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on August 9, 2014
I never review products, but reading all the negative reviews here made me feel that I had to write a review. First of all, this is the best hair dye I have ever is comparable to the dye they were using at Ulta when I was getting my hair professionally done, except that I'm not paying $100 an application. The dye doesn't smell great, but it is definitely preferable to the smell of other hair dyes. I have long, light brown hair that is thin and tends to be on the drier side. I dye it black every 4-6 weeks and I love the look!

I do have a couple comments to make on some of the most commonly mentioned negative points, though.

1. For people who are worried about this weighing down their hair...this is an OIL based dye. It specifically says that. If you have naturally oily hair already, DO NOT USE AN OIL BASED DYE. That's honestly just common sense and shouldn't really need to be said, but too many people brought that up. Adding oil to something oily will not make it gorgeous and fluffy. Since my hair is slightly drier, this dye is perfect and makes my hair beautifully smooth.

2. This is a dual point...first of all, yes, the bottle is a very weird shape. I don't consider this an issue, but apparently others do. If you are twisting the applicator cap off before you shake it, then you should be using both hands to shake the bottle. One on top, to block the hole, and one on the bottom to hold the bottle. Make sure to shake it vigorously. I have a strong feeling that a lot of the people complaining about coverage issues, patchiness, and weird colors are not shaking the dye well enough to blend everything together.

3. This is a rather thick hair dye. Personally, I prefer this to the thinner, runnier dyes. It's easier to control placement when the dye isn't running down the side of your head. If you can't get one bottle to cover your entire head, it just means you need to purchase a second. With hair down to the middle of my back, I need to use two for all-over coverage. The $20 that costs me is still a heck of a lot cheaper than the $100 it would cost at the salon.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this dye, but I also know my hair and know exactly what I can and can't do with it. You should always be careful when you're treating your hair with any product, but you also need to know your hair type before you start anything like this.
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on August 22, 2015
I was pretty hesitant to buy this after reading some of the negative reviews. But let me just start by saying that for me this worked great. I know a lot of the reviewers below say that they are experienced with home haircolor. But keep in mind that a lot of the yellow-haired women walking around Walmart in house slippers are also very experienced at doing an awful job with their home haircolor and they think it looks great. I really am comfortable in saying that I am experienced with home haircolor. I've dyed my hair at home since I was 13. My natural hair color is a dark ash blonde/borderline very light mousy brown. Most home blonde hair dyes turn that hair color bright orange. Before olia, the only ones that could turn my hair a pretty blonde did so by frying the crap out of it with bleach. I'd like to point out that, no offense to women who dye their hair red, brown, or black, but it requires much more skill and better quality hair dye to go from brown to a pretty blonde. This dye did great though. Regarding texture, my hair is naturally a bit coarse and dry. I am one of those people who can wash her hair every other day instead of every day. So when I heard that olia was oil-based I thought I would give it a try. I used two colors because I always do highlights and low lights in my hair (this looks more natural, high end, and flattering) For the low lights, I chose olia 8.0 a medium blonde. For the highlights, I chose olia 9 1/2 .1, the lightest ash blonde. I use a bowl with two divided sides (One for each color) rather than the bottles that actually come with this hair dye. So, I cannot comment on how easy or hard the bottle is to hold throughout the application process. I thought I should note that because some of the reviews below do mention that it is difficult for them to hold onto. I also don't use gloves. I need to be able to feel with my fingers which parts of my hair are wet with dye and which are not. I put the two colors on in 0.5 to 1 cm increments and left it on for about 25 minutes. I did sit under the hair dryer on low heat for about five minutes after I went and did some chores around the house. I rinsed it out well in the shower then shampooed any residual dye out with shimmer lights shampoo for blonde and silver by Clairol. I followed it up with the actual Olia conditioner that came with the dye and thought it smelled great. I left it on for three minutes. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt soft and silky. After the shower, I put in some bio silk as I always do and twisted my damp hair up in a towel for 30 minutes to let it rest. After that I blew dry it and curled it was a curling iron like normal. My picture below shows the results and I'm very happy. My hair does not smell like I just dyed it and more importantly it does not feel like I just dyed it but it sure looks like I just dyed it. It's a win-win!
For me the benefits greatly outweighed the negative comments below. I got very good color that made my hair actually feel soft and was very affordable and convenient. Negative comments about Gloves and bottles shouldn't sway your decision to try this. I've already ordered these two colors again so that they'll be ready when my roots start to come back. I hope they never quit making this hair dye.
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I recently began coloring my hair to keep on top of the white streak that appeared up in my dark brown hair. I like to have a natural color so noone can even guess I color my hair.

Garnier has a large selection of colors shown in photo #2 (see photo collage that I attached by following 'customer photos'). I selected Garnier's Olia 4.0 dark brown color and the color came out nicely. The color is very natural and matched the rest of my hair very well. This is the good news part of the review.

Photo #4 shows the hair before the color was applied and Photo #3 shows the hair after the coloring.

On the negative side, I did not like the applicator. It is attractive looking, but the tear drop shaped bottle is not comfortable to hold and is slippery when the gloves are soaked with color mixture. The bottle is totally smooth and round and the sleek gloves had trouble holding on to it. The bottle is shown in photo #1.

The color mixture is fairly thick. I started applying it directly to roots by parting the hair. Because I found the bottle hard to hold I switched to using a brush to apply color and that worked better for me.

The color had no amonia and thus no amonia smell, that was very nice. I found the flowery fragrance a bit too strong. I would have preferred a lighter scent or unscented.

I liked that the color stains on my skin around the hair line washed off easily without much scrubbing.

The bottom line of my experience: nice color and uncomfortable applicator. I plan to use it again with the following modifications: I would use some masking tape to create folds and grooves on the bottle so that the surface is no so smooth. I would also be applying the color from the bottle on to the brush and then use the brush to apply it to the hair.

Ali Julia review
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on August 7, 2015
i dye my mothers hair with this 2 times a month. Her hair dresser always says how healthy shiny soft and no damage rarely any split ends. I love this for her hair. The amount we touch up every two weeks as her hair grows fast and do all over after about 2 months it still never has dead ends damage. One thing I will say the bottle is hard to hold. I use a bowl and brush.
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on March 20, 2013
(** Review updated - see note at the bottom) I have colored my own hair off and on for the last 10 to 15 years. I typically go to the salon, but about once a year will do it myself to save money.

I tend to buy medium brown, warm tones, something leaning toward auburn or chestnut brown. I have ash tones in my natural hair color and try to avoid that at all costs ( it looks olive green in florescent lights!)

My hair is also 45% gray. I'd let the roots go for too long and had almost 1.5 inches of yucky gray roots showing. There are bigger patches near my temples and behind my ears.

So - was I ever surprised when my roots turned bright pink during the processing period. Bright, deep Barbie doll pink!

Wow was I scared. Normally hair color solution turns black. It was only my gray roots turning pink. The ends of my hair looked fine. The pink kept getting brighter and brighter...

I waited about 22 minutes, trying not to freak out, but rinsed a little early. Since I was doing an all over color, I should have waited 30 minutes.

The color rinsed out well and my roots were not pink. But my word, what a scare! The resulting color is a nice soft brown, not too much auburn or red. Brown with a hint of warmth to it, just what I was looking for.

Pros to this product :
- It does not have a chemical smell at all. I have no idea how they eliminated that, but it smells sweet and fruity.
- The resulting color is fine and the gray coverage is pretty good. Probably would have been better had I left it in the entire time.

Cons to this product:
- Pink roots during processing will scare the crap out of people!!!
- The developer #1 bottle seemed only 1/3 full. I had enough but why not make the tube smaller. Users may think they didn't enough the full amount.
- The design of the application bottle is not great. The rounded bottle is slippery with gloves on and the super small tip was a pain to use. Slow and tedious.

But since the color turned out well in the end I am awarding this product four stars. I will report back in a few weeks to add how well the color holds up.

** Update - I've dropped my rating from 4 to 3 stars. The color lasted about the same as a semi permanent color. This isn't what I was hoping for. I use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo - Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo, but even that didn't help this color last. I also have soft water.

Within about two weeks I was back to dull, mousy brown. My roots stayed covered - somewhat, but dull brown. I don't think this is due to me not leaving it in the full time. One comment below states that her color didn't last through a few washings.

Too bad - the shine and warm color were gone so fast.
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on August 11, 2015
It seems some love Olia and some hate it. For me, with dry, wavy, naturally red auburn hair going grey, it is the absolute best hair color and I have tried them all. Some tips and answers to complaints/issues: for even long lasting coverage I have found that leaving it on for a LONG time has been no problem for me. I leave it on my roots for at least an hour after application, sometimes 1.5 then pull through and leave on for another 45. Not only has this not hurt my hair, my hair seems to be in better condition and the best part it that the color is even from root to tip.

Regarding the bottle, I think its larger so there is more room to really shake the mixture around well. I have found that smaller color mix bottles don't provide enough room for the stuff to really move around and shake up - so it doesn't mix up well enough. Color that is not mixed well is not going to be uniformly chemically active. In addition to shaking hard, I stick the end of a comb or something else plastic into the bottle and mix well. It is key.

In short, mixed well and left on long enough this stuff colors beautifully, lasts long and conditions!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 25, 2015
I thought I would embrace my gray hair when they would start growing. I was wrong, I hate them. I've been coloring my hair for about 3 years now. I used other products but I found them to be too rough on my hair. I have a pretty long hair and coloring it over and over can cause a lot of damage. In order to keep my long hair I had to compromise. I didn't know that Garnier Olia Oil was goin to be any gentler but I thought it worth trying. It looked promising enough.

It is way more gentle on your hair, which is a concern if you have long hair, but it also doesn't cover all the grays as well. There are strands that are complexly silver after using this, others seem to grab some of the dye in this hair color and some get dyed completely. I do however like this product a lot, because it leaves my hair nice and silky. It's also fine with me to go from 15-20% gray to 2-3% gray. In my opinion, I prefer Garnier Olia Oil hair color because it minimizes the damage to the hair, way more than other products and I'm fine with few gray strands. I prefer them over brittle hair. That said, nothing is perfect, but I am happy 👵🏻
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on July 16, 2015
This is THE best hair color I have ever used. I have read all the comments about the gloves/bottle shape. If you have them, you might use exam gloves - it totally negates the issue of shape and slip issues, but Garnier should address that issue because of the frequency of complaints.

I live in Florida and the sun bleaches every other hair color within a few washes. Gray reappears almost instantly. I have tried them all, and had no luck until I tried Olia.

I accidentally chose a color that was too dark. In my attempts to get it lighter, I washed my hair twice a day (4 lathers) for about a week - to no avail. Olia had actually infused with my hair strands and would not wash out no matter what. It also did not bleach out despite the hours I spend in the sun. Gray only appeared from new growth

The oil base made my hair shiny and healthy and it stayed that way despite all the frequent shampooing.

I love this hair color and have recommended it to all my friends.

I finally bought the proper shade and after 9 weeks, recolored my hair - it is beautiful.
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on May 1, 2015
Great for your hair and does not itch my scalp like other hair coloring products. The smell is not strong. It is not quite as good as covering the gray so I leave it on longer. However, my entire scalp would flake after coloring my hair with other products but it doesn't happen with Olia. That makes this a keeper.
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on May 29, 2015
This product had gone beyond my expectations. I once lightened my hair with the Revlon dye for dark hair and when I changed to red I used the cheep Revlon burgundy box dye. When my hair started growing out I noticed the cheep brand didn't do a great job and giving me an even application since my hair is naturally dark. This brand( I get the light garnet hair color) on the other hand gives me such an even application and it takes so long for it to turn orangish I'm amazed. I get compliments on my hair color all the time even when the red has washed out a bit people are always complimenting me on my hair color. I also noticed it lasts longer than some professional red hair dye jobs. My coworker goes to a salon to get the same hair color but hers washed out much quicker than mine did and it gave her a more orange faded out look while mine still looks like a sensual lightened up red. My hair has grown out and every time I dye it from the roots to the tips of my hair it is one even color. I love it and I don't mind spending a little extra on this hair dye compared to its drug store competitors to get a better than Salon results for a fraction of the cost of the salon.
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