Customer Reviews: Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich From America's Money-Saving Expert
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on January 17, 2004
Just finished reading this book. It's somewhat mis-titled. It's not really a get rich book. It's more of a be careful and wise with your money.
This book covers things like car buying and leasing advice, how not to be taken and get a good deal, investing basics, insurance, home buying and renting, travel advice, Time-Shares, Health Clubs, etc.
Clark Howard is personally responsible for saving me $900 through this book and his radio show, all by doing simple stuff. I heard on his show about the Retirement Savings tax credit that I had failed to take in 2002 and probably would have missed this year. I will make sure to claim it this year and file an amended return last year. That was $400 saved. In the book, he also gave me a source (Costco) to shop for auto insurance that will save me $500 a year for slightly better coverage than I have now. I have checked around at many other companys and never found an offer nearly as good.
The writing is casual, fun, and full of anecdotes of how either Clark or his listeners have used his advice to save money. There's an incredible amount of common sense advice to save and protect you from getting ripped off. All of it is practical and easy. Nothing goofy like only buying 10 year old cars or recycling dental floss.
Read the book, listen to the radio show, and start saving your hard earned money!
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on April 19, 2002
I didn't expect much from another book of financial advice -- but, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do Clark Howard and Mark Meltzer cover many areas, but they write in a very clear, concise manner. There are a number of useful financial tips I have already used to save a not inconsiderable amount of money. More importantly, the book will be a great reference tool for my future purchases. Thanks Clark & Mark!
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on February 19, 2005
I tend to agree with many of the other reviewers. This is a well-written and useful reference guide on how to save money and spend your money wisely. If you're struggling with your finances, this book is a great starting point (if you take his advice to heart and act on it).

If, however, your finances are already in order you'll likely be disappointed in the book. For instance, if you are saving properly for retirement, have little or no credit card debt, budget or otherwise control your spending, have 3-6 months of cash reserves for emergencies, have raised your insurance deductibles and know when (and when not) to file an insurance claim, etc., then there's not much here for you other than an affirmation of what you're already doing. Much of his advice will seem like "common sense" to you.
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on May 4, 2005
Clark has an entertaining and informative radio show and the same can be said about his book. Every last page has helpful hints about how to save money if you are serious about doing so. Clark also throws in a section about investments and money management, hardly comprehensive but a terrific start for those who want practical advice about how to invest.

He covers everything from automobile buying to automobile repairs, carpeting, computers, credit and debit cards and other banking services, cellular phone and landline services and long distance, home buying, vacation and travel, and of course scams and rip offs.

"Get Clark Smart" hits the reader with a dense amount of facts about how to derive more enjoyment out of discretionary income. The book lists hundreds of web addresses and can be used as a handy way to look for bargains for traveling, for example. Overall, it's written in a friendly tone from a successful, smart person who is essentially sharing his treasure trove of knowledge about consuming in America to anyone willing to listen. econ
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on December 11, 2002
An excellent book for a diligent consumer. If you, like me, read Consumer Reports, Kipplinger's (Finance for non-professionals) etc..., you will find a good advice and almost every issue.
Published in 2002, and most of the WEB links, references, and forms are really up-to-date. Practically all major topics are covered and excellent advices rendered. Major chapters - Cars, Money, Real Estate, Insurance, Technology, Travel, The Basics, Rip-Offs, Workbook.
Each chapter covers several subjects. For example, Chapter on Money covers Investment, Short-tem Investing, Buying selling stock, 401k, Taxes, Credit cards, Dealing with Debt, Credit reports, Divorce, Wills and Funerals.
The language is pretty simple and the book is an easy read.
Good luck,
Copyrighted by me
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on April 19, 2002
Once again Clark Howard, everyone's favorite Consumer advocate, has come out with yet another wonderful book on ways to "help us pack a punch in our wallet with better ways to save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off!" Clark's down to earth teaching methods seem so elementary but they really do make a difference. This book is an easy read and a must for every family, single person, or young couple.
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on April 17, 2002
This book is great for an individual who wants to be conservative with their money. I like using it for a reference in purchasing different products. A great book to keep around for times of confusion on what to do in certain circumstances.
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2003
Clark Howard provides solid advice on topics such as buying a new or used car, buying a home, buying a computer, buying insurance. There's probably not much here you haven't seen elsewhere, but it is presented in a consolidated & readable fashion. The most useful part of the book is Howard's advice on documentation -- how to write effective letters & protect your rights in dealing with creditors and service providers. The focus of the book is much more on making informed purchasing decisions and on protecting your rights as a consumer than it is on getting rich.
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on March 2, 2003
There are about 72 different topics discussed in this book from buying a house and car, to identity thief and timeshares. Each topic is 3 or 4 pages long and this is an easy book to read. If one topic doesn't interest you you can skip over it to the next. Also this book can be used as a reference book. the author apparently has a radio call in show where he answers consumer questions. I have never heard the show apparently its not carried in our area. So I had no preconceived notions about the author before reading the book. The subtitle to the book is the "ultimate guide to getting rich from America's money saving expert." Clark Howard may be the country's money saving expert, but this book is not a guide to getting rich. The subtitle is misleading and ironic since the author is crusading against the misleadings of consumers by various companies. The information contained in the book is worth while, but the book is not a getting rich book. There are plenty of web sites listed in the book and if one topic was of particular interest to you, further reasearch would be needed.
There are many money savings tips in the book, but I didn't count them to see if there were "hundreds" as the book's cover claims. The book is very informative, covers many diverse topics and is worth the price of less than $12 on, but I felt that the subtitle and cover claims are over the top.
Overall its a 3.5
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on November 1, 2002
This book has been such a life saver. I was going through a hard time in my life and money became a real issue. If it had not been for the book i would probably be bankrupt right now. It had so much useful information in it and made it so easy to find exactly what i was looking for. One last thing i would just like to thank Clark for all the help he has given me and so many other people.
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