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on September 23, 2009
I own this item and it is extremely sturdy and perfect for survival tasks. The blade is thick and the window breaker at the end of the handle is useful in emergencies. I CANNOT recommend this seller however, "Buy From The Best Inc." The customer service of this seller was a joke - after not shipping my item even after a week, they gave me attitude, redtape, and actually wanted me to contact amazon for them to work out their problem. When I told them it is THEIR repsonsibility to process the order with amazon they gave me more BS. When I simply told them they had 10 days to ship me the item I paid for, they STILL couldn't manage to do it! Ha! What kind of company takes 17 days to ship something within the US? I cancelled my order, wisely. Save yourself the headache, especially with an expensive item like this knife, and go with a different seller that has their act together. Please rate my review highly, so others can get this warning too.
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on January 29, 2009
I bought this knife for camping and backpacking. The case straps to your calf or belt. The knife is heavy duty and can take a beating. The website below shows videos of what this knife can take. I knew it was a good knife before I bought it, I just didn't realize how good. It has some weight to it, but has a ton of great features. The blade is nearly 5 inches long and partially serrated. The case is fire resistant, has a built in sharpener, and securely holds the knife in place. The grip is comfortable and secure. Gerber designed this knife with the military, you can tell. I love Gerber, and I love the LMF 2, defiantly the best knife I own.

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on June 7, 2009
I puchased the LMF II as a survival knife. It is a sturdy knife with a neat sheath and built in sharpener. The one complaint I have is that I bought the knife because it was advertised as being made of Sandivik 12/20 stainless steel however when I recieved it there was a sticker stating the blade was 420 HC steel. Obviously this in not as good a steel however upon contacting Gerber I was informed by the tech dept that Sandivik was not sending consistently good steel. So the decision was made at Gerber to use the 420 HC which can be treated to a good duribility. So in summery here is my PROS/CONS:

Pros: Heavy duty, great serrations on blade, great sheath design and comes with leg straps and seatbelt cutter(not that I'll ever use it).

Cons: This knife is HEAVY (but that is a durability trade off), Plastic in handle(for elec. insulation) not great for battoning(shelter making) I already destroyed this stuff, Point on pommel useless unless you want to break glass/plexi. I would have rather had a better pommel hammer.

Overall good knife I would take it with me if I had to have a knife to survive with, I'd rather lug a heavy blade than a light one that could break.
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on April 29, 2011
So, I bought it. Finally. I read every review I could, I think the majority of 'em nailed it. This knife is impressive to hold, throws like a dream, and takes a serious beating. A little short for batoning, but they state the blade length in the description.
I've had it for a week, and it looks like it's been abused for a year. The rubber split on both blade guards (I whacked the crap out of them), and the blade jiggles around in the handle due to the plastic (yeeah, PLASTIC. Come on GERBER, really?) shroud that stabilizes the blade snapping in half and almost falling out. That lil piece of plastic is a serious oversight by Gerber, I'm actually super-disappointed by it. The blade has a 1/32 of an inch of play, not too shabby. Even if the rubber peels of completely, wrap that sucker in p-cord and you still have one heck of a knife.
That being said, this knife is still AWESOME. I can cut through inch-thick trees in one whack, chop concrete into little pieces with the hammer or the blade, it's the most well-balanced thrower I've ever had, and the sheath is practical. I read a lot of whiny "the sheath holds the knife too tight" and "you have to take the sheath apart to use the sharpener" reviews, and they just don't hold up. My LMF is NOT going to fall out of the sheath, yeah it takes two hands to pull it out if not secured to a pack, leg, waist or back, big deal, better than losing it. And as for the sharpener being too hard to get to, if you cant undo 2 little pieces of velcro, why the he*$ do you need a survival knife? You're already doomed...
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on April 22, 2015
Great knife. Im a USMC infantry rifleman in a Helo company so I ride in birds a lot. I figured this knife was perfect for my needs. Solid construction and great sheath. Confident if I ever used it to egress out of an osprey it will cut through its spider web like harness. Functional glass breaker is neat design concept if the blowout windows ever fail or if the bird lands in water where you wouldn't want to use them.
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on June 5, 2015
Excelent Knife, built to last. Im using it for work (Field Consulting) in the Army. In not a soldier. All the accessories are good complements that make me choose it over the Kabar (its excellent too).
review image review image review image
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on October 13, 2010
On a recent Backpacking trip my friends were using a adventure to hone our survival skills. Yes, we did bring everything we needed to not die. BUT we "pretended to be stuck/lost. We used this as one of our primary tools to get to civilization and only used the stuff we brought when all else failed. There were other tools and items but this is about this knife. 1 Complaint no storage for matchs fish line/hook. The kinfe passed every test we through at it including dulling the blade buy hitting the cutting blade a gainst a rock, then we used supplied carbide sharperner in sheath to make the blade sharper than we ever thought possible after a few strokes. Try it out yourself. Oh yea. Full length tang plus skull cracker/window smasher. I abuse this kife why past knife standards and well into hammer territory. I use it over and over "doing things it was not designed for". I hope I hope I hope it is American made. Buy it.
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on April 15, 2009
I purchased this knife before going on a primitive camping trip to False Cape State Park in Virginia. Going on a trip like this without a reliable blade is like driving your car without a seat belt, you might be OK without it but what happens when all hell breaks loose. While I didn't experience any significant hardships on this trip I knew I had a capable knife. It did get used to prep meals, cut basic rope and some wood as well as get used as a hammer quite frequently. It shows some good wear and tear but whats the point of having a knife like this if it isn't going to get dirty. Even got used to help me repair a few things on my bike during the trip. Absolutely recommend this knife.

*UPDATE 02/10/2011*

Being that I've owned this knife for over a year and a half now I figured it would be a good time to do a follow up on how well it has held up. The knife has been used mostly while on camping trips and the occasional odd job around the house. It shows some significant wear but is still 100% functional. The blade has held up well and is rather easy to sharpen with the included sharpener. The grips are what have worn the most. I've tested most every aspect of this knife since I got it in April '09 and can't begin to express how smart of a purchase it was. I'd buy it time and time again but that won't be necessary since Gerber has a lifetime warranty on their knives and would replace it if I did have a problem. Gotta love that.
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on October 17, 2013
This is a great knife, and a great kit, from a great company. The construction of this knife is excellent. It is built to take any abuse that you could honestly expect a knife like this to take, and then a little bit more. So let's break it down:

- The knife is well made. Nice, steel that holds its edge pretty well. The handle is very comfortable: Just enough firmness to be solid in your hand, but enough comfort that you can grip it well and not get too fatigued. The 3 holes are a great option for tying the knife to a stick or pole. The end of the handle is very functional as a hammer. You can hammer your tent stakes into hard ground. You can break glass. You can crack nuts. Whatever you need to do, it'll do it. Just be careful to strike well and on target, because if you hit the handle itself you'll leave wicked marks in the surface. The knife works well and comes very sharp from the factory. The blade also holds up really well to be struck on the back of the blade when you are splitting wood for a fire, building a shelter, or something along those lines. The handle is fully insulated, as it was designed to help military pilots cut their way out of crashed helicopters and not get electrocuted if they went through any high voltage. This does reduce the strength of the tang a little bit, but I've never found it to be a problem when chopping wood or building a shelter. It also makes the knife a little lighter than some other knives of this kind, which for most of us is also important.

- The sheath is very versatile and holds the knife really well. You can put it on in so many different ways, it's really great. I strap it to the straps on my pack, and find that is the best and easiest place to put it. But you could put it on your thigh, your calf, your belt, just about anywhere. The included straps and sheath allow you to configure this thing however you want. The friction clip holds the knife in the sheath at any angle, too, but if you're really worried, the snaps that go over the handle will hold it in there just that much better. A quick note, though - the clip is so strong that it takes some strength to pull out, and some control not to hurt yourself when you are doing it. My 9 year old tried his hand at it and almost stabbed himself with the blade because he over-compensated when he yanked it out. So go slow and be careful with it when you first get it. You'll get used to it, and won't even think about it after a while.

- The safety blade is great, but I do wish they had figured out someway to piggy back it onto the LMF somehow - Design it into the setup better. Or come up with a sheath for it that is as flexible for attachment as the KMF's sheath itself. But I find that I usually just leave it in the car, since that's when I'm most likely to use it, right? I have brought it with me once or twice into the wilderness, but it ends up being extra weight that I don't need, so I don't bring it along very often.

I really have only a few issues about the knife I might bring up:

- This knife isn't very inconspicuous. I'm just an avid backpacker who loves to go a little further into the wilderness than some, so I want a great knife I can depend on. But I get some odd looks from people I meet along the trails. Most people understand, but I always worry that it feels a little threatening to others. Especially when worn on my calf or thigh. But that's such a minor issue. It's just so... big. But any knife in this genre of knives is going to be the same, so no real worries here. If this really bothers you, then get a smaller knife, I guess. If it really bother others (as it did one person this summer), I just started to "sell" the person on the knife. Once I described how much I loved it, and why, they were much more at ease with it. But that person's idea of a good survival knife was about 3 inches long, and had "Made in Taiwan" stamped on the side...

- The sharpener is in a rather awkward place in the sheath - if you want to sharpen your knife and you have the nylon portion of the sheath attached, you do have to detach it in order to sharpen the knife. This was the thing I was MOST worried about when I purchased the knife. But I'm happy to say that it didn't become much of an issue. The knife holds its edge very well, so you won't have to use the sharpener very often, and when you do, it's pretty easy to fold the nylon sheath back a little bit and sharpen the blade without worrying about cutting yourself.

- This knife is heavy. Very heavy - if you're used to a simple, small, folding knife, then this will be an adjustment. But I think it's really worth it, if you are really out there in a place where you might need a true "survival" knife. Most of those fold-aways just won't cut it (pun intended). I mean, come on, you can cut firewood with this knife! (which means you can leave that stupid, heavy hatchet at home, so I guess it's a draw)

- The color really bothered me when I was purchasing it. But it was considerably cheaper than the black version at that time, and it came with the safety blade, etc. So I got it anyway. And I was pleasantly surprised! The brown is actually quite nicer than it looks in the photographs. I remember opening it and thinking, "Wow, this is better than the black!" So don't worry about it. And I now think that the brown color makes the knife a little less sinister. So I'm really a fan of the brown these days, but I did worry about the color when I was looking at it online.

So in short, I'm really happy with this knife. I take it with me anywhere I go when I'm out in the woods, and I know I can trust it to perform the way I need it to. Is it perfect for everyone? No, probably not. Some might find that it's too much knife for them. Others might want a bigger, heavier knife. But I think that for most of us, this is probably the perfect knife in this category. And for under $100, I think you'll be very hard-pressed to find a knife that will do better.
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on May 3, 2010
This Gerber has a lot going for it. When you hold it, you know its a weapon, as a former Marine I like that. It is heavy, but that little inconvenience, brings a lot of comfort. I took my knife camping and it did what it was supposed to do. Will it cut into thick branches? Yes, but being a man that believes in tools, I brought my Kukuri with me, that does that job more efficiently. I cut rope, sliced into worms and gutted fish all with ease. I felt safe with the knife strapped to my belt, that you can not put a price tag on it. I got looks and another Marine said, he even felt safe with me having it on. So is there better knives out there? Yes, it all depends on what you want to do. Is this Gerber worth it? Yes it does the job as expected. Pro's: nice design, good solid weight, nice sheath, keeps its sharpness. best of all its made in Portland Oregon, USA. I like that.

Cons: a bit heavy, sheath is a tab bit hard to close. Other than that the price is right and well worth the money.
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