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on November 7, 2012
This replaced an old chain-drive model that clanked away for ten years. Installed the unit myself without much difficulty. It took me a long time but the instructions were well organized. Upon firing the new unit up, two features stood out: (1) it is QUIET; (2) it is slow. From my point of view the unit is (was) so quiet that I didn't mind the slow speed. Incredibly quiet and smooth. I even told my co-workers how great it was. Five stars . . .
Then, after about 14 months, it died. No signs of distress. It. Just. Stopped.
A Genie tech ultimately determines the problem is [probably] the circuit board.
Also, the circuit board is only covered for 12 months so it'll be $100 for a new one. That should fix the problem, unless it doesn't.
[UPDATED FROM ONE STAR TO THREE] After proving to Genie that I had actually purchased the the opener, they sent me a new circuit board for free. I only paid a modest shipping charge. The circuit board didn't fix the problem. Genie Customer Service then sent a completely new unit to me. Sooooo - I can't complain about the customer service. I'm still a little leery of the unit but it's possible I just got one bad apple. So long as it's working I love it. I've upgraded my review to three stars based on their generous customer service but I don't think it'd be fair to give it more given the headaches I endured.
[UPDATED 2016] The replacement unit is still working smoothly a few years down the road.
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on August 16, 2011
The manual is pretty good and they pack things so that they are easy to find and follow but for my tall door which required an extension kit they missed some crucial info. The belt bullet/joiner needs to be on the right side when inside the garage and facing door. If you make this mistake you could have some bad results--broken pully. The instructions are also weak around the top section brace.

Now that it's installed and working well I do like it and the quietness and overall ease of use
Update 19 April 2016: Had an issue with the keypad and got a replacement and after a call to their customer support got through and the kind gentleman walked me through reprogramming the new keypad and the other car ones I had inadvertently reset--thanks Genie! Opener has been great since installed and no issues--would buy again in a heartbeat
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on September 19, 2011
Very very quiet ! Its funny when I hear all my neighbors garage doors squeecking and the loud chains going up and down while mine is pure silence ! Love it ! One thing that did happen I believe was that we had a power surge with lightning and for almost 6 months they would not work ! Finaly I replaced the door sensors and it still did not work . Come to find out Genie asked me if I had any power outages or lightning bad and I said yes . They sent me two new circuit boards free of charge and they have worked like new ever since ! They poped right out and in very easy to install circuit boards. P.S buy small surge protectors for each outlet they're plugged into .
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on July 30, 2014
DON'T BUY GENIE GARAGE DOOR OPENERS! They will screw you! I just found out from the Garage Door Installer that most of his customers have to buy another brand name opener. He said when his clients call Genie for trouble shoot, Genie find excuses to avoid free replacement which is under warranty. Well, I experience that as well. For years, Genie help me to set up passcodes. Then one day I called because the door didn't open. They said they don't find me and I must send receipt for verifications even though they help me for years. Anyway, I faxed the receipt and called a week later. They claimed that they didn't get it so I had to fax again. Finally they confirmed my registration. Genie's technician worked with me over the phone for trouble shoot. In the end, they said the garage door opener is out of warranty because the door is out of balance. Genie recommended me to hire a professional installer and send the installer's report to Genie. After troubling the installer determined that I need to replace circuit board in the door opener. Genie got the report and still insisting that my door opener is out of balance. I requested to speak with manager and have not heard back since last week. Just like the installer said, Genie will find all kinds of excuses to avoid warranty.
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on July 1, 2014
This was the second Genie 2042-TK QuietLift 800 my brother-in-law and I installed, the first one was to replace my failing door, the second was for him. My wife jokingly told us we should start our own garage repair team called 'Drunk Brothers.'
Install was very easy, but you will definitely want a helper or to be the helper in this situation. We simply removed the old door hardware (nuts and bolts here and there) and were able to hang the new opener and mount it to the door very easily on both his door and mine. There was very little adjustments necessary, I do remember having to use new holes on the door when we did mine compared to re-using his holes on the door when we mounted the opener to the doors - perhaps because I previously had a different manufacturer of door opener. I was so satisfied with mine, I bough him this one once I saw the price drop below 170. The belt is so much more quieter than the previous chains. Our experience was on a remodel not a new install, I would imagine having to hang the opener and mount it to the door might increase the difficulty a bit more; however, in our situation we were able to have 2-3 beers and the result was exactly as the wife wanted it. The first time we had to program the exterior door opener we did have to re-read the instructions a time or two but we finally got it functioning properly.
I would recommend this opener to anyone. Especially anyone who needs a new opener or wants to make it easier for kids to sneak back into the house at night and not have their parents hear the garage door opening.
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on October 12, 2011
With TVs drawing less than a watt or two on standby, and the ENERGY STAR program to highlight and reward purchasers of efficient appliances, and with electric power companies subsudising CFL bulbs, to reduce our national electrical power demand, you might think any household appliance you buy today was designed with energy efficiency in mind. If you (like me) believe that, you would be wrong! This Genie garage door opener system draws a whopping 8 watts of standby power, every hour it is plugged in, whether it is doing anything or not. That's 70 Killowatt-hours a year for doing nothing. If you have two or three doors on your garage, do the math. For reference, that is twice the power that my 1995-ish Genie screw drive opener consumed on standby.

I happened to discover this when I put the lamp covers on the powerhead one afternoon when the opener had been setting all day without being used. The temperature of the chassis was uncomfortably warm. I attached my KILL-A-WATT power meter and found that it was drawing 8 watts of standby power. I thought there must be something wrong with my unit, so I contacted Genie Tech Support. After struggling through 3 levels of tech support technicians, I told my story to the level 3 tech. He left the phone for a minute, returned and said that he was going to send me another power head, believing that mine was defective.

Between the time I spoke to the tech and received the the replacement, I removed the cover of the unit and found, to my surprise, that there was nothing wrong with my unit. Genie had chosen to power the electronics with the same transfomer that they used to power the DC motor, and that transformer, connected across the power line continously consumes 4 watts, even wnen disconnected from the rest of the electronics. This unit could have easily been designed to reduce to power consumption to about half, and with a little effort, even a lot less. But, that would cost a few more components, it would raise the price. This way, YOU get it cheaper and YOU pay what it would have cost for increased efficiency, every year you own it.

Oh, when I received the new power head, I unpacked it enough to plug it in. As expected, I measured the identical power consumption as the unit in my garage. I repacked it and sent it back.

Other than power consumption, this a very nice design; easy to setup and very quiet. It is slightly slower than my screw drive opener, but still OK for a 7ft door. Kudos to the engineers for a mostly-excellent design. Fire the management that approved, and probably mandated, this design!
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on October 10, 2013
I purchased 3 of these for single garage door openers. I wanted them to be quiet and smooth, so I figured the DC motor and belt drive was good. I am somewhat disappointed:
The drive appears to have only 2 speeds -- slow to get started and stop, fast for the rest. The transition is fairly jerky.
The belt stretches, so a spring component is inserted into the movement. The door can lurch and bounce as it opens.
The support bar that the shuttle slides along flexes quite a bit, so another spring element is added to the system.
The close force limit can be exceeded very easily. My garage door opens easily, but I have to have the force set to max to avoid reverses which are mostly due to the flexing and bouncing of the system as it operates.
The unit is not particularly quiet. Overhead door makes one which is much quieter. I didn't think there would be any difference. so I didn't buy that one.

There are some good things about this opener:
This unit is among the least expensive, but I don't consider it cheaply built.
The directions are for a child of 4. Perfect! I got it right the first time.
Installation is VERY easy. I think some care has gone into making it installable by the average home owner with extreme ease.
The 2 lamp lighting is a good design and works well.
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on March 4, 2014
received a full day earlier then estimated, how does amazon due it? Instructions were clear even though this is not my first install. This was installed at a neighbors house that is a senior/widow. Here existing unit sounded like a freight train. This tape drive is so silent you have to check that the door is actually closing. The 2 remotes , wired door control and wireless door control placed just out side for easy entrance all programed very easy. It also programed to her internal car opener built into the car with relative ease. If you have never installed an opener I suggest you read the manual completely before proceeding. based on what was in the package the only thing one might need to purchase is a aluminum angle piece should your garage ceiling be finished.
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on September 28, 2013
Our last Genie died after 12 years so I had no problems buying another Genie. The last one was a screw drive and always seemed clunky and loud. We bought this unit for $160 with free shipping, and it was delivered in 3 days. I installed it in about 4 hours(it would have gone much faster but I was installing it by myself). The hardest part of installing this unit was hanging the power-head. It must be level and hang between two joists. If installing it yourself expect to have to fabricate the power-head mounting bracket. Don't expect any instructions on how to do this or much in the way of parts, the box comes with plumbers tape. The unit is smooth and quiet. The instructions are ok... there is a installation video made by Genie that is more helpful though. I priced these types of units (1/2 HP, belt driven) and this model had the most features. It's DC powered, comes with 2 remotes, has a keypad entry, and a soft stop and start (eliminates the banging sound upon start or stop)which are all features normally only found on higher end models. There are more expensive models, but for the average "Joe" I'd say this is a nice middle of the road DIY model, that works well on a 2 car garage door.
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on April 9, 2013
Works great, super quiet and compact, you can't even hear it open from inside the house. The problem is the opener is only 1.5 years old and it now runs at a super slow speed. I called Genie customer service and they diagnosed it to a bad circuit board which only carries a 1 year warranty so now I need to pay $130 to get a new board that may or may not die again in 1.5 years. Poor reliabilty and poor customer service so I do not recommend this product
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