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on July 11, 2014
Michael Morton was wrongly convicted of his wife's brutal murder & served 25 years of prison time before being exonerated with the hard work of The Innocence Project. An eye opening & remarkable story that is well written & will stick with you long after finishing the book. From meeting Michael's family, wife & young son to his arrest, trial and tales from incarceration to the freedom of an innocent man, prepare to be inspired by this tragic and ultimately encouraging debut. Thank you, Michael (& family), for sharing this incredible memoir.
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on July 11, 2014
What a remarkable book written by a truly remarkable man. I couldn't book the book down and finished it in one day. Having worked with the wrongfully convicted I was familiar with Michael Morton's story but reading this story written in Morton's own words was spellbinding. Reading the book I felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotions starting out by being outraged at the police for their incompetence in not really investigating the case and not looking at the evidence that would clearly have shown Morton didn't murder his wife, and the prosecution for being more interested in obtaining a conviction and not giving a damn about seeking justice. Then my emotion went to sadness as Morton relieved the 25 years he spent in hell (prison) for a crime he never committed followed by happiness as Morton's conviction was finally overturned and he was released from prison to be reunited with his son who was only three years old when Morton went to prison. Those of you that are familiar with Morton's wrongful conviction will thoroughly enjoy this book and gain a different perspective of the case as written by the person who lived this tragedy and and came out of it being a true American Hero. Dick Blanchard, Advocates 4 Wrongfully Convicted
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on July 17, 2014
Having been through many criminal justice/ criminal forensic classes, I was very interested in learning more about the Innocence Project. My professors spoke of this program several times and the work that goes on to free these innocent people who were abused by the system. One of my professors wanted to have someone come and speak to the class, but it didn't work out. When I was offered the opportunity to review Michael Morton's story, I was eager to read it.

The way that this memoir is written is like Michael is sitting right there telling you his story and the ghastly struggle with a corrupt police and court system while mourning his wife.

As I read each chapter that focused on the the investigation of his wife, Chris, I was shocked and sickened to how he was treated and how the ineptness of this sheriff and deputy handled things. Chris' brother John was a better investigator and had the skills to find the proper evidence. He found three important pieces and kept them from being contaminated like someone from CSU should have done. I mean my goodness, the system in the 80's wasn't as technologically advanced as it is today, with DNA, but it was there, things would have been found in the system.

As his story progressed to his time in prison, you got to see how prison can change a person. It doesn't matter if your are guilty or innocent, it's a tough place to live in. Michael showed such strength though. He kept fighting, he never gave up, even when it seemed he hit rock bottom in those years, he still pushed forward.

When the Innocence Project got involved and help fight for Michael, the battle they faced from this county was infuriating, but their diligence in proving that he was innocent was amazing.

I will say, I don't cry much, but there were a couple of parts that really got to me in his story. There were tears of joy for him and tears of sorrow for his son Eric. The joyful tears where after a hard fought battle, Michael got out of prison. What an amazing day that was! The tears of sorrow was when another trial came along and Michael's son Eric finally saw what all happened to his mother Chris.

I will say, what Micheal said in this book is true. When some one is killed their body is now a crime scene and they are also now an exhibit for court. In my studies, I've been taught to keep emotions separate when viewing these things, but in the story, seeing how it affects the family, it really got to me and made me hurt for them.

This was a phenomenal account. I believe if some one is interested in going into the police work or criminal law, they should read this. This is a story that will stick with a person.

I will give a small warning to those out there, that this book does talk about death and a crime scene and gives descriptions of it and it speaks of the crime scene photos and people's reactions to them. There is a little language, not much, it was used for demonstration purposes only and in testimony for court.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
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on July 18, 2014
This book was not exactly what I expected. I thought I wanted to read a book that would detail the errors and flaws of the criminal justice system. While the book certainly brings some of that to light it was really more about the story of a man and a terrible and difficult road. A great surprise for me. The book was written with such an authentic voice that even when it was getting into pretty cliche and corny areas (like his first day out of prison) it feels genuine and purposeful. Prison and the criminal justice system are full of ambiguities and Mr. Morton doesn't shy away from that. He does not try to over correct for the range of feelings he has for his fellow prisoners. I really appreciated how he was able to grow incredibly from this experience but still resist the temptation to make declarations that are black and white.
What happened to Mr. Morton and his family is horrible but I don't think he would have found his gift as a writter any other way. Small consolation for him, I suppose, but a great gift for his readers. As a memoir it passes the most important test which is that I feel like I really know him.
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on July 12, 2014
I like so many others could not put the book down but I had to so many times because I could not read with tears falling like rain from my eyes
I grew up in WilCo and I have known all my like that is was a corrupt county. one of my best friends was wrongly convicted as a teenager and sent to a Texas prison. I believe Ken Anderson should be in prison what he did was beyond wrong and he did not pay he went to jail for like 3 days he will pay....god will take care of that. shame on the late not so great Jim Boutwell this book was very well written and thank god finally had a happy ending God Bless Michael Morton I am glad he is finally happy again I admire him his Mom and Dad and family who stood by him
and thank you Michael Morton for what you have done to make sure this does not happen again you are a hero!
everyone in Wilco should read as Michael Morton said in the beginning if he had lived 1 mile south in Travis County things might have been a lot different and I also think if his in laws had more faith in him his precious son might have felt differently.
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on July 12, 2014
I'm a big fan of John Grisham and Dan Brown books, the kind of books you can't put down. This book is right up there with them.... and it's a true story. Michael's ability to show grace, compassion, forgiveness and even a sense of humor about his life's journey is nothing short of superhuman. Knowing him personally has been a real honor and privilege. Read this book. You'll love it.
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on July 16, 2014
Michael Morton gave up 25 years of his life because of the good ole boy self righteous mindset of certain Texas prosecutors and law enforcement ..I could not put this book down..It's honest and forthright as the man who wrote it. Thank YOU Michael Morton for trying to help those who are innocent and locked away. Thanks to the Innocents Project also they greatly deserve our support. Michael reminded me that just because you get out of the system..doesn't mean the system is out of have to purposely overcome the mindset it created and do all to purge it from your soul and spirit. God Bless YOU Michael Morton, I hope to read more of your books soon. Your writing style is superb!
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on September 8, 2014
Wow! Well told story everyone needs to read. Fills in all the details from the DVD. If you watched the DVD, then you must read the book to get the full depth of the tragic miscarriage of justice done in Williamson County Texas. Thank you Michael for documenting and telling your story. It will undoubtedly help and encourage others in similar situations as well as assist their families in understanding what they are going through. Hopefully prosecutors will also learn to pursue justice rather than impressive career conviction records.
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on February 20, 2015
This was an amazing tale of injustice written by a man who lost 25 years of his life for something he did not do. Learning how he coped with this while losing his wife and everything he held dear gave me so much perspective on what I perceived to be the "injustices" in my own life. It's also interesting to see how prison affected him and his writing and the challenges he still faces even after being released. The writing is not perfect but that persuaded me to believe that the book was not over-edited or ghost written.
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on September 24, 2014
Living most of my adult life in the same county as Michael Morton, remembering this story and case from when it happened so many years ago, feeling unconvinced of his guilt even back then, then following the recent news of his release and exoneration made this a particularly powerful read for me. The amount of corruption in the county, that unfortunately still remains today, is mind-boggling and would be completely unbelievable except that it was true. Sadly, those with power had more political ambition than integrity and a quest for the truth. They took the easy route instead of taking time to search for the real killer, then fought his attorneys every step of the way as they tried to get the truth heard.

Michael Moore has a way of narrating his story so that you're feeling the full range of emotions he experienced: his disbelief at what was happening to him, mourning his murdered wife, the shame of being found guilty and being sent to prison, losing his young son in the process, the sheer helplessness and hopelessness he felt as he was sent off to spend years in Texas prisons for a crime he did not commit. It is heartbreaking and infuriating that something like this could have happened to someone at the hands of our elected officials. That "winning" a conviction meant more than identifying the true killer. The arrogance is truly staggering.

You will never look at criminal cases, jury duty, and counties that claim to be "tough on crime" in the same way again after reading this book.
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