Customer Reviews: Generac 6024 3,100 PSI 2.7 GPM Gas Pressure Washer
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on April 21, 2012
I have been looking into buying a pressure washer and have researched many products only to find most are designed with no common sense and are built poorly. Except for this product. The Generac 6024 was very easy to connect the water supply and the pressure hose to. It started up right away and ran flawlessly for me. The company makes a solid product and seems to promote that in all the products they make. Well done! For the money this is the best choice available I believe. And yes I know it's not a Honda engine, but really, look at the whole "picture" here; is it a quality product? Does the engine start and run well? Is it well designed? I have to answer yes to all of these questions. I don't review a product unless I purchase it. That is what a review is about... yes?
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on July 6, 2012
Bought the Generac 3,000 psi from Amazon about 4 months ago. This washer is outstanding. I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler and the owners manual says not to use a pressure washer with more than 1,200 psi. I have washed my Jeep many times with the white nozel with no damage. I say this because we're tempted to use a more powerful nozel but you could damage your paint or chrome. I have had 3 electric pressure washers and none of them would take the black spots off my white house siding. This machine easily removed all the black spots. Had a couple stains form bird poop that it wouldn't completely remove but I think the siding is stained very deep. It did a good job on my wood deck that hadn't been cleaned for 6 years. It was black from all the tree sap and dog prints. The electric washer wouldn't clean it so I just let it go. It took a while but it looks like wood again. It will be easy the next time I do it. We have a horse stable high on a hill and I drug it up there across a bumpy yard and it was easy to pull. Nicely balanced. Made short work of cleaning the outside of the stable and easily removed all those darn cobwebs and wasp nests. . There isn't really any assembly to speak of. Snap the top handle to the bottom handle, Put in the oil, some gas, started first pull. Also you have to pick a nozzle that you want to use. It just snaps in. Make sure you push it in all the way and then pull on it to be sure it is seated. The only other thing in general about this washer is it likes it's gas and it's very loud. I wear hearing protection.
So if you are wondering like I was how powerful of a washer to get, these are my thoughts. The 3,000 psi Generac washer is very, very powerful. I thought and thought about which one to get. My deciding factor was that there is nothing you do with a pressure washer that is really fun. So I thought the more pressure, the sooner I'll get done. If your on a budget of just like to pressure wash things, I'm sure the 2,500 psi or the 2,700 psi will do every thing you want. It will just take a little longer or you might have to hold it just a bit closer. If you want to get done quicker and the extra cost doesn't cramp you style, go with the 3,000 psi

Update: 08-23-2013
Just to let you know I'm now on my second season using this pressure washer and I still love it. Winterized it last winter according to instructions. (How to winterize! On the last time you plan to use your washer for the season and with the water hose still attached and still turned on, turn Off the gas on off lever by the choke lever and let run untill the engine stops. Should take a minute or so. If it's going to set for quite a while you might put a little gas stabilizer in the gas tank. Disconect the garden hose and the black pressue hose. Empty your two soap container on the bottom. Cut a 4 or 5 foot length of an old garden hose. You are going to need the male end, one with the outside threads, on one end of your little hose you just cut. Screw the male end into the pressure washer water intake where you would normally hook your garden hose. Take the other end of your little hose and place it in a gallon jug of RV antifreeze. Make sure you don't have the black pressure hose attached to the pump. Pull the starter rope gently , WITH RED ON OFF SWITCH TURNED TO OFF, three or four times until you see red antifreeze come out of where you would normally have the black pressure hose attached. Your pump is now winterized. Unscrew the other end of the black pressure hose from the spray gun. Drain all the water out of that hose. Here is the part most people might miss. Hold the sray gun pointed downward and pull the trigger to drain the water out of the spray gun. You will be surprised how much water will drain out. Keep your little hose for next year. Another thing I have found is that it's easier to just carry the black pressure hose in your free hand while you move your washer to where you will be using it. If you try to move it with the hose in its little cradle you will just run over the hose or get all tangled up. I also try to keep the engine air intake pointed away from what I am washing when possible.
Anyway, it still starts first pull, doesn't matter if the engine is hot or cold. Tons of power. I was pressure washing my deck the other day and had the second most powerfull novel in. My wife wanted to take a turn so while she was working on the deck I brought the deck chair cushions over so she could spray them off. Opps! Made a big hole in one of them. It's poweful. Be carefull.

I was just reading through many of the more recent reviews and HAD to comment on them. People...... The manufacture DID NOT put these pressure washers in the box with crushed gas caps and broken gas tanks among other complaints about damaged parts. It's the shipper (UPS or Fedix) destroying them. The fact is the heavier the item being shipped the more they will mishandle it. It is just not fair to give the washer a 1 star review. Amazon will take care of it if you get a damaged one. When you get one that is ok then give it a honest rating.
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on November 13, 2012
When my 6024 3000 psi Generac arrived the shipping box was covered with oil and upon opening the box the unit was also covered with oil. After cleaning up the mess the setup was actually pretty easy. The pressure washer worked fine for about 2 hours and then the pressure hose (made of inexpensive vinyl that had poor flexibility)started to kink up and finally one of the kinks burst making the unit inoperable. My suggestion to Generac is to provide a decent hose with the unit for the price you're paying.
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on July 9, 2012
This is a great little unit. Despite a mishap on the first day, I'm loving it so far. It was simple to assemble, is easy to maneuver, powerful, and - best of all - the darn thing fires right up on the first pull. I love the on-board carrying tray for the various nozzles, and the fact that they snap on and off quickly. As another user pointed out, though, be sure that any new nozzle is securely locked in place - if it isn't, it will fire off the end of the power wand like a bullet. You do not want to be on the business end of the wand if that happens.

The mishap? The first day I was using it, after about an hour of use, I was rolling it up a slope and the wheel of the unit ran over the pressure hose - the hose burst a seam immediately, and that was the end of power washing for the day. This may have been a defect, or maybe I should be more careful moving it around - but it was definitely a disappointment. The company replaced the hose, no questions asked, and I had a new hose in a week. So far, no problems. On that note, I would add that the staff of the company is really easy to reach - I had to call a couple of times, and, after getting through the voice mail tree, each time the phone was quickly and politely answered. No complaints there.

This unit replaces a 15-year-old Briggs & Stratton, which had about half the power and none of the modern controls - it had no manual choke, no engine switch, no fuel switch - so these were all things I had to learn anew to operate this unit. It power cleans very effectively, though, and so far I've only used the "weakest" setting (which also has the broadest spray width). It peeled the grime right off of my sidewalks, driveway and concrete patio. My only regret is that there aren't more things around the house to power wash - I think the cats better stay out of my way.
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on April 11, 2012
We buy from Amazon frequently, and this pressure washer is - hands down - one of the best purchases we've ever made. We have a metal shop building that is surrounded on all sides with concrete; I never thought we'd get it clean, especially in the areas where water drips off the roof onto the concrete. I could not believe how easily this pressure washer did the job it. Works great on our sidewalks, porch, and HardiPlank siding, as well.

Comes with 5 nozzle tips for various surfaces. Make sure you read the manual to get the right one for the job! The washer worked out of the box with just a couple minutes of assembly (operating advice included in other reviews was very helpful) and in about a dozen hours of operation, we've had no trouble with it. Very highly recommended!
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on December 22, 2012
I used the washer twice and it did a good job. The third time I went to check the oil level before starting and when I took off the oil filler cap gasoline came pouring out. I called Generac customer service and when I told them about the problem they said I had used gas that contained ethanol and the warranty did not cover that. The fuel specs in the instruction manual say that 87 octane gas with up to 10% ethanol is acceptable. When I read that to the CS rep I got a long silence. Then they told me to take it to a repair shop and gave me several choices. I took it to the repair shop on September 8 and did not get it back until December 14.

To make a long involved story short Generac did not issue a repair authorization for almost two months in spite of numerous requests from the repair shop and phone calls and emails from myself. When they did finally give the okay for the repair the parts needed were on back order and did not arrive at the repair shop until the first week in December.

It's been too cold to try it out since the repair so I don't know how it's going to operate now. The whole repair ordeal has been extremely frustrating. The repair shop seems to have done all they could, but Generac dropped the ball. I am not sure I would ever buy another product from them.

Edit: I've used the washer three times for a total of about 12 hours since getting it repaired and it has done a good job. However, it is very touchy about starting. I've learned that you can only pull the starter cord one time with carburetor choked. If you try pull more than once it will flood the engine and it is very hard to start. If you put the choke in the run position after one pull the engine will normally start after three pulls. It also seems to start easier when it's cold than when it's hot. I find that find of strange.
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on June 3, 2012
Received the Generac model 6024 yesterday, and used it for about 4 hours today, so I can't comment on reliability. However, I am impressed by by the apparent durability of this pressure washer.

The engine and pump shaft are horizontal, so the pump, and hose connections are easily accessible. Also, the gas tank is metal, not plastic, and holds about 3 quarts of gasoline. The gas cap is also metal, and the type that I recall seeing on commercial tractors. So, it's a gas cap? Just a minor item that seems more rugged than the standard plastic cap. I selected Generac based on good reviews from others, and because it holds about 3 times as much gasoline as any other non-commercial washer that I looked at.

I am also impressed that the unit has an eletric "kill" switch, a real choke, and a fuel shut off valve. I had another brand of pressure washer that had none of these. My previous pressure washer had a little pump bulb that seemed to work, but no choke. Again, none are essential, but all nice touches. The unit is easy to shut off by just flipping the red kill switch. NOTE: If you have trouble starting it, with no signs of ignition, check the kill switch.

Another thing is that I had no trouble whatsoever re-starting after the unit ran out of gas. After waiting a few minutes for the engine to cool down I refilled the gas tank, and the engine started on the first pull. The previous washer I had required quite a few pulls to get fuel back to the carburator if it ran out of fuel.

I also like the location of the pull cord. The pull handled is about a foot off the ground, and because it's a horizontal shaft an upward pull gives good leverage versus a horizontal pull for vertical shaft engines. Again, not a big deal, but it makes the engine a little easier to start. The General Washer also has a convenient place to put your foot to hold the unit still when you pull.

The washer is easy to move, with the pump and engine well balanced over the wheels.

The hose that comes with the unit seems fairly thing, but it worked find and didn't leave black rubber scuff marks like the heavier extension hose that I've have for years.

The 6024 comes with two cleaning solution tanks, but I haven't used those yet, so I can't comment.

I purchased this unit to clean the concrete deck around our pool, and some brick paving. I bought one of the "surface cleaner" accessories, I won't say which because this comment is about the washer, but highly recommend that you get one if you have large, horizontal flat surfaces to clean.

I can't think of any negatives so far, time will tell about the unit's reliability, but the quality of construction seems sturdy, and it's run well so far. Time will tell about the longevity.

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on November 20, 2012
I used the Generac model 6024 yesterday for the first time for about 2 hours to pressure wash my driveway and my truck. With one exception (putting oil in the engine), assembly and setup were very easy . The only problem I had was that the oil port is a little awkward to put oil into as it is located just behind one of the wheels and the funnels I had on hand were too wide to fit. I improvised and made a long neck funnel out of paper. This worked but I'd suggest getting a long neck funnel if you're not steady handed enough like me to pour the oil into the port from a few inches above the opening without making a mess. Once the oil was in, I filled the metal gas tank with gas and was ready to fire it up. It started on the third pull and I tried it out for a few minutes and then shut it down. I checked for leaks or any other issues and everything looked fine. I then attached a pressure washer surface cleaner (didn't get the Karcher Pressure Washer T-Racer Wide Area Surface Cleaner T350 sold on the amazon site as it is only rated for use up to 2,650 psi so got the Briggs & Stratton Rotating Surface Cleaner which is rated for up to 3,000 psi). The two products worked great together and I finished the 100 foot driveway in less than two hours. I strongly recommend purchasing a wide area attachment over just using the wand on large areas like driveways and patios. The Generac engine ran great until it ran out of gas but I had no issue in restarting the engine after refilling the tank.

1. Once you have your water hose connected to your pump and before starting the pump, leave the pressure tip off the wand and pull the trigger on the wand until you get a steady stream of water out of the wand. This will assure that you don't have any air pockets in the hose or pump. Air will cause the pump to cavitate = not good for the pump.
2. Make sure each time you stop the engine to squeeze the trigger on the wand to bleed off any pressure within the pump/wand and restarting should not be an issue.
3. Use fuel stabilizer in your gas so you don't have to worry if it's more than 30 days between washer uses.
4. Keep a simple time log of your use. This will make it easy to track when you need to change the engine oil.

Overall I am impressed with the quality and the build of the Generac model 6024 pressure washer. It seems sturdy which will hopefully translate into a long service life.
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on February 11, 2013
I was excited to receive my pressure washer, only to find it broken in 2 places - the wand and the off switch. I contacted Generac and was sent a wand right away. I was told they could not send me the switch (plastic grounding switch) and gave me a list of service dealers. When I talked to the service dealer, I was told they did not like working on it since I did not purchase it there. I told him it was a simple part and I could put it on. Eventually I talked to another person. I was told I would need to bring the unit in and pay $35. If Generac covered the work (warranty!) then they would refund the $35. I would have to leave it for 2 weeks while they wait for the part. The part is a simple snap-in plastic part. I contacted Generac again and was told I had to go through the dealer - if they sent me the switch, it would void the warranty! Seriously??? The part snaps into the frame and is totally functional as is, it just dangles loosely since the snaps are broken.

The unit works fine, but I was disappointed at the lack of customer service for a simple part. The unit came broken, pictures were sent to Generac. The shipping box was intact, indicating it was shipped in the broken condition.

I would recommend sending the unit back if you have ANY issues whatsoever! Don't count on Generac or the local service dealer to take care of you later!
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on February 6, 2013
I would not recommend this Generac pressure washer to anyone. I purchased this as a Christmas gift. It was shipped to me and it was defective out of the box. I called the Generac customer support and they were very apathetic. At their instructions I took it to the closest authorized service center. Over a month later it is still in the shop waiting on parts. The repair shop is doing all they can do. Waiting for Generac to approve the warranty service took a week. The unit needed a new pump. It is on back order. After fur weeks in the shop I called customer service again. They would not replace the unit. I did talk to a "supervisor" and he was no help. His only response was "well, that's Generac's policy." He would not let me talk to his supervisor. Generac used to be a great company to deal with. Now, in my opinion it is better to deal with a non American company.
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