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on March 24, 2011
Unlike the post above mine, I shall not fluff the review. This laptop is great for the money, mind you, it comes with WINDOWS, that said, I'm a linux user.

Display: Great, plenty big enough, which was a deciding factor in buying this laptop. The image is sharp and crisp. No issues with High Def movies. 5 stars here.

Keyboard: Finally a gateway laptop with something other than smooth keys, a little more tactile IMHO. This will make a difference a few years down the road where I would normally encounter heafily "polished" keys from thousands of keystrokes. Polishing will be further delayed with such a texture.

Memory: It comes with 4 GB of ram and it **IS** upgradable to 8. I have yet to NEED 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB is PLENTY, upgrades are relative inexpensive as to memory. After ripping out much of Windows bloatware products and loading up Open Source stuff, such as GIMP (think photo-shop), there was plenty of memory to handle heavy image processing.

Sound: This is a PROBLEM. Windows 7 comes on this little gem with a few issues deliberately put into play to "help" prevent you from blowing your speakers. However, when you have volume up to 100%, you're still only getting 20% or LESS of the speaker's capabilities. Google the fixes, they are arduous for the non-tech savvy types, EASY of you are tech savvy. Of course, replacing Windows with LINUX makes the sound a NON-ISSUE. Blast away!

Battery Life: This could be MUCH better, it's short, if you fly with this machine, pray it is a short flight, about 3 hours is being generous in description. However, if you have your power cord handy and are in a facility that has a place to plug in, same as being home. 'nuff said on that.

Touch pad: It works as they say it does, however, I elect to use a USB wireless compact mouse. It's just my style. The touch is functional as it should be, maybe you'll like it more than I do.

Case: The case is FLIMSY! Plastic through and through, unlike previous Gateway laptops that I have owned which had some harder and metal parts to the case, this one is weak. USE CAUTION. If you need to use this in Law Enforcement, (i.e. in a police car) you need a solid docking station in the unit, for military admin applications in garrison, it will do fine. For the average home user, this will be meaningless.

Software: Come on, it's WINDOWS! For the average home user, it's what you know already, Windows 7 is much improved over VISTA, for you BETTER than average users, Ubuntu, MINT and Fedora distros will ROCK on this box. No hardware issues. However, if I had to comment on Windows 7, it is the best OS MS has put out since DOS 5 when Edit replaced Edlin. (The PRE stacker days)

HDD: Plenty of space, 640 GB is TONS! I have a 1 TB external that I back-up to, other than that, bigger will be pointless unless you are a REAL audiophile or file junkie to the extremes or just too much a slob to clean up your file system for duplicate bloated files.

SD card port, it comes with a "plug" to keep the port clean, which is redundant, really. It works in a snap. No issues and I like this feature.

Bells and gizmos, yeah, it's got it with Windows 7 as well as dedicated keys for them including social networking, a nice hotkey for Facebook. Several hotkeys for other things you may find useful. Of course, if you're using Linux, simply remap your keys to what you want with ease.

Value for the money is excellent, good internals, RAM is easy to be had if you actually want more, go for it, what it has already is nice, the wireless nic works well with either OS as mentioned. This computer can be had for as low as 599.99 as of this writing, shop around online. Amazon last week was able to beat everyone else's deal, so, I with with them. Buyer be frugal, you won't be disappointed with the system.

Army Dennis
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on April 18, 2011
Having received my new laptop last week, I decided to wait until I'd removed the minor bloatware, installed my necessary programs and tested it as a true desktop replacement. Here are my observations after roughly a week of use:

1) Design: The keyboard itself appears fragile but so far has been without fault. The keys themselves are elevated pads that make me worry that there may be broken or missing keys down the line; I'll update my review should that happen.

2) Specs: 4 gigs of RAM, a 640gb hard drive, a nice and bright 17" display ... so far I am very happy with the mechanics of the laptop. It effortlessly allows me to run multiple windows of Firefox, CorelDraw x5, Corel PhotoPaint and still have the ability to play iTunes in the background. The integrated mousepad is competent but I prefer my wireless mouse for most work. It is not designed to be a gaming system (no dedicated graphics card and sound is a bit spotty) but it more than robust enough for the average work, student or home user. A bit more on the audio: it isn't great as it seems that Windows 7 refuses to allow me to use the speakers to their fullest capability. All in all, this is a minor setback as I've got it patched through a set of Boston Acoustics computer speakers that more than compensate. Moreover, if you know a bit about Windows 7 environments you can boost the audio a wee bit to compensate for the relatively weak speaker output if you'd prefer not to use external speakers.

3) Value: For less than $600.00, I was able to get a true desktop replacement that allows me to watch movies (whether dvd, streaming Netflix, or Hulu) and feel like I can actually see the detail. Most importantly, it handles user-grade software (MS Office 2010, Adobe products, etc.) like a champ. While there aren't any true "extras" for the price, it is enough below Dell or HP that I was able to pickup software on academic licenses to build out the machine to meet my needs and still save money.

4) Final Considerations: When I was in college waaaaaaay back in the mid-90's, I bought a Gateway 2000 Pentium III pc that was a BEAST for the now-ridiculous sum of $3000. The pc never had a problem and was a competent machine for three years before I finally had the means to invest in newer tech. Sadly, the Gateway that I loved is no more ... it is now an Acer rebranded device. That being said, it meets my criteria (performance, aesthetics, dependability) so far and I hope it continues. It runs very cool (no significant heat from the machine or the power brick) and lighter than I anticipated, making it legitimately portable for business trips.

It is definitely worth the investment for the budget-minded consumer.
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on April 8, 2011
This computer is a great middle of the road bundle of price and features. With 4 gigs of ram it leaves my old Dell in the dust as far as speed. It boots up very quickly and I have not found anything even videos that can slug it down. The widescreen monitor is very easy on the eyes and the keypad has a nice feel. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was that one of the keys self repeated when I brushed a finger past it and I had to exchange it. To Amazon's credit, they immediately put another computer in the sustem and overnighted it to me. I got it the next day. New one works great. I am very happy with this purchase.
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on June 27, 2011
I purchased this item in April from Amazon. It worked fine as a stand-alone lap top. However, in June my pc's internet card died. When I put this laptop on the internet connection it lost access. Since I can no longer return, I will have to see if it can be fixed. I hope so or I am out about $600.00. I doubt if I will by another Gateway product which is a shame because I need a new pc and had seriously considered Gateway. My repair people have discovered I have a bad hard drive. That is discouraging since it is only 2 months old. I will try to find a number for Gateway and try Amazon's help. Maybe one will work.
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on March 28, 2011
I purchased this computer on a friday, and had amazon prime overnight it to me. The computer is awesome, great price point, great processor, and lots of power on the 17.3" display. On the downfall; the computer arrived with 3 dead pixels, upon contacting Gateway I was told that there is nothing they can do about it because not more than 4 dead pixels, luckily one was on the center of the screen, which makes that rule null. But, the only option I have for correcting the issue is packing up the computer, paying for To shipping to Gateway depot, waiting 1 to 2 weeks for repair, and having it ground shipped back to me. This is very unfortunate as I can't be without this PC at this point as it is for traveling, and refuse to give me onsite service as I do not have an onsite warranty, how coy. I am very upset with Gateways support. This is my 3rd Gateway laptop, never had a problem til now, and will not be buying again after a bad customer experience.
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on July 6, 2011
Overall: For the price, this Gateway NV79C54u is a pretty good desktop replacement.

1. 17" widescreen: Especially convenient to have when running 'wide' applications like spreadsheets. Graphics quality is excellent.

2. 640 GB HDD: A plenty of hard disk space for those who do not intend to choke their HDD with audio/video files. (You will probably end up purchasing an external HDD if you want to archive an enormous amount of audio/video files in any case.)

3. 4 GB RAM: This should be more than enough for internet surfing, watching videos, and playing computer games that do not require very high-end graphic card.

4. Sound: So and so. Difficult to tell since I connect my laptop to a PC speaker system at home. Also, I very very rarely crank up volume in the first place.

5. Keyboard: Since this is my very first laptop purchase, I am not used to laptop keyboard and touch pad. I find it rather uncomfortable as laptop keys are a bit wider and rather flat, compared to typical PC and typewriter keyboards. I ended up purchasing a wireless keyboard/mouse set. On the other hand, laptop does impose ergonomic limitations as it has to be as flat as much as possible or it would become less portable.

6. Battery life: For a typical usage, arnound 3 hours or less, but battery pack drains faster under higher power consumption (e.g., running graphics-intensive applications, burning CD/DVD). Might consider purchasing a batter pack that has higher capacity if you and your laptop are going outside a lot.
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on June 16, 2011
A very good value product. If you are looking for a no nonsense laptop without all the fancy bells and whistles then it's a good buy. Good points a great screen, easy to set up and use. Bad points only 3 USB hubs, keyboard not lighted, the built in key pad mouse is very sensitive. This last point is not a concern to me as I use a wireless external mouse. The booklet that comes with it is very basic and flimsy. It comes with Norton Anti-virus which is impossible to delete, I do not like Norton.
Overall I do like the laptop although I was surprised that it comes from Acer and not from Gateway, maybe they have been bought over.
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on June 21, 2011
I purchased the NV79 series laptop last year, and have had several problems. The largest problem is that the computer overheats, and powers down when using CPU intensive programs, such as video editing or video games. Gateway customer service says that those "programs are very intense, and should be used on a more powerful computer" and offered to sell me a more expensive Gateway. Mind you, this has the newest Intel i3, and if the computer is not supposed to support the programs, they would simply crash or not run.... not heat up the computer and force a safety shutdown.

Gateway took the computer in for repair, and the problem still exists (and now I have a warped keyboard because they reassembled it wrong at the repair facility). They refuse any more service because the warranty has now expired. If you purchase Gateway/Acer/eMachine computers, just pray they work, because you ain't getting it fixed.
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on September 17, 2011
Gateway NV79C54u 17.3-Inch Laptop is a excellant product for price & function would buy from this vendor again, I don't have any more words
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on April 13, 2015
working good.
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