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Edition: 1200 - Lower 48 Maps|Change
Price:$163.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on June 27, 2009
Pros: Small size, good text-to-speech, SD mapcard, ease-of-use, bright display, great suction cup mount, great satellite performance, decent maps (so far), clear and loud speaker

Cons: No prepare route, limited alternative route options, no USB-to-miniUSB cable for computer hookup

I bought this GPS for a planned trip to France, the smaller size (fits better in my pocket) and text-to-speech feature, along with SD mapcard capability were my reasons. I have had the Nuvi 1200 for 3 days and the adjustment from Tomtom think to Nuvi think has been relatively painless.
The suction cup mount (with its lever application) is a definite upgrade from the Tomtom. Also the auto detection for day/night mode is nice. Satellite performance seems even better than the Tomtom, and Tomtom has great reception. The map screen is bright and uncluttered, my wife says it is noticeably sharper. So far the maps seem to be comprehensive, won't really know until I use the Nuvi more.
The only things I miss (and/or could not find) was the ability to plan a trip when you were not at that location (Tomtom has a "Prepare Route" option that allows you to specify the departure point)and the ability to easily avoid a road when you start out (Tomtom has a "Find Alternative" option which allow 6 options such as "Avoid Roadblock", "Travel Via", "Calculate Alternative", etc.). Nuvi does have a "Detour" option that shows its alternatives to a selected route but they can only be selected, not tweeked by the user.
While it is not a big deal is seems like for the current price ($200) that the Nuvi could include a USB-to-miniUSB cable. After all this is not a $69 no-name GPS. And it is clear that Garmin/Nuvi expects you to hook up to a computer, there is software on the Nuvi so you can register your Nuvi at their website, also this is how you get your one free map update.
My wife and I were also both puzzled by one small Nuvi human factor mistake. We were trying to enter a numerical address (i.e 20th St) and after entering "20th" the Nuvi presented a two item list:

20th (Ave NE, Ave NW, Ave SE, Ave SW
20th Ave Ln NW

We were stumped for a while, where is 20th Street!! It turns out that you need to select "20th (Ave NE, Ave NW, Ave SE, Ave SW". After you do, you will be presented with all the "20th" options, including 20th Street.
Note that specifying "20th St" resulted on a "No matches found": error message!
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on July 4, 2009
My wife is the world's biggest Garmin fan. Her Nuvi 350 was stolen recently and we replaced it with the 1260T. This looked like it was the top of the line for the smaller 3.5 inch units, which is the same size as the stolen unit.

As noted by another reviewer, the keyboard is not QWERTY. We purchased an iPod Touch recently and using that keyboard is easy and familiar. The Garmin though, with a straight across A, B, C, D, E, etc. layout takes more time and makes us look like it is our first day of typing class. There must be a reason Garmin did this but we're not happy about it.

Our Nuvi 350 came with a nice case. The 1260T does not. We are in the market for a case and plan to spend $10 to $20 for one, which then increases the price of this replacement purchase.

Overall the unit is the same as the Nuvi 350 but after three years we expected more of a "WOW" factor from the upgrade.

PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICE: We don't use the suction cup windshield mount and the old Nuvi 350 was hidden in the glovebox so the thieves got randomly lucky. We'll be taking it out of the car more often now (the 1260T is a little thinner so this is easier to do). A police friend told us thieves check the windshield for the "suction cup circle" and that's an indication the car uses a GPS. Just a word to the wise.
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on July 2, 2009
I got my 1260T from an authorized dealer on June 19 and used it along side of my 255 with MSN traffic. Because my MSN subscription would have to be renewed and maps upgraded soon, I thought buying a new GPS wouldn't cost much more and would give me a chance to get the latest bells and whistles. However, there aren't that many new bells and whistles to be had. I recommend reading the product description carefully. Unless the 1260T has what you consider a "can't-do-without"
feature not available on the 265T, I'd recommend taking advantage of the low prices for the 265T that can now had with the arrival the 1260T. In fact, that's what I did. I returned the 1260T and purchased the 265T saving more than 1/3 of the cost of the 1260T.

** On trips of 30 minutes or more, the 1260T initially reported arrival times that were 4 to 5 minutes earlier than the 255 over the same route. The 255's estimates were more appropriate. Someone on another forum told me that this would change as the 1260T learned my driving habits. It didn't happen in the 10 days I used the unit continuously.

** The 1260T's voices sound very thin compared to 2xx units, but it makes them easier to hear over road noise.

** Even though the GPS is now a mature product, the 1260T continues Garmin's practice of not having a QWERTY keyboard in 3.5" units.

** Even though the GPS is now a mature product, the 1260T does not allow for zip code entry.

** The speed indicator turns to magenta in the afternoon and red at night when speed exceeds the posted limit. Magenta is a terrible color for text.

** To erase favorites, one now goes to Settings / My Data

** The unit IS thinner than the 2xx series, but not "Oh, wow!" thin.

** The instructions from the 1260T and 255 are nearly identical. The estimates of distances to next turn are the same. The 1260T sometimes gives voice alerts 0.1 mile before the 255, say at 0.3 mile rather than 0.2 mile, but for the most part using both units is like listening in stereo.

** Emily now refers to "slip roads" rather than "ramps".

I did not experiment with the new pedestrian features. In terms of how it works in auto mode, I find nothing compelling over the 265T.
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on January 17, 2010
Got my Garmin 1200 from my husband for Xmas. We figured it was long past time for us to get with the technology and perhaps clear the glove box of it's assorted paper maps. After 2 weeks of using this thing around Central NJ and Philadelphia, I've rekindled my love of (reliable) paper maps and online maps.

Days after Xmas we drove down to Philly. Seemed to work fine and we were amused by being "told" where to turn. Once we got into Philly proper, we were told to turn onto streets going the wrong way and regularly lost satellite signal. Being in an unfamiliar area, we were not happy and out came the paper maps...

Next trip to Maple Shade, NJ left me at 124 Old Kings Hwy (warehouse area), not the 124 EAST Kings Hwy that I'd chosen. Having scoped out the trip the night before on mapquest, I had a little idea where I needed to go and drove off fuming and thankful it was daylight. Just as I see my target destination down the road...yep, lost the ole satellite signal again. Once at my destination, I ended up meeting another guy with the same Garmin. His cannot even find his home address!

Finally, my husband chose this particular model for the Pedestrian applications, thinking we'd get great use of it on vacations. Not so fast. If you read the manufacturers babble carefully you'll notice the word OPTIONAL late in the sentence bragging about pedestrian maps and such. They don't mention it's FOR ADDED COST at 10 bucks per city with a limited list of cities. Oh, and even if I decided to spend it and download the map - you need a cable they didn't actually provide. Another $12 or so. You'd also need this cable to REGISTER your product and get map upgrades. Discovered all this tonight when trying to register and look for upgrades.

If I can find the receipt, this is going back.
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on October 15, 2009
This is the best thing I ever got. Nuvi 1250 catches satellites within 10 seconds. Also it has fast recalculating speed and clear voice. A great GPS compares with the other Garmins I used.

- easy to use
- catch satellites quickly
- speed limit
- fast recalculating speed
- text to speech
- clear voice
- 1 free map updating within 60 days purchasing
- Canada map included

- no QWERT key board
- short battery life

Overall, it is a great GPS for 200 dollar range
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on October 19, 2009
I bought my Garmin Nuvi 1250 a few days ago. I have never owned a GPS, but used a few from friends in the past. I wanted one that had free traffic updates and was easy to use AND inexpensive. With this Garmin, I got it all. I have not even opened the manual yet and I've already traveled the back roads of Wisconsin that would have had me lost in the woods! This morning it saved me from being late to work by giving me last minute traffic updates. I can't believe what a great little GPS I got for under $200 bucks. If you are thinking about buying one, seriously, just do it. I waited for a few years and I'm so happy with my purchase. It may be the best money I ever spent!
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on September 27, 2009
I used to own the Garmin Nuvi 265T with Bluetooth. Did not use the Bluetooth feature at all. So, I decided to sell it and get this one. Love it, love it, love it. It is easy to use. The voice for directions is much clear. It also says the name of your arrival destination. Up to date maps and many other functions. Go for it!
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on November 23, 2009
Bought the 1250 in September for the Traffic Feature. Traffic Feature works GREAT! Compact size is good for travelling. HOWEVER, Over the last 7 days, I have had to return my 1250 to retail store FOUR TIMES, while on Business Trips. In each case, the GPS would not switch on after a routine shutdown, and storage (in my briefcase, cushioned). The first time, I though it was a fluke, the second time, I was worried, the THIRD time I was nervous. Today, the FOURTH failure, I turned it in for a Nuvi 1300 model. I suspect it has something to do with the shutdown screen when car power goes off..when I push "Shutdown" I get trouble...suggest you consider turning it off by the power switch instead. My original Nuvi 350 is still working well, and appears to be much more rugged than the new thin design. Hope the new one works as well as my 350....
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on September 17, 2009
This Garmin nuvi 1200 model is very easy to use. Just enter the destination address and push the go button and you are on your way. The verbal directions are clear and the map gives the names of the streets and/or intersecting highways your vehicle is passing along the way. The direction that you need to travel is clearly marked on the map by a distinct color. If you veer off course, it will get you back on track. It knows where you are at all times.
It is light weight, small and easy to carry in a purse or pocket. This model has maps of all of the states and Hawaii. They can be updated when needed.
It is the best traveling device we have ever used!
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on August 8, 2009
This is a very nice basic all around PND, however I think the current price is a little too high if you consider you can get a nuvi 205 or 250 for more than half this price. If you compare the 1260T to the 1250 though, it' the better deal out of the two. For the small price difference (about $40 at time of review) you get a traffic receiver (which costs more than $50) and Bluetooth.

Here are some observations:

- Very fast map update speed, as fast as my nuvi 755.
- Bluetooth worked very well paring and copying contacts. The speaker could use some improvement but callers said they could hear me just fine.
- Nice smaller size. The thickness is 0.2 in thinner than normal nuvis and a bit more than my nuvi 350. The bezel also appears to be a bit smaller, adding to the perception of small size. If you've owned an older 3.5 in nuvi, you can definitely see and feel a size difference.
- User interface has been updated and sped up. A new, smoother and cleaner font is used throughout and contributes to a more "refined" feel for the interface. Menus are fast and you never feel like the unit is sluggish or lagging (like in my trusty nuvi 350).
- The included traffic receiver worked well and picked up traffic info very fast. I have never found these traffic data services to be very reliable but included here because that's not Garmin's fault. Note, the "free" traffic shows pop-up advertisements balloons on your map display during idle times (supposedly).

- The mounting cradle is a two-step/two-handed affair, unplug the mini-USB then unmount from the two point cradle. The older, better quality cradle is literally one click grab and go from a nice powered cradle. Don't know why they removed that (cost savings?).
- A common complaint: less detail shown on maps. The newer nuvi's show fewer street names at the same zoom level as the older units. The argument being this reduces clutter. I'm not happy with it, but it's not a deal breaker. Garmin has added alot of other information to the map display and I can understand they don't want to overwhelm the user with text.
-Some features that are missing from the newer widescreen versions: Lane Assist, Lane Guidance, customizable vertical data fields (all removed due to smaller screen).
- When comparing the map display to a nuvi 755, I noticed the 1260 rendered the streets with less smoothing, showing more "jaggies" on curved roads. This could be how they sped up the map display.
- Mine came with 2010.10 maps, the new 2010.20 maps are out. You only get one free update after purchase, so I think it should come preloaded with 2010.20 maps so you have the opportunity to get the next update free. Newer units in the next few weeks should ship with .20 maps.
- I wish they would bring back the compass N arrow on the map display.
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