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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 27, 2008
The team bickering that plagued season 1 & some of season two is down played in season 3. Jason & Grant's team works more like a well oiled machine. If you are new to the series, you should start with either of the season 3 sets. Watch the earlier seasons afterward to see how it started.

There is one ghastly episode: the "Manson House". Those who are old enough to remember the Charles Manson massacres in the 1960's may find this bringing back bad memories. Even Jason & Grant looked disturbed by the gruesome details.

The top-notch episodes in this half of the season are:










Bonus Material:
Deleted Scenes
Additional Investigations

While not quite as memorable as season 3's set #1, this set is still well worth getting. It is nice to see the team hunting ghosts instead of themselves.
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on May 14, 2008
The Show is Great, what I could see of it!!! I purchased a copy here on Amazon and it froze so many times on disc three I thought I had a bad set, you know bouncing through the mail and all, then I purchased one at Target same issues on disc three, discs one and two had a few spots too. This is a quality issue with the discs seeing that I have now two differant copies from two differant retail outlets. I thought Big Vision may have learned from Season Two's sound issues but it seems that although Ghost Hunters is very good and well worth the watch, but not worth the frustration of the quality issues and lack of advertised "additional Investigations", also the quality is so poor the deleted Scenes on Disc three don't even play. Stay Away until Big Vision corrects the quality.
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on February 25, 2008
Like other people who have written reviews, this is absolutely my favorite program to watch. I can't wait for Wednesday night to see the show, even if its a rerun. I've watched other 'ghost hunter' shows (such as Most Haunted) but it doesn't even compare to this. Grant and Jason are awesome, along with Steve, Brian, Tango, Kris and Dustin. I do enjoy Brian - he's a little quirky, but it adds to the chemistry of the people. Hope this is on for years to come!
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on March 8, 2008
I love Jason and Grant. I really love those moments when Jason confronts a headless floating torso and the only expression he shows is the slight twitching of an eyebrow. And when Grant says, "That's just disturbing..." I tingle all over. That's my idea of fun. But the show has lost SO many members along the way... By the end of part two of season three one rather gets the feeling it's just Jason, Grant, Steve and some lady who I think is an actress. Let's get some real people back on the team. I miss the variety of wacky yet intelligent personalities. I miss the old enthusiasm. I miss the plumbing. If they believed that what they saw was a ghost, well, that was good enough for me. ;)

P.S. Also, the Manson episode was a little morally iffy. If we believe they were tormented souls, can't they at least bless the house by some religion or other? Do you just leave these people in hellish limbo after filming stops? And if we don't believe in ghosts and it's just a tv show, well, it's not really ethical to make money off a relatively recent murder.
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on February 20, 2008
If you haven't watched this show at all and you are interested in the paranormal, what are you waiting for? This is, in my opinion, the best paranormal show. I can't wait for Wednesday's at 9PM to watch this show! You never know what's going to happen or what they may find. The St. Augustine Lighthouse episodes are my favorite. What they capture on video is just astonishing! I could probably talk all day about the EVPs I've heard from this show. I can't wait for Season 4 to kick off!!!
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on March 1, 2008
I can't wait for season 4 to start. If you have never seen Ghost Hunters, you are missing out. This show is different than all the other shows. They show their evidence and are not afraid to say they don't believe a place is hanuted no matter what people have said.
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on July 8, 2008

DISC 1: EPISODE 311 Case 1: USS Lexington / Case 2: Warwick City Hall * EPISODE 312 Case 1: The Henson Studios / Case 2: The Manson Murder House * EPISODE 313 Case 1: Northern State Hospital / Case 2: Underground Tunnels

DISC 2: EPISODE 314 Case 1: Presidio / Case 2: Lullaby Lane * EPISODE 315 Case 1: Gibbons House / Case 2: Moore Theatre * EPISODE 316 Case 1: Priest House / Case 2: Sprague Mansion

DISC 3: EPISODE 317 Case 1: Lyceum Restaurant / Case 2: Hawthorn House * EPISODE 318 - NOTE: The 6 hour? Live Halloween Special of WHS will be coming Oct 2008 on DVD * EPISODE 319 Case 1: Waverly Hills Sanatorium / Case 2: Athol House * EPISODE 320 Ghost Hunters Revelation *** NO BONUS


DELETED SCENES EPISODE 311 [USS LEXINGTON] + The Pitch + Engine Room Tour + Brain & Mike Dion Investigate + Donna Wants to go Alone + [WARWICK CITY HALL] + Drive to Reveal = (Total Running Time - 6:39)

DELETED SCENES EPISODE 312 [CIELO DRIVE HOUSE] + Screening Room Q&A + Jason & Grant Investigate + [JIM HENSON STUDIOS] + Tech Meeting To Light Out + Jason & Grant Debunk Shower + Research Scene = (Total Running Time - 6:41)

DELETED SCENES EPISODE 313 [NORTHERN STATE] + Steve Diary + Tangos First Time Scene + Make-up Room Story + Setup Spider Scene + 8 Year old Ghost Story + Tango & Steve Spider Scene (Hilarious) + [UNDERGROUND TUNNELS] +Jason & Grant with K2 Meter = (Total Running Time - 9:17)


DELETED SCENES EPISODE 314 [LULLABY LANE] + Debunk the Funk + Debunking Noise + Thermal Shaved Head + [PRESIDIO] + Go-car Scene + Grant Loves Thermal + Pitch For San Fran + Stop Goofing Around = (Total Running Time - 12:41)

DELETED SCENES EPISODE 315 [GIBBONS HOUSE] + Briefing + Doggy Spirit Scene + Ghosts for Teens + Investigating Teen Claims + Ghostly Caller + [MOORE THEATRE] + Band Practice + Debunking Noise + Debunking The Light + Drive to Reveal = (Total Running Time - 7:12)

DELETED SCENES EPISODE 316 [PRIEST HOUSE] + The Pitch + Basement Tour + Tango & Kris Investigate Church + [SPRAGUE MANSION] + Cupola Investigation + The Analysis = (Total Running Time - 10:10)


DELETED SCENES EPISODE 317 [LYCEUM RESTAURANT] +The Briefing + The Walking Tour (Salem) + Donna's Salem Story + Research Scene + Analysis + [HAWTHORNE HOTEL] + The Briefing = (Total Running Time - 9:20)

DELETED SCENES EPISODE 319 [ATHOL HOUSE] + Heather Talks to Ally + The Day The Cops Came + The Doomed Dryer + [SANATORIUM] + Analysis + Findings = (Total Running Time - 5:11)

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on April 7, 2008
If you are not familliar with the show Ghost Hunters, it is based on scientific investigations into hauntings. The investigators set up video cameras and various recorders in purported haunted houses and spend time taking readings and measurments with various electrical components. In addition they will also try and debunk as many of the claims of activity as they can, weather it be pipes causing banging sounds or car lights casting shadows through windows. More often that not they do not find evidence. That is why I personally feel that when good evidence is found it is legitamate. If you have seen shows like 'Most Haunted' on the travel channel, this show is nothing like it. There are no psychics being posessed or channeling spirits here.

Among the highlights for the second half of the 3rd season are an investigation of a house built just down the street from the Manson family murders of Sharon Tate and others. In fact if you have seen the episode on TV there are deleted scenes that possibly explain why the house is haunted. An investigation of the Jim Henson studios. A toy dinosaur that responds to queries from investigators (no it doesn't answer in english, just roars as a toy should, and it isn't voice activated). You'll get to see a ball move on it's own during the recap episode of the all night halloween special.

If you are a believer, or at least keep an open mind (as I do) you should enjoy this set and series. If you are a total skeptic, don't bother.
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on December 31, 2008
I'm going to make this short and painless. Love the show and love the way the guys/gals interact with each other. With that being said....Hate the quality of the DVD's. Let me first point out this is a brand new DVD player that has had maybe four disks played in it. Them all being new when played in this player. Ok back to Season 3 part 2 of Ghost Hunters.
Disk #1 played just fine as a brand new, just opened DVD should. Disk #2 played first episode fine and then in middle of second episode it started skipping. Just a quick skip here and there, like a few frames. Then it started to do the digital pixelated mess. It was so bad it wasnt worth watching any more so we skipped to the third disk. This disk only made it a few minutes into the first episode before it started the pixelated mess. We checked the disks and they are shiney brand new. Not a scratch, hair, dust or whatever it would take for something like this to happen.
From what I can gather this a problem with the disk itself and we have decided to exchange it for another in the hopes that we get one that doesnt do this. If the next one does we will just get a refund. Like I said before I love the show and would have given it more stars but I feel if you put out a DVD it should work properly. I know they didnt create the DVD's but it is their show and if it was mine I would want a decent DVD representing my work.
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on December 10, 2008
There are a few episodes in Season 3 Part 2 that are worthwhile, but for the most part Season 3 was tame and increasingly uninteresting.

This is the start of where the show takes a turn away from the reality TV tone, to a more produced, calculated "Jason and Grant investigation follow-through" direction. This would be fine, if it weren't so mundane.

Instead of keeping characters like Brian Harnois on the team, they go for personality lacking people such as Tango, increasing the focus on what is the somewhat snobby, phobia-ridden (yet incredibly uninteresting on his own) Steve, and eventually adding Kris (female) whom, I have no idea what sort of value or background or skills she brings to the group (apparently she likes to do research, but those skills never seem to be shown much). They apparently work well together, there's no in-fighting, drama, and any comedy seems to be staged, and comes-off as fairly lame.

In other words, no drama to track any longer, just long-winded, often mundane investigating in nightvision, with the cameras stuck on Jason and Grant's heads most of the time.

The K-2 sessions are very interesting, and are first filmed in this series (Manson House and Underground Tunnels I believe) but beyond that, they really don't catch a lot of impressive evidence at all, compared to the first two seasons.

TAPS seems to be moving away from IR video evidence, focusing on EVP's, "cold spots," EMF and temperature fluctuations, the K-2 meter, and Thermal Imaging video. Evidence they capture is not replayed very much, or focused on, and they do not go into much detail about the public places they investigate. They typically interview one person who shows them around for a few minutes, then they go lights-out.

The focus on de-bunking seems forced and is often just as mundane as watching them sit around feeling cold spots. Spending 10 minutes trying to figure out how a door might close or open, if car headlights are the cause of possible lights seen in a room, or talking to a doll, is mind numbing.

Gone is the personal touch the first two series had, maybe because of the insane celebrity worship and freaky folks this subject matter attracts (one woman stalked and tried to sue them over TAPS non-profit status). I am not sure, but the show is now almost entirely dedicated to following them through investigations, with evidence being shown once or twice at the end to the client. Steve and Tango really aren't that funny and the staged clips of them reviewing evidence isn't nearly as honest or genuine as the first two seasons when Harnois was involved. You know, Steve making fun of Tango's red headphones, saying they're pink, and refusing to use them. (and that specific example could be from Season 4, can't remember, but you get the idea hopefully)

While I can't say anyone who liked the show from the start wouldn't like Season 3, I just see no reason to buy it on DVD, ecspecially for $20, for just half a season. These DVD's in the past were produced poorly, with an infamous sound issue on Season 2-Part 2, leading to it being re-called. So beyond that I don't really trust the DVD's themselves. The episodes I would care to watch again, I have DVR'd.

Season 4 is a bit better in terms of evidence, but falls deeper into the stale abyss of mundane personalities and robotic characters playing to the camera.

I suppose some of this was inevitable as the show gained popularity, but some if it avoidable and I am disappointed at the direction Jason and Grant have taken with their "empire."

No longer every day plumbers, the show has lost it's personal touch, relatability, and is out of touch with people who do this in their spare time without the publicity. The team drama is very real for people who do this, due to the nature of the subject and how people work together.

It would be nice to also see how people deal with their team work problems and balance their personal lives who do this. The show used to be just as much about that, as investigating - which 90 percent of the time is not very exciting on it's own.
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