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Ghost Blues The Story Of Rory Gallagher is a must have for any Rory Gallagher fan or for anyone who simply loves the great Blues guitarists! This fantastic 2 disc dvd set covers the life of Rory Gallagher from his childhood in Ireland to his untimely death in England at the young age of 47. Born William Rory Gallagher on March 2, 1948, Rory was the first child of Daniel and Monica Gallagher, who both were musically talented with not only singing, but Daniel also played accordian. At around age 5 or 6, Rory loved to sing and play his songs on a little dimestore plastic ukelele. It wasn't long before Rory's parents bought him his first real wood guitar at the young age of 9. Rory quickly showed his natural talent and began winning talent contests, using the prize money to buy yet a better guitar. In 1961 Rory's parents bought him the very first Fender Stratocaster guitar in Ireland- a Sunburst model which cost 100 pounds. Rory's younger brother Donal tells many great stories about Rory on this dvd and about how this guitar might as well have cost 100 million pounds, as his parents went into great debt to afford this gift for Rory. Rory used this very famous guitar through every decade up until his death in 1995.

There are many very rare pictures, films and stories on this tremendous dvd about Rory. He was the first great Blues guitarist in Ireland who opened the doors for all the other great Irish bands such as Thin Lizzy, U2 and many others. There are also many great photos, stories and films from Rory's first band from the sixties, The Taste. Besides many great commentaries and stories from his brother Donal, we also hear from Bob Geldof, Bill Wyman, Cameron Crowe, his bandmates, many others and Rory himself on this dvd. The stories from his brother Donal are wonderful, as we hear how there were no blues bands in Ireland, so Rory had to learn everything from listening to Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly and other blues greats on the radio and tv. Rory's genius didn't stop with just the guitar, he also played slide guitar, alto saxophone, bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and coral sitar. He was well known playing at the Marquee Club in the U.K. sharing the stage with other greats such as Cream.

On the second dvd are rare, never before seen performances from The Beat Club Sessions in 1971 and 1972. These early, rare performances have been cleaned up so the picture looks absolutely fantastic with crisp colors and superb sound! The cameras showcase Rory's early guitar work and is a real treat to see up close! A very young Rory is joined by Gerry McAvoy on bass guitar and Wilgar Campbell on drums playing the following songs:
1. Laundromat
2. Hands Up
3. Sinnerboy
4. Just The Smile
5. Used To Be
6. In Your Town
7. Should've Learned My Lesson
8. Crest Of A Wave
9. Toredown
10. Pistol Slapper Blues
11. I Don't Know Where I'm Going
12. Going To My Hometown
13. I Could've Had Religion
14. McAvoy Boogie
15. Hoodoo Man
16. Messin' With The Kid

In the late 80's, Rory began to have health problems and in 1995 he had a successful liver transplant. Just before being released from the hospital, Rory developed a MRSA infection. His health quickly deteriorated and he died on June 14, 1995. Ireland lost their leader of the Irish rock movement and the world lost a great blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader. This dvd set is a fitting tribute to Rory Gallagher whose life was too short, but whose tremendous talent will live on forever through his great trailblazing blues music!
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on September 21, 2010
Rory Gallagher has been "well represented" on DVD releases over the past 10 years. "Rockpalast", "Montreaux", and "Irish Tour '74" to name a few...With the new release of "Ghost Blues" and "Beat Club Sessions" we finally have a release of the Vintage Rory 1971-1972 era! I am a huge fan and love all of Rory's Music. Yet if I was forced (at gunpoint) to pick a favorite era, I would have to say his first two solo albums, "Rory Gallagher" and "Deuce" are my favorites!

Disc two is 90 minutes of pristine quality great performances from those two records! Sound & picture quality are Fantastic, the only minor glitsch is the backgrounds for the "Beat Club" show can be a little annoying at times. Rory plays fantastic, as does his band of Gerry McAvoy on Bass and Wilgar Campbell on Drums.
Highlight include "Hands Up", "Sinner Boy", "Just the Smile", "Crest of a Wave" and "Messing with the Kid". I can't even begin to describe the great feeling that this timeless, high quality Music provides. Rory was a master and this is a fine document to surface some 38 years later!!! He would be proud of how well it sounds today!

Disc One is the "Rory Story" and it is the first such attempt at that and is a pretty good job. I'd have liked to see more Rory interviews, but will not complain as I feel that they did a good job and I learned a lot!
Now if only they can secure the rights to the entire film of Taste at Isle of Wight! I know that they're trying!
If you Love Rory then this set is a must.
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on October 15, 2010
I was fortunate to see Rory Gallagher perform live twice and talk to him briefly. What an amazing talent and soulful, humble guy. I have read biographies and watched several concert videos. "Ghost Blues" is a wonderful collection of live performance footage ... some of which I have never seen before. The interviews are interesting and give a perspective of Rory -- the person, the musician -- as well as how he fit in with the tremendous changes taking place in the music world, Ireland, and popular culture. For fellow guitarists, the Beat Club sessions are very clearly filmed "live studio" performances where you can really see the fundamentals of Rory's technique. Overall, there are many moments in this collection that capture the sheer energy and excitement that Rory generated in his live performances.
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on November 4, 2010
The first disc is the best documentary about Rory I've seen anywhere. One can see why he developed into such a unique performer, song-writer, singer, guitarist, and all-around admirable human being - so rare in the music, or for that matter, any business. It is spiced with many brief cuts of him performing throughout his long but attenuated career.

The second disc is packed with sixteen live songs, shown for the first time (at least that I've seen).

It is early Rory - raw and spontaneous. What it lacks in polish it makes up for in sheer intensity, presence, and joy. He is a consumate performer making love to his guitar, his audience, his talent. He is the Buddy Rich of the guitar. Nobody did it better. Watching him perform here is like sitting next to the stage and discovering a world-class talent for the first time. YOU ARE THERE...

Further, the production quality (visuals and sound) are first-rate. One viewing of "Hands Up" and "Messin' With the Kid" shows why Rory achieved so much notariety among music professionals. Is it too bad he never released a single, never courted pop fans, chose to play with Muddy Waters, Albert King, and Albert Collins, instead of the Stones or Deep Purple?

You be the judge. But I'll take Rory just like this. Duane Allman may have inspired Ronnie van Zant to write his anthem, "Free Bird" but Rory WAS "Free Bird" - in every way, soaring, diving and ultimately achieving legendary status - but yet ephemeral, unknown to the masses yet intimately adored by the select who appreciate sheer artistry for artistry's sake - not cheap thrills or glitsh.

Oh, what we would have missed if Rory hadn't been true to himself.

Rory Gallagher is the gift that keeps on giving to his adoring fans across generations and around the world.

If you have stumbled on this review, go the last yard and purchase this DVD collection. It will change your perspective on music forever.
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on October 25, 2010
Rory Gallagher was one of the most underrated guitarists/songwriters of the classic rock era, if not THE most. Like Clapton, he came into his own around the time that blues and rock were coming together to produce the kind of music at the forefront of the late 1960's. While hugely popular in Europe, he never took off in the United States, and sadly he still hasn't got his due. The documentary part of this 2-DVD set explains how his lack of Top 40 presence was largely due to his integrity to his own music and not bending to popular trends or watered-down versions of his songs in order to crack the mainstream. That, along with the fact that he wasn't a "shredder", kept his awareness in the mainstream from equaling that of Clapton, Ted Nugent, etc. However, looking back now in this world of crap music reigning the charts, such integrity makes him a hero to true and pure music, underlining the now-obsolete concept that talent is more important than the almighty three-minute single with cliche lyrics and unoriginal melodies. More people should follow Rory Gallagher's example and more important, listen to his music! The man was a remarkable guitarist, singer and songwriter. Well, not the greatest singer, but good enough, and he did have a unique and identifiable style. As did Jimi Hendrix, Rory possessed talents in other areas that more than made up for any shortcomings as a vocalist.

The performance DVD is fantastic, showing the power of Rory's 3-piece group in the blues-rock tradition set by Cream and Hendrix. He also performs some excellent acoustic numbers to change it up. This is the only video footage that I know of that features Wilgar Campbell, his first drummer, who turns in a fantastic performance, along with his trusty right-hand man Gerry McAvoy on bass. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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on September 22, 2013
I had heard the name Rory Gallagher for years but never heard his music. Then I saw this video on Netflix and was literally blown away. How can one of the greatest blues rock guitarist be so little known. If you like blues rock, crunch and speed, creativity out the ying-yang and top notch entertainment you have to check this out. Superb!!!!!
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on October 13, 2010
This is an excellent DVD with early live TV show performances and a really great film about Rory Gallagher. It would be a good 1st introduction to him. The additional Beat Club sessions are good also, although the film quality isn't quite as good as the main historical film. Still excellent tho...good sound, this is a must have for any Rory Gallagher fan.
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on August 23, 2011
2 Disc set.

The first Documentary Disc is priceless as it not only contains an excellent account of Rory's career up to his final days but it is done with professional quality that includes a lot of never before seen footage especially that from the Taste era and the quality of the footage and sound is stunning.
Professional accounts of Rory during the Documentary from some of the celebrities that knew him were also tasteful.
Admittedly it brought my Wife and I to share a few tears near the end. What a needless loss but we were both extremely impressed.

The 2nd DVD Disc should speak for itself (I have been waiting for Decades for this stuff!)and the Video and Sound Quality once again are simply stunning. I am glad to see this get preserved for all time! The wait albeit long was well worth it! Honestly I think this set deserves the Blu-Ray treatment as it is that good!

If you are a Rory fan or interested in checking him out this is an excellent choice and you will not be sorry!

Lastly Thanks Donal Gallagher for overseeing and releasing such a fine quality production. Kudos from America!
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on February 24, 2014
the story and all the interviews are wonderful and the live footage although dated with the groovy effects cannot diminish what a talented man Rory was, if you want to see and hear the best guitar playing you'll ever hear or if your just into the history of the blues you need to check this out.
glad i bought it really great story and the live stuff is not to be missed.
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on January 7, 2015
This documentary is a cracker. It tells in detail the story of one of the planet's greatest guitarist/vocalists, the one who dedicated his life to his art. Rory was but a step behind Jimi and in some ways surpassed him, if only because he played for longer. They both ploughed their own road and heaven help anyone who got in their way. The concert footage in both the documentary and the accompanying session extras show a man brimming with delight while playing, especially when soloing. Anyone who has played the guitar at any level above "three chords" can identify with this delight and ride along with him. For the rest, this is the definitive contemporary blues guitar biopic and the perfect subject to display in this way. What a player, what a story. It would have been wonderful to have had more words from Rory himself, but then that's the way he was - he spoke through his guitar, his faithful old Strat, as worn as he was by the journey. A brilliant doco.
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