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on April 11, 2012
April 11, 2012: I just bought this netbook from a local retailer and I'm quite impressed so far. I spent most of the first evening removing the baitware, bloatware, crapware, and crippleware that comes with every new PC. I got rid of Norton and installed MS Security Essentials. I either removed manufacturer's and retailer's custom software, or stopped it from loading. I also installed the full MS Office 2010 package, which I need for work. I have a 2 GB RAM module on order, and I'll update my review when I install that. Windows 7 Starter is limited to 2 GB of RAM. Even with just 1 GB of RAM, I haven't notice any issues. But, I'm sure doubling the RAM will help. Installation may be a bit of a challenge, but others have done the upgrade. Keep in mind this notebook is essentially an Acer Aspire One AOD270, especially when looking for instructions on how to upgrade the RAM. There are some youtube videos that will help. I also plugged a 4 GB SDHC Class 10 card in the card slot for RAM ReadyBoost. If I'm missing anything essential by having only Windows 7 Starter, I haven't noticed it yet. Once cleaned up and properly configured, it boots and runs fast enough for the netbook that it is. Keep it simple. By the way, my Gateway netbook (manufactured in Feb 2012) came with a 320 GB hard drive, vice the 250 GB advertised and shown on the box.

Every PC is a compromise. More features and capability mean larger size, more weight, greater power consumption, and higher cost. I was considering a tablet, but I must have a real keyboard for what I do. I'm also concerned that most tablets have little upgrade potential, and batteries that probably can't be replaced by the owner. A main limitation with any netbook is the reduced vertical screen display. But, that's a compromise to stay within the 10 inch diagonal display area. When shopping for a compact, carry-anywhere PC, identify your "must-haves" (like a keyboard and replaceable battery), and those things you can live without (like game-playing and videos). You can stuff this computer in a small carry-on bag, open it up in the middle seat on an airplane, and use it on the tray table. I haven't used it on battery power for very long, but battery life looks to be close to advertised. Once configured properly, this netbook offers a tremendous amount of capability in a very small, lightweight, easily portable, and inexpensive package.

April 16, 2012: My 2 GB RAM arrived today, and I installed it in about 15 minutes. Remove the battery. Then partially remove the keyboard. There are five plastic tabs along the top, and one on each side (at the Tab and Back Space keys) holding the keyboard on. I used two .010 feeler gauges to push back the tabs and carefully pry up the keyboard. The keyboard is a tight fit in the chassis, and it's a bit of challenge to slip a tool between the keyboard and the chassis to free it. There is no real need to completely remove the keyboard, but there is a micro plug and socket connecting it to the motherboard. Once the keyboard is free, there are five screws that are marked "Door" under the keyboard. Three are at the top, and two are at the bottom. Remove the screws. Then there is a small rectangular opening that is marked "Door Release" at the lower right hand under the keyboard. Once all five screws are removed, insert a small screwdriver or other small push tool in the rectangular opening and push the bottom panel, or "door" loose. There are several plastic tabs around the perimeter also holding the door in place. Turn the computer over, and carefully pry the door off. Once the door is off, you'll see the RAM module at the upper left. Push back the two prongs holding the RAM module in place, and the RAM module will pop up. Remove and replace the RAM module. Make sure you're grounded or not statically charged, so as not to zap the RAM! Replace the door, snap it back in place (press the door edges under the tabs around the perimeter), replace the screws, turn the computer over, and replace the keyboard. Be sure to snap the keyboard back under all the tabs at the top and sides. This may require some force to make the keyboard lock in place and lie flat.

I replaced the battery, booted the computer, and it reported 2 GB RAM. The CPU and RAM Meter desktop gadget previously showed about 70-80 percent of the 1 GB RAM was in use even at idle. With 2 GB of RAM, the usage dropped to 32-35 percent at idle. One GB of RAM may be just enough for most usage, but I like having 2 GBs for the extra margin! All in all, this is a pretty easy job, compared to other PC upgrades and repairs I have accomplished. The most important part is to be careful when freeing the keyboard.

It's too bad the computer didn't ship with 2 GB of RAM. The 1 GB and 2 GB RAM modules are priced the same. I suspect it's a deliberate Intel and/or Microsoft limitation to make you want to upgrade to a more expensive processor and/or operating system.

August 29, 2012: For grins, I replaced the 320 GB HDD with a 256 GB SSD. Removing the keyboard a second time went much faster. I simply slid a .010 feeler gauge around the top and sides, and pried up the keyboard. I removed the 5 screws and popped off the back panel. The hard drive pried out pretty easily. I installed the SDD. I had previously cloned the new drive using an external USB hard drive adapter and Macrium Reflect Free software. I put everything back together, and the computer booted right up, with all my previously installed programs working. Hard drive performance, as reported by the Windows Experience Index went from 5.7 to 6.9. Overall system performance is still 3.2, dictated by the graphics. I don't really recommend this upgrade, since the benefits versus cost probably don't justify it. All in all, this is an easy PC to upgrade the hardware.

One of the major big box retailers has been selling the Acer equivalent of this PC for $200. That's really a bargain! You might also consider the Acer 11.6 inch netbooks. I've seen them advertised for $280. They have full Windows 7, 64 bit. I recently purchased a Nexus 7 tablet, and I'm really pleased with it. But, the Acer/Gateway 10 inch netbook still probably offers the best capabilities for the money, espcially at $200!
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on March 4, 2012
Just wanted to let you know i have purchased this netbook.. I am very impressed with how this little machine works.. I can surf the web fast and do all my business postings. I also tried using you tube on this little machine and it works fine.. I dont use the norton or any antivirus just strictly for work. It is perfect just out of the box. 1gig is enough to support what i intend to use for this machine.. For all of you that want to know.. YES this can be upgraded to a 2gig.. Think of at as an investment ... watch stocks.. surf the web.. check email or post your listings. Dont try to play games or do some other crazy thing with this.. It is what it is a NETBOOK .. and a pretty damn good one too.
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on August 25, 2012
There are 2 things that are going to set this netbook apart from the competitors: The 8 hour battery life, and the resolution of the monitor. I was fully prepared to purchase the Asus netbook for $199. I am glad that my lack of patience took me to a store to try and get it. This Gateway netbook sat right next to the Asus. It was only $30 bucks more but the screen on the gateway was incredibly bright, and crystal clear. I thought surely something had to be wrong. I stood there for about a half hour looking like a shoplifter as I compared the 2. I discovered that the battery life on the Gateway was 8 hours compared to 3 on the competitor. Even the keyboards were of a significantly different quality. It has 3 USB ports and even an HDMI port! The design is elegant and clean and it does not look cheap at all. It leaves me wondering how they did it for this price. You really get your money's worth! I have had my Gateway for about a month now and I could not be happier with my choice. It only has 1 gig of RAM so it is no track star, but that is SO easily upgradeable for about 30 bucks. If you are looking for a netbook, this is the one. It rises head and shoulders above the competiion.
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on August 7, 2012
This item came in great condition for a refurbed scratches or dents. No problems with the setup. However, i upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and i get way better usage and performance out of this little machine. Its super light weight, hardly overheats - i bought a cooling usb fan adaptor. Plays alot of games including NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, Juice, Blur Paradise...plays facebook games flawlessly :D plays movies great, picture quality of webcam is alright for vga and video recording is nice...reminds me of a blackberry curve camera. This item is great for my son for school, very portable and powerful. He runs several documents and programs with ease...he currently has 10 MS Word and 2 PDF Documents opened as i type on it, reviewing the item...I must say, gateway has improved. Thanks alot @Numberonebestdeals
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on July 9, 2012
Nice machine for the buck. Few notes: the hard drive is actually 320GB. Also it is worth to upgrade it to 2gb ram, it only costs $12. With 1gb of ram my skype video was kind of slow and dropping. With 2gb it works just fine.
It comes with preinstalled MS Office starter (limited functionality and bunch of ads), wiped that off and installed Open Office (free).
Battery is very good. Happy with purchase.
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on March 15, 2013
It started working very well after the upgrade to the 2 GB RAM. Just type in YouTube LT4004u RAM and follow directions. It took me 20 minutes, sim is $15 here. Be aware, that LT4004U has HDMI, but the video card DOES NOT support 1080P quality. So if you connect this netbook to you big plasma, movies are just ok, little blurry, pictures look normal, but videos so so... This is not a bluray for sure! Battery in my case lasts not even close to 8 hours, I may get 4/5 the most on energy saver mode. No ideal how people get 7/8 hours on 6 cell battery...You get full productivity out of this small box: I got MS office on it, that works well. Browsing is fairly fast. This one is perfect for travel with just 2 pound weight. Charger on this unit resembles cell phone charger, really tine. Love it so far! Took one star off for lower resolution video card.
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on September 1, 2014
I have had this unit for 1 year now, so I think I can give a solid review.
(PROS) I love the look and style, has all the plugs you need, USB2, HDMI, etc. good on low power consumption.

(CONS) It is laggy slow Atom processors sucks. I upgraded memory to 2GB, of ram. ran it on Windows 7 starter ver. and also
Linux Mint 14, both had the same results for youtube videos, just a little to much for a Atom.

If you need a neat small computer, just for word processing, and email, it will work fine, load it with tasks forget it.

It is a duel core with four threads processor, god knows what is processing.
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on September 13, 2012
I've owned the Gateway LT4004u for just over 3 months. I bought it at Best Buy for $230.00 and haven't had any problems with it. The key to this netbook is recognizing its limitations. Unless you want to install extra memory it will never run anything but Windows 7 Basic. Also, don't plan on installing anti-virus as it will bring it to a standstill. I am probably taking a risk but the fact is I have never picked up a virus - at least that I know of. I am very careful what sites I visit and never open an email with an attachment. Also, I do install anti-virus (Kaspersky) once a month to see if I have picked anything up, so far it has never found anything so I just uninstall it and go about my business.

The computer has a decent screen and a for such a small computer it has a good key-board with good feel. The internal speakers are pretty bad, not very loud and kind of tinny sounding, but for $230 I didn't expect much. The Gateway comes with Microsoft Word Starter which is a very useful free program. Word Starter does have Ads, but they tell you how to disable most of them, which I did.

I use the netbook mainly for writing (I am using it now for writing this review) and for going to various websites. I have never tried playing any games on it, I assume that would not be a good idea. The netbook is very light and the battery life lives up to the advertising.

Overall, I have found it a useful computer. I must admit, if I had to do it over again I would probably spend the extra $50 dollars or so and get the model with 2mg of Ram and Windows 7 Home instead of Basic.
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on January 7, 2014
Would like to see the battery last a little longer. Battery life is about six hours. So far, I like it. Would have been nice to have a touch screen in addition to the mouse, but that hikes the price up quite a bit to have that feature. I got this for reading emails and surfing the internet. It doesn't do too well with Netflix. Something not right with the speed of the voice and the action on the screen. Other than that, I like it.
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on October 29, 2012
I love the size, the portability and the weight. I use this to tune my ecu in my car, and it does that extremely well aside from the 1024x600 resolution which barely shows 1 fuel map at a time.

The netbook can support 3gb of RAM with a 4gb stick, and will not recognize 4gb even with 64bit OS installed. 64bit OS does install, but no reason to use it. Harder to find drivers and RAM can't go past 2.99GB. It's fairly easy to pop a new stick in as well, have to remove the keyboard which takes some patience.

Don't install Windows 8, min resolution is 1024x768 for metro apps, so you have to emulate the resolution to that or greater which makes everything look stretched.
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