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Edition: 4.3-Inch Base Model|Change
Price:$125.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on October 13, 2011
I have had Garmin, Tom Tom, Sony and Magellan GPS's over the last ten years. I have come back to Garmin for my last two because they have by far the best interface. My other Garmin is a 1690.

The maps that came with this GPS are up to date. A restaurant that opened within the last six months is on the list.

I have found the 4.3 inch screen size to be the optimal size. It has a nice size keyboard and amazing graphics. It feels 'right' on a car dashboard.

The two features I absolutely require are the speed limit on the screen and the lane guidance. This GPS has both. This is my first Garmin out of three that goes into a split screen mode and shows the interstate signage as you come upon an exit you will be taking on your route. Great feature!

The audio is crisp and clear. It has plenty of volume capacity.

When needed, this unit will recalculate the directions quickly. I should also mention that it is very quick to acquire the satellites.

The one thing that this GPS does not have is traffic. My last four GPS's have had traffic and I have found it to be of limited usefulness. More than 50% of the time, the traffic has cleared out and you are still being alerted. The alternate routes around the traffic jams tend to be somewhat dubious.

Finally, what a great price!!! Just a year ago, you would have paid double the price for a GPS with all of the features you get with the Garmin 40. It is an excellent buy!
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on May 24, 2012
First off, if you like bells and whistles in your GPS unit this is not for you, but if you want:
1. A very easy GPS to operate
2. A lightning fast satellite lock on
3. A bright easy to view screen in sunlight
4. A loud clear voice that will overcome road noise
5. A very nice lane assist feature

I've owned Tom Tom's, Mio's, Navigon's, and Magellan's but none had it all together like this nuvi 50lm has. The Tom Tom has a great lane assist feature but lousy voice and terrible pronunciation of names . The Magellan had great information but would badger you with information and has a so-so lane assist feature. This Garmin nuvi 50lm has both great audio instructions and a great lane assist feature, the best of both features I've seen in one GPS. This is a no frills unit like Blue Tooth, MP3 player, photo viewer and the such. Its very meat and potatoes and the menus are intuitively laid out and simple to understand. The only reason I said "near perfect" is I wish it had a "way point" provision but sadly its only programmable to one destination at a time and without way points. Overall I'm more pleased with this GPS than with any I've owned before, which have been numerous looking for a GPS that has what I want. This certainly fits the bill.
U P D A T E ! ! ! ! U P D A T E ! ! ! !U P D A T E ! ! ! !U P D A T E ! ! ! !
Quite by accident I found out you can put in one via point and here's how:
Select where you want to go and then press "GO" as you normally would.
Go back to the "Where To" and "View Map" screen. Program in a second destination and press "Go" again.
A screen will automatically pop up asking if you want this second destination to be your NEW DESTINATION or marked as a VIA POINT. Select "Via Point" and the GPS will take you to your destination by traveling past your via point.
I amend my title to "A PERFECT GPS". This GPS is amazing...Wish it came with a comprehensive instruction manual.
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on January 24, 2012
I've had Garmins for the last 10 years. The first one, that I had for at least 5 years NEVER DIED (I got my hubby's newer one when he got a car with built in and I SOLD the old Garmin!). That one lasted at least 5 years or more as well, but the charging cable got wonky and by the time you replaced it -- it was time for a new one.
I LOVED my new GARMIN NUVI 40 with lifetime maps when I got it. For that whole MONTH. Then came the random day when it wanted me to recalibrate the screen for no reason and then ALL THE MAPS WERE GONE. GONE.
So I went online to try to figure out what happened. On the Garmin site, once you find the stuff you need, it tells you to register your Garmin. Well okay. But to do that YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE TO REGISTER? Oh seriously? And then go through this whole install thing that keeps crashing? AND REBOOT the computer? I still haven't gotten it to work.
So I called GARMIN -- 30 MINUTES UNTIL SOMEONE ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE. And then he told me to get a "Standard USB Cable" so I could plug it in (it doesn't come with any cable, just a car charger). I went through a ton of cables before stumbling over an old one for a Disney Princess treasure chest that worked. FOR REAL GARMIN?
STILL CAN'T DO THE 20+ ARCANE BIZARRE SECRET HANDSHAKE steps to reinstall and unlock the bloody maps. (they include cutting and pasting things into a a "text document" seriously, I couldn't make this up. IT'S ONE MONTH OLD).

GARMIN SUCKS. Good luck.
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on January 9, 2013
I have had this gps for under 6 months and it's a waste of money. The unit shuts down while in use. I power it back on and it shuts down a minute later.

This is not a charging issue as it shows it's fully charged. This even shuts down while it's plugged into the charger.

This is the second Garmin I've owned with the same issue.
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on January 6, 2012
All I wanted was a basic GPS for my work Truck, I was surprise to find out that this $95 was much better than just a "Basic GPS".

SPEED LIMIT: I'm constantly asking myself or passenger "What the speed limit here" but with the Nuvi 40 LM it has the speed Limit sign displayed which I have been watching it and it will change to the new speed limit within just a few feet of the road sign. I also like that it shows your actual speed you are traveling as well, your speed will turn to red if you are traveling above the speed limit. I WISH it would allow you to program in a 5 to 10 MPH buffer before it turned red.

LANE ASIST: When I bought the Nuvi 40 I did not care if it had Lane assist or not. But now I would say it is a must have. When you near an major intersection or exit it will give you a preview on half of the screen what the lanes will look like, example - your exit lane on the left, then 2 more lanes continuing strait and another lane exiting to the right. Sometimes it will give you a preview of what the actual street sign will look like. Lane assist is not on all or even most of the exits or intersection but it is on the Major ones.

MOUNTING: I mounted my GPS at the very top of the windshield, just to right of the rear view mirror. That way it blends in with mirror and black trim on top of windshield and is not very visible from the outside so not invite theft. I tucked the power cord under the front edge of the headliner so it is not seen at all. I ran a extra 12 volt power supply with a cigarette lighter socket up and behind the sunvisor, so it is not seen 95% of the time, but allows easy access if I need to remove the GPS.

POWER ON: The extra power socket I ran, I have it tied in so it power on/off with the key. I can have GPS on and then turn the truck off and it will power off in 30 seconds, unless you press the screen and tell it to stay on battery mood. So with the truck and GPS off and then I start the truck up the GPS start up also, with a warning screen telling you not to program the GPS while driving (safety concern) but then the warning screen will go away in 15 seconds or so, and the "Where to? and View Map?" screen comes up. If I do not touch the GPS and I start to drive it will detect me moving and automatically switch from the "Where to? and View Map?" screen to the Map of where you are at and driving. If I have a route program in, and it is guiding me to that point and I make a stop along the way (gas station) and shut the truck off the GPS shuts off also and then when I start the truck up the GPS automatically resumes with the previously program route that it was guiding me on before I stopped. AGAIN this function is only available because it is powered by a power source that is on/off with the truck key, your regular cigarette lighter is power on all the time.

MAPS: Nuvi 40LM has the FREE lifetime maps update. This is a MUST have or else your maps will get outdated with any new roads being built. You are allowed 4 updates per year. On my wife older Nuvi 235W I paid over $100 EXTRA last year for lifetime maps. MAKE SURE the model that you buy has the letter "M" after the model number so you will have life time maps. Example - Nuvi 40LM has lifetime Maps, Nuvi 40 does not.

TRAFFIC: Nuvi 40LM DOES NOT have traffic on it. I never had a GPS that has traffic on it so I do not know what I'm missing. I'm fine with that. Again like the lifetime maps had a "M" following the model number the Traffic equipped will have a "T" after the model number.

RED LIGHT CAMERA: Nuvi 40LM sounds off a tone when you are nearing a known Red Light Camera area. It came with a 30 day free trail, then after that there is a $29.95 yearly fee. I do not know if the yearly fee is just for updates or if the camera alerts will stop working after that. Any way I'm not paying the extra fee...

BOTTOM LINE: Yes I'm very pleased with the Nuvi 40LM and probably will be buying another one for my personal truck.
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on September 18, 2012
I purchased the Garmin GPS brand new near the end of August. It worked great for 3 weeks. On the 4th week, the maps no longer load on the screen, or if they do, the screen freezes up. It still says what the upcoming street is as well as your speed but no visible map. Very disappointing...$90+ down the drain.
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on June 7, 2013
I have purchased Garmin exclusively in the past, and currently have several different models. The previous unit I purchased in early 2012 was a lifetime maps & traffic model. I would never purchase a LMT again. The Traffic feature is a joke (very limited coverage areas, always incorrect as the information is quickly outdated and having to put up with the ads that pop up on the screen) and so is the Lifetime Maps feature. Garmin purposely puts only the amount of memory required into the unit when manufactured, and does not upsize it a bit to allow for the increasing future map sizes. So when you go to update your map a year or so down the road, it will not fit on your Garmin unless you download a partial map (1/4 of the US - take your pick of region - hopefully you are not planning to travel to any of the others), or add a memory card in the expansion slot that sticks out, falls out, costs extra $ and slows the unit down to a crawl.

So an inexpensive "throwaway" unit like this model is perfect. For about $80, I can afford to replace it at least 2X for the price of the LMT model that is a worthless marketing gimic for Garmin anyway. The unit I am replacing is 6 years old and the unit was horribly slow and outdated, so this unit fits the bill. Lucky for Garmin that I prefer their interface, useability, design and menus. And the factory unit in my new truck is a Garmin dash unit also. Happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others. By the way, I passed on my 6 year old replaced unit to a friend of the family who had no GPS, with the warning that is was slow and outdated - but still a helpful tool most of the time - and they were happy to have it.
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on December 27, 2011
We have several older Garmins in the family. All work reasonably well. I wanted a new one as the maps on my oldest were out of date, and I thought the fee to upgrade was too expensive in light of the cost of a new one. I bought this one after some thought about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the various accessories included in different Garmins. This one has most (if not all) of the desirable navigation features (lane assist, speed limit, etc.) without the other applications (mp3 player, currency converter, etc.) that I never use. It boots up quickly, calculates route change quickly, and mine has lifetime maps. I'm very satisfied.
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on April 18, 2012
OK I was happy when it arrived. Amazon says "Navigate right out of box". But it does not work. There is no owners manual so I can't trouble shoot it. I called Garmin and they said "45 minute wait". Are you kidding? There is a diagram that shows a computer & USB and go to "[...]" but there is no USB cord/adapter either.
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on November 25, 2011
I recently purchased the Garmin Nuvi 40 LM from another merchant. This model is a basic unit. It draws maps faster than the dedicated GPS on my cell phone because, the maps are stored in the unit. Except for the faster speed drawing maps and speech, I like Google maps on my old Blackberry better. But, the Garmin is much much faster.

** Note: Garmin is not giving the Amazon customers the best price. I noticed this model is selling substantially cheaper on Garmin's own web site this month - November 2011.
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