Customer Reviews: Genesis: The Video Show
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on November 26, 2005
For anyone who is a fan of the group Genesis. I just got their DVD called "The Video Show" and all I can say is WOW! 32 of their videos!!! Everything from 1976 to 1999! I never realized how many of these videos I had either not seen or have only seen once or twice in my life. Back when MTV played videos I remember seeing the videos for "I Can't Dance", "Invisible Touch", "Land Of Confusion" and "That's All" a lot! Then years ago I had VH1 Classics and they played the videos like "No Son Of Mine", "Hold On My Heart", "Jesus He Knows Me", "Throwing It All Away", "In Too Deep", "Illegal Alien", "Abacab", and "Mama" a good bit. They would throw in "live" version of "Turn It On Again" from the "3 Sides Live" album. But I had never seen the real video for "Turn It On Again"!

This is an A+ set for anyone who likes Genesis. The sound quality is out of this world! The picture is clear and crisp.

* = my star rating system for each video. 1 to 5 stars

1. "No Son Of Mine" ***

2. "I Can't Dance" ****

3. "Hold On My Heart" **

4. "Jesus He Knows Me" *****

5. "Tell Me Why" **

6. "Invisible Touch" ****

7. "Throwing It All Away" ***

8. "Land Of Confusion" *****

9. "Tonight Tonight Tonight" ***

10. "Anything She Does" *****

11. "In Too Deep" **

12. "That's All" ****

13. "Mama" *****

14. "Illegal Alien" *****

15. "Home By The Sea/ Second Home By The Sea" ****

16. "Paperlate" ***

17. "Abacab * (Don't like the edit version of the song!!)

18. "Keep It Dark" **

19. "No Reply At All" ***

20. "Man On The Corner" *

21. "Turn It On Again" ****

22. "Duchess" ***

23. "Misunderstanding" ****

24. "Follow You Follow Me" ***

25. "Many Too Many" **

26. "A Trick Of The Tail" ***

27. "Ripples" **

28. "Robbery, Assault And Battery" ***

29. "Congo" **

30. "Shipwrecked" ***

31. "Not About Us" **

32. "The Carpet Crawlers 1999" ****
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on December 19, 2005
If you were an avid watcher of MTV back in the '80s when it was still 'music television', there was no way to escape watching at least one, two or more Genesis videos during the day. The band was riding high during their second wave of success (post-Peter Gabriel) and they embraced making music videos wholeheartedly.

With MTV and VH1 now seeming to show less music and more 'trash' (reviewers opinion), the "Genesis Video Show" DVD is a huge welcome treat and is a must for the avid Genesis fan.

The collection spans the years 1976 to 1997 and includes every music video the band ever made during their career. It also shows the many sides to the band's personalities displaying humor (as with "Illegal Alien", "Invisible Touch", "Jesus He Knows Me", "I Can't Dance", "Anything She Does" and "Land Of Confusion"), intimacy ("Hold On My Heart", "Follow You Follow Me"), seriousness ("Mama", "No Son Of Mine", "Tonight Tonight Tonight") and pure musicianship ("Abacab", "Ripples", "Home By The Sea").

The sound and picture quality of the DVD is amazing bringing out the music in a stunning new mix (courtesy of long-time producer Nick Davis) with crystal clear images. There are also individual credits for each video that can be displayed by hitting the start button on your DVD remote before the actual video begins.

While the "Genesis Video Show" is a near perfect display of all the Genesis videos, there are a few downsides to the collection. First of all, the band's early days with Peter Gabriel are sadly underrepresented on this DVD - the 1999 version of "Carpet Crawlers" being the only Gabriel track here. While the band did not make any commercial promo clips or videos during the Gabriel-era, it would have been nice to have seen a vintage concert clip or two from this period. This also would've given a more complete picture of the band in this collection.

The second flaw (which is a big one in this reviewers opinion) is in the video for "Man On The Corner" which was taken from the 1981 Abacab tour. The true version of the video is a live performance with the band actually playing the song on stage in real time. For the version on this DVD, the original picture is maintained but the studio album version is heard in place of the actual performance. This creates an awkward experience while watching this video because Phil's lyrics in the live version don't always match that of the studio version. Why this was done this way is a mystery and the video should have been left as is with its original live track in tact.

Apart from these flaws, the "Genesis Video Show" is a fantastic journey down memory lane and is a great collection of videos from this most-loved band. Buy this DVD, sit back and enjoy the ride. It'll be like living in the '80s all over again.
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on September 6, 2005
What the Editorial Reviewer fails to mention is that the audio on each song has been re-mixed from the original multi-track recordings and is in DTS 5.1 for those that have DTS equiptment. The surround mixes are outstanding. The video's are as they were when they first came out, no issues there. What blew my mind the most was Home By The Sea & 2nd HBTS. WOW! Since the original 'Genesis' self titled album has always sounded so dull to me, this was a amazing change in sound.

Now, if they could just get the SACD's out they've been re-mixing, and promissing!
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on November 5, 2005
As a lifelong fan of Genesis, it was always a treat to see their videos played on MTV, which wasn't too rare an occurrence in the 80's-early 90's. But the videos that are most memorable to both myself and the more casual fan are the outlandish puppet-Reagan bashing of "Land of Confusion" and several varieties of the 'let's make a video about making a video starring Phil Collins' variety, e.g. "Invisible Touch" and "I Can't Dance". These videos, along with the sublimely dark atmospheres of "Mama" and "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" are among the most popular of Genesis' video career.

Where this collection shines is giving us the more rarely-seen and unique vids from the past. Some shining examples: the humorous band-interplay (esp. between Steve Hackett and Phil) on the 1976 clip for "A Trick of the Tail", the hear-no-evil-speak-no-evil-see-no-evil themes of "Keep it Dark", and a Top of the Pops appearance by th band in front of a small, very-80's crowd in support of "Paperlate". There are lots more seldom-seen videos above, many are quite nice on their own, but the disc drags in that there is a string of videos with the same theme: the band playing the song faux-live. Not very creative, and they don't always look like they're having fun. Phil Collins occasionally laughs while lip-synching, or the band acknowledges that they're clearly strumming to the music, but you get the feeling they'd rather be mugging for the camera a la the humorous "Illegal Alien" or "Jesus He Knows Me" clips. Of these band jam videos, the worst offender perhaps is "abacab", which edits out the extended instrumental at the end of the LP version in favor of the looped single version. It's jarring aurally and visually. However, not all is lost on the live shots: "Home By the Sea" is a stunning mix of lights and smoke, while the rare "Tell Me Why" video intersperses the band with affecting shots of the poor, starving, and drives the message home just as effectively as Phil did in his solo "Another Day in Paradise" video.

So, in summary, this is well worth it if you love the songs and the band, or just want to have digital quality versions of some MTV staples (in an age where you don't see Genesis on air anymore! Well, maybe over on VH-1 Classic)... but the majority of the tracks are clearly for the die-hards, and are a bit indistinguishable when watched straight through.
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on October 30, 2006
These great Genesis songs have never sounded better than on the surround sound setting of this DVD. They did a fantastic job of remastering these songs and making them sound great. This treatment makes other music video DVDs I own sound tinny by comparison. So 5 stars for the most important aspect of a music video collection -- the sound quality.

While this DVD is absolutely worth owning for any Genesis fan, there are some flaws:

-The video quality does not match the sound quality. Many of the videos appear fuzzy and grainy. They could have done a better job of cleaning up and restoring them.

-I couldn't pause, move forward, or rewind. I've never owned a DVD where these functions were disabled. Strange.

-There are no Peter Gabriel-era tunes except a 1999 cover of "Carpet Crawlers" which wasn't very good. Surely they could have found some vintage concert footage or something to include, because Genesis had some of its most creative, if less well-known and more offbeat, work before Collins took over singing duties. The post-Collins videos appeared high-budget, but somehow the grungy and lyrically lame "Congo" doesn't sound like Genesis to me. I would have gladly traded that for something from their 70s work.

-The non-chronological video sequence seemed arbitrary.
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on April 16, 2006
As for music videos only, which is all this promises, this is an excellent collection, and spans the Genesis career from 1976-1999. Unfortunately, there were only two promo videos featuring Peter Gabriel, one was recorded in 1999 and was included, and the other, I Know What I Like, was not included by request of Peter Gabriel. Although this includes most of the videos, there are a few notable absences, such as the alternate versions of 'Many Too Many' and 'Man On The Corner' which could've been put in the extras section, the video for 'On The Shoreline' which does not feature Genesis in the video, but is a nice video, the video for 'Match Of The Day' which could not be found, and the much rumoured 'Whodunnit?' music video, which may not even exist. But be forewarned, uptodukies, because this video disc contains few videos from before 1981, so if you enjoy the later music, then i would suggest buying this. but if you only enjoy their work up to 1980 (or 1974, which is actually a strange cutoff), then you might not enjoy this.
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on February 8, 2014
First off, this is just a DVD, so the picture is not going to blow you away on your 60" flat screen, that is my main reason for 4 stars, too bad it wasn’t remastered for Blu-Ray. What this DVD does well is package a catalogue of music videos made by Genesis over the years in one convenient spot.

There really were no surprises on this collection for me, I have most of these on VHS that were collected over the years. There are some great videos from the peak of the format in the 80’s. The group actually made some very funny bits with Anything She Does, Jesus He Knows Me, I Can’t Dance, and Land of Confusion. The Carpet Crawlers looks very thrown together but I like hearing Peter and Phil mixed together for the re-release of that track. Three of the videos made with Ray Wilson for Calling All Stations are also included, also nice to have as the album did not do as well in the US.

I have been a fan of Genesis since the 1980 album, Duke. I love having the videos on DVD now to show my kids (my youngest loves Land of Confusion). If you even remotely like the band and miss the days when MTV and VH1 played music, add this to your collection.
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on September 17, 2005
The very first thing that you should be amazed at is the extraordinary sound that this DVD has for its mixes in DTS and Dolby 5.1. The instruments are well balanced all around the main 5 channels (front right and left, center and sorrounds) to create a full surround feel, that makes the songs sound heavier and clearer, due mostly to the new remixes by Nick Davis, that guarantee that you will hear the songs differently anyway.

Mainly, it's the voice the most favored by the 5.1 sound, since is heard in the center, almost alone, therefore, clearer than ever.

The full sound is better appreciated here, in DTS and dolby 5.1, than in stereo, as heard in the CD version of this collection that was simultaneously released, in which most of the songs are remixed, no doubt taking advantage of the work that was done for the dvd release. The sound that in some instances is "overloaded" in the CD, is better heard in the multi-channel DVD.

My only complaint would be the mixing of "No son of mine". For any strange reason, Nick Davies choose to lower the drum sound once the chorus of the song begins, making it loose strenght. So it's only in some parts of this song that you can really hear it heavier than usual. But the rest of the DVD is like discovering the songs all over again.

The sound alone is reason enough to acquire this collection. The quality of the videos vary from very simple to well produced, according to the time in which they were released, with the exception of "Robbery Assault & Battery" and "Trick of the tale". Being both from 1976, they were ahead of their time. Even "Ripples", also from 1976, without special effects or acted parts, has very interesting camera combinations and impressive use of lights.

Practically, you have 2 dvds for the price of one, due to the amount of material included, more than 2 and a half hours, which would have promted others to release it in two chapters. Now, the fact that they choose to include all the material in one disc has affected the sharpness of the videos. We can guess that the quality would have been better if the videos were not so compressed. But for me, this is a minor flaw.

This collection contains ALL the Genesis video promos of the Phil Collins era, plus the last 3 from "Calling all stations" with Ray Wilson (including one of best songs/videos of this collection, "Not about us") and "Carpet Crawlers", the "re-recorded" version of this song that was released in 1999 and the only participation of Peter Gabriel. Of course, there were no real "promos" in his time, but some footage in concert would have been welcomed. Anyway, we're still waiting for the "Genesis in concert" video (1973) to be released in DVD. That would only do justice to Peter Gabriel (and also guitarrist Steve Hackett), whose very important role in the group will be unnoticed for the casual or new viewer through this video compilation.

Although all the videos from the earlier VHS collection, Genesis Volumes I & II, are here, there are a couple of differences: "Turn it on again" is the original promo, not the one from the concert "Three sides live", and "Man on the corner" has its original concert sound subtituted by the studio version (hence the lack of sycrho in Phil Collins vocals, most noticeable in the last part of the song. That would be a flaw, except that for me is more interesting to see how one have to wait until almost the end to notice it). Also, Paperlate (through footage from a performance in the BBC) appears here for the first time.
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on September 21, 2005
The 5.1 DTS sound of this video collection is worth the price alone. Even though I have small speakers, the songs still come across as crisp and vibrant, a definite upgrade to the normal stereo format previously available for these videos.

The video quality is, as expected, outstanding. More notable goodies are the "Calling All Stations" videos which feature Ray Wilson in the last era of Genesis. It's too bad that the band did not continue after this because he was vastly underrated as a lead singer. Then there's "Carpet Crawlers", the late 90's version, which is simply amazing. An awesome Peter Gabriel / Rael "clone" is in the video and if every LAMB song was produced like this on video the band could easily make a movie of that brilliant album. Of course, the "fluffier" Phil-era songs like "Invisible Touch" and "Throwing it all Away" are here too, and they sound great. "Illegal Alien" is a hilarious video showing that Genesis indeed had quite a sense of humor.

I'm glad this is finally available. After years of trying to collect each promo on video, Rhino has now made it possible to buy them all on one collection. Now if only we could get some great "live" archive material as well....:-)
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on October 13, 2012
If, like me, you taped videos in the 0s off MTV to view them later on, this collection is a perfect substitute for the VHS tape that you can no longer find. Genesis had a lot of different ideas for their videos, from the comic ("Illegal Alien, "Invisible Touch", "Land off Confusion") to the dark ("Mama", and spots inbetween. This collection is a survey of much of the catalogue during the period when Genesis was a three-man lineup (, Banks, Collins, Rutherford). A paucity of extras keeps this from being five full stars.
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