Customer Reviews: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
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on April 28, 2012
Something you'll notice if you read any of these reviews is that a good portion of the 'bad' reviews compare this movie to the first Ghost Rider movie. Well, I have a problem with that. I have been a long time fan of the Ghost Rider going back to the Original 70's comics. The first movie which purports to give us the origin of the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider has next to nothing to do with the source material at all. The first movie turned Johnny Blaze into a goofball who eats Jelly Beans out of a martini glass and keeps the powers of the Ghost Rider against the will of the Devil. If you like that then you are no fan of the Ghost Rider.

Johnny Blaze was a hard drinking, tortured soul who was tricked by the 'devil' and turned into the Ghost Rider against his will. He spent the entire run of the original comic series doing everything he could to be freed from his curse. Johnny Blaze doesn't listen to the Carpenters. Johnny Blaze doesn't watch TV specials about monkeys. He's not got time for that crap.

This movie, while it does have it's own problems, plays closer to the 'real' Ghost Rider in every way. Blaze fights the demon for control constantly. He seeks an escape from the Spirit of Vengeance at every turn, but he uses the Ghost Rider to his advantage at times. THIS is the spirit of the original book brought to life. Not the campy crap-fest that the first movie was. While the writers did take some creative licence with characters, parts of the origin, and pretty much completely ignore the first film (thank god), they build a rider that is much more like the one we see in the pages of the Ghost Rider comics. This movie brings us a darker, more menacing Ghost Rider. When the Rider is on screen, he's unsettling. He revels in the destruction and death going on around him. He laughs maniacally as he uses massive mining machines infused with hell-fire to destroy his enemies, and toys with them like a cat would a wounded mouse...

The 'enemies' of the rider in the first film were epic emo-fairy failures. They are easily dispatched and offer no real challenge for the Rider. Well, the same can be said about this movie, but at least here they are outmatched by the rider because they are mere mortals facing off against a demon/angel of vengeance/justice. When the 'heavies' show up in the form of Blackout and finally the Devil, they aren't much of a challenge either, but then again they put up a better fight than the ones in the first film.

Blackout is not the Blackout from the comic, but here he is realized better than most comic book movie villains. He puts up a fight but there's never really much danger for the Ghost Rider from any of the bad guys.

Where this film falls apart is that the story is at times confusing, Cage often jumps into 'Crazy Cage' mode and ruins some scenes, and a lot of the dialog is just silly. Where it succeeds is the Crank-style mayhem that is unleashed whenever there is action going on, the visual effects of the Rider are ramped up and embrace the dark side of the Character. The Flaming Skull in this go around is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than in the first. In every way possible the Rider is BETTER rendered here in character and appearance.

See this if you are a fan of the Ghost Rider and not the first Movie that tried to make the Ghost Rider into a Spiderman style super-hero. THIS is the heart of the Ghost Rider. Dark, Gritty, Campy and FUN! Now if they would just ditch Cage and get a decent writer to give a third movie a go...
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on July 5, 2012
I liked the first movie better than this. This second movie as if there is no plot at all. The action is good, the effects are good but I can't find any resolution why they made another movie that doesn't even have a good story line. In my opinion, this is like a prequel of the first movie, why? it's a total setback. I gave 3 stars because, for effects, for action and for the new partner in producing this movie. Anything besides that, it's all up to your guess.
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on April 24, 2012
Ghost Rider returns and is badder than ever. this sequel to the first movie was awesome. i love the ghost rider character. and ghost rider is more darker in this one. i loved that nicolas cage returned as ghost rider/johnny blaze. i wish that they brought back peter fonda as mephisto. but the new guy was pretty good. i thought that the actor who played carrigan/blackout as he is known in the comics. was good. i did love the twinkie joke that was funny. if you have not seen this movie then i recommend you do.
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on June 19, 2012
My thoughts on this video are that it's not as bad as some of the scathing critiques I've read on Amazon thus far. But there is some truth to the negative reviews. This is not a movie I would describe as "good." It's more along the "okay" range. I rented it when I was home and wanted only to watch a movie and surf the web. So I got Ghost Rider II and did just that. The acting is generally decent, although Cage is probably the worst in this film - as far as acting goes. But it's based off of a comic book (and a marginally popular character, at that), so my expectations aren't really high. This movie is a decent watch, so long as you keep your perspective. It's got fire, action, fighting, and a steady pace. Is the story line well thought-out? Nope. I agree with another reviewer who said this is Marvel's worst movie product so far; they could've done better. But still, it's not a waste of time either. I'm not someone who'll continue watching a bad movie. I just turn them off and would rather waste the rental money than continue to waste time after having already wasted the money. This movie, I watched until the end. I actually didn't rent this particular movie from Amazon, so I'm on the fence about whether it's worth 4 dollars. Maybe if you just had the urge to see it and it was last on your list of rentals - then it'd be worth $4. Otherwise, check out John Carter or Sherlock Holmes or Safe House. Then come back for Ghost Rider. It's not bad. But it's not good either. Just okay.
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on August 26, 2015
This was really fun entertainment for five bucks. Nicolas Cage is back as a crazy ghost rider. Has an okay plot, decent acting and was a fun escapism for an hour or so. I'd watch it again someday. Not sorry I bought it. If you like some low budget brainless entertainment, you'll enjoy it!
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on July 6, 2015
It's a fun return to the darker world of Marvel. The film reminded me of the second film of the Underworld series and with a bit of Skin Walkers thrown in. If you enjoy that kind of film you will probably enjoy this one too.
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on June 27, 2013
I was traveling when this movie came out, and never had a chance to see it in a theatre. So when the BD came out, pulled the trigger. Still debating on how wise that was.

HUGE fan of the original Ghost Rider - that Nicholas Cage, laughing aside, was a pretty good character for this, and the story was well told. This one, maybe not so much. Obviously Fonda wasn't involved, but there really should have been a bit of a discussion on why a TOTALLY different dude was playing the role? Also, the story was...shall we say, kinda weak.

That said, the HD is solid, the saturation is perfect, and the sound is awesome. So if you're a major Ghost Rider fan, grab it. If not, Red Box is likely a pretty good option.
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on February 18, 2013
The first Ghost Rider was full of plot, but the action felt forced!
Now we have this one:
1. It was great that Nicholas Cage came back as Johnny Blaze!
2. The underfoot actors were not well known actors, but they were great with
their characters!
3. I like how we see that more people are making bad choices by making
deals with the devil!
4. David Goyer, who worked on The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Blade trilogy
gave us a decent plot!
5. The visual effects were more convincing than the first movie's fx were!
6. The guy who played the devil was really creepy!

What I didn't like was:
1. The movie felt like it needed a thicker plot!
2. Some of the action felt mindless!

If the movie had a thicker plot and if the action wasn't mindless it would have been better!
My grade: B- or three stars!
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on June 24, 2015
A movie that pretty much picks up where the first left off - with a twist. A bad deal with the "darkness" leaves our star (Nicolas Cage) years after it began, with the mess of transformation to related situations of insanity morphing episodes. As done in psycadelic horror, Cages character having less control of the episodes to which he morphs, manages to help a boy back to grace. With the help of a brother/monk and all that is holy, they succeed to set the universe right again. A really good movie if taken in the right context. That while the devil only thinks of the here and now - God thinks infinitely. A good movie that kind of starts in its way slowly and picks right up! Five Stars. :)
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on April 29, 2014
I read the reviews and I did not go to the movie to see Ghost Rider II. Caught part of it on TV & hey I have seen a lot worst. So I bought it. Not bad. Not a classic but entertaining. Gravity cleaned up at the Oscars. But I saw it at the movies and I'd rather see Spirit of Vengeance thank you.
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