are in a line of sight, less than 0.5 mile range, will update the user. This also only worked about half the time, even if we were standing 50 feet away. There is a counter next to each user that shows the last time they were updated, and it was common to not get an updated position for 5 hours or more, even though other users in our party were able to plot them.

c) The unit automatically would find your friend and poll them in the event they used the radio, so, when they would talk, an icon that says "update" would appear and show their most recent position. Again, this occurred about half the time - there was no rhyme or reason - sometimes it would update on mine, sometimes on my buddies, but it always seemed that one unit would not "get" the transmission even though we were all relatively close.

This feature was one of the key reasons we bought the unit. So we could safely know where the rest of our hunting party was. Any line of sight issue - a boulder between you, would cause it simply not Poll. The range of poll, was also a major issue - we never were able to use the feature over 1/2 mile, in many different terrains.

Another issue, which is not really explained until after you buy it, is that the FCC doesn't allow this kind of feature but once ever 30 seconds. That may not sound like a big deal, but basically, if I press the button to poll myself to my friends GPS, they receive, but if they press their button in kind, it doesn't send because they are in the 30 second window. Eventually, everyone is trying to either update their position or their friends and it doesn't tell you that it didn't send the poll, it just doesn't do it, and you are sitting their waiting, and waiting and waiting, for no updates. It is extremely aggravating to say the least. It would sure be awesome if you hit one button and it updated everyone, on everyone's devices, all at once, but whom am I to make an obvious suggestion.

3) The radio portion was HORRIBLE. Just like the polling feature, it doesn't seem to work past 0.5 mile, even in perfect conditions without obstruction. If there is obstruction, forget about it, you get nothing. Sometimes one user would talk and one in our party (never the same person) would simply NOT get the call. We could be standing 10 feet from each other and I would hear buddy talking, then the next message, he would hear buddy talking. At the end of the day, we had to carry another Motorola radio with us, operating on the same frequency to stay in communication.

The two issues above are reason enough to pass on this unit. If I have to carry another radio "just in case" the Rino stops working, it defeats the purpose of having it in one unit. Everyone in our party agreed that when the Group GPS was working, it was awesome, but it was so glitchy, and you had to be so close together, and the restrictions on when the unit can and will send or receive, that it was a technology that requires some more work before it gets to "prime time".

Additional annoyances were perhaps petty, but real. We wanted to wear earphones to cut down on the noise of the unit while we hunted. There is no option to turn off the polling beeps, and keep the radio volume so you can hear a call from your friends. So, we wanted earphones. Surprise, you can't use the earphones that you already have for your iPod, phone, etc. You have to buy Garmin earphones for $30. ;-/ Not cool, Garmin.

Then there is the charger. In an age where everything has a USB jack to charge in the car or with an emergency power pack, you guessed it, it MUST be the Garmin charger, and those adapters are extra. ;-/ Not cool, Garmin.

Then there are the instructions. PS, it doesn't come with instructions, just a quick start guide. I downloaded the instructions on the Garmin website, and there are NO instructions about "Polling". There are no trouble shooting tips when the unit can't "Poll", but even funnier, I thought, was that the terminology is totally from left field and there are no instructions anywhere for what Polling means in the first place. Its like they just made up a word and expect everyone to know it. Press the "polling" button, stupid!

Then there is tech support.... I called to ask about why were got such spotty reception before our hunt. They told us we all needed to update operating system. We all did. Nothing changed. Their only advice was "less obstructions" when we tried in our neighborhood immediately after buying. They told us in the forest, it would act different because the unit can see through tree's. it sees through trees for navigation, but not radio or "polling".

In summary, we are all returning the item. The new features are super cool, if they worked. I think its the holy grail to have all this stuff in one unit, and I believe they will get it right, someday. But today is not someday, and you can pay less to get the same Garmin GPS with a bigger screen. Its hard to gander going out in the wilds with just this item, because those features are the ones that could save your life. If you still need to carry a separate radio, it amplifies the fact that you can't 'rely' on this unit for anything more than your own personal GPS location.
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on November 5, 2011
I recently bought a Garmin 650 and was quickly disappointed. I was told and the literature verified that the new 650 had all the old features of the 530HCX or 530 plus additional features. One of the main reasons I purchased this product was that it would scramble the audio and location with the 655T as well as other Rhino's. This turned out to be not true. The 655T can not scramble at all and the 650 can only scramble audio. When the software is updated it will not be able to scramble at all. Also neither has the ability to tell the temperature like the 530's do. If I would of known this before hand I would of purchased the 530HCX.
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on October 8, 2011
I had both the Garmin 520 and 530 HCXs. They were an awesome communicator and GPS all wrapped in one. When the new Rinos came out, I purchased the 650. This is a huge improvement over the 500 series and I must say the 650 worked flawlessly on a recent deer hunting trip. The GPS acquires quickly and new improved audio works excellent. The 500 series had a sometimes garbled sound when communicating with other brand radios. This is not the case with the 650. Adding waypoints from non Rino user can take up to 30 minutes for a group. The new Rino allows you to wirelessly exchange waypoints, tracks, routes, maps to other Rinos very quickly without any wires. This is an awesome feature. Also ever been slightly out of range from a hunting buddy and not know where he is? These will show you his location and will help you track and locate other parties nearby. You won;t have to keep asking people, Where are you? I am an avid outdoorsman, tactical instructor/officer who knows that good equipment can make the difference between success and a failed mission. These Rinos are great equipment and WELL worth the more expensive price. If you compromise with cheaper radios/gps, you will be sorry.
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on July 14, 2013
I would have given this product 5 stars except for two misleading facts. The texting feature isn't anything like that of cell phones, in fact you can only use pre-loaded groups of words. The second and probably more concerning is in the instruction manual it says you can use Alk batteries in the event the Litho's run down. This is only true if you purchase another battery cover, because the Litho battery is attached to the cover with the tiniest torq screws I've ever seen. These two features should be more clearly stated in the discription.
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on January 25, 2012
I dropped my Rino 530Hcx too many times, I'm really not all that gentle with my equipment. I thought I'd upgrade but was disappointed overall. I do a lot of fishing and occasional hiking around Juneau, Alaska, plus I like to take a gps unit with me when I travel. My 9 year old Rino 120 still works great, but does not have as many features such as tide tables, sensitive antennae, etc.

Larger color screen is nice, as is the ability to look at pictures. The extra sensitive antennae on the newer generation of GPS units (both 530Hcx and 650) works great even under the canopy of Juneau, Alaska's rainforest. The reception on the radio is much improved with this model.

I wish this unit would come with a manual, but I guess that must be one of the drawbacks of the newer generation of electronics. A .pdf of the manual can be found on-line with the help of Google.

A minor complaint is navigation through the touch screen menus. The buttons on my Rino 530Hcx allowed for faster navigation. This means more time navigating through the screens when you want to see where you are, turn off the NOAA weather station (once through is sufficient), check barometer, etc. My Rino 120 and 530 Hcx were much easier to toggle the screens even if they had more buttons.

My biggest complaint is that it would not upload Garmin maps. Because they were purchased 'too long ago' (new just over two years ago) the people at Garmin indicated that the only option I had was to buy new maps. One of the primary purposes of this purchase was to be able to find fishing spots. My other objective is to know where I am when I hike. Without the ability to upload my Bluechart and Topo maps, I decided I might as well go back to the Rino 120 for now.

I returned this item because of my biggest complaint. With the way Garmin treats honest individuals who purchase their products, I am looking into another brand of GPS.

If you don't agree with this review for the 650, consider the price difference between the Rino 530hcx and this model. As of today (1/25/2012), the 650 is about $60 more expensive; people are voting with their wallets. Overall, I think this model is worse than its predecessor. This is unfortunate has historically Garmin has been such a great product. I'm not sure what to think now.
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on November 23, 2011
I bought the Garmin Rino 655T on Oct 16th, it arrived on Oct 19th (Amazon is fast!). I went hiking with it on November 13th. I attached it to the shoulder strap on my light weight day pack using the carabiner that came with it. After arriving at my destination, I removed my day pack and set it down (I didn't drop it). When I picked up my day pack a few minutes later, the GPS had a black spot in the LCD that almost looks like a bullet hole. The entire LCD is completely unreadable. I called Garmin and they said it is an "impact fracture", not covered by warranty. They said normal repair price is $140, but they would give me a deal and fix it for $100.

Luckily, Amazon stepped in where Garmin failed and offered a replacement or full refund. I chose the refund. I doubt I'll ever buy another Garmin product, but I'll certainly do business with Amazon again. I'm sure glad I chose them over another vendor that had the same product listed for a few dollars less.

If you buy this thing, you better treat it like a raw egg. It's extremely delicate! Garmin's website describes it as a "Rugged GPS + Radio". I'd like to see the research that backs up that claim.
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on September 18, 2012
A simple to use, feature packed GPS.

Having an affinity for the outdoors, sailing, boating, etc I have owned at least 3-4 handheld GPS units over the last 20 years and this Garmon is no different, the best there is!!!

I love the fact I can communicate with others if required, the unit is lithium rechargeable, and has a weather radio built in. Not really sure why anyone would buy the Montana, but to each's own! It even works with a Motorola Talkabout radio on private "frequencies"...(radio only)

I tried the Garmin Astro 220 GPS trackng collar for my dog and liked the handheld but the tracking barely worked 1/4 mile away...

Update : 9/21/2012

The unit is shutting itself off when attempting to view previous tracks! Unacceptable for a 500+ dollar piece of equipment... I am disappointed to have to eat the cost of the maps I purchased, but better than being stuck with a paper wait in the middle of nowhere! The issue only occurs on the latest FW (as of 10/1/2012). It is worth noting with the version of FW that came with the unit, caused the radio to turn in and make noise when I first recieved the unit... Buyer beware, Garmin appears to have their users QA their products...
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on September 17, 2013
I bought my wife and myself the 655t. Overall we are very pleased with them. We have used them quite extensively for recreation, deer, coyote, and elk hunting. We have noticed that the more you use them, the more you notice the good and the bad features.
I intended to start out with the pros, however, I feel I need to point out the most obvious pain in the rear design flaw I have ever experienced on a product that is actually superior to any of it's competition. This flaw would be the fact that the power button is on the exact opposite side of the talk button. I'm suprised that every con review doesn't address this. You squeeze the talk button to say anything more than, "hi", and you turn the radio off! And if you do want to just say, "hi", nobody will hear you, because you accidentally hit the power button while pressing the talk button! I cannot believe anybody would actually design a product like this! My wife, myself, and my friends are all aware of this problem, but we still constantly depress both buttons! Doesn't anybody else experience this problem?...Very frustrating! The more I used this product, the more I felt the need to point this problem out. OK!....I just had to get that off my chest! :)
Now let's get to the pro stuff. I can't mention everything, or else I will be here all night. Mainly I want you to know that this thing will do just about everything! You just have to keep playing with it and familiarize yourself with it. You might think, "Darn, I wish this thing would show this...." Well, it probably does. You just have to take the time to find it. Most likely it is somewhere in there! Even I find new stuff, and then forget how I found it the next time I want find it!
Just a few quick random cancel go to, hit where to menu icon, and stop navigation. To clear current track and/or reset trip data info, which I do very often to get rid of all the lines, press setup, arrow down, and reset. When you see a bunch of straight lines angling everywhere after you clear your track, don't worry!...You can get rid of them too! This took me forever to find. These are your contact tracks. That means these lines are direct lines of everywhere your friends' locations were updated. Go to track manager icon, contact track, and clear each contact track. Also, don't forget that this radio defaults to mute each time it is turned on. Check this whenever you wonder why you haven't heard your friends for a while! Just tap the right hand power button and hit the plus sign to turn up the sound level. This screen also enables you to adjust the backlight level.
As far as the radio/communication capabilities, these are much better than regular gmrs radios if you are on 5w power. Most radios are only 1/2 watt. Don't expect great reception in thick cover or non line of sight communication tho. It will be much better than normal radios, but not 10x better as expected. When polling location of contacts, try, try, and try again. This is a hit or miss feature. It seems you have to be at least within a mile radius for this to work consistently. If you want friends to be able to poll you, make sure your polling is on in setup, and radio. I love the texting feature, but you will need to learn to abbreviate every word since you can only text about 10 characters! Be prepared to backspace often while texting, especially if you have a screensaver,(which I strongly recommend), since you will very often be accidentally pressing the wrong letters. Also, don't expect every text you send to go will be constantly asking your friends if they got your text! :)
This is just a quick overview of my observations, and I'm sure that I'm going to think of a lot more stuff that I should have mentioned tonight, but this should help you navigate through the basic, often used stuff!
Overall, I am very pleased with this radio/gps, (other than the obvious dumbbutt engineering designs), and I am still learning more and more of it's capabilities!
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on September 17, 2011
Prior to purchasing the 650 I had the Oregon 450t. I liked the 450t but there were a few drawbacks, primarily I had to carry two devices (Radio and GPS). So when the new Rino came out I figured I would switch over. I am very happy I switched!! I've only had it for a few days but there are some seriously cool features.

- Touch screen menu is awesome and makes adjusting things like radio frequency a snap however as you see below it can also be a bit confusing
- Very easy to read in direct sunlight
- Can control output wattage of radio (1/2, 2 or 5 watt)for non-FRS channels
- Very easy to switch radio to quite mode/vibrate only - this was always a challenge with the other FRS radios I have used
- VERY fast startup
- Weather radio
- GPS is powerful enough to work from within the our two story house on the first floor. This was not the case with my 450t
- Using Garmin software it was a snap to transfer over my way points

Some things that are less desirable:

- When you start the unit it always switches the radio to mute. This means that you can talk to other radio users but you can't hear them talking to you. There may be a way to stop this but so far haven't found it
- Screen is a bit on the small side compared to the Oregon but I knew this going into the purchase
- The fact that you have to purchase the alkaline battery pack separately
- The menu can be less than intuitive....took me a bit to figure out how to turn off the weather radio once I started it. Hint: It's a button in the Radio menu
- Weight of the unit is 11-12 oz. It would be nice if it was lighter. As a hiker always trying to cut down on the weight in the pack. Also I thought I read that the Alkaline battery pack was lighter than the rechargeable unit the device comes with. That's not the case and in fact it protrudes more off the back of the unit.
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