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on November 16, 2011

This George Forman grill is good for cooking for two or a small family. The grill flips open and you can place your food on it and close it so both the bottom and top are cooking at the same time. The grill comes with a spatula and cleaning tool. The grease from the grill drips into a small grease cup which is included.


The cooking surface is 60 square inches. This means that you can fit about two hamburgers, two chicken legs, two typical sized sandwiches/paninis or five big sausages (like bratwurst). The cooking surface has ridges and is tilted so the grease on the food can drip down into the grooves and off the grill into the grease drip cup. This helps get rid of more fat so the food comes out healthier.

This model is not temperature controlled like the premium model - depending on what you are cooking you can end up burning some food before its cooked in the middle if you cook it with the lid down. Some things need to be cooked with the lid open. The top does not get as hot as the bottom does, so to cook thoroughly, often you have to flip the burgers over once.


The cooking surface is 60 square inches. Closed, it is about a foot long and wide (not quite square) and is about six inches tall. The whole cooking surface is raised up, which makes it great for scraping food directly off the grill onto a plate or into a taco shell. This size is pretty good for cooking for two or for a small family. If you are cooking large meals, either in advance or for say four adults, you will have to cook in batches. You might want to consider the 100 inch model George Foreman GR100V 100-Square-Inch Nonstick Grill with Variable Temperature Control if you do that frequently.


The grill is designed to be easy clean, and for the most part you can just wipe it down with a sponge or wet paper town. If you do this while its still warm it will be easier. However, some marinades will adhere more to the surface and can be more of a pain to get off - not impossible, but more work. The grill comes with a tool to help clean it.


- Easy to clean (99% of the time)

- Raised up means its easy to scrape things off the grill onto a plate

- Cooks fast

- Removes a lot of grease while cooking, for healthier meals

- Nice sleek look

- Built well enough to last a few years of constant use before needing replacement


- Doesn't always cook evenly top to bottom, flipping is required sometimes

- Marinades can adhere to the cooking surface and are harder to clean

- Cord is short - only 2 feet, so you need to be very close to an outlet

- Isn't truly family sized, this is really sized better for two people

Overall, its a good buy, especially at this price. I would recommend it.
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on July 1, 2011
I replaced an older Foreman model of the same size and reviews of this model helped me determine that this was the size I wanted. The old one I got rid of had the bun warmer on top, which was mainly inconvenient, not only because I never used it, but it was the first thing to break (every time I opened the grill the bun warmer lid would flip open). I love that this grill takes up little counter space but holds a decent amount of food and that there's no bun warmer. It heats quickly, maintains temperature well and holds two large burgers or five real sausages (not breakfast links - it would probably do 10-12 of those at a time) or six hot dogs. I don't cook chicken on it, but it would probably cook 2-3 chicken breasts, depending on size. For clean-up, I wait for the grill to cool down and then wipe down the top and bottom grill plates with a couple of paper towels. Then it's perfectly clean and ready to heat up for the next use. I realized how much we love this thing when we lived without one for a month.
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on April 11, 2011
This'll make a couple of hamburgers, a couple of chicken legs or two standard-sized sandwiches (which is English for panini) at the same time. With the adjustable lid set up, it'll make open-faced sandwiches. It's not so great at grilling steaks (the upper element doesn't get hot enough) but for a quick burger, it can't be beat. The non-stick surface is a treat (try to clean it before it cools all the way; it's a little easier that way).
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on October 19, 2011
I had debated for a long time whether to buy this cheaper George Foreman grill or to suck it up and buy the premium model. After having used it to grill chicken and bacon, I am convinced that the premium model is worth the extra money. ALthough the food cooked well, the top cooked faster than the bottom resulting in some burned chicken. Skip this one and go for a premium, temperature controlled model.
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on March 9, 2011
This is the best $20 I've ever spent. I use this every day for lunch and dinner. I love the individually wrapped Perdue Perfect Portions chicken breasts but I hated using the oven or stove just to cook one little piece of chicken for lunch. I bought this grill specifically to cook healthy lunches quickly when I work from home, but I use it for dinner as well. The meat comes out perfectly cooked, as does any veggies I want to grill as well, like onions or peppers or mushrooms. It takes no time at all to clean - just a damp paper towel after the unit has sufficiently cooled. I can grill three of the perdue chicken breasts at a time for my husband and I, or an entire pack of hotdogs for when we had guests visiting unexpectedly. Great for sandwhiches and paninis as well without much need for added oils. I just use a bit of pam or a tiny bit of butter or olive oil, but really none of that is even necessary. It stores easily as the unit is relatively small. I am definitely glad I went with this one versus the smaller, cheaper unit since I'm sure that would only cook one chicken breast at a time.

I was torn between this and the much more expensive griddler. I'm totally happy with this decision!

I can't think of a single complaint. I absolutely love it!
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on June 15, 2010
I got lucky,I found one at walmart for $22,on clearance. I love it,the black model looks great. It big enough to cook four beef patties,at once. It comes with four raiser attachments for the legs,so you can push taco meat into a taco shell,strait from the grill.
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on January 17, 2012
I normally wouldn't write a review on something as mundane as this but I really do want other people to know that this is a great little product. First of all, amazon pretty much has the lowest price. Shipping is a breeze (as always with amazon) and I received this item within a week of ordering it. When I opened the box i was a little underwhelmed. I thought the grill would be a little bigger and the top of the grill seemed flimsy and I even thought it was broken for a second. It turns out it wasn't broken and it's just a little loose but it doesn't affect the way it cooks the food. The best thing I've noticed it cooks is chicken breast and pork chops. In 7-9 minutes you get a fully cooked but tender, juicy piece of meat. I tried cooking a piece of steak and it came out like a shoe sole. All in all, this little grill has sped up my cooking, helped me eat healthier (chicken breast and salad)and use a LOT less pots and pans that require cleaning and scrubbing. Whoever came up with the trick of putting a wet paper towel in the grill as soon as the food is taken out and waiting about 4 minutes before cleaning is a genius, as the steam from the paper towel loosens all the food that is stuck and makes cleaning the easiest thing ever. Just remember to do this every time, otherwise you will hate the cleaning process. Extremely recommended. The price to usefulness ratio is off the chart!
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on June 15, 2013
We had an older 2-serving Foreman grill and it is wonderful. It is sturdy, cooks thoroughly, and has never given us any problems. When we decided to upgrade to a 4-serving grill, we bought this one and gave our 2-serving grill to my brother. Here is our experience:

Strike 1: When I opened the box for this one, I noticed how lightweight and flimsy it was in comparison to our old one. It almost fell like it would fall apart.

Strike 2: When I tried to cook two pieces of chicken in it later, it burned the outside of the chicken and left the inside raw. It was a waste of perfectly good food.

Strike 3: When it was trying to cook the chicken, it left a strange chemically smell all over the house. We left and got dinner elsewhere because it stunk so bad and didn't seem healthy to be around.

Unfortunately, we missed our 30-day return window and we're stuck with the thing. So not only are we stuck with a hunk of junk that is just going in the garbage, but we also no longer have our older Foreman grill because I was counting on the same quality and gave it to my brother. I'm very unhappy and will not be purchasing this product ever again.
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on December 19, 2010
This is a nice, well made grill. It cleans easily, just wipe while still hot w/ a wet paper towel, & the size is large enough for 2 portions of food.
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on July 13, 2011
If you want perfect steaks, chops, burgers everytime this is what you need. It's well made, easy to clean and does more than I ever thought it would. I was shocked at the grease I was eating from the first burger I cooked. The grease goes into the drip pan, and not into my body. My cooking skills are poor at best. It even cooks bacon! Without the grease.
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