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on June 2, 1999
This is probably the best of all Sitchin's work, since it essentially summarises the 5 Earth Chronicles books. The basic hypothesis is the same - Earth was probably visited in the distant past by extraterrestials who genetically engineered Man as a mining slave. Sounds whacky yes, but Sitchin's scholarship is unchallenged by most. For those who don't have the patience to read his 6 or 7 other books on the subject, this one will do nicely. Read it with an open mind and remember, what he says at least presents a scientific alternative to blind acceptance that Man was divinely created. And for those who want to pursue more about Man's past, read "Forbidden Archaeology'' by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. Your worldview will never be the same again
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on June 9, 2001
This man doesn't just want to sell books; he's on a lifelong quest for the truth that he's willing to share with us. He's is the unique position to do this because of his intellect, his education and his cultural backround.
The Bible is so full of riddles that it provides more questions than answers. In Genesis Revisited, Zecharia Sitchin asks the right questions and puts the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that makes more sense than anything I've come across in my life with respect to the Bible.
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on March 20, 2000
This book changed my life. Sitchin writes with authority and insight and provokes a great deal of questioning about the origin of our species, what we know of god, the geological formation of the planet and the essence of human nature. Very powerful. I would give anything for the ideas put forth in this book to become widely recogized and debated. This book will open your mind to a truth that will astound you.
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on November 2, 1998
As person of strong religious conviction, I read this book with an open mind knowing that should the author stray from the bible's context I would know it both mentally and spiritualy. For me the book of Genesis has always been the most facinating book on earth, and long before reading Mr. Sitchen's work I myself have sat down and with a concordance found many of the words suspect of far deeper meaning and import. It has always been my personal belief that the truth of it all is far more fabulous then any of us could possibly imagine. Mr. Sitchen's affection for the book of genesis is obvious from the first chapter. With his decisiveness and scholarly approach, he vindicates it. The things learned in this book for me are not about entertainment, but about facing a reality about our existance and our purpose and even our fate that goes far beyond the end of my mere nose. And yours too.
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on August 10, 1999
I have to admit at first i was sceptic, but i like to think about myself as an open minded individual so i read it. I couldn't put the book down. Granted some of Mr. Sitchin's ideas are to say the least, provocative, but what if he's right? If you are religious individual it will make you reread the bible time and time again searching for the things he talks about, and if your are not it will make you pick up a the bible and do the same thing. In any case it was and still is a good book, as are all the Earth Chronicle books.
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on July 27, 2009
Honestly, I'm not a big book reader. Seldom do I find a book that is able to hold my interest from beginning to end. Genesis Revisited is one of the very few I have actually read entirely. The book is such a beneficial read for your mind and comprehension of our species, regardless of whether or not its true. After reading it though, I found it hard to believe the detailed story of Genesis found on the ancient Sumerian tablets was in any way a man made myth. Friends, I highly recommend this book to all of you. It is to be considered an asset in the search for the true self.
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on November 22, 1999
I am an amateur astronomer, so I was very interested as well as concerned when I first started to read this book. To start off, I agree with the premise we are not the only beings out there, (or even within our solar system). But, his knowledge of Ancient Sumerian does nothing for his astronomy. For one thing,Uranus & Neptune & Pluto & Charon(Plutos moon-oh yes, it has one) are not made of H2O, but of Methane, Ammonia & other very toxic gases. Uranus was indeed known in ancient times, & there is the possibility its phases (like Venus) were viewed. There are several Egyptian & Babylonian & Greek & Chinese astronomy charts that show it moving across the sky, although in some cultures it was not thought of as a planet. After all, there was no such thing as our infamous-- Light Pollution. The other idea of Nabiru being twice the orbit of Pluto, & the planet not only being there, but viable for life, is unlikely in the extreme. Although, as Pioneer I & II and Voyager I & II showed, truth is usually stranger than fiction. He does though save his best for last, especially his comments on the unusual features of Mars. I truly wish it would show ancient pyramids with compounds of jet fighters & all sorts of alien apparatus & the Face! My lord, what a Face! This book is a little outdated, as the real Face showed up recently under the Mars Surveyor. It did not look like anyone I would care to know. But all in all, what he does do is get a lot of people excited to start looking into astronomy,(NASA has a great web site by the way, and you can download lots of incredible pictures, from Hubble and others) religion & our past. That is not a bad thing. And it is interesting, that the further into the past we go, the more advanced mankind was. Like many readers I am sure, it was difficult to put down. One piece of advice, he is so enthusiastic about his subject, and the reader can get very carried away, so .... keep your head. As one famous British Astronomer is reported to have stated, Every self-respecting Alien, should turn left at Pluto and keep right on going.
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on August 26, 2006
Sitchin's series of books is time consuming to read. However, this book is a very nice summary of his theories. He summarizes much of what takes pages and pages to present in the books of the Earth Chronicles series. Not sure as to the validity of Sitchin's assertions, but they sure are interesting. Faithful Christians will probably find this book blasphemous. Free thinkers will enjoy it a great deal!!
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on July 4, 2000
The title is an reply to Mr. Sitchin's claim that we have caught up with this knowledge. He closed the book with that claim. We have rediscovered atomic energy, space travel, biogenetics etc., knowledge of the Gods, which was in some occasions even presented and explained to mortal people (to Adam, Elmo, Lamech..) but was mostly exclusive proper of the Gods, but was detailed and written by the scribes and is also preserved in the Bible, although it is only a representation of its original form. The book should be read after you have finished at least first three volumes of the Earth Chroncles by Sitchin, because it was written later and there are many references to them, especially to the first book 12th Planet in terms of astronomical knowledge of Sumerians about our Solar system. Personally I liked the Phobos chapter the most - things Sitchin predicted almost ten years ago are coming into reality, perhaps slightly slower as he thought. We won't live long enough to welcome Nibiru. But it will come to us.
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on January 24, 2007
I saw this book as a way of speeding up the process of getting through Sitchin's ideas as the prospect of reading the full series was a bit daunting - and I love to read! My previous experience with his books were of very dense prose not exactly easy to read. Lots of material. This book is a bit quicker and less intense. Not that Sitchin doesn't present his usual evidence and theories. I enjoy allowing my mind to take up his ideas but there always seem to be a point where he makes a jump of reasoning. Not that he's necessarily wrong. It's just that the presentation of evidence doesn't necessarily continue up to the point of making a conclusion. Too bad the book is even now significantly dated in terms of interstellar developments.
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